tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge Ch. 01

Revenge Ch. 01


I was out running errands and had just stopped in at the bagel shop when I saw him. Sitting at a little table over by the front windows with a cute little blonde. Is it really him? I think I must be crazy but head over to the table after making my purchase. As I get closer I realize it definitely is him. "Jake?" I ask, stepping up to his chair and standing at an angle to the little blonde across from him, "is that you?"

"Laurie, wow, fancy seeing you here!" He smiles warmly and stands up from his chair, instantly wrapping me in a tight hug.

Very lightly returning the hug, I disentangle myself and take a couple steps back, "Yeah," I respond, "I never would have expected to see you here, what brings you to town?"

"I'm on vacation, we're just about" he starts to reply, the little blonde cuts him off by clearing her throat audibly, all but forgotten in the quick exchange, stopping mid-sentence he looks properly chastened and exclaims "I'm sorry, where are my manners! Laurie, this is Stacy."

Stacy rises from her seat and extends a dainty little hand, "It's Stacianna, actually" she corrects, tossing Jake a scalding look at his obvious blunder.

I smile politely, taking her hand in mine and saying "It's a pleasure to meet you," thinking to myself that this little girl could be a lot less uppity, I throw in "I'm just Laurie."

Stacy smiles a little strained smile and immediately turns back to Jake, "We really should be going soon darling," she purrs in some obviously fake accent.

"Oh, right, I'm sorry," Jake replies, "we were just about to go to see that broadway show that's playing here, what is it called..."

"Cats, it's called Cats," Stacy interrupts, "and you're making us late," she adds. Turning to me she puts on a condescending little smile and says "You really won't mind us rushing out, will you dear? We're just in such a hurry, it was nice meeting you Leslie." She emphasizes the incorrect name as though to convey I'm not important enough to remember, and with that she sweeps past me and grabs Jake's arm, all but dragging him out the door.

"Bitch," I mutter under my breath.

A few hours later I arrive home and go looking for my husband Alec. I can't wait to tell him about Jake and that little monster named Stacy! He'll get such a kick out of it! I wander around the house calling his name, no response. Well he should be here, I think to myself. Heading to his office downstairs I notice a paper laying across his keyboard and walk over to pick it up.

"Dear Laurie," it starts, "I had an emergency trip come up and won't be back until Sunday. Sorry I couldn't wait until you got home, I tried to call you but you didn't answer. I hope you understand, we had a major server meltdown. I'll try to call but don't worry if I don't, I'm not sure what kind of service I'll get and the location is high security so they don't allow personal calls from inside the building. See you Sunday!"

Well that's odd, I think, he always calls, and he never leaves without saying goodbye. Must be some emergency! But no calls? In six years he's never not been able to call... My mind wanders a little but is interrupted by the phone ringing. Rushing back upstairs I quickly grab it, I'm sure it's Alec calling to explain, without checking caller ID I exclaim "Hi baby! I was sure you'd call, what's going on?"

"Baby, huh?" I hear Jake's voice say, "I thought you might have missed me but I didn't think we were on 'baby' terms," he says with a chuckle, quickly he adds, "yet."

Feeling deflated I lamely respond, "Sorry, I thought you were Alec."

"Who's Alec?" He asks.

"My husband," I reply in an unenthusiastic tone, "where did you get my number, and why are you calling?"

"Sorry, I looked you up in the white pages. I just wanted to apologize for Stacy," Jake says with a sigh into the phone, "I felt really bad about how we rushed out like that, she can be so difficult, I don't know why I put up with her."

"Difficult?" I scoff, "I was difficult, she was downright rude!"

"You were never difficult," he replies softly, "you were perfect. And seeing you today just made me think how stupid I was for letting you go. You look fantastic!"

"You didn't let me go," I correct, "you fucked someone else. Little difference there." I toss in off-handedly, "Deal breaker and all, you know how it is."

Jake sighs and says, "I really am sorry, to this day I don't know why I did that to you. I didn't even enjoy myself, I was just angry and I wanted you to hurt. I'm sorry." He adds, "can't even let it go after ten years?"

"We were young and dumb Jake, and that's the beauty of divorce, I was able to stop caring nine years ago!" I say with a chuckle.

"You stopped caring?" He asks, sounding genuinely shocked, "how can you just stop caring? I never stopped caring about you," he adds.

