tagGroup SexRichie's Place Ch. 02

Richie's Place Ch. 02


The next few days were incredibly liberating for Elena. She wore nothing but a smile the whole time. The country air felt so nice, and the hot sun felt wonderful on her naked body as she sat outside in the fields with its tall grass.

Danny's help was needed with a house that was being renovated so he and Sofia left in their VW Beetle saying they'd be back soon.

There was always a steady stream of people coming and going through the house. Kim was the newest arrival. Wearing Levis jeans and matching jacket with a tattered knapsack over her shoulder, she was a stunningly pretty girl with coal black hair and slightly tanned skin that made her look American Indian when in fact she was of Armenian heritage. Beautiful full breasts and curves in all the right places certainly made heads turn wherever she went too. She'd arrived late one evening with one of Scott's friends on the back of his motorcycle. When he left the next morning, she was stranded but decided to stay for awhile and work at the Nugget 'til she had enough money to get to her sisters' in Los Angeles.

Elena watched this girl as she settled in, sharing the small back bedroom with her. As pretty as she was, she was so easy to talk to. She freely joined in the evening smoking of grass and conversation over glasses of wine with the others, though Elena hadn't been able to get a close look at her when any sex started happening, she was too busy enjoying it herself to see what someone else was up to. Kim was just as much of a free spirit and Elena didn't feel the least intimidated by her and she was not the least inhibited either. Elena found this out early one morning.

She slowly awoke and looked around at the number of naked and near naked bodies around her and smiled. She felt so sexy being this way. Lucy was lying next to her, also naked. Lucy had equally large tits like Elena's and they'd been enjoying one another's bodies just a few hours ago. Now one of her other housemates, Scott, was lying with her. Elena got up and grabbed a flannel shirt nearby to wear. As she went upstairs for a shower, she saw a naked Kim coming down the hallway. Elena found herself gasping at the sight of her naked housemate. Her tits were quite large and her pussy looked like it was completely bare, Elena trimmed hers sometimes and thought it looked pretty. But on Kim, it was even more stunning. She'd never seen one like this.

"Oh! Were you gonna use the shower?" she asked

"Yes, but if you want to..." Elena started

"No, that's OK...we could always share, save water and all."


Elena hadn't showered with another girl since high school and she tried not to look at the other girls back then, she'd felt uncomfortable when they stared at her large breasts. But she couldn't help looking once she saw Kim's, they were beautiful.

"Cool, I'll get the water going." She said as she reached inside the tub and started the water, giving Elena a nice peek at her curvy ass. Elena was already feeling a tingling sensation in her pussy. God she was hot, she thought.

"That should be OK. You get started, I have to pee." Kim said

Elena nodded as she stepped inside the tub and let the water flow over her body. She was incredibly horny all of a sudden and was trying to keep her composure even though she was really turned on by the sight of her naked friend. She let the water cascade on her face and all over her body. As she casually caressed her breasts, she knew her nipples were getting hard the more she touched them.

"Did I get the water right?" Kim asked as she pulled back the shower curtain and joined Elena

"Oh yes, just right."

"Cool...let me get some of that."

They carefully traded places in the tub and now Elena watched Kim as the water flowed through her black hair and over her body and her beautifully curvy ass. Kim turned around and Elena was watching her soap her body. Elena did the same but intently watched Kim as she got a good lather of soap on her breasts. Elena's hand drifted down to her pussy and she tried not to look like she was rubbing it, when in fact she was. Seeing Kim's beautiful breasts so close was turning her on. And Kim was starting to wonder what she was seeing.

"Are you...um...doing yourself?" she asked

"No, no!" Elena quickly said as she resumed washing her hair, even though there was no shampoo in her hair "Just, uh, washing myself."

"Sure looks like you were doing, uh, something." Kim said "You do that a lot?"

"Not much, I'm pretty happy here. You saw what went on the other night."

"Yeah, it was pretty wild I'll say that."

"Do you mind my asking, but do you, um..."

"Oh! Not much, but it is nice I'll say that."

"I didn't really see you doing anything the other night."

"I was really sleepy, I guess I'm just waiting for the right guy."

"You mean you're a virgin?" Elena asked, surprised someone like her could be.

"No! I've, uh, done it. I like it, when I can get it." Kim quickly replied as they both finished washing.

"Trust me, with that body you won't have any trouble!" Elena said as she dried off.

"You think so?" Kim said as she grabbed a towel

"Are you kidding? You're beautiful."

"Thanks, you're pretty too."

They both smiled at one another.

