You called it revenge, but I call it something else. You should have known that a divorced 50-year-old woman who has big boobs and a decent body would like to flirt. Especially when that person is your mom. Yeah, she went after the wealthier old gentlemen who still had a little mojo left in them, but she also liked to be playful with the younger guys too. Of course your twenty-something boyfriends were the only source of young men around, but that never really bothered you. Her flirtations with your boyfriends never were anything serious, just conversation laced with sexual innuendo and the occasional dirty dance at the club. She simply liked the attention of the younger men, but fooled around with the older ones. Or so you thought.

It was a time when you were seeing someone and your mom wasn't. Even though you were fickle about your boyfriends, you actually liked the guy you were seeing. He liked seeing your 44DD's bounce up and down as he fucked you and how you would swallow him when he came. And, even though you were a very attractive brunet with a healthy sexual appetite, his eye seemed to wander every now and then. But that didn't matter, you always tended to find something wrong with your boyfriends and break up with them anyway. However, if you were going to be together, that would've been a different story.

Then there was the night you found out about the incident with your mom almost by accident. That was the night your mom offered to take you, your boyfriend and a couple of your friends from college out to dinner before everyone graduated and went their separate ways. Mom was designated driver so the rest of you could drink - which you did. A couple of hours later, your boyfriend wasn't feeling well and your mom volunteered to take him home before he got sick right there at the bar.

"I'll take him home. The rest of you can keep on drinking." She said. Quite a bit of time later - far too long to account for the drive to your house and back - your mom returned. An offhand remark about being on the phone was made, you blew it off, and the partying continued.

About a month went by when, after an unusual sexual touchy-feely episode between your boyfriend and mom occurred, you asked if your mom had ever done anything like that before. His smirk and lack of an answer told you immediately that it had. You nearly kicked his ass getting it out of him. Then he told you about that night your mom drove him home. He stumbled in, fell on the couch and proceeded to pass out only to wake up a few minutes later to see your mom, shirt unbuttoned, deep-throating his cock. She was massaging his balls as she tried to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. But what really surprised you was that he didn't try to stop her. Her mouth and tongue felt so good that he held her head and began to pump his cock into her mouth. As he was about to climax he held her head to him, positioning his cock at her throat, and came. After she swallowed his cum, she leaned forward and pressed his cock into her cleavage. Pumping her tits slowly up and down around his cock she said, "I bet you're just as good in bed. Unfortunately that'll have to wait. I have to get back." And with that she buttoned up her shirt and left. About a minute after he told you what happened your relationship with him left also.

You never did tell your mom that you knew what happened, you just waited for the perfect time to embarrass her with it. Near the end of the summer she started to see someone that she thought might be long term. He was older, around 50 also, with a few gray hairs. He was tan from the many hours of free-time golf that owning your own business affords. The way your mom was always joking around and trying to embarrass him, his cock must have been larger than most. And, from the low-cut and revealing clothes he asked her to wear, he was obviously a boob man. You knew how to get her back.

The routine on Friday had him dropping by after playing golf and getting cleaned up. Then when your mom got home they would go out. So you did your usual Friday summertime routine and put on your black two-piece bikini, covered yourself in oil and went to lie out in the sun on the back porch. You had seen him staring at your from inside the house when you were lying in the sun before and you knew this would definitely get his attention. When he drove up this particular day you opened the door to the back porch and adjusted your top so that only a strip of cloth would cover your nipples and leave as much of your DD's exposed. When he came in and saw you outside he stepped out onto the porch to say hello and stare at your body for a few minutes. You intentionally made extra conversation with him so he would have to stand there and look at your tits and body glistening in the sun.

The plan was to have him try to put the moves on you while you were lying in the sun and then you could have acted traumatized by his advances, told your mother, and she would have dumped him. Revenge complete. His eyes told you that he obviously liked what he saw, but week after week he never took the bait and simply went back inside. You wondered if he actually went back inside, watched you from some window, and fantasized about you while jerking off. Today was the day you were going to find out.

A couple of minutes after he went inside you stealthily made your way through the house, checking each room, trying to catch him with dick in hand. No luck. You could've told your mom that you just 'stumbled upon' him while he was jerking off. Now you didn't feel good about being home alone with the guy, or even that he had made 'advances' towards you. And that would've put a crimp in her relationship at the very least.

