tagInterracial LoveRevenge Ch. 03

Revenge Ch. 03


After being attacked and raped, Barbara stayed in the hospital for 3 days to have her body and brain treated and tested. She testified against the two men the police had caught and they were sent away. She then stayed home for another 2 weeks until her facial swelling went down and she looked human again.

Barbara then went back to school and tried to catch up with the work. Three of her girl friends brought some of the assignments home to her so she wasn't that far behind. Things began to get back in order like they were before all this happened.

She was very, very careful everywhere she went now and was always aware of who and where she was at all time. She felt some of Lee's friends would be pissed at her for getting them locked up. Most of the time her wonderful husband drove her to school and picked her up again in the afternoon, most of the time.

They had an alarm system installed in the house and she got a permit to carry her gun even if she knew she wasn't sure she could ever shoot anyone.

Months went by and there was no contact, none whatsoever with the "brothers".

She did have one problem, only one! She couldn't forget what the big men had done to her and how he had made her feel. She couldn't forget what a foot of cock felt like as Marvin pumped her body with it. Even if she was battered badly, she continued to think about that huge cock and how it made her feel.

She knew she had fucked all the others and won! Beat them at their own game. They had finished before she did and she actually smiled thinking about how she had gotten all the "Studs" off with her little white body. It took 3 of them to make her go crazy. Three men, all at least ten years younger than her and her husband. Yet, Tom, her husband, had done more to her to get her off with just his tongue and medium 7-8 inch cock than they had done. Yep, she had beaten them all! All except Marvin and how it felt with a huge cock fucking her. She continued to think to herself: " God he was in my womb. He fucked me in my womb!"

For the first time in her life she knew what that felt like, and she loved it. Tom was big but not that big. Few men, of any color were that big. It took a foot of cock and most good men were 6, 7, or maybe 8 inches long without lying about it. She could handle that size and enjoy the sex but without the same feelings she had achieved when Marvin pumped a foot of cock onto her pussy and shot his load in her womb.

She would sit in school some days and daydream about the 10 or 11 inches sliding in and out of her body rubbing the walls of her vagina. She dreamed of how it felt when he buried all of his cock into her until his nuts hit her ass. And, when he started to fill not only her pussy, but her entire womb with his cum. . . she moaned.

Christ! His cock head and a few inches of his shaft were in her womb. IN THE WOMB!! For God sakes he had fucked her pussy so deep he had fucked her womb too. She couldn't get that out of her brain. She would get wet between her thighs sometimes and have to head for the lady's room.

When she had a particularly bad day, she would come home almost panting, panties completely wet, and when her husband came home she would attacked him. They made love more than they ever did in the past, and did it longer than ever before.

That was saying something since they had fucked almost every single night of their lives before this incident too place. They would also do it again that morning before he left for work. She would ask him for it again at lunch if he could get home. Barbara was horny, she had that itch which nothing she tried seem to be able to scratch completely. But man, did the two of them try. She was happy and content and her husband was loving all the sex he was getting.

Then one day there was a sub for her class. It was a very nice looking black man. He was dressed nicely and had good speech and knew the subject inside and out. He told the class that their teacher was in a car accident and would be out for a long period of time. His name was Wilson but told the class they could call him Marvin.

Barbara's brain snapped and went back to the horror she had experienced months ago!! She shuttered in her seat. She was going to drop the class. But after a few days in class she realized that Marvin, Mr. Wilson her new teacher, was very different than those thugs who hurt her.

She smiled to herself as she began to think about the Bad Marvin and his 10-inch cock and her teacher and his, well she wasn't really sure how big he was.

He was about 30 maybe 35 and looked to be in decent shape. She didn't know that for sure either, since Marvin never took off his suit coat. But he had nice shoulders and a slim stomach. She also noticed he smiled at her or he was smiling at all the folks in the left side of the room a lot. She also saw that he had what looked like a decent bulge in his slacks on some days!

As the semester went on he became more relaxed and talked with the class more and more everyday, not just about school assignments but most anything. He seemed like an all around nice guy. Barbara settled in and did her work and only when someone called him Marvin did she compare the two in her brain.

