tagNovels and NovellasRider Ch. 14-17

Rider Ch. 14-17


Chapter 14

And Night

When Mandy returned from the bath-room the sight of Ros calmly relaxing in her unusual face-mask brought on a brief fit of the giggles, then turning to me, said. 'she's marvellous, isn't she.'

'In more ways than one.' I agreed.

'I'm so glad you gave me the opportunity to get to know her, I don't just mean sexually, but as a person too. I'm sure we're going to be good friends.'

'I'm sure we are too.' Ros mumbled through clenched teeth and barely moving lips. 'Very special friends.'

Mandy's sudden flush and almost shy smile told me she understood the full implications of what Ros had said.

'It's nice to know that neither of you will miss me then, I mean, when I have to go home.'

'Of course we'll miss you!' Mandy exclaimed. 'If it hadn't been for you we probably wouldn't have met, and neither of us can do for each other what you can.'

'Oh you'll soon find another cock to replace this one.' I answered, putting a note of petulance into my voice.

'I think that's enough beauty treatment for now.' Ros said as she finally got up and went towards the bath-room, turning to Mandy and adding. 'Don't take any notice of him, he's putting on his martyr's act. He knows very well that it's not just his cock that we like, he's just looking for a bit of feminine sympathy.'

'Can't blame a bloke for trying.' I replied as she disappeared round the corner.

When she reappeared a little later she was fully dressed and in answer to my look of surprise she said. 'I'm going to leave you two together now, get home to my lonely bed and get some sleep.'

Neither of our protests succeeded in changing her mind and after a couple of massive hugs and a whispered - 'Call me tomorrow' - in my ear, she slipped out and closed the door quietly behind herself.

'Did you know she was going to leave so soon?' Mandy asked.

'No. As I said, we hadn't actually planned anything, including whether or not she was staying the night.'

'Can I then?'

'Stay the night you mean? 'How about your parents, and Sandra's?'

'Because we'd be so late getting back from the concert I told Mum and Dad I'd stay over at Sandra's place tonight. Sandra's parents would probably sleep through a cyclone and she's going to leave her bed-room window open for me. So, as long as I get back there early enough there'll be no problems. You'll drive me over there won't you? I told you, I'd really love to actually go to bed with you, properly I mean, and this may be the only chance we'll get.'

The combination of the plans she'd obviously already made and her almost pleading enthusiasm fired my own excitement and apart from anything else that we might experience, I liked the idea of just holding her lithe, supple body in my arms as I fell asleep.

'It sounds as though you've thought of everything.'

'I've been thinking of hardly anything else Rob. You're not going to disappoint me, are you?'

'No, of course not.' I answered and when she heard that she literally flung herself into my arms, moulding herself to my body and smothering my face with kisses. In time we disentangled and I suggested that as I needed a bit more recovery time before I'd be able to come up to her expectations and as we'd both got rather sweaty during the previous couple of hours, we'd both feel better after a proper shower. She agreed, immediately thinking I meant for us to have it together, as we had at my aunt's place. I tried to convince that as it was still too soon after the orgasms I'd already had, we should give ourselves a bit of a rest and take them separately.

'That's just being silly.' she answered. 'It makes out that I'm only interested in one thing, and I'm not, well anyway, not quite.' she added with a cheeky grin. 'I don't expect us to fuck every time we kiss or touch each other. Anyway, what better way of rearousing, your interest? That's how you described it earlier, isn't it? What better way than being close, and what better way of doing that than by washing each other?'

Again she left me with no argument, and, remembering what had happened only a few days before, when we'd showered together at my aunt's place, I had to admit to myself that the mere thought of running my hands over her soapy body - and having hers running over mine - was in itself already, if only faintly, rearousing my interest.

'O.K. you're right. But I need a piss first.' I said, turning and heading for the bath-room.

I stood waiting for the flow to start, not realising that she'd followed me and was standing right behind me, so naturally enough I was startled to suddenly hear her voice. 'Do you mind if I hold you while you do it?' she said nervously as she moved beside me and reached down, her hand closing over mine.

