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Review: Nightmare Campus #2




***** 'Hentai' literally means pervert in Japanese. Today, most everyone knows that 'hentai' is anime pornography. For those of us who love cartoons and especially anime, the Japanese version of cartoons, these adult cartoons fulfill our mature fantasies while remaining based in the medium of our childhood. No Yosemite Sam blowing up innocent rabbits here. You may find people getting their heads cut off, lesbians, vampires, etc., but it's so cool because it's ... a cartoon! If you have a chance to find some 'hentai' online or download some, ENJOY! *****

Nightmare Campus, Volume #2 – Unrated – Phoenix Entertainment


Masao Sera's father has contracted an illness and he and his mother go to the Himalayas to find him. Unfortunately, they stumble upon a secret demon ritual and are both murdered so that their blood can bring the demon lord back to life. An ancient seal is broken and demons are released on Earth.

Masao's school, Kozumichi Campus, is nicknamed Nightmare Campus because of the rampant gang violence but since the Himalayan earthquake, people with supernatural powers have been showing up on campus and things changed. Abe, a former gang member and Reiko, a student, discover their demonic natures

One day, Masao Sera, who was presumed dead, suddenly reappears. His friend, Akira Medo, takes care of him and develops a crush on a girl named Yuuko. Abe and Reiko want the power that Masao possesses and they use Yuuko in their plot. Masao learns that a powerful demon named Esedess is inside him and he fights to keep the demon at bay. Reiko seduces Masao and Esedess is released, a black-skinned demon that possesses a huge cock. Abe and Reiko try to fight Esedess but they are out of their league.

Akira Medo witnesses the rebirth of the Demon Lord Esedess and Esedess begins on his journey toward his destiny.

Volume #2.

Akira Medo meets with gang members in an abandoned warehouse, promising them power. He activates a magic portal that spreads to engulf the men and their human visages melt away, revealing their demon forms.

Reiko uses her demon senses to discover what's going on in the warehouse and returns to her apartment, where the unconscious Esedess rests. Two women lick him from head to toe, healing his wounds with their lust and when they begin to make love with each other, he and his mighty cock awaken. Reiko arrives just as he plunges one young lady on his prick and shoves his long tongue into the other one's pussy. She informs him that something is going on but she doesn't know what, that Masao Sera (which is him!) is going to school tomorrow and strips to join them.

The next day, the entire campus watches as Masao returns to school, accompanied by Akira. Yuuko gives him a smile and Abe wants to talk to him. In a room with Reiko and two other gang members present, Abe tries to bring Esedess out but Masao keeps control of him. Back in the classroom, Masao's classmates question him and several notice a change in Masao, including Akira who remains strangely silent.

Masao unpacks in his new apartment as Akira watches. Yuuko arrives to fix dinner for Masao and Akira departs, pausing outside to listen to their innocent conversation. After dinner, while staring at her shapely ass and breasts, Esedess fights to be released but Masao keeps him at bay until Yuuko leaves.

With Yuuko safely gone, Masao loses control and the Demon Lord Esedess emerges, winging into the night sky. Akira notices the demon's figure in the night sky. Esedess leaves a violent trail of his flight through the city, causing buildings to crumble and vehicles to explode. Next, he targets a mall and viciously slices people into pieces. He leaves a trail of naked women whom he brutally fucks before killing them.

The sun arrives, beaming down on a naked and blood-covered Masao who doesn't remember what has happened. Akira watches Masao cry, wondering why the young man doesn't accept the demon inside him.

A new nurse arrives on campus, Dr. Mikogami. Of course, she's quite stacked and everyone loves her, boys and girls alike. Akira speaks with Yuuko, seeking to sow seeds of distrust concerning Masao's recent change. However, he is unable to raise her anger. Later, Akira watches Masao and Yuuko leave and Yuuko's friend, Satomi, comes in, complaining that her friend does nothing except talk about Masao.

Akira seduces Satomi, fucking her in plain sight in the classroom while two female students gossip nearby. His demon abilities allow them to remain invisible. Reiko eavesdrops on Abe and his group and is caught by Akira, who is secretly running the gang. He gives Reiko to the gang and watches as various members fuck her senseless.

Meanwhile, Masao spends the night fighting to keep Esedess contained. The next day, Satomi grabs Yuuko in a bear hug and kisses her, mind-controlling her through a link with Akira. Masao gets the news that Yuuko has been abducted and he is to be in the auditorium at 10 that evening. A bruised Reiko shows up to say that Akira is behind things.

Masao readies himself for the meeting and is surprised to find that Abe and the other gang members and students have gathered to provide support for him. However, Akira has other ideas and has his own gang members waiting. A huge fight erupts but Masao, Reiko and Abe rush by. Inside, two of Akira's henchmen await and Reiko and Abe take them on so that Masao can continue on.

In the auditorium, Akira is waiting, surrounded by four girls, with Yuuko suspended overhead. He explains to Masao that the demon and human choose each other and how happy he was to find out that Masao had the most powerful demon of all inside him. Akira is upset that Esedess doesn't remember him and reveals himself as Esedess' right hand demon, Demon Lord Aquifel.

Esedess hasn't awakened totally because Masao has been holding him back and Akira/Aquifel knows this. He undresses Yuuko, threatening to rape her and Masao lets Esedess completely free, creating a thick circle of green light. Everyone outside notices.

Masao/Esedess and Akira/Aquifel fight and Masao/Esedess gets the upper hand. He holds Akira/Aquifel high, preparing to rip his heart out not caring that Yuuko is watching. He rips a hole through Akira/Aquifel's gut and drops him. Abe and Reiko arrive to watch Esedess turn back into Masao and the boy inside the demon screams in frustration.


The story and character development were pretty good but the sex scenes were too few and not explicit at all. I've noticed that some of the Japanese animators do not draw genitalia nor penetration all the time. The scenes in which the girls were taken merely showed a tree trunk like penis disappearing into the juncture between the woman's legs. I expected to see explicit sex since this was supposed to be a hentai/manga-type anime. I wouldn't recommend buying or renting this.

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