tagFetishRevenge is Golden Ch. 02

Revenge is Golden Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Re-wiring.

I, Lara, entered the room. I was carrying a bag full of 'goodies' and in front of me I pushed one of those collapsible bed/stretchers that you see in ambulances. The kind that can adjust to 16 inches or up to 3 feet. I'd found a narrow one that was also smaller at the head. Rae was there, looking a little flushed, and "Brother" as we called him, was bound to the table, catheter still there in his cock.

"What's up, Rae?" I ask. "Has Brother learned anything?"

"He's sure starting to," said Rae, "but it was a while. His bladder took over a liter." She smiled sweetly. I was relieved that the words we'd had earlier were not coming between us. I'd hoped the passion in our lovemaking, an hour before, would completely smooth things over, but there was a trace of unease in her voice. "Wha'd'ya got for us, there?" she asks.

"In the bag, the things you asked for, and a few others. I snagged this ambulance stretcher from the front of the building."

From the bag I removed some items and placed them on a small table near the one Brother was lying on: a short length of half inch rubber hose, a ball, a device of leather straps we had made for the occasion.

"I'm not sure if his punishment is over. And there is the other stuff we talked about."

Bro's head jerks up. "It's not over?" he exclaims. "We have our agreement, we wrote it down."

The moment Rae had been waiting for. The plan she had revealed to me, earlier. She takes the paper out of the pocket of her dress, unfolds it, and shows it to him. "Read the top, the heading," she says.

He reads; his voice betraying increasing uncertainty, "Brother's punishment for Garth's use of the dildo." His face shows it's starting to dawn on him.

"Remember," says Rae, "I told you some of the things they did to me?"

"Yes, besides the dildo, you had to drink their cum."

"That was not part of the bet, was it, Bro? Not if they had to use the dildo to make me do it."

"I guess not," says Bro, crestfallen.

"And you see the punishment we spoke of and I wrote down, says, 'for Garth's use of the dildo.'"

"I guess you're right."

"So you agree that you are due further punishment?"

"Well, they should _not_ have abused you," says Bro. "I will be responsible; I made the guarantee."

"And Lara is going to help me, now," says Rae. "We have your consent?"

"Yes," says Bro, "but same conditions, no harm to my body or dildos up my ass."

"Fine," says Rae, "OK, Lara?"

"Sounds fine to me," I say. I'm hoping that my work with her, helping her punish will reach her.

"Excuse me, Lara, but there is one thing we must attend to, first."

"Why, did he fuck up in some other way?"

"Well, I relieved the poor guy and he agreed to pay the price."

"I wish I could has witnessed that scene," Hesitantly I added, "and seen him ejaculate." I watched her face for any sign of the earlier anger. She merely smiled. "I think it was fine for him." She came over to me, hugged me, "Lara," she whispered, "it turned me on a little; now I see what you meant."

She turned to Brother, "What do you say, Bro?"

"Yes, good, even with the damned tube in place," says Bro.

"I was wondering if your semen could get out; I thought the presence of the tube might case a retrograde event," I say.

"Well, there was certainly a lot of goo," says Rae and she picks up the small dish holding the whitish stuff, now turning partly into clear liquid. "And it's time for you to eat it."

Bro's face dropped about a mile, "No way," he says.

"I ate Garth's cum, now you can eat yours; tit for tat."

Bro clamps his jaws together. Looks like a cornered animal. Glances down at the catheter still in place.

"I think we can get this done in a hurry, Rae. Wanna see what I got here?" I pull out three bottles of saline from my bag. "Oh, I've got plenty here," she says, "as you suggested."

"Well, see what I mean," I say, handing her one. She takes hold and starts. The bottle is icy cold. "I've had these in the freezer for the last little while. They've gotten quite cold, almost freezing, maybe five degrees, C. but still liquid, because of the salt."

Bro is looking _very disturbed_. "Here, feel," I say, and touch a bottle to his cheek. He jerks away involuntarily. He blanches, "Damn that's cold." His cock, I see, becomes a little smaller looking.

"When it hits your bladder you will know," I say.

"Wait a sec," says Rae. "We don't want spasms." She hands her brother a couple white pills. "Take these," she says. Brother does.

I proceed; I check to make sure the valve on the upper container is closed, and the clamp on the drain closed too. I empty three bottles into the upper container. I open the valve.