Her eyes had a strange, almost bewildered look, as though she was both confused and worried by what was going through her mind, that she couldn't understand what was making her want to do what she did. I didn't say anything, just nodded and slipped my hand from underneath hers, feeling her fingers closing tentatively around my cock. She looked down at it, then briefly up into my eyes, then back down again as we both waited for it to start.

When it finally did I glanced sideways and saw a tense, almost grim smile on her face as she concentrated on directing the stream down into the bowl. Having no control of where I pissed felt strange, strange but also exciting, and as the flow reached full force I felt her fingers tighten a little, increasing the strength of those unusual thrills. Looking up again I saw that her face had become flushed and when our eyes met briefly, that they were glittering, the colour suffusing her face accentuating their brilliance.

Her grip tightened a little more as she brought the other hand up, and while one continued directing the stream, the second began to slip lightly up and down the shaft. The sensations were completely different to any I'd previously experienced, and even while the piss was flowing at full force, my cock was starting to react. So when the stream eased and then finally stopped I felt disappointed that I hadn't been able to keep it going so I could experience those unusual feelings longer.

She shook the last few drops off then continued holding it as she looked up at me. 'You don't think I'm weird for wanting to do that, do you?'

'Of course not. It felt nice, I was starting to get aroused.'

'Did it? Were you really?' she asked in an immediately much brighter voice.


'Oh I'm so glad. I didn't understand why I wanted to do it, but in a funny sort of way just the thought of doing it was exciting.'

'Have you felt like that when you've seen Champ pissing?' I asked and saw an ashamed, almost guilty expression flit across her face before she gave a whispered answer. 'Sometimes.'

'You shouldn't feel guilty about that, and I certainly can't compete with him.' I added with a chuckle that was rewarded with a shy, hesitant smile.

'Although I sometimes get a funny feeling when I watch him I'd never want to actually touch him while he's doing it, but for some reason, I just had to hold you. But now I need to go too.' she added in a lower tone.

'Well I can't help you the way you helped me, but I'm going to stay right here while you do it.' I replied, noticing the sparkle that immediately brought to her eyes.

She slipped out of the bath-robe and kicked it into the corner then lowered the toilet seat and as she sat, spread her knees wide apart, giving me a view down between her legs. Of course I couldn't actually see anything but as the hissing sound began I imagined I could, and found the mere fact that she was letting me, wanting me to stand there as she did it, was almost as exciting as it had been having her hold me while I did.

When she'd finished and reached for the toilet paper she looked down at my cock. 'Have you noticed what's been going on down there?' she asked, giving me her familiar, cheeky grin. I looked down to see what she meant and was amazed to see that in spite of the pounding it had already taken that evening it was showing distinct signs of what we had both referred to as, interest.

'It certainly seems as though there's a bit of life left in it.'

'I never doubted there was.' she replied confidently. 'I felt sure it just needed the right sort of encouragement. And I'm also sure that a shower will work even greater wonders.'

'So what are we waiting for.' I said as I went and turned on the water.

'Who's waiting.' she replied as she joined me beneath the hot spray and reached for the soap.

Then we took it in turns to wash each other, taking our time, using the lather as an excuse to fondle and probe each curve and crease. Although my cock continued to show signs of growing interest it was still far from being able to perform, but I could tell from Mandy's increasingly passionate reactions whenever my fingers slipped down between her legs that she was more than ready for whatever I could do for her.

'She really is insatiable!'. I thought, as I took her in my arms, moved us into a corner that was out of the direct line of the hot spray and went down on my knees in front of her.

'Put your foot up on my shoulder Mandy.' I said as I slipped one arm around her, steadying her by gripping her bottom while slipping the other up between her thighs. Using just the finger-tips I parted the matted hair covering her sex and turning my hand palm upwards, slid two fingers up between its outer lips, brushing my thumb lightly back and forth across the pleasure bud above it.

The hissing sound that escaped from between her teeth, the tremors I felt running through her and the way her foot pressed more heavily down on my shoulder all told me how much I was exciting her and when a little later I bent lower, pressed my face between her thighs and replaced my thumb with my tongue, they immediately grew even stronger.

