tagErotic CouplingsRiding The Rails Across America

Riding The Rails Across America


The American West. Images come to mind such as cowboys and tall cacti. Endless hot deserts and beautiful sunsets. Rough dusty roads and stunning red plateaus. I wanted to see all this without the hassle of driving 2000 miles, so my girlfriend Heather and I took a trip on an Amtrack train from Chicago to Los Angeles. We enjoyed the view through the large windows, and had a great time just relaxing, watching the scenery go by. On the second night of our journey, we enjoyed the scenery even more, because we were making love while looking out the window.

We decided to splurge and get our own private sleeping car. The first night, we were too tired to make love, so we just had a couple of drinks in the dining car and settled into bed early. Our compartment was fairly small, yet cozy. The bed was barely a double, unlike our king-size bed at home. There was a little floorspace, a small table, two chairs, and a tiny bathroom. The view, however, was incredible. We had an enormous picture window that offered a great view of the scenery.

"I've always thought it would be really cool to make love in a train" I confessed to Heather. We had just seen the movie Risky Business the night before, and there is a scene in the movie in which Tom Cruise and Rebecca DeMorney make love on the "El" elevated train in Chicago. We both got very turned on while watching that scene together. If you haven't seen this movie recently, it is worth renting just for this incredibly erotic sex scene. While the fantasy sounds cool in principle, neither of us would have the nerve to do something quite that daring (Although we have had sex outside and fooled around in other ways in public before.) So we decided this would be a great way to really fulfill this fantasy of mine.

"I'm a little tired tonight." She told me. "But I brought a very sexy outfit to wear for you tomorrow, John. Lets get some rest, because we'll need it for tomorrow. I was very tired, and rest sounded nice. We lay side by side on the bed, feeling the smooth rocking of the train, and hearing the pleasant sound of the train riding the rails. I got a little erect when I imagined which outfit she would be wearing for me tomorrow. I asked her which one of her stunning sexy outfits she was planning to dress in tomorrow, and she told me it was something I had never seen before that she had bough especially for this trip. We made out for awhile, deeply exploring each other's lips and tongues, and I squeezed her breasts a little under her nightshirt. I fell asleep with my head between her soft round breasts.

The next morning, we woke up. The whole morning was wonderful. Now we were traveling through Kansas. I had expected this part of the journey to be boring, but the scenery was actually quite pleasant. It was late May, and very sunny outside. The sun shone on the wheat fields, and they took on a beautiful golden color. We tried to shower together, but the shower was too small.

"We'll just have to take turns." I said. I let her go first, and she kept the shower door open so I could watch her! Heather knows I get really turned on watching her shower, and she also likes watching me soap up and rinse my body. She striped off her nightshirt over her chest, and I stared at her sweet tits while she put the shirt away. She then peeled off her pajama bottoms over her legs, and had on only a skimpy pair of red panties underneath. She quickly got rid of the panties, and stepped into the shower once it was warm and steamy. I watched her first shampoo her hair, and then soap up and wash her whole body. My favorite part was watching her circle and squeeze her breasts with soapy hands, and she made a point of playing with her nipples to excite me even more. She got out and dried off, and then I took my shower while she watched me. I teased her too, stroking my cock while my hands were all wet and soapy. I got dressed, and was puzzled when she remained naked.

"I want my lingerie to be a suprise for you later in the day, john." She told me. "So why don't you go to the dining car and order us some breakfast. I'll put on my clothes in here while you go. I want you to be thinking about what I have on underneath all morning. Do you think you can handle that, lover?" She asked. I love suprises, and knew I was going to be erect all through breakfast thinking about what she might be wearing underneath her clothes. I told her I would do my best to wait.

I ordered pancakes, eggs, juice and coffee while she changed. She joined me in the dining car about 15 minutes later, wearing a stunning short black dress and matching black tank top. She also had on black pantyhose that showed off the curvy shape of her sexy legs. We had a wonderful breakfast, and than relaxed all morning in the lounge car. The lounge car has tables and chairs, and we sat down and played some card games. She kept rubbing her feet on my legs. At one point, she removed her shoes, and rubbed her feet on my lap. This sure got my attention!