One afternoon Barb was having big trouble with one of the assignments and after class she went up to him to ask for help. She had a 3.95 average and didn't want it to fall. Marvin was very helpful and in fact gave her some references that really helped her out. The report she turned in received the highest grade in the class and he congratulated her by making the announcement in class. The class clapped for the mom of the school as she was called, being the oldest person in any class. She smiled thanking them.

After class she told Marvin that it was his references that really helped her. She was walking away when he called her back and said: "You know Barb we're not all SOB like those guys that did that really bad thing to you and that young girl. If I were your husband or father I would have shot all of them before they got to trial. You know most of us men are really good guys!"

She blushed and then asked: "Oh god Mr. Wilson, how in the world did you find out about that?"

He smiled and told her: "The dean told me some of it, just incase there was a problem. He didn't tell me everything only that you were attacked, raped and beaten by black men."

Barbara told him: "My husband had to be restrained or he would have done just that, shot them. He was as mad as I have ever seen him. He was really pissed and actually scared me Mr. Wilson, I was sure he was going to kill all of them!"

He asked her to call him Marvin and she told him she had a problem with doing that since one of the bigger guys that attacked her was called Marvin. He said: "Than call me Marv, that's my real name anyway, Marv Wilson! I just tell the kids its Marvin. They called me that when I was in college at West Virginia!"

She said: "Ok! Mr. Wilson in class and Marv it is when the kids aren't around! I feel like the mother hen around here anyway with all these young people."

He laughed and told her: "You shouldn't worry about that Barb. You look like you're in excellent shape. And I'm betting you are still the same size you were in your 20s maybe even high school."

She blushed again and said: "Well almost Marv. Almost! I try, but every year it gets harder to keep the weight off."

He laughed and patted his stomach and said: "Yea! Tell me about it. I work 2 hours a day almost every damn day to stay like I am."

She smiled and began to move to the door again when he asked me: "How's the homework coming? You OK with the work now?"

Barb told him she was still having some problems with all the various theories and formulas to learn. He told her he was here to help and if she had any problems he could assist, to please let him know. He smiled back at her and she felt his eyes look at her breasts. When she got out of the room she looked down at her breasts and saw her extremely hard nipples sticking out against the material of her white blouse. She said: "Oh God! No wonder he was staring at my tits. Shit! How dumb can you be Barbara? Now he thinks he's turning you on."

But in the back, way in the back of her brain, he did, she wondered just how turned on she was? Well just a little, well maybe more – if he was as big as the other Marvin was! Na, no one was as big as he was.

As she walked to the door and she saw her husband waiting for her in the truck. She could feel the cool air on her skin and she shivered a little still thinking about the sight of her nipples against her white blouse and the way Marvin looked at them and her.

She wasn't completely sure she wasn't turned on, just a little more than she would admit it. Her panties were wet from something. She smiled to herself thinking about what Mary had told her about the rumor that most big black guys all have big black cocks. Mr. Wilson was well over six-two! And, then there was that color thing white against black, which Mary had told her, was such a fucking sexual turn on, at first. Barbara knew exactly what Mary was talking about.

She shivered again as she opened the door to Tom's truck, and kissed him hello. They drove away and Tom asked her if she would like to go grab a quick dinner. She smiled and said; "Yes, I starving."

They went to the local pizza place and had a good fattening dinner of beer and pizza. She was saying: "I'll have to run 20 miles to get this beer and dough off my ass and hips baby. I love this stuff but it puts weight on me like nothing else"

Tom told her she had nothing to worry about she was unbelievably beautiful and they should go home and make love.

She smiled and told him: "Oh yes! Hurry babe and paid the bill. I really want you to make love to me tonight. I just can't seem to get enough of you lately."

She seemed so willing and ready, Tom left $40 on the table for a $27.00 bill! He broke the speed limit getting home. She rubbed his hardening cock with her hand as he drove. They undressed going up the stairs and almost ran into the bedroom where they attacked each other.

