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Review: Moondance


Moondance – Rated XXX – Videoteam

Starring Nici Sterling (as Lauren), Wilde Oscar (as Alex), Nico Treasures (as Sarah), Felecia (as Shawnee), Frank Towers (as Bob), Liza Harper, Dawn Devine, Jacklyn Lick, Kelly Jean, Sweetie Pie, Ian Daniels, Jay Ashley and J.J. Michaels.

An ancient cult, as old as man, has gathered once again for one purpose only; to quench an unrelenting thirst for strange sex. Under the full moon, the deviant dance unfolds. The decadent orgy lacks only one thing – a willing human offering. Will that be you?


Moondance begins with in southwestern desert setting. A seedy hotel in a tumbleweed-driven town. It’s late at night, no one walks the street and a lonely wolf howls in the background. Meanwhile, Lauren and Jay Ashley are having hot foreplay in one of the rooms. While the opening credit play over their bodies, with him licking her nipples and both of them taking turns frigging her pussy. As soon as the credits are over, the camera pulls back to reveal Ian Daniels, who is also joining in on the fun. Lauren straddles Jay while Ian plugs her ass in a double penetration shot and all three cum.

Meanwhile, Alex is having a bad dream about his wife, Lauren, being involved in an orgy. The next morning, via voice-over, we learn that he has moved with her to a new home in the middle of nowhere in order to give their marriage a second chance. It seems that she loves sex and had it with everyone and anyone willing. Touring the new house has made Lauren horny and she begins by giving Alex a little oral worship, then pressed against the wall, Lauren makes him reciprocate.

As Alex is sucking her cunt, the neighbor, Sarah, comes by to introduce herself. This scene is comical because Lauren is getting serviced just out of the neighbor’s sight, but leans around the corner and manages to carry on a conversation with her without Sarah knowing what’s going on. Sarah owns a store in town and tells Lauren to come visit. When the neighbor leaves, Lauren and Alex move their sexual hijinks to the living room and finish fucking in a long and hot scene. First, Lauren’s on top of Alex, then Alex moves behind her and they lay on their sides, with him pounding her from the back. Last, Lauren gets on all fours and enjoys doggie-style sex. Finally, Alex cums in Lauren’s mouth and they share a kiss.

What they failed to notice was a young Indian woman named Shawnee, who observed their lovemaking from outside their bay window. She laughs and walks away.

Lauren visits Sarah’s store and meets Bob, a local contractor. She has a vision of fucking him that’s brought on by a ceremonial mask in Sarah’s store.

That night, Lauren tries to make love to her husband but he’s not in the mood, still remembering her promiscuous cheating. He later awakens from a bad dream to find that Lauren is gone. She doesn’t answer his calls and he finds the sliding door open and sees a fire burning in the distance.

Lauren is tied to a pair of planks in an X-shape and four drunken guys cavort around the fire, drinking beer. Alex finds them and is warned not to interfere by Shawnee, who appears and disappears magically. In a quick scene, Lauren fucks all four men and the scene flickers between the men being regular drunken louts to being robed acolytes.

In the morning, Alex awakens from his nightmare, wondering if it was just a dream but when Lauren finds dirt on her hands and knees, he knows that it wasn’t. A little light comedy is introduced as the movers deliver their furniture, with them changing their minds about where a certain chair goes and moving it several times. That night, while writing in her diary, Lauren falls asleep by the fire and Alex covers her and leaves her sleeping there.

Lauren dreams of an orgy, led by Shawnee. Couples in various states of intercourse are surrounding a campfire and the woman leads Lauren around, viewing each one. Women on women, straight couples and threesomes are included, with Shawnee rubbing Lauren’s tits and cupping her pussy. Shawnee then gives Lauren a necklace and when Lauren awakens, she is without the necklace. Confused, she leaps up and joins her husband in bed.

When the movers return the next morning, Lauren finds the necklace out in the yard and takes it to Sarah. Sarah doesn’t know anything about it but says that she’ll find out. As they leave the store, first, Lauren thinks she sees Shawnee standing in the street, but she disappears and Sarah sees nothing. Then an old woman calls her a slut, mentioning something about being the chosen one and having waited 40 years. Sarah and Lauren write her off as a crazy old coot and leave.

Sarah does some research on the necklace and puts it on herself, falling asleep. Lauren uses her fingers and a vibrator to masturbate, then savagely fucks her husband when he arrives home. Meanwhile, Sarah awakens to find herself chained on a slab of rock. She is released and is given her secret desire: she and Bob fuck.

That evening, Lauren and Alex go walking and come upon a large campfire with naked people dancing around it. Lauren runs to join, shucking off her clothes while Alex calls her back. One of the women undresses Alex and proceeds to give him a blow job while Lauren dances with the other women. She watches her husband fuck the other woman while Shawnee whispers in her ear about how exciting it is to see him fucking someone else.

The next morning, Sarah visits Lauren and drops off the research she’s found about the necklace. It has to do with a cult who believed in satisfying every desire. Lauren is thrilled but Alex isn’t happy about it; he is concerned that he’ll never have Lauren all to himself. Upset, he goes to take a shower and Lauren goes for a walk.

Lauren finds Shawnee and they walk off into the desert. Alex sees them wandering off and runs after them but they disappear. Shawnee takes Lauren to a secret place and the two women service each other, then end with a 69.

Night after night goes by and a distraught Alex waits for Lauren to come back home. Then, one night, he sees the campfire again and finds her making out with Shawnee. He begs her to come home and tells her it isn’t real. She says no and says it’s as real as she is. In a flash, everyone disappears and Alex is left alone again.

The next morning, as the fire is dying, Alex kneels on the ground and cries while Lauren walks away, to rejoin her brothers and sisters of the desert.

OPINION: I’d give it two stars out of four. Most of the sex scenes were long, sometimes excruciatingly long. Nici Sterling’s pussy is so well-used that it never closes and I never saw any cum from her. I expected to see Wilde Oscar’s penis glistening with her juices and unfortunately, there was none. Nico Treasures was also low on the cum stage. Her tryst with Frank Towers produces a great cum shot from Frank but very little juice from her as well. The pussy shots of Nici and Felecia were great, especially of Felecia’s small, dark-skinned mound.

I think it’s an okay piece for a beginning collector but the horrible dialog and lack of fluids make it something to pass up for those of us who are more well-versed in pornographic movies.

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