"Look Jake," I say with a sigh, "that was a long time ago, I have a wonderful husband and a wonderful life, there's no point in rehashing old feelings and what ifs. It's the past. It's over. Just leave it there." Realizing I may sound a bit harsh I add, "I don't hold it against you, I told you I forgave you and I meant it. We all make mistakes, and I'm sure the whole experience taught us both a lot. So anyway, tell me about you now, it's been a long time!" I hope my attempt to change the subject works.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it?" Jake asks almost wistfully, "I've been doing well, running my own business now, able to take fancy vacations," he chuckles, "and overall I have to admit I'm doing very well."

"That's really great to hear!" I exclaim, "I'm glad life's been good to you, personally I couldn't be happier. Well, except if my husband would actually call."

"Why wouldn't he?" Jake asks.

"He's on some emergency trip for work," I reply, "he handles some major accounts for his company and if anything goes wrong he's responsible for getting it fixed."

"When's he coming back?" Jake adds quickly, "not that it's any of my business, but if you aren't busy I thought you might want to grab coffee and just catch up a little."

Thinking nothing of it, I reply, "He's back on Sunday, so I'll be free this evening and tomorrow."

"And coffee?" He asks.

I chuckle, "Sure, I suppose it can't hurt to catch up a little." At least it'll help kill some time, I think to myself.

We make plans to go out that evening and just talk for a bit, I am a little curious how life turned out for him and considering there is zero attraction, I hope not just on my part, I don't think I have anything to worry about. Besides, he has a girlfriend so he'll behave, I remind myself.

While getting ready I keep glancing at the phone, willing it to ring. I really wish Alec would call, I miss him. In six years of marriage I've never had to go more than a day without hearing from him, even when he did have emergency projects. I sigh as I take a turtleneck sweater out of my closet. I guess I should feel lucky, I think, I've been married six years and I'm still just as lovestruck as I was the day I realized I wanted to spend my life with him. And I know I can trust him, so I really shouldn't worry. Determined to put it out of my mind and have some fun to pass the time, I continue dressing. With the lavender sweater I decide on a pair of grey slacks. Very conservative and no skin showing. Perfect to make sure Jake doesn't get any ideas. While I may be sure he won't try anything, some of the things he said on the phone earlier keep popping back into my head. I don't want to leave any doubt that this is purely platonic.

We meet at a little coffee shop on Main Street. The city has a lovely array of lights strung through the trees and this little shop is my favorite. It's a cozy little place between a boutique and an ice cream shop. The decor is warm and inviting with big overstuffed chairs, little coffee tables, and walls of bookshelves. There are also some traditional tables and chairs out front on the sidewalk and I suggest we sit at one. The night air is a little chilly but definitely not cold, and the white lights in the trees are just so pretty.

"Alec and I come here a lot," I mention as I point to the menu, "I've tried just about all their coffee drinks, so if you want to know how something is just ask!"

Jake picks up the menu and replies, "I sure will, do they make a good caramel mocha?"

"I'm sure they do, that's one I haven't tried," I add, "I prefer a sugar free vanilla latte myself, have to watch my figure you know." He glances at me strangely and goes back to his menu. "What?" I ask.

"Nothing, was gonna say your figure looks pretty good to me," he says with a smirk.

"Hey, none of that now!" I exclaim in mock outrage, "If you start being flirty or inappropriate I won't be able to talk to you!" For Jake that was his normal flirty self, but I want him to be clear on the ground rules.

"Sorry," he says with a wink, "I just can't help myself!"

"Well try," I reply, as the barista comes out to get our order.

We spent the next couple hours in pleasant conversation, catching up on what he's been up to over the years, and a bit about how I've been. We came to the conclusion that while I've stayed relatively steady in my beliefs and desires, his have changed dramatically. Gone is the irresponsible kid with the devil-may-care attitude, and in his place is an actual adult. We end the night and I agree to meet him for lunch the next day. He'll only be in town a couple more days so I figure it's probably the only time I'll see him anyway. It's not like he's someone I'd actively try to stay in contact with.

I arrive back home and immediately go check the house phone for missed calls. None. I sigh and pout a little, rechecking my cell phone to be sure I didn't miss hearing it ring. Still nothing. Oh well, he's probably asleep by now or busy at work. "I'm sure he'll call in the morning," I think out loud.