Heading back outside you could hear the sound of the water running as he turned on the shower. Frustrated, you decided that it was time for a change in plan. You would have to make the first move and get him into a compromising position. Returning your bikini top to its normal coverage - which only covered up half of your tits anyway - you made your way into the master bedroom. Maybe you could 'stumble upon' him somehow when he came out of the shower. The door of the adjoining master bathroom was open, and you stood there in the doorway looking at the naked figure through the glass door of the shower. His cock, even limp, was large. So, here's what I can't figure out. Was it the fact that you were attracted to him or was it the fact that you hadn't had a dick inside you for so long? Because something made you drop your bikini bottom to the floor, walk over to the shower and open up the door.

He hadn't seen you until then. I'm sure he was pleasantly surprised to see a well-tanned half-naked 22-year-old with huge tits standing in the door of his shower waiting for the invitation to come in. He could feel his cock begin to swell. He stepped aside and she entered closing the door behind her. She looked at him and then went back to staring at his growing member. Then she stepped forward and took his swelling cock into her hands.

His dick became rock hard as he realized that this was the moment he had been waiting for. Having to look at her bronze body all summer long was like a torture. And now he was finally going to fuck her. He reached out and began to massage her tits through the bikini top. Then, stroking his cock with both hands, she gave him a look of 'should I be here?', and he acted. With one hand he picked her up by the leg and pressed her against the shower wall. Pulling her hips forward he brought his dick to her clit and began to slide into her. She half moaned and half yelled as he filled her up. To get all of himself inside of her he began to push her down onto his cock. She responded by moaning loudly and arching her back and thrusting her tits near his face. Holding her still with one leg up in the air, he began to pump his cock inside her. With his other hand he slid a triangle of cloth of her bikini top aside exposing one of her breasts. He began to lick and suck her tit while he fucked her. She just held on for the ride, gasping for breath each time he thrust himself inside her.

Not wanting to come in her yet he stopped, set her down and looked at her. All she could do was catch her breath and say "Oh, God!" She reached up to cover up her exposed breast. He stopped her and this time slid the top apart, revealing both of her breasts. As he sucked and fondled her tits his stiff cock poked into her and she reached down and began to stroke his dick with both hands.

In one motion he turned her around, bent her over slightly and pulled her hips to his waist. Holding her shoulders forward with one hand, he reached between her legs and spread them. She braced herself for his large cock. He slid inside her, slowly at first then he began to fuck her harder and harder. The water ran off her back and ass as he watched his dick go farther and farther into her. She moaned, panted and yelled as he thrust into her. Occasionally he would reach around and fondle her tits while he pumped his cock into her. Finally, she began to scream, "Oh, God! I'm gonna come!" This just made him fuck the busty brunette even harder, impaling her on his oversized cock. As she came, he untied the two strings holding on her bikini top and tossed the garment out of the shower. Now she was naked and it was his turn to come.

He turned her around and pushed down gently on her shoulders. She went to her knees and immediately took his cock into her mouth, sucking and stroking. He watched as this younger woman tried to take him all in, but she couldn't. After a minute he took her head in his hands. Holding her still he began to fuck her mouth slowly, so he could feel her tongue and lips on his shaft. He continued to fuck her like this even as he came. The orgasm was intense as his cum filled the back of her mouth and throat. She had never sucked such a big dick, but swallowed him down nevertheless as she began to stroke his cock to try to keep him coming.

He shut off the water and led her to the master bedroom where he laid her down on the bed. He put her legs on his shoulders and buried his face in her pussy. While he was licking her clit he inserted two fingers inside her and began probing. After a few minutes the stimulation from inside and out began to make her cum. Her heavy breathing told him that she was near, and as she came he stood up, spread her legs apart, and shoved his dick all the way inside her. This made her cum instantly and she began screaming, "Ohhhh, Oh, Oh God!" With her legs up and spread apart like a V he had her gorgeous body spread out before him, and he fucked her hard. Her body and tits bounced back and forth as he filled her up. Occasionally, he would bring her knees up and spread her legs apart so he could reach through and suck and massage her tits while he fucked her. Then he began to climax and he held himself deep inside her as he came.

After this orgasm he stopped and said that he really needed to finish getting cleaned up. You were spent anyway and just laid there. Just a few minutes after he returned to the bathroom to finish his shower, you heard the garage door open. You quickly put on your swimsuit and strode out into the kitchen just in time to greet your mom as she walked in. Later you could hear the obvious sounds of your mom getting fucked in the shower by the same man who, not ten minutes earlier, was fucking you.

Your mom never knew what had happened. You probably figured that was revenge enough.

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