Revenge is Best Served Hot Ch. 02


She was led into the dining room where Eric was already standing up when she entered. "Cameron, you caught me having breakfast." At the last moment she deflected his kiss to her cheek. He frowned at that. "Why are you here at this hour?"

"I-I..." She didn't know where to start. What to say. Eric must have caught something of that because he invited her to sit down. She hadn't noticed Mrs. Bust hadn't left yet so was a little startled when she appeared at Eric's side to whisper something in his ear.

A startled expression flitted across his face followed by a few others that passed too fast for Cameron to identify them. "Why don't you share breakfast with me? I'd feel awkward just eating in front of you."

"No thank you, I don't feel like eati..." The image of Kimberly's pussy sprang forward. "I mean, uhm, that is, I don't feel hungry right now."

"Well at least have some calming tea. You seem very nervous."

Mrs. Bust didn't even seem to wait for Cameron's nod before filling a cup, putting two lumps of sugar in it and giving it to her. Taking a tentative sip to see how hot it was she found it to be just the right temperature to drink. She drank some more of the sweetened beverage.

Feeling calmer she tried to breach the subject. "Eric, I've been thinking lately. About us." She needed to choose her words carefully. She didn't want Eric to know what she'd been doing. "And I'm... afraid we might be... No, that I am going too fast." She took another sip before setting the cup down. "I just... I don't know if I'm the kind of girl you're looking for."

"I think it's you who are looking for a kind of girl," Eric said as the friendly attentiveness bled out of his face.

'How did he know? She didn't even know.' She was even more grateful for the tea now. It had calmed her so much that she didn't even fidget. "What are you talking about?"

Eric rolled his eyes. "Did you really think you could hide it from me? Sucky Bust smelled them on you the moment you came in."

'Sucky Bust? Who is he talking...' It dawned on her, it was Mrs. Bust he was talking about. She looked over to where she was standing and got the fright of her life. Instead of the motherly person in a long skirt and blouse she was confronted by a voluptuous woman, naked and red-skinned looking very much like a devil with her horns and tail.

"Gaaah," she exclaimed as she got up to put some distance between her and this creature. Or tried to because her legs and arms didn't move a muscle.

"You're going to go through some changes Cameron, or maybe I should start calling you Cummy now." Cameron looked in horror as Eric gave her a smile of devilish delight. "I just remembered that I left my bedchamber and my workroom out of the tour last time. We'll rectify that right away and once you're properly grateful for that, you can tell me all about what exactly Sonya has been up to."


Kim's mind was awhirl with all the information Sonya had given her as they raced to Eric's place. The tale about warlocks and demons and magic seemed far-fetched but for some reason she couldn't not believe her.

It was strange, she knew those things didn't exist yet she knew Sonya didn't lie. 'Maybe I don't really, maybe I am just going along to make sure Cameron is safe and Sonya doesn't do anything she'll regret.' But that wasn't true, she could feel it.

Further deep thinking was stalled by the fact that they had arrived at Eric's house. 'Woah, I didn't know his family was this loaded.' And they had to be if he lived alone in there. She upped that to very loaded when she saw who answered after a minute. A woman in her thirties that just screamed domestic servant. And not of the illegal alien variety too.

"We're here to see Cameron." Sonya didn't waste time on pleasantries.

Her belief that things weren't so bad took a hit when she witnessed the woman's response. Her expression of recognition at Cameron's name belied the words that came out of her mouth. "I'm sorry, but I think you have the wrong house. I don't even know a Cameron."

Still, Sonya's reaction surprised her even more. Without a word she gave the woman a palm-thrust that had flying back until she hit the wall. She had already walked in past the woman when Kim caught up with Sonya and grabbed her arm. "What the hell did..."

The rest died down as Sonya looked back at her with eyes of black obsidian. "We don't have time for questions. Cameron's in real danger and she's already getting up."

