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Review: Room 1503


Review: Room 1503

Women: Stories Of Passion Series

Women: Stories of Passion. Room 1503.

Starring Lisa Welti (as Carly), Kendahl Thompson (as Sam), Marklen Kennedy (as Shawn), Peter Gregory (as Pete), Suzanne Westenhoefer (as Bartender) and Elisa M. Rothstein (as the Interviewer).

A beautiful woman in a singles bar is pursued by two men, but instead she's drawn to the dark-haired woman staring at her.

* * * * *

Carly, an attractive redhead, prepares to go out for the evening and yells to Sam that they are to have breakfast with the woman who's writing a book about fantasies and not to wait up for her as she's leaving.

At the bar, she sits down and orders a glass of white wine. A gentleman named Shawn starts up a conversation on wines and wine country but his beeper goes off. When he asks, she tells him her name is Julia. He offers to give her a personal tour and hopes that she will be there when he gets back from making his call. Julia smiles and her attention is caught by a light-skinned black woman at the end of the bar. They exchange glances before the bartender brings her the glass of wine.

Pete starts up a conversation with her but she keeps staring at the other woman. It's obvious that she's not interested in him, telling him that her name is Laura, when he asks. Shawn returns and the two men start arguing over who saw her first. She ignores both of them, still staring at the woman. The bartender brings Shawn a glass of red wine and tells him that he has an admirer and that she's beautiful and is somewhere in the bar. Shawn makes polite excuses and leaves in search of the woman.

Meanwhile, Pete starts talking to her again and the bartender returns with a beer for him with the same story of a secret admirer. He also politely excuses himself and runs off, looking for the woman. Diana makes her move, coming down to join Chloe and tells her that neither man will find the woman. She has sent them on a wild goose chase so that she could be with her. After a little conversation filled with double entendres, Diana boldly strokes Chloe's hand, then her thigh. Chloe covers Diana's hand with her own and opens her legs a bit.

Diana leans close and says, "Don't break my heart," and promptly leaves. For a moment, Chloe is confused but Diana has left her her room key. She drives over to the hotel and they share a glass of champagne, then a tentative kiss. Chloe is a little nervous and shares the fact that she has never kissed a woman before. When Diana asks her name, she says Chloe. A slow dance leads into touching and kissing until Diana pins Chloe against the wall and pulls her dress up, exposing her luscious ass, thigh high stockings and garter belts. Diana kisses her way down Chloe's body until she reaches her pussy and gives her an orgasm that leaves her weak.

Chloe turns Diana around so that her back is to her and masturbates her to an orgasm of her own, talking dirty to her the entire time she's biting her neck. They order room service and Chloe opens up to Diana, telling her that she wants to try things that she's never done before. They tell each other what their turn-ons are and end up kissing again.

Naked, they touch and taste every inch of each other's bodies, sucking nipples, licking pussies and rubbing their skins together, enjoying orgasm after orgasm. Sated, they sleep spooned together for awhile. Chloe awakens Diana and tells her that she has to go. Diana wants to see her again but Chloe says that she doesn't know if she can do that. They agree that they both had a good time and they will see each other again.

Back at home, Chloe is preparing Sam's cappuccino when the phone rings. It's a friend who wants to know what they're going to do tonight. While fixing a bouquet of yellow roses, she tells the friend that they're probably going to stay in and watch a movie. The person asks to speak to Sam. Sam comes to the phone and it's Diana. After accepting Carly's 'Happy Anniversary' kiss and thanking her for the roses, she picks up the phone. Later, they kid each other about the names they chose and toast to their five years together.

Carly tells Sam that she fell in love with her all over again last night and they laugh about the guys that were hitting on her. They start to get a little frisky and the doorbell rings. The interviewer has arrived but the women are more interested in having sex so they run upstairs and hide.

OPINION: Three out of four. This was a nicely done segment of the Women: Stories of Passion series. I especially liked the twist at the end. It was nice to see that a couple who had been together five years found a way to mark the anniversary with love and passion. Gave me an idea to do the very same thing with my husband ...

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