"Well, John, I'll bet you're wondering what I have on underneath my clothes." I asked her, and she said the time was right to tell me. She took my hand in hers, and started to guide it up her legs. "Why don't you feel what I have on underneath?" She led my hand higher up her leg, and I felt where the stocking ended and bare flesh started. She kept leading my hand up higher, and I was now touching her bare thighs. I had expected to touch her panties by now, but it seemed that she wasn't wearing anything at all underneath her black skirt! I stared into her eyes in disbelief as my hand came into contact with her bare pussy! She looked right back into mine and squeezed my hand and said "Does it turn you on that I was naked underneath this skirt all morning? I'll bet that gets you hard, John!"

"My God Heather, that is so HOT! I can't believe you did that. Let me guess what you have on underneath your tank top. Nothing?" She just gave me a wicked smile and looked around to see if anyone was watching. Seeing that nobody was paying any attention to us, she leaned towards me so that I could see her cleavage. She quickly moved the material of the clothes enough to give me a glimpse of one of her bare breasts. Her nipple was rose colored and stiff. My hand was still between her legs, and I rubbed her pussy a little while staring at her hot body. We kissed a little, entwining our tongues together. I rubbed her a little higher, and stroked her clit a little.

"Ooh...That's making me get wet, lover!" she said.

I rubbed the lower part of her legs with my other hand, gently massaging it the way she loves. I gave her some tiny tender little kisses on her neck and collarbone. "Oh.... GOD I'm getting horny." She said. I Just kept stroking her, all under the table so nobody else in the lounge had any clue what we were doing. "I think we need to go somewhere more private." Then she lowered her voice to a whisper and said "I'm getting really fucking horny, John, and I don't think we can get away with much more in the lounge. Let's go to the room. I need you inside me NOW. Lets make love on a train."

We gathered our belongings, and started to walk back to our sleeping compartment. We had to walk through five other cars to get to ours. First we had to walk through the coach seating cars. These are basically train cars full of seats, similar to the seats on airplanes. The first coach car was not very crowded, but the second one was full of all sorts of passengers making the trip out to California. There were families, other young couples like us, senior citizens, and single travelers. At the end of the last car before ours, there was a group of four rowdy college age kids, all drinking beers and talking loudly. She whispered in my ear: "Look at all these people around us, John. I'm just walking down the aisle of the train with NO panties and NO bra on underneath my outfit. Does that get you hard? Do you want to FUCK me?" I just squeezed her hand. I noticed a couple of the college boys staring at her figure as we walked past them, and she 'accidentally' brushed the side of her body against the arms of one of them on the way through the narrow aisle.

Finally, we made it to our compartment. We got in and locked the door behind us. We immediately started to kiss, passionately and deeply. I couldn't get enough of her sweet red lips. In no time, she lifted my white T-shirt above my head, and she kissed my bare chest. It felt really good, and she planted wet kisses all over my neck too. I felt her breasts through the tank top, making sure to circle her nipples with my fingertips the way she loves. We only broke our kiss long enough for me to lift her tank top off her body, and her skin really heated up my chest. I felt her breasts pressed up against my hard chest, and we made our way to the bed and started to touch each other's bodies. The sun outside was a brilliant orange ball of warmth against the clear blue sky. I noticed that the terrain was getting more mountainous and less farm-like, as we were near the Kansas/ Colorado border.

"I've got an idea." I told Heather. Lets move the bed a little so we can both watch the scenery as we make love!"

She agreed that this was a great idea. But when we tried to move the bed, it wouldn't budge, because it was bolted to the floor. "Oh well. We can just sit on the chair for awhile and look out the window." I unzipped my jeans and let them fall to the floor. I sat down on the chair, looking out the window, dressed only in my light blue boxers. She sat down on my lap, facing the window also, and she still had her sexy black mini-skirt on. My hard on was raging under the soft weight of her ass sitting on my lap. There was a little bit of a reflection on the window, and I could see her spread her legs and start to finger herself a little. She spread her legs really wide, resting one on each arm of the chair, and I could hear soft squishy sounds as she rubbed herself. I reached around the front of her body and cupped her soft tits in my hands and kneaded them. I kissed the back of her neck, causing her to sigh. She rubbed her ass into my lap, and I kissed her back a little.