Kim and Elena got the job of driving into to town to get supplies for the house. The orange and white VW Microbus was a cool way of getting around the small town. They stopped at the Nugget and watched the band rehearse, they sounded cool with their setlist of Led Zeppelin and Who songs. Richie sat between Kim and Elena as they passed a joint around. Elena could tell he was just as attracted to her as she was. She could only wonder where things would go with Kim, and who she'd go with.

"Oh, need you to do me a favor!" Richie said as they were leaving "Buddy of mine is coming into town, can you pick him up at the bus station? I'd do it myself but I need to get the band set for tonight."

"Sure, we'll do it." Elena said looking at Kim

Kim nodded

"Cool, his name's Jimmy." Richie said as he went back inside.

"Guess we're a taxi service now." Kim said as they drove away from the Nugget.

Kim and Elena waited outside the bus station, feeling out of place as the retirees and military types got off the buses arriving as they stood against the VW, Elena wearing faded jeans and bright red STP t-shirt, Kim also in jeans and an old unbuttoned flannel shirt over a grey Mickey Mouse t-shirt and suede cowboy boots.

"Where IS this guy?" Kim said impatiently

"He sure doesn't look like anybody we've seen so far. Maybe Richie got the time wrong. There's a pay phone over there, I'll call him."

Elena came back a few minutes later.

"He's not home yet, geez I hate to disappoint him."

"And all we have is his first name. Well...I guess we'll just have to take our chances at home." Kim said with a shrug


The girls drove away from the emptying bus station and headed home

The skies were slowly darkening as the sun set and night time approached.

"Hey, check that out." Kim said looking forward intently.

On the side of the road stood a young man in a green Army jacket and old jeans. On his shoulder a canvas duffel bag, his thumb out looking for an elusive ride.

"Hmmm...that looks interesting." Elena said "Wonder where he's headed?"

"Only one way to find out..." Kim said with a sly smile

She slowed down and pulled along side him.

"Hi! Where you headin'?" Kim asked

"Uh, not sure. I was supposed to meet a buddy in town. He has a house on...Ridgetop road." He said reading off an address on a scrap of paper.

"Wow! That's where we're going!" Elena said "Climb in."

"Oh, man! Thanks, my feet are killing me I've been walking so much." He said as he climbed in.

"My name's Kim, that's Elena." Kim said as she offered her hand

"I'm Jimmy, Jimmy Page."

"Oh! Like the guy in Zeppelin!" Elena said excitedly.

"Yeah, I get that a lot." Jimmy replied with a shy smile "I don't play guitar though."

Jimmy removed his leather hat and Kim got a look at his dark brown hair and matching eyes. Elena did the same using the rearview mirror.

"Where are you from?" Elena asked

"Originally from Ohio, I hitched a ride out here with a buddy. Kinda bummed around for a bit, then I heard about this place. Somebody named Richie owns it."

"Hey! We know him!" the girls said almost in unison.

"Oh, great!" Jimmy said "Wow, I was so nervous I'd be stuck out here."

"We'd take good care of you." Kim said with a smile and a look towards Elena who had the same look on her face. Kim was certainly coming out of her shell from what Elena could see and she liked it.

The VW pulled up to the main house and already music could be heard from inside. Lucy and Scott were sitting on the porch casually kissing one another.

"That's Lucy and Scott." Elena said as they escorted Jimmy inside "they're always going at it." She said with a shrug as the couple laughed at being discovered.

"Lucky guy." Jimmy said

Richie saw his friend come in and they were glad to see one another.

"Jimmy's an old pal of mine." Richie said as he gave his friend a bear hug. He was eager to show off the house to his friend. Elena and Kim followed and watched intently, they were getting eager too.

"What do you think?" Elena said to Kim after the boys were out of earshot

"I think he's hot." She replied.

"Me too." Said Elena

"So what should we do? You like him, I do too..."

"Share and share alike, I always say."

"Good idea." Kim said "I don't wanna, like, steal somebody else's guy."

"Me neither."

"I guess we'll just see what happens."

Elena nodded, but she already knew what she wanted to see happen.

Jimmy was led upstairs and got a spare room next to Elena's, she and Kim were following the guys. The room was small with 2 mattresses on the floor, and an old armchair in the corner.

"You don't mind sharing a room with Scott, do you?" said Richie as he dropped Jimmy's duffel on the floor. "Lucy's in here with him a lot too, if you know what I mean."

Elena and Kim giggled to themselves. Elena knew how good Scott was in bed, Lucy too.

