tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge Ch. 02

Revenge Ch. 02


As I come down the stairs, I train my face into the most anguished look I can muster and start sobbing again. Mostly dry sobs as I'm faking them, but I figure Jake will just think I've cried myself dry. I try to remember where I left the baseball bat and relief washes over me as I realize it's downstairs in the corner. I grab a paper towel from the kitchen on my way and scrunch it up and make like I was wiping at my eyes to cover for the lack of tear stains on my face. I slowly, listlessly, move down the stairs, seeing Jake sitting in the chair I'd vacated. Keeping my eyes downcast I slump down to the floor by the entrance and start sobbing again. As Jake gets up and rushes to me to offer comfort, I start formulating a plan. "How could he do this to me?" I sob, "I was always good to him, how could he do this to me?"

"Shh, shhh," Jake soothes, gathering me up against him and cradling me, "it'll all be okay sweetie, it'll all be okay, I promise," he croons.

"HOW COULD HE DO THIS!" I shout, jumping back to my feet and clenching my fists at my sides, I start pacing the room, moving closer and closer to the corner with the bat on each turn of the room.

"Calm down sweetie, it'll be okay, you're just upset," Jake says, rising to his feet and following me in my little pacing path back and forth across the room.

"UPSET? I'm just UPSET?" I blast back, "I'm so far beyond upset, words don't even describe it!" Reaching the corner of the room with Jake in tow, I snatch the bat and turn quickly, knocking him square in the head. I smile at him as a stunned look crosses his face before he lands on the floor with a thud, unconscious.


Coming to, I try to clear the fog from my head. I try to move my hand up to rub where I got hit but realize I'm tied up completely immobile. I can't move my arms or legs! And I'm gagged. Shit. This day did not go as planned. Looking around the room I notice Stacy, she's on the opposite wall and it looks like we're in the basement. She's tied to a chair much like me, but she has a pink ball gag stretching her little mouth obscenely. I groan. This is just a mess. I start thinking of a way to talk myself out of this as the door opens and Laurie walks in.

She's smiling at me. A dark menacing smile that chills my blood for a moment. Shake it off, I tell myself. What are you, a pussy? She's a weak little woman, she's probably just going to lecture me on how naughty I've been and send me on my way. And that'll be a big mistake. I smile to myself as I think how much fun it'll be to break her once I get my hands on her again. And I will get my hands on her again!

"Having fun, are we?" Laurie says in a nasty tone. I'd answer her but I'm gagged and the best I can do is some gurgling noises. She smirks at my obvious inability to respond. "You always did talk too much," she says, "and someone with a brain as small as yours really shouldn't talk at all."

That bitch just insulted me! Oh just wait until I get out of this! Laurie comes over to me and takes her time checking my bonds, making a show of being sure they're secure. Once she's done she says she has a special treat for me. I bet she does! But nothing like the one I have for you, I think to myself. I'm going to enjoy choking the life from her pretty little neck. She walks over to the door and picks up the bat, oh no, not that again! And before I can think anything else, she swings and everything goes black...

When I wake up again I'm completely naked and in a totally different room. There are various tables and restraints littered around the room, as well as whips and other tools of various shapes and sizes hanging from hooks on the walls. I'm shackled spread eagle, legs wide and secured to large metal rings in the floor. My arms feel like they're going to break as they're stretched out to either side above my head and securely tied to rings hanging from the ceiling. And of course, the bitch still has me gagged. I am, for all intents and purposes, completely helpless. My head still feels woozy as I hang there for what seems like hours.

Finally a door opens and in walk three people. One is Laurie, the other is a woman I've never seen before, and the third is Alec, Laurie's husband. She says something to him and he goes and sits down in a chair on the far wall, obviously an area set up for spectators. The woman with Laurie is a petite dark haired beauty, flawlessly creamy skin, pert little breasts prominently displayed in her skimpy little corset, and long lean legs. I can't help appreciating her charms and can feel my cock stirring. The unknown woman comes up to me and sneers at my erection.

