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Reverend Miss Jackson


I found myself in the middle of something that I couldn't get myself out. It was one of the things on this planet I dread the most. Church. It was like the ultimate torture for me. I hated having to wake up for that every morning. I didn't like the fact that it was a bunch of old people that just looked around and judged people all the time. I felt like I was going to court minus the cops and the fines and jail time. The only difference was I had to go every Sunday morning. I even tried to get kicked out a few times, but it didn't work. They claimed they loved me too much, and I couldn't get kicked out, bummer.

Today, I walked in wearing a black tee and a pair of jeans with a three row gothic belt. with my hair cornrowed down to the middle part of my back. My hair was long and thick, so it was done in about seven of them, like the way ladies used to get theirs done a while back. I had a medium skinned tone, and light brown eyes that got darker whenever I got mad. I had to wear glasses which was because I was too nervous to try out contacts, and they just made me look even nerdier. Oh well, it wasn't too bad because there were no girls around my age to crack jokes on me at church. It was hard being a college kid here. It was just a bunch of old people who wasn't getting any.

Today I sat on the back row, and tuned out the whole service as usual while I surfed the internet on my phone. I just cared about getting back home before the game came on. Pittsburgh and Green Bay. That was going to be a good game. After about ten minutes into the service while the choir was getting loud, I stepped outside, and walked over to the car. Before I could put my keys in the ignition, I looked out the corner of my eye, and saw someone behind the pastor's house.

I needed something to liven up my day. I closed the door, and locked the car behind me as I walked over to see what was going on. I know that I wasn't seeing things, and I headed over there, and followed the footprints I saw on the floor. Whoever it was, I hope they wasn't playing games with me. As soon as I turned the corner, I saw one of the lady ministers in the church, Reverend Jackson fingering herself. Skirt hiked up around her waist, and just going at it with herself. I didn't think I would ever see someone like her doing that doing something like that in a million years. To be honest I thought preachers stopped getting laid once they became a minister, or so I thought.

She was about 55 years old as a wild guess, and she was stacked up for her age, and still had a decent shape. She stood right at 5'10, and weighed close to 220 pounds from what I could see. She had about a 38E chest, a round tummy, and a plump 36 inch butt. She was pretty dark, and had a nice smile with some thick lips to make things even better. Her hair was curly, and fell just below her shoulders. The green skirt she had on was probably just below her knees, and right now her pink panties were yanked to the side, and her fingers were going crazy in her neatly trimmed bush that was drenched in pussy juice.

I make sure no one could see us, and crawled down onto my knees, and the smell of her sweet and tasty pussy filled my nose. It wasn't strong, and she probably hadn't a dick a while. I kissed and licked her inner thighs until I reached her thick pussy lips. She didn't even resist, and she moaned lightly as I licked her thick and full pussy lips, and sucked really hard on her pussy lips that make her shake and groan lightly. Her bush brushed up against my face, and I flicked my tongue fast in and out of her pussy while she rested her thick and full thighs on my shoulders while I my tongue flicked in and out of her like I was never going to sample this delicious pussy ever again. She stopped teasing herself while she grinded her hips up against my face while she wrapped her hands around the back of my head, and pulled on braids while I stuck my tongue all the way in her.

"Oh yessssss!!! That's it!!! OOOHHH!!! That feels so good in me!" she cried as she cupped the back of my neck, and I rolled my tongue hitting every spot making her scream out loud. I wasn't even thinking about what was going on inside. When I teased her clit with my tongue and sucked even harder, that's what drove her over the edge. A high pitched scream with her legs shaving like she was about to freeze to death with her knees wobbly like they were made of jello before she squirted juices wildly all over my face. That did her enough and she dropped her legs off of me, and I quickly crawled up to my feet.

She instinctively sat up as I undid my pants, and she licked her long tongue out, and I pulled out my rapidly hardening meatstick out, and she wrapped her lips around my swollen head so easily. She must have got fucked a lot when she was younger, and gave out a lot of blowjobs. She started bobbing up and down on me like a pro. Her slurping was so good, and she was giving the wettest blowjob of my life as a pool of spit fell from her chin and started to build a mountain under my dick. Her tongue felt like a cloud of pleasure the way she rolled it over her shaft as I slid in and out of her face. She reached up, and undid her blouse and freed her huge bosoms from their cage as they hung freely in front of us. Her dark brown areoles beaded up on her chest, and she gave me a good squeeze while I reached down and twisted her huge brown nipples, and massaged her huge mammary glands. I could hear her moan through the hot wet blowjob, and I pulled out of her mouth, and buried my cock in her cleavage as her giant boobs ate them alive.

It was so hot between them. I grabbed her by her shoulders while I thrusted my cock between them, and the saliva from the hot blowjob made me slid between them freely. She looked up at me with her huge brown eyes, and licked her lips as she wrapped her meaty arms around my waist, and her massive tits ate my shaft and all I could see was my throbbing head pointing up to her throat. I felt the curvy minister breath a warm stream of air down on my pipe as I pulled out, and she laid down on the soft grass, and spread her legs while she arched her back.

"Ready for this dick?" I asked sarcastically as I shook it wildy as I hovered of her.

"UHMMMMM-HMMMMMMM!" she quickly nodded in agreement as I pushed my head in deep between her thick and full pussy lips, and pulled back out, and stuck it back in slowly to the point she was panting hard and from the look on her face, she was ready for me to shove it in her.

"Fill my cunt with that massive cock!" she begged as I shoved it in halfway as I slowly started pumping her mature pussy. She was dripping, and her tight cunt swallowed my dick whole as my weiner fucked the dust off her mature pussy. Her thick massive fingers stroked my abs, and she cocked one of her massive legs in the air, and her tits bounced towards me as I my cock slid in and out of her.

"Oh yeah baby! Get this good pussy!" she cried me, and I grabbed her by her huge thighs, and lifted her off the ground and started pumping her hard as I could. Her moans turned into loud pants as sweat poured down her massive body, and mixed with her pussy juices as my arms quickly got tired from holding her massive lower body, and I lowrered her back to the ground and pulled out.

"Let me hit that fat ass from the back!" I demanded, and she turned around and poked it out at me as I squatted down and eased my head into her virgin tight butthole as she gasped and clamped her ass muscles together tightly as I got deeper with each thrust.

"Oh God! Oh yes! That's the spot!" she begged, and I slowly started to pick up the pace until I got all the way in her. I grabbed her massive body around the waist, and worked it in her deep from behind, and she balled her hands up like she was about to punch someone out. She didn't even fight the urge, and started throwing her firm ass back a little as it bounced off my abs and pelvis. With each thrust, I spanked her firm ass, and it came back with a thunderous clap from the loud thrust it took to fill up her ass.

This feels so good, but I! I have to get back inside!" she said, and I fucked her for a few more minutes before I pulled out, and we fixed our clothes back, and took a deep breath before we walked back inside the boring building.

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