Saturday afternoon and still no call. At this point I'm a little worried, this is so unlike Alec. I'm sure there's a reason and everything's fine, I tell myself. 2:00 rolls around and I just finished getting ready to go out for lunch. I hear the doorbell ring, funny, I wasn't expecting anyone. I answer it and it's Jake. "What are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well I got your address when I got your phone number," he says, "and I thought we could take one car being as you know the area a lot better and know where we should go."

"Fine, let me grab my purse," I say with a little irritation in my voice, shutting the door in his face. I can't help but feel a little amused by the stunned look on his face that I caught a glimpse of as the door shut. Priceless. Grabbing my purse I head back to the door and walk out. "Hop in," I say, clicking the doors open on my car. I drive us over to a little sub shop thinking we can make it a quick bite. I'm a little uncomfortable with the fact that he just showed up at my house. What would Alec think?

Despite the rough beginning we have a good time at lunch, chatting and almost becoming friends again. He holds the door for me as we leave, something he never did when we were together, and asks if I'd like to do something later. "I really shouldn't," I respond.

"Why not?" He asks, "do you have other plans already?"

"No," I say, pausing to climb into the drivers seat of my car, "I just don't want to give you the wrong idea."

"Oh, I see, afraid I can't take rejection huh!" He says with mock sincerity.

I roll my eyes and reply, "No, I actually don't care if you can or not. I just don't like the way it looks. Especially when you just show up at my house unannounced."

He shrugs, "Can't a guy try? It's not like I'll get to see you again, and I've always wondered what would happen if we could try again." I sigh, this is exactly what I didn't want.

"Like I said," I reply slowly, "I'm very happy. I am not interested in bringing up the past or exploring what ifs."

"Ok," he replies dejectedly, "I'm sorry you feel that way."

We drive back to my place in silence, and as I pull into the driveway Jake asks if he can use the restroom before he leaves. I'm skeptical and tell him he could go down the street to the gas station. He looks at me with a mixture of hurt and disbelief on his face.

"I thought you were a friend," he says, "I can't even use the restroom? I promise I won't do anything but go in and come right back out."

"Sorry, of course you can," I reply, feeling a little embarrassed. I just felt uneasy about letting him into my house.

We head inside and I point him downstairs. "Bathroom's down there to the left," I say. While I'm standing on the landing waiting to shoo him back out when he's finished, I hear noises coming from upstairs. I peek into the garage real quick and see Alec's car. He's home! I rush upstairs and notice the double doors to our master bedroom are open. As I rush up I stop dead in my tracks at the top of the stairs. I can't believe what I'm seeing. Stacy, the little bitch who was with Jake, is naked on her hands and knees on MY bed. Her pert little ass hanging off the foot of the bed with my husband Alec standing behind her, cock in hand, inching closer to her pussy. I back slowly down the stairs, not wanting them to see me or hear me, stunned hurt blatant on my face. I rush back downstairs just as Jake is coming up from the bathroom. Right then the tears start streaming down my face and Jake rushes over and hugs me, asking me whats wrong.

I'm sobbing and he guides me back downstairs and sits me on a chair, I can hear the noises coming from upstairs even from here, and he hears them too. "I'm sorry you had to find out like this," Jake says.

"Find out like what?" I sob.

"I know it's Stacy up there with him," he says, "I've known she was cheating on me for a while. She lives around here and I don't get to come into town as often as I would have liked, she got bored." I look at him in stunned disbelief. He continues, "I found a man's wallet in her room once, a couple months ago, it had an ID, some business cards...And a picture of you in it."

"What... are... you... saying?" I ask between bouts of hyperventilated crying.

"Alec has been cheating on you with Stacy for months now," Jake replies slowly, "I set this up today because I knew they'd be here, that's why I came to your house. I thought you needed to know."

"How?" I reply miserably.

"Stacy told me she'd be gone today at the spa," Jake begins, "that's what she always tells me when she's with him. So I told her I was taking you out anyway and we wouldn't be back until at least 10:00 tonight. She knew I was suspicious since I found that wallet, so I figured she would probably meet him here, not wanting to risk me dropping in on her at her place. And when you told me he was out of town yesterday I was sure of it."

"I can't deal with this," I say, much more calmly than I feel. Getting up I walk toward the stairs and Jake makes to follow me. "NO!" I almost shout, "you stay here."

