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Review: Forbidden Fruit


Beverly Hills Bordello. Forbidden Fruit.

Starring Nicole Gian (as Madam Veronica Winston), Deanne Power (as Carol), Chris St. James (as Robin) and Daniel Anderson (as Brian).

A businesswoman who wants to be desired more for her beauty than for her professional skills turns to Madam Winston for help.


Carol, an older but pretty blonde with C size breasts, escorts Brian into her department and they're discussing a Japanese client that she closed a deal on. She says that he signed the papers and when she told the translator to tell him that he'd been bought out, he cried. "It's funny how one little word can bring a man to tears. Takeover." He says that she's absolutely ruthless but she claims that it's survival of the fittest, leaning in for a kiss.

He starts to unbutton her dress, rubbing her smooth skin and large-nippled breasts while still kissing her. She pulls her panties down and plays with herself for a moment before the action moves to the bed. Brian takes her from behind, pushing up into her and ramming her hard until they both cum. Afterward, she says that she should attend the conventions more often because you never know what valuable commodity you'll pick up.

He is upset to be called a 'pick up' and tells her that commodities are rare and are never cheap. He then proceeds to tell her, in so many words, that he is interested in relocating to Los Angeles and Carol is furious. "This isn't a date, it's an interview!" She screams at him, angry that she's being hustled. She orders him out and paces back and forth while he washes up. She calls her friend, Linda and complains that none of the guys she ever sees want her for herself. Linda reminds her of what they spoke about last week, visiting Madam Veronica Winston at the Winston Spa and Carol agrees to the visit.

At the Winston Spa, Madam Winston walks in, nicely attired in a white suit and greets a customer and two of her girls, offering them compliments. Carol arrives and they go to the veranda to talk. Carol is nervous but Veronica assures her that she's safe here and that Linda has already explained her situation. They get along right away and Carol explains how she was with a client the prior day and that when this beautiful blonde walked by a construction site, twenty guys just took their hats off as if she was royalty. It was beautiful and that's what she wants, for a man to want her for the woman she is inside and not for career advancement.

Madam Winston shows Carol a gorgeous blonde who is slowly undressing for a client. She walks toward him and lets him unclip her garter belts, then sits on the edge of the bed and removes the belt. The woman caresses her body and Carol seems disturbed. She tells Veronica that she's amazed at how easy it looks and that she doesn't want to end up alone with all her money, using it to pay for sexual favors. The madam makes her a deal. She has a client that's been coming to the establishment for 8 years and has only been satisfied once in those 8 years. If Carol can satisfy him, her membership fee will be refunded; if not, it's forfeit. Carol agrees.

Suggestively dressed, Carol pours a drink and waits for the client to arrive. She pours Robin a drink while he unties her top and massages her breasts, stomach and hips. He drinks his shot, then slides the robe from her shoulders, commenting that her body is very nice. He continues to massage her body and kiss her neck. Just then, his cell phone rings and he answers it, getting into a heated argument with someone on the other end. He goes back to touching her, removing her panties and pressing kisses to her abdomen and the top of her pussy.

His phone rings again and he answers it, arguing with another person about some stocks. Carol puts her clothes back on and heads for the door as he ends his call. He wants to know where she's going and she says that she's leaving and that the stocks he was so angry about will make him money. He wants to know if she's a hooker or a businesswoman and she is offended. In telling him off, she reveals that she is just like he is, thinking about money all the time. She tells Robin who she really is and he thinks that she's amazing and she asks if they can start over.

They introduce themselves and he recognizes her by her name and reputation. Talking about business gets them hot and they start kissing, deeply and lingeringly. They move to the bed, undress and she kneels, giving him some loving oral pleasure. Next, she climbs on top of him and impales herself on his rod while he licks and sucks her breasts. Veronica looks in on them and is pleased to see that they're enjoying themselves.

OPINION: One out of four. Schmaltzy cable fare. Dialogue was very weak and the editing was messed up. When your mouth is full of cock, you obviously can't go "Oh, Oh!" as I heard a few times in this piece. Skip it.

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