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Review: Silence is Golden


Beverly Hills Bordello. Silence Is Golden.

Starring Nicole Gian (as Veronica Winston), Shauna O'Brien (as Lily), John De Vasquez (as Doug) and Angela Cornell (as Casey).

Lily grows increasingly curious about a regular customer who refuses to speak.

* * * * *

In a room at the Winston spa, Doug pours a drink, then leans over and caresses Lily's face, rubbing his thumb across her lower lip. His hand then moves down to her bra-covered breasts and she removes the item as he slowly rubs the cold glass around her breasts and down her thighs. She slips her panties off and fingers herself while he squeezes her breasts, then he undresses, sucking on her nipples as she sits on his lap, letting him pump into her. Later, he dresses, gives her a few last caresses, then leaves. All of this has been done in complete silence.

Madame Veronica Winston gives Lily a black skirt to wear and is pleased that it fits so well. The phone rings and it's someone who asks for a date with Lily. She takes the information, closes her date book and walks into the other room. Curious, Lily can't help herself and searches for the man's name, since she didn't get it last time. Doug H. is what the notation says. Veronica comes back and catches her in the act, warning her that curiosity killed the cat. Lily apologizes and Veronica dismisses her.

Later, in the sauna, Casey and Lily enjoy the steam and Lily starts talking about their 'silent friend'. She wants to know more about him and says that she had a dream about him and came so hard that she woke up. Casey tells her that she should stop trying to find out information because it's not healthy. There is no relationship, she explains and that he's just another john. Lily should just be glad that she has someone that moves her and Casey says that she doesn't remember the last time she did not fake an orgasm.

Lily turns around, moving behind Casey and stroking her breasts and nipples. Lily continues to talk about him and decides that she wants him. That night, in the room, Lily pulls off her top and skirt, rubbing her breasts while leaning against the desk. Doug removes his glasses and strides over, licking and sucking her nipples, then pauses to French kiss her before turning her around to enjoy the beautiful curve of her ass.

Turning her back around, he kisses down to her pussy and gives her a good tongue lashing before moving them both to the bed. He undresses, crawls on top of her and they begin to fuck. It's very intimate and Lily enjoys his caresses, calling out his name as she gets close to the edge. He stops and gets up, clearly upset that she used his name. While he dresses, Lily says that she knows that he's not mute, that he talks to Veronica to book his time and tell jokes. When she begs him not to leave, he pushes by her and heads out the door.

Later, she apologizes to Veronica and Veronica tells her that to keep him as a customer, he made her promise not to fire her but that Lily should not get any ideas from that. Veronica gives Lily a warning about following the rules and that he will be a customer, but not with her. Before she can ask, Veronica asks her if she can handle it and Lily responds that she is a professional. Just before Lily leaves, Veronica gives her a word of advice. "Don't look for love within these walls because it's not love that they seek."

Out in the lobby, Casey notices that Lily is depressed but Veronica tells her that Lily needs to work it out by herself. Later, Casey joins Lily in the spa and tells Lily that Doug has asked for her. Casey says that she told Veronica that she'd have to think about it but she prizes her friendship with Lily more. Lily insists that Casey take the date with Doug, telling her that if he wants games, he'll have games, except that the rules have changed. She whispers something to Casey and they laugh.

That night, Doug arrives for his date and Casey ties a naked Doug to the chair. Lily strides in and she and Casey begin to make out, while Lily goads him, telling him that they'll do whatever he asks but that he has to ask. She rubs Casey's breasts, then moves lower, rubbing her clit while Doug tries to get his hands free. Finally, he speaks, one word: Please. Casey smiles and leaves. Lily straddles him on the chair and asks his name and occupation. Douglas Hill, radio announcer. She says that it's enough for now and unties him.

They start to kiss and she seats herself on his cock, riding him as he sucks her nipples. They both cum, then embrace. When he starts to talk, she shushes him.

Lily joins Casey in the spa and Casey wants to know what happened. Lily just smiles and says that silence is golden.

OPINION: Two out of four. Liked the story line and this was the first time I've ever seen Madame Winston have to chastise one of her girls. Though it was never fleshed out, I would have liked to know if Doug wasn't speaking because he was afraid that Lily would recognize his voice or that he was used to using it all the time, that he just wanted to retreat into silence. Still, I would recommend this one. I also enjoyed the fact that Doug made noises other than the usual grunts and that Lily's A-cups were small and beautiful.

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