As I licked and every now and then sucked her quickly engorging clitoris I pushed the two fingers steadily higher, until they were probing deep inside her pussy, then curling and dragging them over the sensitive inner lining each time I pulled them back out. Even if I hadn't been able to feel her other reactions the strengthening scent of her arousal would have told me just how excited she was getting.

And I found that the feel and smell of her responses were in turn exciting me, and that my cock was responding strongly.

Her climax wasn't earth-shattering, but I got the feeling that because it was so unexpected it was all the more satisfying for her and we stayed cuddling each other beneath the spray for a while before stepping out and drying each other off. As we'd held each other close she must have felt the thickened length of my cock pressing against her thigh and when she kneeled to dry my legs she looked up and with an excited sparkle in her eyes as she gently patted me dry.

'Luckily he's almost as insatiable as I am.'

When we were finished she asked what I'd like her to wear to bed, and grinned cheekily when I answered as I pulled back the covers. 'Just your skin.'

We slid between the cool sheets and for a few minutes simply cuddled, for both warmth and the sheer pleasure of it. But as our bodies moulded to each other's the warmth gradually turned to heat and slow, almost absentminded caresses became more insistently purposeful. I slid one hand up the curve of her back, my fingers combing through her still slightly damp hair and pulled her head close so I could kiss her, stroking the back of her neck and shoulders as her lips and tongue instantly responded.

As the kiss continued on and I held her tighter she must have realised that it was no longer just my thigh that she could feel pressing against her, my cock was once again stiffening.

As it grew I let my hands move slowly over her body, stroking, caressing, taking my time, enjoying the feel of her skin as much as I thrilled to her hands on mine. And then, some time later, I lifted myself above her and slid smoothly inside her. For a while we just lay there like that, quite still, enjoying the sense of oneness that it gave both of us. But it wasn't long before I felt the unmistakable signs of her pussy responding as the stiffened length continued to grow, getting bigger, inching deeper, gradually filling it. Then I heard her give a deep, contented sigh as I began to slowly move in and out of her.

It was a sweet and tender love-making, not culminating in a mighty climax that left us both gasping and exhausted as those earlier in the evening had done. Instead of that I was able to give her several smaller, gentler peaks that as one merged with the next, seemed more like a single, undulating event that rolled on and on. Somehow, perhaps because my reserves were so low, whether or not I climaxed myself seemed completely unimportant and maybe because I felt under no such pressure most of the pleasure and satisfaction I was getting flowed from what I knew I was giving her.

But, when her mild protests assured me her body was then totally satisfied I finally felt the distinctive signs of a welling deep inside myself and then, almost as an afterthought to our love-making, I came. It was rather like hers had been, a series of small yet deeply satisfying spurts that finally relaxed every fibre in my body and, as we remained locked together, each savouring the sensations we had shared, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

I've no idea what actually woke me, maybe Mandy made some sudden move in her sleep, maybe it was merely the start of the growth of the involuntary erection, but when I saw through sleep-filled eyes that it was only two thirty I was about to ignore what was happening down between my legs and snuggle straight back down again. But something made me turn back the sheet and look down at her. Neither of us had remembered to turn out the light in the bath-room and though it provided only a little reflected light that was more than enough.

She lay on her side, her head turned away from me, the top half of her uncovered and while one arm was tucked underneath her, the other lay loosely across her rib cage, as though to provide support for her breasts. As I pulled the sheet lower she moved, half turning towards me, one leg shifting away from the other, almost as though she wanted to display herself for me. I watched her breasts slowly rising and falling with each breath and thoughts of immediately returning to sleep vanished.

Moving further down the bed I carefully spread her legs further apart and cautiously reached up, resting one hand lightly on the warm curve of her stomach. She was sleeping so deeply she barely stirred, even when I let my hand drift slowly lower, trailing my fingers down across her belly, into and through her pubic hair and on down the warmer, silkier skin on the inside of her thigh.