Bro's body just leaps up from the table, I swear, as if he's six inches above it. He yowls. "Time for that gag," I say. "And use the special ball, too, and the tube." This ball, about two ins in diameter has a hole through it, maybe one half inch diameter. Rae picks it up off the table and says, "Open," and places it in his mouth, hole facing outward, visible between his lips. The gag we designed has its own corresponding hole, reinforced by a steel ring that can take a plug. She fastens the gag with its hole properly aligned. The tube, one half inch diameter is about three inches long; she pushes it through the two holes. There is now a passageway into the mouth, though it can be stopped with a rubber 'cork' if the sounds are too loud.

Bro is so focussed on his freezing bladder he can't fight it. He's showing all the signs of acute distress, twisting and turning.

"Rae" I say, "check his abdomen. Can you feel the bladder?" She presses and he squirms and moans. "Yes, it's maybe half full."

Bro by then is just moaning, eyes closed. "Can you hear me?" I say. He nods. "Are you ready to eat? He hesitates just a second, then nods vigorously. "OK, all you need to do is swallow; you do swallow, don't you?" Mocking. "Open your eyes," I say. When he does, I show him the leather head harness we've made of straps. I indicate the rings on either side. "Will we be needing this?" I ask. Staring at it in fright, he shakes his head.

Sis takes the dish, tips it; we're working as a team; with her gloved finger she directs the come into the tube, dripping down into Bro's mouth. I'm holding his head so it doesn't turn, but he's not resisting. I see him close his eyes and swallow. Then he seems to come around, a bit.

"You didn't forget, did you, Rae?" I say. "No, of course not." She disappears into the little bathroom and emerges with a jar of yellow liquid, held in front of her, so Brother can see.

His eyes widen. Rae said, "You thought I peed in the toilet, didn't you? Silly guy. You didn't hear a flush, did you?"

"Why don't you do the honors." Rae says to me. "Remember our deal." She's still not easy with me, or she wouldn't have added this. I nod. I am to degrade. But I feel the excitement and know it's a good deal. It will get me what I want.

"Brother," I say, "Rae will hold your head and I will pour slowly so you won't choke. But you'd better keep swallowing or you'll get really messed up. And try not to gag. If there's any mishaps we'll figure some less pleasant way to get it into you, regardless.

"Also, if you're being good, after you've had some, Rae will release the clamp, and you'll feel your bladder ease. Must be pretty frosty, there, I bet. ... But don't provoke me."

He just seems bewildered, so I explain a bit: "There is something I've asked your sister to do, also. When I heard of your punishment, I asked for a chance to re-wire you, and she agreed."

I start to pour. First his eyes show panic; can't see much of his face. "This is hard for you, I know, because it's your sister's pee. But that's the plan; notice it's an improvement over having to drink your own." I look at Rae, wink, and say to him, "Things may even get better, up the road."

He swallows several times and Rae closes the upper valve and releases the clamp on the drain tube. His face shows relief and he even swallows more quickly. His body un-tenses. I see his cock stirring. "You've done your work well, Rae," I say. "Let's continue the re-wiring." I had explained it to her. In her gloved fingers, she takes his cock and begins lightly stroking it as I continue pouring into him. "It's hardening up nicely," she says. "You're right, he's beginning to associate the drinking with the turn on."

"How do you like being re-wired?" I say to him. "Perhaps you've heard of the Russian scientist, Pavlov. His dogs that would salivate at the bell. Urine, its scent and taste are going to become like the bell, for you. And, according to Pavlov the mechanism is physiological; your body is re-wired, pretty much independently of whether you 'fight it' or think you're not going to let it happen."

Rae has continued her strokes during my little speech, and I can see his body straining.

"Don't stop drinking," I say. "Here, smell my fingers." I dip them into the jar and hold them under his nose. He makes a face, but his cock is up like a flagpole. The procedure is working. Rae holds the tube in place and soon, as she pumps harder, I see the jerking of his body and the ejaculation of semen around the catheter. "Nothing retrograde about this, Bro," I say. "Save it, Rae," I remind her. "It may come in handy a bit later." I wink at him; he's blushing like crazy; probably hasn't come in front of two women, before, especially in this helpless position.

With her fingers she gathers this new load of semen, slightly smaller than the previous one, onto the dish, as before. I've mostly emptied the jar, about a quarter liter remains. I'm getting off on the familiar odor. "That's all, Brother," I say, moving to where he can see me better, removing his gag and the ball. "You don't understand your good fortune, getting so much of Rae's pee."

