tagReviews & EssaysReview: Dr. Janet – Pt. 02

Review: Dr. Janet – Pt. 02


Thrills. Dr. Janet.

Starring Scarlet Johanssen (as Dr. Janet), George Thomas (as Cal), Mia Zottoli (as Marissa) and Lauren Hays (as Felicia Reynolds).

Radio sex therapist needs therapy of her own.

* * * * *

Marissa comes in and can't believe that Dr. Janet turned down Cal. Dr. Janet says that she wishes she could date a guy that doesn't expect crazy monkey sex from her just because she's a sex therapist. Marissa tells Dr. Janet that she needs a sex therapist and the two women start to fondle each other. Dr. Janet raises Marissa's shirt and cups her breasts until her nipples harden, then turns her around, bending her back over the desk and going down on her.

A minute later, Felicia comes in with her assistant trailing behind and says good morning to Dr. Janet and Marissa who have returned to their previous positions, like nothing had happened. Dr. Janet asks what Marissa said and she says that she said she couldn't imagine going that long without sex. Dr. Janet takes a deep breath and says that you just have to live a rich fantasy life.

Another reader's poll comes on the screen. Worst times to fantasize: 5. Skydiving, 4. Performing surgery, 3. Talking on the phone to your mother, 2. While being held up and 1. In a meeting with your boss.

Dr. Janet accepts a call from Lisa who says that something just happened with her housemate and she's not sure what to do about it. She says she got home early from work and expected to find the house empty but was surprised when she went into the living room.

This time, Marissa enters Dr. Janet's fantasy. Cal is sitting on the couch with Marissa lying across his lap, clad in bra and panties and he is languidly spanking her. They both notice Dr. Janet as she enters the living room and she walks over to them, offering Cal a hair brush and telling him that she wants to be next. Marissa moves and Dr. Janet lies across Cal's lap, letting them take her dress off and he gives her a couple of whacks before she arises to suckle Marissa's breasts.

The two women begin to fondle each other while Cal looks on then Dr. Janet goes down on Marissa before pulling her panties off. Marissa repays the favor, undressing Dr. Janet and sucking on her before they both turn to a now naked Cal, pushing nipples into his mouth and going down on him. Dr. Janet turns her back to him and sits on his cock, riding him while Marissa caresses her. After she orgasms, it's Marissa's turn and she lets Cal take her doggie style while Dr. Janet caresses his back and kisses him. They cum and collapse together.

Back in the studio, Lisa says that she heard her roommate's girlfriend say that she wanted her to stay away from him but Lisa really wants him and doesn't know what to do now. Dr. Janet advises her to find her own boyfriend because she's gone too long without someone in her life. She signs off and Marissa tells her that she needs to take her own advice.

Marissa gives her an e-mail that arrived from 'a certain man who can't get a beautiful woman off of his mind'. It's from Cal and he asks her to call him at the office after the show. Nervous, Dr. Janet dials his number, then hangs up.

The last reader's poll pops up. The five best times to fantasize, according to Thrills Magazine readers are: 5. On the phone with your lover, 4. Taking a shower/bath, 3. Before sex, 2. During sex and 1. In a meeting with your boss.

Back in the studio again, Dr. Janet finishes a call with a woman who professes to have fantasies about crossing guards and she tells the woman that she's sick. Marissa announces a station identification break and asks Dr. Janet if she's okay. She says no, she just let a beautiful man walk out of her life because she was too chicken-shit to date him. Marissa says "Let's wrap this up and go get plastered." Dr. Janet agrees and puts the headphones back on to finish the show.

A man named John calls in and says that there's this beautiful woman at work to whom he is attracted to and she's scared to get close to him. When Dr. Janet asks why he thinks she's scared, he says that he thinks she's been hurt before. She then asks how will she know that he's different from all the rest and Cal steps into the room, speaking on his cell phone and tells her that she'll just have to find out herself.

Cal asks Dr. Janet for her advice and Dr. Janet says to treat her gently. Marissa adds "And don't screw up or I'll kill you." Cal thanks her for the advice and Marissa signs off the show, leaving Cal and Dr. Janet alone.

Dr. Janet helps Cal off with his coat, turns on some music and begins to dance for him. Her seductive strip-tease has the desired effect on him; he grabs her and pulls her against him, ridding her of her bra and slipping his shirt off. He lays her on the desk and pulls off her panties, going down on her, then stands so that she can remove his pants. Cal lifts and impales her on his cock, then sits on the edge of the desk, humping her until she cums, then moves her to the other desk, taking her from behind. They both cum.

OPINION: Three out of four. Liked the sexual tension that built in this one and the fact that all of the scenes were fantasies of Dr. Janet. Marissa's tits were HUGE, which you all know is a turn-off to me but she was so sensual that I'd fuck her anyway. A definite keeper.

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