"I don't know Laurie," she says, "he has no control over himself. I don't think he'll make a good slave. Maybe he could be my new toilet," she emphasizes the last word and tosses a chuckle over her shoulder as she walks away. Meanwhile, Laurie picked out a particularly vicious looking whip and is heading back toward me.

"I think you could train him Elisha," Laurie says to the other woman.

"You think so?" The petite little beauty, apparently Elisha, replies.

"Mmmhmm, especially once I'm done breaking him," Laurie says with a sneer. Suddenly I'm not feeling near as confident as I was earlier. The brevity of the situation starts to sink in. I'm completely helpless, and I really might have pissed off the wrong woman... Wait, who am I kidding? This is sweet submissive little Laurie, she doesn't have the stomach for inflicting pain. She could have changed, I think to myself, nah...

Laurie moves behind me and I can no longer see where she is or what she's doing. I try to turn my head to see but can only see to the sides. I growl in frustration. Suddenly I feel excruciating pain shooting through my back as Laurie begins using the whip she picked out. I feel my nerves respond to the sudden injury, radiating pain from the site where I imagine my skin must be immediately raising into angry welts. Just as the pain starts to fade another wave hits me, and then another, the lashes landing hard and fast until I lose count. "Mmm," Laurie purrs, "this is going to be fun, you haven't passed out yet." Great, just wait 'til I get my hands on her! She is going to regret every second of this!

The lashes finally stop and I feel exhausted from the pain and the position she has me in, my back feels like it's on fire. Just stay awake and deal with it, she's bound to get tired and let me go. I knew Laurie pretty well, I was married to her, sure it was a long time ago, but she was always so forgiving. She'd never intentionally hurt someone. She's just angry, when she gets it out of her system she'll let me go.

Apparently tiring of whipping me, Laurie walks over to the wall again. She picks up a long length of bamboo and comes to stand in front of me. "See this?" She asks, "this is a bamboo cane, do you know why canes are so wonderful?" She croons that last word near my ear and continues as I glare at her, "canes are wonderful because they burst the cells in the skin on impact, which causes excruciating pain and some horrible skin damage," she pauses as she traces the cane down my side, "and all without breaking the surface, which means it heals quicker than if I were ripping your skin, and I can do it all over again that much sooner..." She trails off as she moves around me appraisingly. "Elisha? Do you have a blindfold to go with his gag?" Laurie asks, moving behind me once again.

"Yeah, let me get one," Elisha replies, walking over to a cabinet she pulls something out and heads over to hand it to Laurie, "this should do the trick!" She exclaims.

"Perfect!" Laurie says, and my eyes suddenly go dark as something heavy and black is slid over my head and zipped down the back. It's uncomfortable and tight, and it seems to have a couple holes near my nose so I can breathe.

"He almost looks like a proper gimp!" Elisha says with a giggle.

I can still hear, though it's muffled by the hood, and I can faintly hear Laurie talking in the background. She must have walked away because I can't make out what she's saying. I'm still focused on the pain in my back when I feel breath on my cock, tentatively a tongue starts swirling around the head and I sigh in pleasure. As the mouth slowly starts enveloping my cock in a soft warm suction I all but forget the pain and start moaning in pleasure. I'm throbbing hard now and the mouth descends, taking my entire length in and sucking gently, slowly pulling back off and swirling its tongue around my head again. I lose track of time as the delicious feeling of that mouth on my cock starts getting me close. Velvety softness sliding up and down my shaft over and over again. Just as I'm nearing my explosion pain registers at the base of my cock, it feels like a vise was just clamped around my shaft and my balls were roughly gathered up with it. Every pulse in my cock hurts like hell as I'm painfully aroused and pushing against this hard ring. I hear Elisha whisper near my ear, "That'll keep you nice and hard for me."