"Ooh...yeah...right there, that spot feels good, John." She told me. "Ooh...my pussy's getting drenched...I need to fuck you soon. Let's do it on the chair! I'll just take my skirt off in a minute, and you can take off your underwear and I'll just slide right onto your big hard cock while we watch the beautiful scenery. She started to slide her skirt her legs.

This was when my body noticed that the train was slowing down. I looked out the window and saw that we were pulling into the train station! That spoiled the mood quite a bit, and Heather quickly slid her skirt back up and I put my jeans back on. The station was very small, as we were in a rural town in Colorado, but there were at least twenty people on the platform waiting to get on our train. I lost my erection, and Heather stood out of site because she was still topless. Then a thought occurred to me: Once the train started to move again, we wouldn't have to worry about anyone on the platform boarding the train. So, I thought, who cares if they see us, as long as we wait for the train to move again! I explained my logic to Heather, and she agreed that she wouldn't care who saw on the platform saw her as long as she didn't have to worry about facing them the rest of the trip onboard the train!

We waited out of site until the train started to move again, and then returned to our positions. I took my shorts off again, and Heather removed her skirt, while keeping the silky black stockings on her legs. I looked out the window, and saw that hardly anyone was even looking at the train, as they were busy meeting other people on the platform. Heather pointed out the four college guys to me, and one of them was looking right at us. His eyes just about fell out of their sockets when he saw what was going on in our compartment! He quickly alerted his buddies, and they all stared at my girlfriends wiggling breasts. She wanted to put on a great show for our admirers, so she stripped off my boxers as quickly as she could and slid her pussy down my stiff prick! The boys ran, then sprinted to keep up with this traveling show as the train gained momentum!

After a couple of minutes, the train was past the station, and I held onto her tits as she bounced up and down my lap. It felt great to feel the friction of her warm juicy love tunnel riding up and down my cock. She played with my balls, cupping them gently in her hands, and I got her really hot circling her nipples with my fingertips. I realized that from this position I could reach around the front of her hips, and rub her pussy a little. I could feel the shaft of my cock as she slid up and down it! I reached up a little higher and searched for her clit. I couldn't see, but I could tell when I hit a good spot by the noises she made.

"Ooh...OOH!" She panted. "Fuck yeah, right there. Ooh...my cunt feels so good! That was SO fucking hot having people at the station watch us! It was...Ooh...I can't even talk, this feels so good...oh my YES!" she screamed. Her breathing was getting heavy. She grabbed my legs and lifted her hips up and down, rhythmically fucking my cock. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the friction. "John, give it to me...ooh yeah..." she moaned. "Fuck me silly!"

Her hair was flowing down my chest, and I felt the nice feeling of her bare ass on my lap with every thrust and move. She started to sweat with exertion, and was soon moaning wildly. "Ooh...ooh...OOOH! I'm gonna come soon." she screamed. I rubbed her clit with a little more pressure. Her clit was slippery with her own juices. "Ooh...FUCK ME!" Her grip on my legs tightened. I circled her love button a little faster. She bounced up and down fast and furiously, screaming and playing with her jiggling boobs as I rubbed and rubbed her.

"Ooh god this is so cool, making love on a train! Fuck me hard John, give me that cock, give it to me...ooh...Ooh...OOH! I'm gonna come..." she panted. "OHH! FUCK! OHH...UNNNNNHH! UNNNNHHHH! Huh...Whoa... Ooh..." Her pussy contracted around my hardness, and she sat still and enjoyed her orgasm while I kept pumping away inside her. She massaged my legs while I held onto her shoulders and bucked my hips up and down. I started to pump a bit faster, feeling the approach of my own orgasm coming on. She relaxed her body from all the exertion, and just let me pump my cock inside her. Up and down, I thrust my cock inside her slick pussy walls. She grabbed my balls with one hand and rubbed my thighs with the other.

"Go for it, lover." she said. "Fuck my tight little cunt. Fill me up and shoot a load of hot cream up inside me! Fuck me good." I closed my eyes and felt the orgasm getting really close. I knew I was going to come in less than a minute. Than she surprised me by saying "Fuck me good and hard for that couple driving by in a nice red Lexus!"