He's looking very puzzled. "Well, I like the ending, but you guys made the process was pretty hard. I know it seemed I got off on it, but that was probably because I stopped thinking of it as my sister's." He seems to remember that before, he stopped thinking it as his own urine. "Overall," he added, "I can't say it's 'good fortune,' though it was nice of you two to get me off." He blushed.

"It _is_ good fortune," I insist. I raised the jar to my lips, inhaled the fragrance and quaffed it. The taste of Rae. I'll never forget the look on his face: utter amazement.

I look toward Rae, for some reason. I'd intended to utterly shock Brother, not to impress her. But I see a joy dawning on her face. She realizes I'm hers. I see the last uneasiness melt away. Her eyes are brimming; tears of love.

Rae comes up and hugs me. "We _are_ all cosy, aren't we," she says. She's stunned by this public sign of my devotion.

In her relief, she looks toward her Brother. She had been uncomfortable with the degree of suffering he had required. "Well, success," she says. "All's well that ends well." She kisses me, and just to show our essential connection, jams her tongue into my mouth that's still wet with her.

Then she added, "Lara, what's earlier is past, although I'm holding you to your word. But I see that look in your eye. I know your cunt is sopping wet _for me_, my love, and I want to do something about it."

I was relieved that the past events were not lingering with us. We'd had another of the old disagreements, as we were discussing how Brother should be punished. But we had reached 'a deal.' This is what had happened in previous months. I'm a bit "bi" and Rae is not, and every once in while, something slips out about some guy. Like if we're in a restaurant and the busboy is really hung, I might imagine something and let my tongue go: "Well, I'd like to suck the juices out of that cock." Once, after a server winked at me, I went with him to a secluded--so I thought--storage area next to the women's washroom. I was down on him like a dog on a bone, and Rae walks up, must have heard something. She didn't speak to me for a month. I tried to explain that with _her_ it's love. This guy, any guy, is not, to me, a potential lover, or even an interesting person; it's the pure physicality. With me there's still a desire, with certain males, to tap their lust, see their bodies stiffen, then crumple after they come.

In this case, earlier today, as Rae explained the need to punish Brother, I said, "I'll help you and maybe I can check into some things with him, after." "You're after my brother?" said Rae incredulously. "Well, not _him_ but there is that 'package' he carries."

Well, Rae just lost it for a minute. "You're not fucking my brother! What a slut. Your cunt is for me!" I could not soothe her and she went on like that 'till, suddenly, she got an idea. "Here's the 'deal,'" she said, "after he's punished, you can turn him on, since you like male excitement, play it out. But you are only to do it in a way that humiliates and humbles him; and you must promise not to fuck him, or I'm outa your life." She added, "And don't him off either!"

I knew I could get some satisfaction from dominating him; I could enjoy his humiliation and still see his cock explode. It wasn't necessary to be in my mouth or cunt. "Sounds fine to me," I said, hoping things would cool out. Still, there was a bit of strain between me and Rae in the hours leading up to her appointment, despite our laughs of glee as we planned the event. And I'd felt a bit of it, as I entered.

Now could see she wanted to make amends. We hugged and I sucked her tongue, her need, her flavor, still tasting her pee. My clit twitched.

"We'll finish punishing brother for his friends, and have a great time doing it." She said happily. She rolled the stretcher up beside the table. "Brother, I'm going to ask you to move off the table. I will remove your restraints one at a time, as I fasten the new ones on the stretcher. Be careful not to pull on the catheter; it would hurt a lot." So Bro is transferred and re-restrained. I don't know what exactly she's come up with; I hadn't asked when she asked me to snag a collapsible ambulance stretcher. At her direction, I push the stretcher to the end of the table, establishing the irrigation apparatus on new poles, the kind with rollers. She says to me, "Please take those jeans off; take down those panties, girl. Wipe down the table, then lay yourself down there, with that cute ass near the end."

I am beginning to understand her plan, and there is that spreading warmth in my pussy as I undress, out of Brother's sight. She explained it to Brother. "This is the last of your punishment for your friends' behavior." She lowers the stretcher to about sixteen inches. "I need to pee; you're going to drink it." She watches his face, the sudden mix of fear and uncertainty, and, yes, lust. For his own sister. Incredible. I wondered at the effects of this 're-wiring.'