At that remark Kim looked back to see that the woman was indeed up. But she didn't look very human anymore. She looked like a stereotypical devil, complete with a tail and angry crimson eyes. Her lower body didn't resemble a goat's though. In fact, it looked very nice to Kim's recently acquired appreciation of the female form.

"I think she's down the hallway. Kick in the door if you have to but hurry. I'll deal with this one," Sonya finished as she placed herself between Kim and the creature.

Taking a deep breath she nodded, not even realizing that Sonya couldn't see that. "Right, on it." She ran to the door Sonya had indicated as the sound of fighting rang through the hallway.

The door didn't even slow Kim down as it wasn't locked but the scene inside did stop her. The sight of Cameron lying just outside of a golden circle laid into the floor with Eric standing over her chanting something looked like it was straight out of the movies. An impression that was only reinforced by the two tables on either side of the cramped room loaded down with pots, bottles, flasks and other things she couldn't identify right away.

"That's enough of that you freak, this horror movie just entered its rescuing of the damsel-in-distress scene." She advanced on Eric who at first didn't seem to even notice her but kept chanting. Then he seemed to find a natural break in whatever he was doing because he finally turned around to give Kim a contemptuous look.

"This isn't a movie, girl." He leaned over and grabbed a hand-mirror with symbols engraved in its frame. "GENERASCO SPECULUM," he shouted as he held the mirror in front of Kim. A white light blinded her and when it cleared she was confronted... by herself.

"And now you get to watch as I turn Cameron into my loyal bodyguard. And guess what her first task will be?" He didn't wait for her answer and began to chant once again, throwing a powder into the circle as he did so.

Kim licked her lips as she studied this other her. They didn't just look exactly alike, their bodies were in the same position. The only difference was the blank, unchanging expression of her opponent.

When she moved to the right, the thing did so too and at the same time. A move to the left, a feint to the right and another step to the left were all followed perfectly. But Kim didn't give up and tried to kick the creature only to have it stopped halfway by a mirror-image move of her opponent.

A punch met the same fate, crashing into the other's fist. Kim rubbed the painful hand but stopped when she noticed her opponent doing the same thing. 'She follows every move, every single one.'

Kim backed away and watched her opponent do the same until she was just past the table. Turning to face it she judged that her adversary hadn't cleared it on her side. Bracing herself instinctually she bowed deeply, her head just missing the tabletop. Her opponent wasn't so lucky and the sound of her head impacting wood was music to Kim's ears.

Again and again she did so, her opponent not doing anything to resist, until a sound like glass breaking replaced the meaty thump. Turning to face her living reflection again she noticed something like cracks spreading across its unexpressive face. They spread quickly until her body fell apart in shards that simply vanished as they hit the ground.

Suddenly Kim's head smarted, a lot. Like, like she'd hit it repeatedly. 'Fuck, auw, shit.' She collapsed to her knees as the world started to swim in front of her eyes. She also started to feel queasy. 'Did I just give myself a concussion?'

Something rolled past her towards Eric, a heap of flaying limbs both naked and clothed. Eric's voice took on a triumphant quality as the circle in the floor began to glow. The heap separated when Sonya kicked the she-devil off sending her flying. The woman barreled straight into Eric knocking them both into the circle.

The circle didn't stop glowing as Eric got up and turned around. When he saw Sonya he looked astonished. "Impossible. You..." Everyone's eyes turned to the middle of the circle because at that moment something audibly popped into existence. It was a squat, blue thing with no face, just a mouth.

Upon seeing it, Eric scrambled to get out of the circle but he hadn't even reached the ring when a wind picked him and the red woman up. They flew towards a ball of light that had already gobbled up the blue creature. The moment their bodies touched the orb, they were gone.

Using the table she pulled herself up. "Is it over?" Kim asked in a hushed voice.

In response the orb pulsed, then it began to grow. It became a blob which began to sprout appendages. The appendages became limbs as the thing became more defined. For a moment Eric kneeled there in the middle of the circle, naked and looking none the worse for wear.