Barb especially loved oral sex, both giving and receiving it, as long as it was followed by a really good fucking by her Tommy afterwards. She showered quickly while Tom locked up, the kids were gone for the weekend with his parents. He went into the shower for a quick wash too. He was met with her rubbing her open pussy with her fingers for him on the bed when he came out of the shower. She was waiting for him to lick her body and drive her crazy as she climaxed on his face, and fingers. He didn't disappoint her.

Barbara climaxed within minutes the first time. Now Tom really went on work on her, sucking and licking her very wet pussy more now. She was enjoying everything her man was doing between her beautiful shapely thighs now! As her body gave her the first orgasm she smiled as she came down because she knew it would be a set of multiple orgasms from Tom's tongue, mouth and fingers before they fucked long and like animals.

It always was like that, a quick orgasm and then steady lovemaking. It would be a much slower and even fuck until they both were out of their minds with lust.

She arched again after another few minutes from his touch and began to pump her fantastic body shoving her pussy into his mouth filling it with her love cum. She held his head as she thrust her pelvis and hips up into him letting her thighs squeezed his head holding him in just the right place as he made love to her pussy.

She loved this mans so much, even if he didn't have a cock that was the biggest in the state, or city, or most likely even the neighborhood. He was kind and sweet and gave her support like no other person ever did for her.

She felt his lips surround her clit now and she wanted nothing else. She drove her pussy into his face loving the way Tom nursed her clit. He began to suck it gently and pushing his tongue directly against it. He vibrated his mouth and tongue against it and she cried out as she climaxed for the third time in less that 5 minutes. And, Tom hadn't even put his cock in her yet. She said to herself: "God I really did need this love making tonight."

After a fourth orgasm hit her immediately after the third she cried out: "OH God! Oh God Tom!! I love your tongue! Suck me baby! Suck me!! Suck me!" And then Barbara had no voice as she spun into her multiple orgasm stage!

She moaned loudly as her brain became a fog of pleasure and rapture. Over and over again she rocked her body as he gave her one orgasm after the next after the next with his oral pleasures. Finally, when he knew she was gone into that stage when she was going to fuck him like a crazed woman, he let up, and her body collapsed back on the bed.

She lay there moaning for him to fuck her now. He slid up between her legs and sucked a nipple into his mouth as she held his head tightly against her breast.

Then she felt his cock sliding up and down the wetness between her legs. He rubbed his hard cock head up and down her open and pressed it into a set very wet pussy lips. Barb moaned and reached down between them. Using her hand to guide his 8 inch long and 3-inch round one eye blind cock head between and then and into her waiting and so ready pussy's swollen fat lips.

She arched her hips as she felt him thrust once. Her hips and ass came up off the bed making it easier for him to enter her.

He slowly pushed pass the lips separating them and stretching her hole as her lips parted and he entered her tunnel. He was very gentle as he moved further into her body! She arched her beautiful ass up off the bed again and again taking first 4 and then 5 and then 6 inches of his hard cock into her.

She was in a hurry now and told him: "Hurry darling give it all to me. Fill me baby! Fuck me!"

Tom didn't really know how bad she wanted to be fucked tonight. She told him: "Oh God Tom I want you so damn bad tonight. Give me all of your cock baby. Fuck me hard! Fuck me!"

He moaned her name as he pushed more of his cock into her hole until his pelvis met her clit. She arched again as she felt him begin to lift her legs up above his shoulders and push down on them until her knees rested on her breasts. She loved that position because it allowing him to penetrate her to his fullness and as deep as he could go.

She was drifting in and out of heaven as he began to seriously fuck her now. In and out, in and out, in and out, Tom pushed his cock in her pussy so she could feel every bump every vein, every inch of him as he loved her body. It couldn't be any better than being fucked by the man she dearly loved.

Nothing she had ever felt before gave her the same feeling as her husband tonight for some reason. It was her true love's cock filling her until his nuts slapped against her ass faster as he moved in and out over and over and over again.

She pressed her body up to him making her clit and his pelvis rock as they connected. They rubbed together sending her over the edge again and then she felt him begin to get thicker and harder in side her.

