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Review: Aural Sex


Bliss. Aural Sex.

Starring Danny Gilmore (as Danny) and Raven Dauda (as Claire).

Aroused by the sexy voice of her disc-jockey boyfriend, who reads erotica on-air every night, an imaginative woman is inspired to introduce variety to their lovemaking.


Claire, a black woman is standing in a bedroom, wearing a robe and a hidden man's voice says, "It's your birthday. I've thought up something special." She says that she'll be the judge of that. He speaks as if he's reading an erotic tale: He slides his hand under her skirt and pulls her panties down to her ankles. Claire does the same thing, then he tells her to lie down. She balks at first, but does what he asks and continues reading. He undoes the silk cord at her waist. She unties her robe. His fingers touch, explore, as if he knows her better than she knows herself. She rubs her body, letting her hand delve between her legs.

But his face is distant … as the camera pans, we see that the voice is coming from the radio. Now switching to the ON AIR sign in the studio, we still hear him speak. As if he's not even there. Little shivers and his hand goes to her hardened nipples, brushing, teasing, knowing. Danny is a white male, young and handsome. And she feels the silk rope curl around her wrists. He fastens them to the bedpost. Claire follows his words, twisting the robe tie around her wrists, then raising her arms above her head, as if she is tied.

Now, open your legs. Wider. Claire spreads herself open. She tries but it's not enough. He ties her feet and Lulu lies there, waiting, longing for the moment when she'll be made his. Completely and only his. Claire works her body, rubbing her pussy until she reaches an orgasm. Afterwards, he bends down and kisses her on the mouth, tenderly. It is done, but she is already waiting for the next time. He signs off as Danny G. A little while later, Claire is at her computer when Danny arrives home. She was looking at some pictures of women being bound and quickly hides the file when he enters.

She tells him that she's working on her graphic designer resume and she's upset that she is having a problem finding a job. Danny calms her and she starts talking about the letter he read. She thinks that it was hot but he seems uncomfortable with it, telling her that he isn't into that. Perry says that when they got into work at the station, the voice mail boxes were completely full and _____ comments that he wants to find that Lulu person. Perry gives Danny and envelope. It contains a letter and was delivered by bicycle courier.

Claire shows up at the station to see Danny. He seems stunned to see her, even though she brought him lunch and when she decides to stay and hear him broadcast, he seems unnerved. The show's music begins and Danny reads the letter he's just received. He touches Lulu's naked back with his hand. He's wearing gloves: suede. For a moment, she laughs, as if she likes that kind of thing. As he reads the letter, Danny stares deeply into Claire's eyes. But then he slides his hand between her legs, pushing them open, stroking and suddenly she's on her knees. She can't move. And when the other two men come into the room, he leans down to her, his warm breath in her ear. "This is what you want, isn't it?"

Claire answers, "Yes." He walks behind her and takes her. One of the men breaks open a pomegranate. It's dark red and slick with juice. Someone fingers touch her lips and she opens them. The hand presses three seeds against her tongue and she sucks them, harder and harder until they burst and her throat fills with sweet liquid. Claire hums in appreciation and Perry points to her, alerting Danny that his girlfriend is getting off on the letter. Claire leaves and Danny pulls the headphones off, deep in thought.

Danny arrives home later and obviously upset, he wants to know what her reaction was about. Claire says that the letter turned her on and she knows that Danny was also turned on. He doesn't want to admit it and spends a lot of time telling her so. She tells him that she listens to his show and makes herself cum because she's so turned on. He thinks that that is weird. He doesn't understand what turns her on so much about being told to get on your knees and service someone. Claire gets on her knees and begs him to tell her what to do, that she will do anything he asks. Danny jokes about it and she leaves, returning with a black cord. "Improvise." She says.

In the bedroom, Danny turns on a recording that Claire has made of him. He is shirtless as is she. Lulu is with us again tonight. He drapes the frizzy ends of the cord over her body and makes her giggle. Don't look at me. Stand up. Claire does it. He ties her hands together, fastening them over her head so that her body is displayed for his pleasure. Danny is reluctant but Claire tells him to do what it says. He does so. His hand moves down her belly and she laughs softly. "No gloves this time?" His fingers are already probing the slick. He knows her secret.

Danny starts to masturbate her, removing her panties. Then he shows her the gift he has brought: a collar. Black leather with silver studs. He buckles it around her neck. Danny doesn't have a collar so he puts his hand around her neck, lightly, then removes his pants, pushing up into her. It only takes a few seconds before they are both orgasming and he unties her. Claire says, "I know it's scary, but we haven't had sex like that ever." Danny agrees and hopes that Lulu will continue to send letters.

Claire tells him to open the brown bag on the floor and he finds a pomegranate. Next, she tells him to look under the bed and get the red velvet box. He opens it and finds a letter from Lulu. It takes him a couple of seconds to understand that Claire is Lulu. Danny is upset about it. They start arguing. Claire says that she's felt like nothing since losing her job and Danny says that he's just a mouthpiece for her. She tells him that he gets off on having control, which he tries to deny, and tells her that she does, too. "At least I'm willing to admit it." Claire goes on to say that she can dream up a new fantasy any time she wants and that Danny may not be in the next one. Gathering some clothes, she leaves.

The next night at the studio, Perry tells Danny that there's been no letter from Lulu and Danny says that he doesn't think there'll be any more. Claire arrives with the letter she wrote and Danny explains to the guys that she's Lulu. Claire wants to try some thing out tonight and if it works, make it a permanent thing. Danny is upset, thinking he's just going to read the lead-in for her but she says that it's something for both of them, that they have to do it together. She starts to leave but Danny calls her back.

In the studio, Claire and Danny sit across from each other as Danny reads the letter. He ran his finger down to where her breasts were visible in the V of her dress. "Take it off. Slowly." Claire responds with her own part. "No. I don't think so. It's getting a little old, with you being in charge when there are so many choices. Danny consults his script and finds that she's ad-libbing. He's frustrated for a minute but finally lets his true feelings come out.

Back home, while their dialogue plays, Danny sits on the bed. Good. Because I have something special in store for tonight. Lulu lifts her dress, black silk stockings ending in a dark V at the top of her legs, framed in the lace of an intricate black garter belt. Claire lifts her dress, revealing the stockings and garters and Danny reaches for her. Claire grabs his hand and says, "No. When I say." She has been watching him, wanting to possess him for weeks and now, she has him. Claire removed her dress, showing a lacy black bra.

She runs her hand up his thigh to the top of his leg. He's hard, ready. Danny whispers her name as she pushes him back on the bed. But she will make him wait for his pleasure until she has taken hers. And they start fucking as the screen goes dim.

OPINION: Two out of four. Still cable porn. This happened to air on Oxygen, of all places so I would think that a few editorial cuts were made. I liked the idea of Claire writing the letters to Danny to get him interested in a new way of having sex. Sounds like a great plan to me …

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