As I grew more confident of not waking her I eased myself closer and while one hand continued slowly tracing patterns up and down between her thighs I reached up and touched her breasts, at first lightly brushing them with just the tips of my fingers.

Keeping to feather-light movements I glanced up at her face from time to time, watching for any sign that she might be waking, but though she occasionally gave a low sigh I could tell she slept on and so continued to see how far I could go without actually waking her up. Her nipples quickly responded to my gentle caresses, stiffening as I let the fingers of one hand drift over and around them. When the fingers of the other finally slipped across the outer folds of her pussy she gave a deeper sigh and as I ran them slowly and very lightly up and down the already slightly moistened furrow she stirred again, but still slept on.

As I very gradually increased the pressure behind my caresses her sighs turned to low murmurs of subconscious pleasure and although I could tell she was still sound asleep, as though to make it easier for me to continue she rolled over on to her back, spreading her legs wider apart. Taking advantage of that opportunity I eased myself into a kneeling position between her thighs and, bending low, as I slipped one finger up between her pussy-lips, began to lightly tease the sensitive flesh above them with the tip of my tongue.

Her body shuddered and she gave a muffled grunt as that took her to the next level of arousal and glancing up I saw that although still asleep, her eyes were darting about beneath their still closed lids. She was dreaming - and for a moment I wondered if hers was anywhere near as lascivious as some of those I'd had.

But if I'd thought I could actually take her all the way to orgasm without waking her I was mistaken, not long after that, as I felt the swollen ridge rising beneath my tongue she gave a sharp cry and when I looked up again I saw that this time her eyes were wide open, the look on her face reflecting her confusion. Then, as though suddenly realising that what she was feeling was not a dream but reality, she looked down and saw me.

Whatever she was about to say was cut short by a gasp of even stronger pleasure as she felt my finger probing deep inside her pussy-lips and my tongue swirling over the quickly rising nub of her clitoris. As she came fully awake and remembered where and with whom she was she gave a deep sigh of contented pleasure.

'Aaah, yes! That's lovely Rob, please don't stop.'

I had no intention of stopping, I could tell from her almost lazy reactions to what I was doing for her that she was savouring every second, relishing the powerful sensations coursing through her body.

But what I'd been doing as she slept had obviously already worked her closer to a climax than I'd realised and it wasn't long before I felt her reacting as it welled up inside her. It was nowhere near as explosive as those she'd experienced earlier but she moaned and grunted as the waves of pleasure rippled through her, her body shuddering with delight.

Even before she was completely finished she pulled herself up, turned, then slid back down the bed until her face was level with my crotch, where she found my already fully erect cock. Making herself comfortable, she held the shaft in one hand, reached beneath it to cup my balls with the other, and slipped her lips over the swollen cock-head. Giving a low groan of pleasure as I felt her lips slide moistly down over the rim, I shifted myself around so we formed a classic sixty-nine position, and slipping one hand around to grip her bottom, I once again set my tongue to work on her pussy.

When I began to tentatively push my cock between her eagerly sucking lips she opened her mouth wider so she could take it deeper, at the same time sliding one hand up between my legs and gently fondling my balls. As even stronger waves of pleasure coursed up through my body I closed the loop of our mutual excitement by pushing my fingers into the cleft between the cheeks of her bottom, and thrusting my stiffened tongue in and out of her pussy.

There was an overwhelming smell of sexual arousal in the air, which magnified the effects of the physical stimulation we were giving each other. What her fingers and lips were doing to me were making my balls ache and my cock throb, and from the way Mandy was writhing and gurgling I could tell she was quickly building up to yet another orgasm. Replacing my tongue with two fingers I began to flick the hardened ridge of her clitoris, and felt her sucking my cock even harder as she almost immediately started to climax.

A minute or two later I felt the unmistakable signs of my own approaching, and although I tried to hold myself back until she had finished hers, the combination of what her mouth and hands were doing to me was just too strong. I thought the first load would choke her, but she somehow managed to swallow it, catch her breath, then pumped and sucked me as hard as she could.

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