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Revenge Rendezvous


I see her as she enters the bar. At first, she is just one more of many customers, getting her drink and sitting in the corner, waiting for what?

I don't know but our eyes meet, and she seems to be waiting for the next move. She is a tall woman with long dark hair, dressed in a black velvet dress with matching choker and a modern white trench coat in a classic style. Lightly tailored for a great shape.

Smiling slightly as she nods her head subtly.

I walk over to where she is sitting.

"Hi there, may I join you?" I ask.

There is no way she would say no or at least I hope she won't say no.

"Sure, have a seat," she says.

I put my drink down and sit next to her, now unsure of where this is going.

"I'm Rhyann," she says extending her hand for me to shake.

"I'm Rachel," I say reaching for her hand and giving it a light squeeze before releasing it.

We share a great conversation and drinks. I feel the sexual anticipation flowing between us. It steers our thoughts in the direction for what I hope will become a great night of passion.

She leans in closer and closer, suddenly her luscious lips brush mine lightly. After a few more drinks we call a cab and ride out to my place making out the entire half hour drive.

We share a nightcap and toast to a great night at the bar. I am now feeling warm and fuzzy inside from the cocktail and Rhyann.

I have trapped the beauty with my lovely words. It is now time to manipulate her sexy body, so I lean over to kiss Ryanna's soft, pouty lips. Her eyes already rolling back, closing, and waiting for my next move.

Our kiss becomes deeper, and I sense she cannot wait much longer. What am I to do?

I had lead her on knowing it would be just another roll in the hay for me.

She holds my trembling body against her and I feel her heartbeat and the apprehension she has.

I break the embrace and invite Rhyann to join me on the chaise sofa. I stare at her for a long moment before I sit down next to her on the chaise.

I give light kisses on her forehead, her nose, and each cheek before returning to those luscious lips.

Ryhann pulls me close as we kiss. Our tongues meeting and dancing together. I begin to tremble.

I have always been in control of my own pleasure but now I have found myself a special partner.

She kisses me and pushes me down onto my back. our kisses becoming more passionate, as her soft tongue flickers in my mouth. Those sexy lips trail tender kisses to my neck and down to my breasts.

Sucking on my nipples and then down to my stomach licking her tongue into my belly button.

I decide it is Rhyann's turn. I hold her face into my hands and gently pull her mouth to mine. We kiss once more.

I begin to place soft pecks on her neck, shoulders, and breasts bringing her down with me using my tongue in circular motions to tease her stomach. Her back arches as I continue to trace her stomach and belly button.

I kiss all the way back up to her lips for a wet frenching, before I start back down. I kiss each nipple as I make my way down to her waist, kissing and nibbling each side.

"Wait, Wait. Ooh, ooh, ooh," She moans.

Yes, what is it?" I ask muffled by her body.

"Let me make love to you tonight?" Rhyann pleads.

Oh how I want very much to taste her wet pussy right then, but I give in to Rhyann.

I do not like giving up control so easily but there is something about her that I trust.

Maybe it is how her touch puts me at ease when she caresses my body with those gentle hands and soft kisses pleasing my lips.

I don't know what is happening to me but my body's enjoying the experience. She has me flat on my back and straddles me. Her face breaks into a smile as she regains control of me. She teases my upper body until I can no longer resist her touch.

Rhyann places a throw pillow under my lower back and begin licking my inner thighs. Gradually working her way closer to my clit. She pulls my thong to one side and starts massaging my clit lightly circling it with her tongue.

She licks the bud mixing her spit and my sweet pussy nectar. She crawls up to my face and kisses me deeply allowing me to taste my own juices on her tongue.

Then she bends back down to please my clit some more. All I could do was enjoy the moment as I stroke her hair, and move my hips to the incredible pleasure I am receiving.

By now my pussy is soaking wet and my juices are trickling down my ass onto the sofa.

Rhyann's fingers pleasures my pussy and I moan as she touches me. She removes my dress, pulls my panties down and releases my garter belt and hose before stripping herself.

She holds me close and cups my breasts. Moving closer, and pulling my face towards hers. Our lips are so close, but not touching.

I look up at her and shake my head. She gives my breasts a little squeeze and I close my eyes. Her tongue comes into my mouth and she allows mine to enter hers as we taste each other.

Rhyann opens her eyes and gives me the biggest smile I've seen yet on her face.

The warmth of her mouth sucking my ear makes my body tremble with desire. Her touch awakens every inch of my being. She strokes my wet pussy and I begin to moan.

When she pulls away from me. I taste a hint of cherry flavored gloss from her lips.

I lay waiting for Rhyann's next move. It doesn't take long before I feel her fingers caressing my chin, down my throat, between my breasts and down to my mound.

I want Rhyann and pulls her in closer to me.

"Now my love, it is time for me to take you on a journey," Rhyann whispers in her most sexy and seductive voice, while her fingers tease my hot slit. As she fingers my wetness, I begin to moan.

I could feel a flow of thick, slimy white goo beginning to drip down out of me. Then she suddenly stops.

"What, what's wrong." I ask pleading on the verge cumming again."I know all about you Rachel!" She laughs. "You teased a friend of mine and now I've teased you." I gasp in surprise stunned by this move.

"Wait let me at least me taste you," I ask innocently hoping.

"No thank you. I heard all about you and your habit of teasing girls I'll be going now." She crows triumphantly.

As she bends over slowly to pick up her panties, she makes sure to hold the pose to give me a good look at her wet vagina. And I know now she doesn't want to leave, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't.

I'm not a magician but I can pull a rabbit out when I need it. So I go into my bedroom and came back with the buzzing toy in my hand."

It's going to be awhile before the cab gets back out here. I hope you don't mind if I finish what you started?" I ask, as I lay back on the chaise.

I slide the rabbit over my sopping bud giving Rhyann a good look. She stops dressing and comes over to the sofa and have a seat.

"I like to watch...sorry I can't help it," She explains, biting her lip.

"Watch me." I say.

I push her onto her back and move between her legs with the vibrator. I play on her clit until she screams with delight.

"Rachel please don't tease me...please." Rhyann whines as she squirms.

I slip the shaft into her slowly until her labia kisses the bead ball, then make her moan in delight as I fuck her thoroughly with the toy.

The only sound for a while is that of the rabbit sliding into her slippery hole.

She grabs her ankles and spreads herself begging me for more and more.

Then she comes, hard. Shuddering and screaming before I let her down gently.

I take her hand and lead her to the bed grabbing a blanket to cover us before drifting off to sleep.

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