She continued, "I'm going to stand above you, between the stretcher and the table. Facing Lara, I'll bend over to piss to your face, and I expect you to keep your mouth open. That leaves my hands and lips free for Lara."

"Oh shit," he said, without much conviction. But there was a gleam in his eyes. She saw it. "Dickhead. Don't think you're going to be staring at my pussy; that's not for you. I'm not giving you gawking privileges; I will blindfold you." Teasingly she adds, "And you will hear what I'm doing with Lara, but not see anything. Imagine what you like while I'm sucking that gorgeous blonde pussy, but I'm not going to untie you and let you play with yourself." He looks disappointed. She blindfolds him, and undresses down to her bra. I see that dark, soft, almost black moss on her cunt and can't wait to get my turn. But I'm happy I'll soon feel her clever tongue again. "My cunt is so hungry for you," I say.

Rae stands over Brother, partly straddling the end of the stretcher, facing me. The height is perfect, just at the level of her knees. She partly bends over, toward me, to direct the stream to its destination. That puts her head right above my cunt. She smiles. She's stroking my thighs with her hands, running them up just to the edge of my cunt, then down again. I start gently playing with my clit. Our eyes are locked together. I open my pussy lips, below, with my fingers. Her eyes lower to the glistening cleft and startle and are suddenly afire. With one hand, she now rubs my pubis and with the fingers of the other, runs between those lips. They're dripping, now. I'm melting. I see the desire in her eyes. As one of her fingers slips inside me, she lowers her head, and starts darting little licks on my clit. I start to moan, grinding my hips, trying to get more contact. Now two fingers are fucking me, loudly.

"Listen to that music, Brother, and prepare yourself," she says. "Open wide." She stops licking for just a second and glances his way. "The mast is up, again, I see," she says. "Too bad there's no way to attend to it, now." Then she taunts him, "How do you like hearing your sister's lover moan to her, while you're tied and can't move a hand? Wishing you could have at Lara's hot pussy?" She starts tonguing me again, and I think she slurps extra loud to tantalize him. It turns me on. I hear the sound of her pee, hitting his face. "Open, drink," she commands, beginning to let go the full flow. It sounds like rain pouring onto the ground from a downspout. I smell the aroma, and feel a rush of juice from inside me.

"Rae," I say, "Fuck my cunt with those fingers. I'm gushing for you." I feel all three go in easily and begin a kind of stirring motion. My clit's warm between her lips, her tongue swirling around it. "I love you, Rae. Make me come." I feel her mouth more active, taking in my inner lips, stroking them with her tongue; the fingers are entirely in, I feel myself opening wider and wider; I'm moaning without any sense of time. I picture us in some wooded spot as we usually go to, and I hear the sounds of her peeing, just as she usually does, behind a bush. I don't hear any dripping to the floor, so he must be taking it all.

Surging waves of pleasure rush from my clit, my core, my womb; my nipples are hard and I press one of them with my fingers. I'm all cunt as she starts applying her thumb to my clit. Thumb pushes it towards tongue, tongue laps it back. She removes one of the three fingers, still dripping from cunt and begins working it into my ass. I'm grinding so hard, it slips in easily as always, and I'm thrashing in her double possession. As I near climax, I hear the pee sounds reduce to a dribble. She's rummaging in me, opening me completely out. "Fuck my ass, Rae."

Juices are all over her face and running onto the table, and it's sticky under my butt. My mind is flashing like a light show as the fingers dance in me, drive into me. My heart sings and pounds as the strongest waves of orgasm come toward the beach of my self. There is that crash of breakers, the jolt, and then I feel my orifices contracting. My mouth wants her tongue. I feel her ass finger jamming in harder; her fingers are thrusting their deepest as my cunt grasps them. I'm spreading out like a river running to the sea. I come, and there are no fingers, no tongue, no table ... it's a sea in motion, lust and love and ecstasy moving through me, massive underwater currents.


We subside, her face nestled in my thatch. After a while she looks up so tenderly. My come is all over her face. She glows.


Finally turning to Bro, she sees he has relaxed. His face is wet with pee and his cock is still mostly up. "You two are quite a pair," he says.

"Was it good for you," I say, mimicking a concerned husband.

"Sis, I feel I'm washed clean, absolved, thank you."

After a few moments, and in the most gentle tone, "Please dress, so you can remove the blindfold."

And that's what we do.

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