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Review: Erotic Confessions 2


Erotic Confessions, Vignettes: "Friends & Lovers" & "Lessons".

Starring Ava Fabian (as Jacqueline Stone).

In "Friends & Lovers", platonic roommates cross the line and in "Lessons", a swim instructor teaches some new strokes to his lady students.

* * * * *

Jacqueline Stone is a writer and is a beautiful brunette with C cup-sized breasts and dark brown eyes. She begins this episode in an open wine-colored robe and she pauses in a hallway in her home to open a letter she's received. The letter is from Jean, who begins, "Sometimes when you think you have everything all figured out, love has a way of sneaking in and throwing your life into a complete whirlwind." The story she wants to relate is about herself and her best friend, Mike.

Jean, a brunette with B cups, says that she had just graduated from college and was ready to jump into the real world and decided that sharing an apartment with Mike, a brunet with a nice build, would be a good first step. In the apartment, Jean surveys the place while Mike brings in the boxes. He asks if she's made a choice on which room she wants for a bedroom but when he takes off his shirt, she's hypnotized.

They continue to have a conversation but she can't seem to take her eyes off of his naked torso. He dumps some cold water over his head to cool off then threatens to throw some on her. Cornering her, he flings the water which lands on her shirt, making it opaque and allowing him to see her large-nippled breasts underneath. Now it is his turn to be hypnotized. After staring at each other for a long minute, he leaves to continue unloading.

Mike takes a showed and she knocks, complaining that she needs to use the bathroom to finish her make-up. He invites her in and she goes to the mirror. Mike steps back so that she can see his soaped, naked body and asks about her plans. She's going out with a few friends and asks about him. He says that he has a big date and she doesn't sound too happy.

Mike brings his date, Carol, a blonde with B cups, home and they start kissing on the couch. He pulls the top of her dress down and sucks on her nipples. Jean comes home and slams the door, finding them on the couch. After a bit of small talk and a lot of embarrassment, Jean goes to her room and Mike goes to apologize. He can see that Jean is upset but she's unwilling to talk.

Days later, Jean is sunbathing when Mike returns home sweaty from jogging. They talk a bit and she comments that she heard him come in early the night before. Mike tells her not to worry, that all his needs were met on certain levels and asks when the last time her needs were met. She says that she has plans and for him not to worry. He informs her that she needs to flip herself and she does so, topless. He rubs some oil on her shoulders and when his hands accidentally touch her breasts, they both jump. Mike excuses himself and heads for the shower, leaving Jean deep in thought.

A topless Jean comes into the bathroom just after Mike is done showering and asks him if he's done. Mike says yes and she touches his towel-covered leg as he leaves. She drops her bikini bottom and gets into the shower. She starts to masturbate when Mike calls in, asking if she needs something at the store.

A few days later, Jean brings Curt home and they kiss and touch. Now it's Jean's turn to be caught. Curt leaves and the roommates argue. Mike tells her that she's jealous and Jean tells him that he doesn't know what he's missing. Then, she makes an angry confession: she can't stop thinking about him. She doesn't want to ruin the friendship but she can't be this close to him any longer without ... "If you only knew." Mike says, pulling her into his lap and kissing her.

They kiss passionately and he takes her to the bed, rubbing his cock against her before going down on her. He flips onto his back, taking her and she impales herself on his pole for awhile. They switch positions, going to missionary, then to doggie, then back to back with her on top. Afterwards, as they cuddle, Jean continues the letter, saying that she and Mike are still together and often talk about how long it took them to realize what they had between them.

Jacqueline, clad in a white bustier, opens a door leading onto a tiny outside balcony and opens another letter. This one is from Jimmy, a swim instructor who teaches rich kids. Jimmy, a short-haired brunet with a thin build, says that the Jones family was his first client and that every year, she asks for him to return. This month, he found out why.

Mrs. Jones, a naked blonde on a pool chair, takes in some sun and Jimmy explains that she was always unhappy and sad. He comes around the chair and is startled that she's naked. She apologizes, saying that she forgot he was coming by. The kids are with her husband and when Jimmy explains that there's $500 cancellation fee, she offers to get the check and some lemonade. They talk and the conversation turns to her loneliness. She asks if he has a girlfriend but he is spending his time studying for college.

A little more conversation exposes the fact that Mrs. Jones doesn't know how to swim. Jimmy offers to give her lessons. She puts a swimsuit on and they begin. She is petrified of the water, which requires him to stay extra close. He teaches her a few strokes and after nearly dropping her, she arises from the water, her breasts exposed. Jimmy says, "I nearly kissed you." Mrs. Jones kisses him instead. She removes her suit and he sucks on her nipples, then moves her to the side to eat her pussy. He takes her into the deeper water and fucks her.

Later, while putting, her husband Bruce calls and she tells him about taking some swimming lessons. He agrees. After hanging up, she goes into the pool and masturbates, thinking of Jimmy. That night, Jimmy finds her floating in the pool and jumps in, thinking to rescue her and she kisses him. He's angry at first but when she tells him how much she missed him and how much she wants to make love to him, he relents. They make love again.

OPINION: One out of four. Stunk. Pass it by.

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