"Just so long as there's a bed, I'm cool." Jimmy said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Great! Big Mary's making dinner, see you in a bit, man."

Jimmy looked around and saw Elena and Kim standing in the doorway

"I, uh, guess I'm staying here." He said hesitantly as he saw the two young beauties looking at him in the largely empty room.

"Um, yes...maybe we should go and help Mary." Elena replied

"Uh, yeah! Good idea." Kim quickly added

Elena and Kim went back down the hall, knowing they'd both be having fun with this guy, the sooner the better. They both felt like giddy schoolgirls.

"Wow! I don't know what to think." Elena said excitedly

"I think we're gonna have some fun." Kim replied

The communal table was fit for all the residents of the house; Kim and Elena were joined by Lucy and Scott, Richie, his girl Linda, Big Mary, and now Jimmy. Mary had made a big pot of spaghetti they all dug into. It was a cheap, easy meal that always worked with everyone, and Mary knew how to make it right, just like Mama. Richie told Jimmy about the Nugget and his future plans for it. Jimmy listened but Elena could tell his eyes were looking around at the lovely ladies he was sharing the house with. There was Linda, the pretty Oriental girl, Lucy a cute blonde, Elena, dark haired with luscious tits, and the exotic Kim next to her. Not to mention red headed Big Mary, who somehow reminded him of his friend's Mom.

Richie wanted to get down to the Nugget and see Oceans, the new band he'd brought in for the weekend. Scott and Lucy decided to go, as did Linda. Elena would stay behind and handle the dinner cleanup with Mary.

"Let me help, too." Jimmy quickly offered.

"Oh, come on man, you're gonna skip seeing Oceans? They're supposed to be great. You said so yourself."

"Nah, man...I've been on a bus and walking all day, I just wanna crash tonight."

"Okay, man...I'll see you later on." He said as he went out the door with the others.

"I'm gonna stay, too." Kim quickly said

The Microbus pulled away from the house, leaving Mary, Kim, Elena and Jimmy.

Kim sifted through the stack of albums and put on Led Zeppelin's second album.

"Hey Jimmy, it's your namesake!" Kim yelled out as "Whole Lotta Love" played.

Elena and Jimmy were in the kitchen cleaning and Jimmy smiled as he heard the music.

"You get that a lot, huh?" she said to him as they stacked dishes to be washed


"You know...the Jimmy Page stuff."

"Oh, yeah...I guess it's a good thing."

"I'll bet." She said with a smile to him

"You look better than him, too." Kim said as she came in the kitchen and breezed past them.

Elena stuck close to Jimmy, Kim was watching them as well, wondering if she should make the first move. She'd agreed with Elena they'd share this new guy, but how?

It was Mary who solved the dilemma in her own way.

"Get yourselves some wine, we're all set here. I'm gonna take a shower."

Mary handed Elena their large bottle of red wine, it was low-grade stuff as far as wines go, but everyone liked it.

"Mmmm, yes, good stuff." Elena said as she took the bottle. "Let's take it upstairs."

Jimmy saw Elena's face and had an idea what was going on.

"Uh, OK, cool."

Elena looked at Kim. She seemed unsure if she wanted to join them or not.

"Uh, could I, uh..." she asked

"Sure, we can't drink all this alone." Elena said


Jimmy went a few steps ahead of them. Kim and Elena looked at one another.

"Let's see what happens." Elena said

Kim nodded excitedly.

The trio went upstairs to Elena and Kim's room. The girls' room had a pair of mattresses on the floor, one large and one small. Elena had an old kerosene lantern that would burn a long time. But for the most part, she lit the candles stuffed into beer and wine bottles. As Kim lit candles, Elena pulled out a small drawstring bag with several joints inside.

"Cool, the good stuff." Jimmy said as he stretched out on the mattress. Kim sat next to him and they took a few swigs of wine. She reached over to a portable tape player and clicked on her tape of the Beatles White Album. She'd just gotten it and the tone fit the mood they were all in.

"Yes, always the good stuff." Kim said slowly to Elena who smiled as she lit 2 joints and passed them over. Everyone took deep breaths of the fragrant smoke in the candle lit room.

"Take those boots off." Kim said to Jimmy

He and Kim eagerly pulled off their boots, Elena her sandals. They were all gathered closely together on the large mattress.

"So, like it here so far?" Elena asked

"Yeah, it's awesome up here." Jimmy said with a smile as Elena got closer to him.

Kim watched the pair and knew something was gonna happen.

