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Review: Hat Trick


Women: Stories of Passion. Hat Trick.

Starring Leslie Sachs (as Miranda), Rick Negron (as Rick) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as The Interviewer).

A woman aids her marriage with fantasies.


The Interviewer is sitting outside with Miranda who is planting flowers. Miranda tells her that her father taught her how to garden and that she loves to watch things grow. She says that having fantasies really helped save her marriage and she had the first one on a trip to Texas. She says that she ran into an old friend that helped her learn how to slip into another identity sexually and open herself up.

As she speaks, the scene changes to an old dirt road and Miranda is walking down it. A pickup drives by and the young man inside gives her the eye, then stops, asking if she needs a ride. She says that his name is J.T. Denton (Rick) and that he was the most handsome guy at Lubbock High and five years later, still made her heart pound. She finds an old bouquet of wildflowers in the front seat and he tells her that she can have them. He was engaged to a girl from a big family in Dallas and she called the wedding off because she said that he didn’t make enough money.

She makes a little conversation with him, then starts rubbing his crotch. He screeches over to the side of the road and they start making out, kissing and feeling other up before he drives them to his house. They rip each other’s clothes out and wildly fuck. Suddenly, she feels hands on her body and it’s J.T.’s sister, the homecoming queen. Miranda goes down on her while J.T. fucks her from behind.

Miranda tells The Interviewer that she used to live in Manhattan when she was young and that sex with a stranger was always exciting because there is an air of mystery and freedom involved. Miranda starts dancing with a dark-haired man (Rick) but when she turns around, he is gone. She heads off to the bathroom to wash her face and he follows her in, stepping behind her and rubbing a cube of ice all over her shoulders and exposed chest. They’re interrupted by a knock on the bathroom door and are forced to leave.

Miranda takes the man into the hallway and they start kissing again, touching and groping until a group of people interrupt them. She finds another room and they go inside, quickly picking up where they left off. She pulls her top down, exposing her breasts and he sucks them for a moment before returning his mouth to hers. They undress and fuck on a set of stairs. Miranda says that the best thing about sex like that is that there are no emotional binds and no obligations to the other person.

The Interviewer asks Miranda for a glass of wine and she says that she hopes she’s not getting the wrong idea about her, that she’s more of a classic sort of girl.

The scene changes again, this time to the inside of a steely mansion and a man is dictating a letter. Miranda says that she wishes that she could go back in time, to a time when forbidden love was not frowned upon. It is obvious by the clothing the actors are wearing that they are in the same time period as Valmont. A dark-haired man (Rick) comes into her chamber with a young man, John, and they talk. From the conversation, it’s obvious that she is waiting for her husband to return and has been waiting for five long years.

She says that her heart is pained and needs a husband’s touch. He offers to fill it but she rebuffs him. He then offers the healing hands of his servant, John, and she accepts. John begins to rub her feet while J.T. states the truth of his heart. He doesn’t want to wait for the return of his brothers; he wants to make love to Miranda right now. She imagines the two of them in bed, kissing and touching.

As he continues to talk, she unties her gown and squeezes her breast, then reaches down and grabs John’s hand, moving it up to her pussy. She continues to imagine them together, mouths touching and she pulls John down into her crotch while J.T. masturbates himself. Finally, the combination of J.T.’s seductive words, her imagined fantasy and John’s mouth are too much for her and she cums.

OPINION: ½ out of four. This is easily the worst of the lot I’ve seen. Storylines are confusing and the style of direction tries to be hip but comes off cheesy. Definitely skip it.

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