I hear a swishing sound and a blow lands on the back of my leg, I scream into the gag involuntarily as the pain hits, it feels like my flesh has been burned with a hot iron. The cane killing the cells beneath the blow and causing a ripple effect of damage from the initial site of the blow. I've never felt anything like it in my life! With my mind reeling another blow lands, this time across my shoulders. The pain pours through me again, another choked scream coming through the gag in my mouth. A few moments pass and then another blow, across my thigh, and then another on the inside of my thighs. Each one worse than the last, pain ricocheting through my senses until I think I'd rather die than feel another stroke of that monstrous cane. Again a blow lands, this time on the inside of my leg, so close to my cock that I almost feel relief as the pain flows through me. At least she didn't miss and hit me there. I start to retreat inside myself, trying to numb to the pain, my cries barely whimpers now as the blows continue to land. Laurie seems to sense that her punishment has lost its edge and she stops. I slump in my bonds, relieved for the break. I feel the zipper being pulled up on the hood and it's removed from my head. Next the gag is taken out of my mouth. I'm so tired from the pain that I just hang there, not saying a word.

"Look at me!" Laurie demands. I raise my head slowly and look at her. She's holding a small whip with vicious looking metal balls attached to the ends of its tails. "Do you see this?" She asks, holding the whip up in front of me. I nod. "This is going to teach you a valuable lesson," she pronounces the word lesson vehemently. Raising the whip she swings and it connects... My mouth opens in horror and the pain is so intense I can't even scream. Again the whip comes down, the vicious little metal balls feeling like they're embedding into my cock with every stroke. Halfway through registering the pain from the third stroke, I pass out.


Seeing Jake hanging there, blacked out from the intensity of pain, I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. I walk over and douse him with a bucket of ice water. He comes to sputtering from the shock. "Rise and shine!" I say. His eyes are glazed and his body is harshly marked with ugly purple and black welts. His cock looks like it's been put through a tenderizer, and I can't help feeling a little disgusted. "You really should have left me alone Jake," I say with sigh, "but no, you just had to have your way."

"This could have been easier," Jake says in a broken voice.

"Easier?" I question.

"You could have just come back when I wanted you to," he forces out.

"Could I now? See, we have a difference in opinion. This could have been easier if you'd left me the fuck alone!" I shoot back.

"What are you going to do to me?" Jake asks piteously.

"Nothing," I reply, "I'm done." Jake slumps and sighs in relief. Too bad he doesn't know what's in store for him.

"Where's Stacy?" he suddenly asks. I smirk.

"Stacy will be well taken care of, don't you worry." He doesn't look reassured by my statement. "Elisha!" I call, and Elisha comes over to me, "he's all yours, just remember our deal."

"I'll remember," Elisha says with a twinkle in her eye.

"What deal?" Jake croaks out. I grin evilly at him and then turn to Elisha.

"Elisha and I have a little deal involving you. You're to refer to her as Mistress from here on out. And if you keep her happy you might stay in one piece. If you don't, I promise you, what she'll do will make today look like a trip to the ice cream shop!" Elisha smirks at Jake and runs a finger down one of his more prominent welts, eliciting a wince. "Take care!" I say to Jake with a wink, "enjoy the rest of your life!" With that I turn and walk away.

"Why?" Jake wails behind me. I turn to face him from across the room.

"Well you see, I don't have the stomach for torturing a man. Just no fun in it. I feel better knowing you'll never be free again. No worry about you coming back. And Elisha will do such a wonderful job making your life hell that I won't have to worry about revenge." I grin widely at Jake, "Make sense?" I revel in the look of defeat that crosses his features.

"What about Stacy?" He says through a wince as Elisha lands a nice hard slap to his ass.

"Like I told you, Stacy will be taken care of." And with that I leave. Internally chuckling at the irony that what he wanted to make me, he has now become. This is so much better than calling the police, he would have been out of jail in a week, if he even got arrested in the first place. Without evidence, foul play is so hard to prove. No, this will be better, if he ever tries to escape he'll wish he'd never been born...

Stay tuned for Stacy's story...

***Feel free to comment on if you'd like me to continue this series, suggestions and feedback are always appreciated!

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