"You seem pretty awesome too." Elena said to Jimmy "What do you think of Kim?"

Jimmy looked at her face, so sweet and with eyes that seemed to smile. And he really saw how she filled out her Mickey Mouse shirt. Elena softly touched his cheek making him turn to her and they kissed. Kim watched and got closer to Jimmy and when he saw her so close to him, he did the same. She loved the feel of his kisses. The wine and smoke must be kicking in because Elena was feeling really nice right now. Plus she felt her crotch tingle. That sensation was even better without underwear.

Their mutual kisses were turning everyone on.

"Pretty awesome." Jimmy said

"Oh yeah." Elena said. Kim nodded her head.

"You feel really nice." Elena now said as she felt his grey t-shirt. Kim did the same.

"So do you...both of you, I mean." Jimmy said as he looked at Kim.

Jimmy took another swig of wine.

"Maybe we should get a little more comfortable?" Elena said

"What do you mean?"

"I mean..." Elena said as she got hold of her shirt and pulled it upwards "Like this." She said as Jimmy got an up close look at her tits.

"Wow, I could go for that." Jimmy said

"Cool." Elena said as she removed her shirt and was topless. Her breasts were beautifully large with cute nipples. She got in close and Jimmy kissed her, his hands now going to her tits and feeling them, getting a slow moan from her.

Kim watched this and was fascinated. She wondered if she could be just as open to this as Elena seemed to be. She'd seen her housemate naked in the shower but in this situation it was different. It was so erotic to watch them making out and now slowly getting naked. She'd heard of things like this whispered amongst her girlfriends back home but thought it wasn't real. Now she knew it definitely was real.

"Can I get in on this?" She said to Elena and Jimmy, who now had his shirt off too.

"Oh yeah, go for it." Elena said

Jimmy turned to Kim and as they kissed she let him touch her tits through her shirt, instantly she inhaled and her nipples were growing. And she knew her pussy was getting very wet. Her eyes were closed and she now felt lips kissing her cheek.

It was Elena.

Kim wasn't shocked, just fascinated at the sensations she was feeling.

"Take your shirt off, Kim...you look so beautiful." Elena whispered to her.

Kim looked at her friend, then at Jimmy.

She raised her own shirt up and off. She had gorgeous large tits that made the others gasp and smile. Kim had always been nervous about her body and how different it seemed. Now, it seemed her differences were what made her special to Elena and Jimmy.

"Wow, Kim...y-you're beautiful." Jimmy said

Elena giggled, then said

"You really are."

Kim was still a little nervous but began to melt as Jimmy's hands were on her tits as he kissed her, her breaths became very rapid as he felt her nipples, now fully erect. Jimmy worked his way down her neck and then kissed her tits, his tongue making little circles around her nipples. Elena began to kiss her now, their tongues meeting. Kim was so turned on by this attention. Jimmy looked up from his licking at the two girls. Everyone giggled at how naughty they'd all gotten.

"Maybe we should get naked." Elena said with a naughty smile.

She stood up and unsnapped her jeans. Kim slowly stood and did the same. The two girls nervously looked at one another, they were gonna show everything to each other, the shower had been one thing, this was different. Each one's jeans came off and though Elena had no panties on, she still saw some vestige of Kim's old life, but that was soon gone too as she slid off her white cotton panties.

"Wow...beautiful." Jimmy said to Kim "You're both beautiful."

"Let me help you." Elena said as she undid Jimmy's pants.

He seemed more nervous than they were.

Kim slid his zipper down and Elena exposed his underwear. Kim could tell there was definitely a bulge there.

"Feels n-n-nice." She said hesitatingly.

"It does." Elena agreed

Jimmy was very nervous

"Relax, baby." Elena said "We won't hurt you."

"That's not what I'm worried about." He said

Kim slid down his underwear and her eyes jolted open.

Elena's did too.

Jimmy was very well endowed.

His dick was long and thick, and hung midway down his upper thighs. It began to twitch and grow.

Elena and Kim were speechless, but continued to softly hold Jimmy.

"Wow." Elena said finally

"Oh my god..." Kim said before her voice trailed off.

"I guess it's a little big." He said.

"It's huge." Elena said as she tried to hold it in her hands. Kim was still trying to take in its size. "Why didn't you say something?"

"I don't know, I guess I'm a little embarrassed by it."

"Don't be...it's awesome." Elena said

"It is." Kim said as she now held it in her soft hands

"I just felt like a freak sometimes when I was younger." He said

"So did I, look at these." Kim said as she held her big tits.

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