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Riding Lessons


Eleanor Miles had spent the morning out riding her favourite horse along with her riding instructor, Stuart. They had a lesson every Tuesday morning, early, before her daily massage. At 22 years of age Eleanor had long ago mastered riding, but she had convinced her father to continue to pay for Stuart's expertise. He was one of the best instructors money could buy, and Eleanor's parents were pleased with the happy look that always graced Eleanor's face after her lesson.

Now, after riding to the edge of the grounds, Eleanor dismounted and removed her helmet. The sun was beating down harshly as she wiped sweat from her brow. She smiled at Stuart who had caught up with her and dismounted also.

"It's really hot out here today." she said.

"Sure is."

"Then you'll be perfectly comfortable without these." Eleanor dropped her helmet, walked up to Stuart and hooked her fingers into the waistband of his pants. He smiled back.

"You can't get enough, can you?"

"Not of you." She winked as she yanked down his riding jodhpurs. His cock sprang out, already growing in size and stiffness without Eleanor's touch. "Always so happy to see me, Stuart." She grinned and sank to her knees in the grass.

Flicking her tongue out to touch the head of his cock, Eleanor ran her hands over the length of his shaft, It hardened in her hands and she groaned at the feeling.

"Mmmmm, your cock is beautiful. It's so cruel you make me wait a whole week between tastings." She moved her tongue up and down, licking his dick like it was her favourite lolly.

"Oh god, I would have you every day if I could. But I don't think your father would be too pleased if he knew where your lips were right now." Stuart said, gazing down in happiness at Eleanor.

She stopped her licking. "My daddy is happy when I'm satisfied." She took one long slurping suck of Stuart's cock. "And you make leave me so fucking satisfied." His cock disappeared between her lips and Stuart felt it hit the back of her throat. Her head moved more rapidly, sucking his hard member deeper into her mouth. His hips moved in rhythm with her sucking, his moans escaping his lips.

"You suck like a fucking pro, Elle" Stuart groaned.

"And you would know?" Eleanor said, removing his dick from her mouth for a moment, drips of precum running down her chin.

"Just keep going" He said, putting his hands on the back of her head, forcing her lips back over the shaft. The taste of him made her pussy ache and she felt her panties getting wet at the thought of his cock inside her. Eleanor tried to remove him from her mouth but Stuart's strength kept her locked onto him as he fucked her face. His movements became more rapid and Eleanor feared he would cum too quickly, without him screwing her at all. She moaned loudly and pretended to gag, then took advantage of the loosening of his grip to pull her head free from his cock.

"You were about to lose yourself in there, weren't you? All my gentle effort and you were going to blow your load in ten minutes, in my fucking mouth?" Eleanor looked with disdain at Stuart, "You know I don't swallow unless I get some cunt attention."

Stuart sighed. "And to think I almost forgot. So, where do you want me?" He stroked his dick slowly.

"Seeing as you are being paid as a riding instructor, how about I go for a ride and you tell me how I'm doing?" She smiled, sweetly, "Lie down"

"You want me to lie down here, in the grass?"

"Well, I don't see a bed anywhere around here. Now, lie down like a good boy."

Stuart hesitated. Eleanor removed her own jodhpurs, putting her boots back on afterwards. He looked quizzically at her.

"I don't want to get prickles in my feet" she said.

"But you want me to put my bare ass down there?"

"Be a man, Stu; trust me, there's only one thing you'll be feeling once you're down there."

Stuart relented and sat down in the grass. Eleanor stood across him, legs on either side of is waist. She crouched down, staying a few inches above his erect cock.

"Am I doing alright so far?" she asked, coyly.

"I think you need to sit further down in the saddle."

"Mmmm, sounds good." She closed her eyes, and put one hand on her pussy. Rubbing up and down, Eleanor moaned and lowered herself onto Stuart's dick. "Ohhhh my god, you're a fucking good teacher."

"That's it, sit right down on me. Put me in there right up to my balls." He groaned as Eleanor obeyed and ground her pussy down into him.

"What now?" she moaned.

"Bounce. Do it hard and fast."

Eleanor obeyed again and began to move faster up and down on Stuart's dick. She changed position so she was now resting on her knees, giving her more control and power over her movements. Stuart looked down across the his body and watched with pleasure as his cock disappeared over and over into Eleanor's tight, wet pussy.

"Faster, you sweet fuck, faster." Stuart put his hands on her hips, feeling her supple skin as she kept her body bouncing hard upon him. His hands ran up her body, under the tight, white t-shirt and massaged her breasts through her bra. Her own hands were on his chest, using the leverage to put more pressure in her downward movements. She took one hand and placed it on her clit, beginning to rub in time with her poundings. Her moaning got louder.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Her talk got dirtier as she came closer to her climax. "Your cock is so fucking tight in my fucking pussy, baby. You love fucking my cunt, don't you? Love my tight, pink, wet cunt that just wants to cum all over you. I'm so ready to cum, my baby, so ready to let my warm juice run all over that big cock of yours; that big, rock hard cock wants to cum in me, doesn't it? It wants to spurt inside me, wants to paint my cunt with its white fucking cum. Cum with me baby, cum, cum!"

Eleanor screamed the last words at the orgasm hit. Her body began to shudder and her pussy muscles contracted over Stuart's dick. Seconds later and Stuart came. He did spurt his hot cum inside her as she bucked on top of him like she was riding a galloping horse. Her fingers kept a frenzied pace over her clit, adding to the intensity of the orgasm. Eleanor continued to scream into the sky while Stuart groaned and squeezed her tits under her shirt. She eventually slowed her movements on top of him and she felt his dick deflate inside her.

They were both quiet for a long time, until Eleanor moved her ass forward and let his dick slip out of her. She sighed at the emptiness she now felt in her pussy.

"You never are the one who's up for a second round, are you?"

"Give it a while and I will be."

"I don't have a while, Stuart. I have to be home in twenty minutes for my massage, remember? So, you'd do well to shake off your dick, get back on the horse and not make me late." Eleanor pulled on her pants and readjusted her hair, making it look acceptable after a rough ride.

"Why are you always such a bitch afterwards? Stuart asked, but with a smile as he pulled on his own pants.

"Because, sweetie," she walked over to him and ran her finger over his crotch, "When you band me so hard, it brings out the fucking, dirty bitch I am." He pulled her to him and they kissed for the first time that day, passionately, tongues playing with one another.

Eleanor broke the kiss. She mounted her horse.

"Like I said, I don't have time for this. Now take me back to the house, it's what you're paid for."

"And the blowjobs and sex?" He mounted his horse and turned it towards the house.

"Well, that's just one of the perks, I guess." Eleanor winked at him, smiled and spurred her horse forward, Stuart smiling and following after.

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