tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRevenge Ch. 03

Revenge Ch. 03


Thanks to everyone who left comments on the first two segments. This story line wasn't meant to start out all flash and bang with a bunch of sexual scenes. More a smoldering storyline that could set the stage for what takes place before it happens. Now for the beginning of the part you've been waiting for!

Getting back home after seeing to Jake, I quickly make a few calls to some people Elisha put me in touch with. Retrofitting the basement as a fully soundproof play room is first on the list. I have Stacy drugged with Haldol which is keeping her quiet and mildly sedated in the meantime. I smile to myself as I think of the nasty bruise that's spread across the side of her face. Her pretty little face isn't quite so pretty anymore.


A week later I walk downstairs to admire the completion of my very own play room. Soundproof and with the entrance hidden to casual observers, it's as if I don't have a basement at all as far as anyone will know. But oh what a basement it is! As I walk down I admire the construction work that went into creating my little dream. The floor is tiled for easy cleanup and on the left wall are multiple rings from floor to ceiling to allow restraint in many positions. Hanging from the ceiling is a nice pulley system which will allow me to raise a person off the ground effortlessly. In the middle of the room is a specially designed exam style table. It has an opening in it for face and breasts and adjusts height to leave the ass and pussy fully exposed. It also flips upright, my special specification, and has secure restraints to hold the person still. On the far wall is a series of cabinets with all my new toys enclosed, including a couple fucking machines I just couldn't live without. On the left wall is a saw horse styled restraint table and an odd looking metal wedge with a spot to attach a dildo to the top. And the final touch, a garden hose connector and a drain in the middle of the room. My husband must think I'm nuts!

I arrange for a couple weeks off work and decide to start Stacy's initiation right away. Gathering her from the garage where I had her housed until now, I haul her down to the basement and dump her like a sack of potatoes on the floor. I remove the blindfold and she blinks up at me looking very disoriented. For now I think I'll leave the ball gag in place. I notice she's lost a little weight, due to the forced diet I've had her on no doubt.

Standing over her I slowly make my way around to inspect her, she's a cute little thing really. Standing about all of 5 feet tall and weighing no more than 120. She has a nice set of tits and a cute ass, long blond hair and blue eyes. She makes to start talking and all that comes out is a little mumbling through the gag. I haul her over to the restraint wall and attach her arms above her head before spreading her legs and attaching her ankles. I used the set of rings a bit out from the wall with her hands secured to the pulleys so I have free access to both the front and back.

She watches in disbelief as I walk over to my cabinets and pull out a nasty little cat o'nine tails. I bring it back and give her one firm lashing across her ass. Her face goes through a series of shock, horror, and reeling pain as she staggers away from the blow. Watching her skin flare up in angry welts with little pricks where it broke the skin, I smile at her. "You've been a very naughty girl, Stacy," I begin, "and naughty girls need to be taught a lesson." I punctuate the last statement with another swing, this time hitting the back of her upper thighs, just below her ass.

She visibly reels in pain as it hits, now sobbing freely through her gag. "You know you've been a bad girl Stacy," I talk along as I walk around her, "and I think you'll get used to being my little slave. Who knows, you might even like it!" I swing again, this time lining up perfectly with the front of her pussy and giving it a quick snapping lash. She wails long and loud as she slumps against her bonds, her head drooping over as she soaks up the pain I just inflicted.

I continue the lashing, bringing it down across her breasts, first the left, then the right. Continuing down to her inner thighs and her back and ass. By the time I'm done she's passed out and nicely covered in angry raised welts. I think it's an improvement to her looks. While she's still unconscious I take her down and plop her on the metal exam table. Getting the garden hose I hose her down, which brings her back to consciousness sputtering from the shock of cold water. "Thought you were done huh? Not by a long shot."

Moving quickly around her I strap her down in a face down position with her legs spread out in stirrups and her ass hanging off the end of the table. I pull up a stool and slide a pair of gloves on. Sliding a gloved finger into her slit I inspect her pussy. Obviously she's not used to being used all that much as she's nice and tight. I'll fix that soon enough. When I bring my finger to her ass she goes wild on the table, thrashing around as much as her restraints will let her. I chuckle to myself. She's obviously anti-anal, that will be so much fun later.

Satisfied that what I have planned will work, I go pick out a huge wedge shaped dildo. It starts 2 inches across at the tip and works up to 6 inches across measured from one side to the other straight across. And it has nasty little rounded spikes all over it. This should be deliciously painful as it stretches her out. I pick up one of the fucking machines and bring it back, positioning it so the head of the dildo is wedged right against her cunt. I move to unstrap her gag and she immediately starts spewing.


"Now see, you really shouldn't call me names." I calmly reply, immediately realizing removing her gag was a bad idea as I head over to my cabinets again. She continues to rail on in the background, yelling about how I'm going to be tortured to death for what I'm doing to her and that I better let her go or else. I come back to the table with what I was looking for, a nice thick cock shaped gag. I interrupt her as I force it into her mouth. "See, from my point of view you're really in no position to make threats." I say.

I smirk at her and check to make sure she's dry between her legs, which she is. Satisfied, I flip the switch on the fucking machine. She lurches as it mercilessly starts pounding against her pussy, completely denied entry at first, but relentlessly driving forward. As I sit and watch, just the tip starts to wedge into her. I move around to see what it's doing and she has tears streaming from her eyes and looks like she's in awful pain. I go back to watch again and a good 3 inches have made their way in now, her cunt looks grotesquely distended around this huge wedge as it's force feeding its way inside her.

I grin as I get an idea. Heading back over to the cabinets I come back with some clover clamps and quickly attach them to both Stacy's nipples. She screams, or tries to through the thick dong in her mouth. She looks so pretty with her mouth full, I muse. As soon as I have them both fastened, I attach a 1 pound weight to the chain. This causes her breasts and nipples to be pulled down cruelly. I wonder if maybe it's too much weight, but think it should work fine.

I set the fucking machine on a little higher and push it closer, taking up the 3 inches of slack from what's already penetrating her. It's really working in painfully now. Stretching her wider and wider with each thrust as she lays there blubbering like an idiot from the intensity of pain she's feeling. "If you'd try to enjoy it, it might not be so bad." I purr. Gently running my fingers down her back, being sure to pass over the welts slowly. This additional stimulus isn't lost on Stacy as she writhes against the straps securing her. I wonder if I could get her to cum, her senses are certainly on overload.

I grab a vibrator from my cabinets and apply it to her clit from below, oh how much I can fuck with her later if this works. Wanting to test the theory and see just how much I can break her, I slowly start moving it up and down across her clit, then side to side, then slowly in a little circular motion. About a minute into the swirling around her clit and she starts shaking. The pain in her nipples and the pain in her cunt just too much, and she tumbles over into a shaking writhing orgasm.

I know as soon as she's finished it's going to make the pain in her breasts and cunt that much more unbearable. But she doesn't know that, yet. Once she starts to come down I can hear her whimpering and wailing through her gag. The pain in her nipples would have just intensified a hundred fold. And the cruelly spiked dildo shoving it's massive girth into her previously tight pussy will be unbearable. I continue to watch the fucking machine methodically shoving that giant dong into her abused little pussy. Stacy goes slack, obviously passing out from the pain again.

I look her over one more time and smile, pleased that as much as she may deny it, she just got off on this. This time I don't wake her up, I just leave her there with the machine still humming away and her tits dangling, disgustingly distended, as I go get some lunch.

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