It only lasted for a moment. A look of pain etched itself on his features as he began to grow again. His skin turned red, then blue before settling onto purple. Horns pierced the skin of his forehead before curving backwards.

When it was over Kim barely recognized the thing as Eric Stone. He looked like a purple Hulk, towering above them with bulging muscles. Except the Hulk didn't have equally bulging breasts and he usually wore pants.

The sight of those tits with a cock like a baseball-bat hanging underneath them might have been a turn-on for some; Kim most certainly wasn't one of them.

Eric didn't seem to mind as he gazed at himself, flexing his arm. "Power," he growled. "I feel so much power." He looked up and let his eyes fall on Kim. "And hunger," He added with a leer.

Kim answered with a look of revulsion that didn't seem to faze Eric. "Come little one, come to me." Kim had no intention of doing so but when Eric crooked his finger in a beckoning gesture she felt her lower body lurch forward pulling the rest of her along.

It felt like that finger was inside of

her, caressing her in all the right places. "This is going to be fun," Eric crowed. Kim didn't think so but she could feel her body respond to him.

"Not for you," Sonya broke in. She waited until she had Eric's attention before throwing a vial from one of the racks on the table onto the golden ring. The ring flashed, turning silver. It quickly spread inwards flowing over the tiles like quicksilver.

Looking down he had just enough time to utter a single word before it reached him. "Shit." Then the quicksilver spread upward over his form before pulling it down into the floor until there was nothing disturbing the pool of liquid metal.

By the time Sonya had reached Cameron's side that pool was gone too, but the ring in the floor was still silver. So Kim was very surprised when a moment later the tile-floor spat out Eric Stone, his body human once more. He didn't move, she didn't even see him breath. "What do we do now?"

Cameron looked at her revealing she still had those black eyes. They didn't look unfriendly though. "Why, call the police of course!"


'I think I need a bigger bed,' Sonya considered. It was a little cramped sharing it with both Cameron and Kimberly. They were in her room after having Cameron checked out at the hospital.

Kimberly hadn't believed her right away when she suggested calling the police but it had made perfect sense. They hadn't actually done anything wrong, but more importantly there was no evidence they had. Eric didn't have a mark on him, Cameron was clearly drugged and Eric's house had been filled with all manners of suspicious things that proved he was into some really weird stuff.

Add to that the help of Jackie who had smoothed over any suspicion the detectives harbored against them and managed to plant a clue that Eric may have had more skeletons in his closet. Sonya thought it likely given how easy he had contemplated what amounted to Sonya's and Cameron's deaths.

Cameron was lying in the middle this time, both Kimberly and Sonya had felt it necessary to comfort her. Not the traditional kind of comfort but it had gotten Cameron to think of something else. Or not think at all.

"So, how do you feel now that you've had your revenge?" Jackie asked from the foot of the bed. She was wearing a nurse uniform, a very small one.

Sonya thought about that. "Actually, I already had my revenge yesterday. This was about Cameron, really. Eric had dumped me to get her but I'm the one she came to, the one she gave her... virtue up to. Eric's death... It's funny but I don't feel much about that. Just glad we managed to save Cameron. If I hadn't met you or she hadn't left that note..." Sonya snuggled a little closer to Cameron.

"You know," Sonya continued with a thoughtful tone. "I heard about how revenge is best served cold, but if I had waited I don't think I would have had much of a revenge." She began to grin. "Certainly not such an enjoyable one."

"Interesting... Well, that just leaves one thing doesn't it?"

"What's that?"

Jackie chuckled. "Why, your explanation for how you knew Eric and just how you three ended up sharing a bed!"

For a moment panic gripped her, then Sonya felt Cameron's hand squeeze her butt in an unconscious gesture. Looking at those two she felt her calm return. "I'll think of something. They trust me and I lo-like them a lot. We'll figure it out together. And if not, there's always the Program."

The End

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