I had no clue that we were near a road; the last time my eyes had been opened, I saw nothing but wilderness. My eyes opened, and I saw that we were parallel to a major highway, and going approximately the same speed as traffic! This really turned me on and sent me over the edge, and the couple in the Lexus looked shocked to see what was happening on the train! I gave Heather a really hard deep thrust, and the orgasm rocked my hips into her ass hard. My cock exploded in a rush of pleasure. It felt so good...so intense after all the waiting and teasing of the morning. Jet after jet of hot creamy come shot out from the head of my cock, filling Heather's pussy up deep inside. All the come was mixing with her female juices, dripping down my shaft and leaking outside her pussy lips a little. My cock was utterly satisfied, and my body went limp while she sat on my lap. I closed my eyes and enjoyed coming down from my explosive orgasm. She turned around and hugged me, letting the people on the highway get a good view of her bare back and ass.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. We enjoyed the scenery all afternoon, and had a great steak dinner that evening. We were both exhausted form the travel and the lovemaking, so we fell asleep very early that night. She wanted to stay up later, but I told her that I wanted to see the sunset over the desert early in the morning. We fell asleep, once again enjoying the gentle rocking of the train.

I got up really early, and sat down in the chair to watch the sunrise. It was still almost pitch dark outside, but there was a hint of dark blue in the sky. Heather was awake, but still resting in bed. I felt very sleepy, and my head kind of nodded as I dozed off, not even realizing I was falling back asleep. I really fell asleep for about ten minutes. I didn't wake up naturally; a very pleasant feeling awakened me below my waist. I was disoriented, and opened my eyes to see the beginning of an incredible sunset over the desert. The sun was an angry hot shade of reddish-orange. But like I said, I didn't wake up naturally. You see, my insatiable woman was down on the floor between my legs giving me a blowjob!

She stopped sucking for a minute, and said "Just enjoy the sunrise, love. This should make it extra memorable." She stopped talking, and gently sucked the head of my cock. It was an amazing experience, watching such a beautiful sight out the window while she hungrily sucked on my stiff dick. She made exaggerated slurping sounds as she sucked and sucked. "Sluuurp..." Her tongue licked up and down the shaft while she played with my balls. I spread my legs and enjoyed the show. I averted my gaze from the window for just a minute so I could watch her head bobbing up and down on my cock. She was naked, and my boxers were on the floor. I didn't recall taking them off, so Heather must have stripped them from me while I was dozing off in the chair. Her wet mouth sucked my cock, paying extra attention to the sensitive underside, that spot just under the head of the cock that feels especially good when sucked on. She really got her lips and mouth wet, and coated my cock with her saliva. Her little sucking and slurping sounds were really turning my on, and I grabbed her shoulders tightly.

She just kept bobbing her head up and down, and sucking and slurping. One of her hands was holding my heavy come filled balls, and the other hand was stroking me off. She got her hand all wet and used it to stroke the part of my shaft that she couldn't quite swallow. She had more than half my cock in her mouth, and I could see the shape of the head of my cock in her cheeks. She let more saliva drip down on my cock, and really started to stroke and suck me fast. Although I usually close my eyes when I come, I wanted to look out the window. I got closer and closer to shooting out a load down her throat, and she kept moaning and making sounds.

I couldn't take it much longer, and the orgasm started to build up as my cock got ready to let go. I bucked my hips up, sitting in the same place I had fucked her the night before. She took me in deep inside her hot mouth, and I let go, feeling all the energy in my body gravitate to my throbbing erection as a slid my cock in her mouth. She swirled her tongue on the head of my cock while sucking me off, and my cock exploded, filling her mouth with my hot come. She swallowed and swallowed, making exaggerated gulping sounds to go with the slurping sounds. She sucked and sucked, getting every last drop she could down her throat, while caressing my thighs. I collapsed on the chair, thanking her profusely for waking me up.

"I really liked the way you woke me up. Much better than that alarm clock!" I told her. "I was only asleep for a few minutes; it was like hitting snooze, only instead of the alarm ringing a second time, I got a blowjob! Wow, that rocked. I feel bad that you missed the sunrise though." I told her.

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