I make my way upstairs and toward the open doors of our master bedroom. I see Alec behind Stacy, his cock buried inside her as she mewls in pleasure. I keep moving toward the door, stopping when I reach the doorway and just standing there, taking in the scene in front of me. Stacy is obviously in the throes of ecstasy as Alec's big thick cock pummels into her pussy, glistening with her juices as it pulls out before plunging back in. Stacy calling out obscenities and egging him on to fuck her harder. Turning her head to the side Stacy looks right at me and says to Alec, "You like that don't you baby? You like how much better I feel than that bitchy wife of yours, tell me you like it, make me cum again you stud!" At that moment Alec turns his head and sees me, stopping mid thrust as he just stares, a look of pain and loss on his face.

I can't take it and turn around and rush down the hall, away from the scene I just witnessed. I slump to the floor in heaving sobs before I reach the stairs, leaning back against the wall and just trying to push the pain down, trying to shut it off because it just hurts so much. How could he do this to me? How? I love him! I tried to keep him happy, was I really that bad? Did I never make him happy? What's wrong with me? Why does this always happen? How could he do this to me! My mind keeps racing around and around. Get under control. CONTROL YOURSELF! Stop acting like a baby. Push it down. Stop crying! STOP! He fucked you over, they always fuck you over, you knew it would happen eventually. But no, you had to trust, you did this to yourself! You always do this to yourself! I keep sobbing as my inner monologue runs its course, chastising myself for my idiocy yet again. No... Wait... He was crying! I saw tears when he looked at me... Why would he be crying? He didn't know I was there long enough to be crying!

I have to know. Getting up, I walk back to the room, forcing my emotions under control, shutting down and doing what I do best, going cold. I walk into the room, right up to Alec. He stops fucking the little bitch on the bed and stares at me. Those are definitely tears on his face. And not tears that just started. "Why?" I ask. He pulls away from her and breaks down, babbling about no choice and hoping I'll be happy. Stacy is obviously pissed and gets up and in my face, her little 5ft looking up at me as she yells.

"You stupid bitch! Why are you still here? He doesn't want you! He's cheating on you with ME! Can't you take a hint?" She rants as he looks pleadingly at me, "you're not enough for him, you've never been enough, he'll never want you after having me, get used to being second best!" She all but spits at me with the venom coming through her tone.

"Is that true?" I ask, looking right at Alec. His eyes and posture say no, but he doesn't say a word. I walk up to him, wipe the tears off his face and kiss him softly. "Is that true?" I repeat. He closes his eyes and sighs deeply, putting his arms around me and pulling me hard against him.

"No, no, no, it isn't true," he whispers against my ear, "they said they'd kill you, they said it was either stage this or they'd kill you and there would be no way I could stop it." Alec is babbling now, continuing on as the story pours out, "they said if I did this you'd be safe with him, I wouldn't have you," he chokes out, "but you'd be safe and happy. They showed me plans of how they would do it, pictures of you at work, on errands, where you shopped, where they could put a sniper, how easy a shot it was..." Alec trails off as I shush him.

"Well she's dead now you dumb fuck," Stacy says from behind us. I'd almost forgotten she was there. "Just you wait, wait until Jake finds out you told her, he'll kill her right in front of you and make it nice and slow so you can enjoy it!"

I whisper to Alec, "Get the rope, slowly." We kept some rope in the bedroom for interesting trips into bondage play, and boy was I happy we did right at this moment. I turn very slowly on Stacy and look at her, my face a mask, completely devoid of emotion. She just smirks at me in triumph.

"So bitch, what're you gonna do? You can either leave this worthless fuck and go be Jake's little pet, or you can die right in front of your poor husband. Tick tock, tick tock, whatcha-gonna-do," she chants in a singsong manner.

"Well I guess I only have one choice," I say with a sigh. Stacy grins triumphantly, oblivious to the fact that I've edged closer. Right as she's opening her mouth to respond, I punch her square in the face, feeling a very satisfying connection and a blossoming of pain through my hand and wrist as she falls back on the bed. Losing no time I pounce on her immediately, grabbing a pillow and holding it over her face so she can't make any noise. "Rope, now!" I say to Alec, he quickly hands me the rope, "tie her legs together, quick, and make it tight!" I say, as I use my weight to pin the pillow to her face and wrench her hands up and out so I can bind them. Quickly tying them securely I bark "Gag, please!" Alec hands me the ball gag I kept for fun and I quickly remove the pillow from Stacy's face and shove the gag into her mouth as she gasps for air. Flipping her slight little body over easily, I secure it tightly behind her head. Satisfied that she won't be making any noise or getting away, I tell Alec to watch her and head out the door and back downstairs.

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