She knew he was going to cum in her. She cried out in passion as they climaxed together. God it was good. It was always so good. They stayed locked together with Tom slowly pumping gently into her.

He remained hard. She loved that about him, he could cum hard as anyone and still stay hard pleasing her until she was completely satisfied.

They continued to make love to each other for a long time, body to body, moving in unison. His cock worked slowly, moving and rotating as it slowly sliding in and out of her pussy hole. She was rotating her hips and fucking him slowly back with that beautiful body of hers.

He bent down and their lips locked together. Mumm!! This was so good for both of them. Tom began to thicken and get super harder again. She knew she was going to cum again. So she had to hurried her motions so she could cum with him.

She moaned: "Faster. Faster baby! I'm going to cum too! Oh god yes Tom. Ahh! You're so good. Yes!! YES! OH GOD I LOVE IT!! OH TOM!! OHHH TOM!! OHHHHHH! FUCK ME!! OHHHHHH!! OHHHHH OHHHHHH! OHHHHH!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!TOMMMMMMMY!!!!!"

She went off like a rocket. Pumping and trusting and rocking and ramming and screaming and grunting as their bodies locked together again and she began to orgasm for the seventh time tonight.

Tom pumped all of his cum deep inside her body. They both had climaxed so hard their bodies continued fucking hard like animals in heat. As their love rose and rose together with their bodies she held him locked between her thighs with her legs wrapped around him and her arms holding him tight as she continue thrusting both of them up off the bed with her hips and ass.

As her body continued to climax one last time she cried out in passion as her man pumped his cock into her as hard as he could hurting her just a little. But she liked a little pain sometimes.

She continued to climax as long as Tom was rubbing her clit with his two fingers. She moaned and then began yelling: "HARDER! HARDER TOM!! FUCK ME HARDER! HARDRER BABY!! DAMN IT!! HARDER! OH GOD YES BABY HARD JUST LIKE THAT!!"

Tom was really working now trying to get his wife to cum one last time. He knew she was close and then she screamed and arched her body up into him! Only her feet, head and shoulders remained on the bed. The rest of her body had arched up off the bed fucking wildly against him.

Barbara arched holding his body up in the air off the bed as she fucked herself on Tom's hard cock going wild and hard on it.


When she finally stopped thrusting up into him she fell back on the bed completely and absolutely drained of all energy. She was panting like she had just ran 20 miles as fast as she could run. God that was so fucking good she was thinking to herself.

After a few minutes, Tom rolled off of her and lay next to her. She just lay there as he kissed her mouth, neck and breasts, and stroked her cum filled pussy giving her small sensations as she began to very slowly started coming down from one of the most tremendous orgasms she had ever remembered having.

She simply held his head stroking his neck as he kissed her. She couldn't remember ever cumming like she just did a second ago. She said: "God baby. That was so intense. I loved it. Thank you. It was wonderful! You were fantastic!"

He told her it was him who should be thanking her. She had given him more pleasure than he ever felt possible. They kissed and gently touch each other.

During that kiss it hit her and she remembered. Marvin had fucked her hard, just like Tom had done seconds ago, only Marvin was deeper much deeper in her body. He had touched her very sole with his cock. She lay there thinking about that big cock. It didn't matter if it was red, yellow, black, white or a fucking rainbow, it was that big fucking cock which made her want to fuck so hard. That big cock had fucked her harder than Tom could ever fucked her before, or afterwards.

Tom was the only man who she had ever had sex with before the men took her that night. She rolled over on her side and kissed her husband who was also panting like he had run 20 miles.

She smiled at him and slowly stroked his deflated cock. She smiled at him and said: "The only thing I would like now would be to do it again, one more time."

He smiled and told her; "You sure? God Barb I'm not sure I can right at this minute baby. You wore me out."

She smiled at him and shook her head as she told him: "You just relax baby and let mommy go to work."

She climbed over his body sliding between his legs. With her beauty and those soft hands and warm wet mouth, she could wake a dead man's cock. She had him hard again in less than 2 minutes as she worked on his cum covered cock like a $20 whore sucking and licking him clean as her hands worked pumping his shaft and squeezing his balls.

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