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Reviewing "Celia"


"The Captivity of Celia" by M.S. Valentine and published by Blue Moon books is absolutely exquisite. The story begins with a young woman named Celia who's lover (Colin) has been framed for murder, he has escaped to the country-side to his only living relative, his cousin, Sir Jason. Then we find out that Sir Jason may actually be the one responsible for this needed flight, the slightly older gentleman has had his eye on Celia... She arrives at the manor in order to see Colin and is faced with an ultimatum: do whatever Sir Jason wants or have Colin turned in to the police. If she concedes to him he will house them, clothe them, feed them, and keep Colin safe - and they will even be allowed their own amorous pursuits when he's not busy with her.

Of course, she agrees to this and so begins her descent into various sexual depravities. It's a wonderful piece of lust, the demands of the body, and the seduction of an innocent. Oh yes, Celia is quite innocent, although Colin had been her 'lover' before the framing they had done nothing more to than some caresses above the waist. The deflowering of every single one of her holes is left to Sir Jason, who does so with lustful and sometimes painful zest. There is an enchanting innocence to Celia's character even as she begins to fall into the web of lust and deviant acts, and the reader begins to eagerly await what new vile act Sir Jason will perform upon her body.

I found myself constantly having to put the book down while reading to go and take care of *business* .... but I also found that I didn't particularly want to put the book down because the story line was so good! Not to mention the writing style - fluid and even, sweeping you along with the entirety of the story. There are plenty of descriptions of the location, their bodies, and how they're feeling, painting an absolutely wonderful and depraved picture in your head. It's easy to get lost in the characters and what they're doing, easy to find that kinks you always thought were disgusting are actually rather compelling. They might not make you want to go masturbate, but it does take on a kind of curiosity... wondering what that actually would be like... you find yourself considering some of the things Sir Jason puts her through.

One of the things I like the best about the book is that there are occasional flashbacks so that you understand why Sir Jason is the way he is. He's not at all an evil villain, in fact you find yourself rather liking him despite the fact that he abuses Celia's body while Colin must sit back and watch (well, not must, but he's usually so drunk that he can't do anything but.). The full force of human lust is present as Colin is turned on by the things his cousin is doing to his beloved, and Celia and Colin begin to explore their own depravities, doing things together that not even Sir Jason does with Celia.

Most interesting is that Sir Jason has his own sexual hang-up in that he considers eating a woman out to be beneath him - only lesbians do that - and yet is inevitably drawn to wanting to taste Celia's juices. I really like the fact that he has certain things he considers depraved, that he doesn't think of himself as being the "everything" kind of man. He fully admits that he thinks it's disgusting even as he's drawn to it.

Everything about this story is very human even as it is very lustful, drawing you into their world of sharing the same woman. Colin in some instances is actually less sympathetic than Sir Jason just because he never does anything to help Celia. By the time he starts joining in you feel grateful that he's doing something at all with them, rather than just sitting there like a sodden lump. In fact, it's rather wonderful when he joins in because then you see the extent that Celia has now come, from being a total innocent upon arrival to being a very sexual creature.

There's something for everyone in this book, at one point or another. Sir Jason takes her through many depravities; spanking her, tying her up, anal sex, vaginal sex, inserting various objects into her pussy and anus (including food) and photographing her. Colin and Celia explore a lot of oral sex, anal rimming, and Colin takes a golden shower. There are some great instances where all three of them get together and do various positions in bed. Celia's reluctance at first makes for much excitement as does her later enthusiasm with Colin (and eventually her reluctant enthusiasm with Sir Jason.). There is a bit of a "loving wives" kind of feel just because Colin and Celia are so obviously a couple and he eventually starts getting really into watching as Sir Jason and Celia become involved. During flashbacks for both Sir Jason and Celia we also get a glimpse of gay and lesbian sex... there is really almost nothing lacking in this book for anyone. And even though I'm not a particular fan of everything I just listed, it was rather exciting to read even if it wasn't a particular fantasy of mine (and even if it was something I had always considered to be a turn-off rather than a turn-on.).

It's one of the best stories I've ever read that details the descent of a prudish woman into a delicious slut. The characters are all very enjoyable, the writing style fantastic, and the story superb. I highly, highly recommend this story... it's $8 in paperback and well worth every dollar. I've re-read it at least three times since I bought it and every time it was just as (if not more) enjoyable! Obviously, for those who only like romances, this may not be for you... but I do think that it's something almost anyone would be able to enjoy no matter what their personal taste.

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