tagIncest/TabooRight Time, Wrong Room Ch. 02

Right Time, Wrong Room Ch. 02

byNemasis Enforcer©

Sean had, had the best present ever from Tracy for his 18th birthday.

"That watch was great the best present ever Tracy" Sean joked to his sister the day after his birthday party, Tracy smiled as she sat up on her bed and placed her arms around her naked brother's chest pressing her massive breasts once more into his back.

"Hhhmmmm glad you liked it but I thought you would like the other present better, I sure did" she said kissing Sean's neck and upper back as she brought her hands down his chest to his growing cock, scraping her nails along his soft skin.

"That was ok I suppose" he said smiling from the feel of his sisters skin touching his back and her fingers now wrapping around his cock giving it light strokes with her sensitive palm, her fingers gripping it loosely.

"OK, I'm still feeling you're cum up my ass now and it was hours since we did it I think it was excellent Sean and...." Tracy stopped and smiled as she kissed then licked her tongue up her brothers neck and to his ear, licking the inside of it causing Sean to pull his head away not liking the feel "I think you did too" she finished in a whisper right into her brothers ear, the light wind coming from her mouth tickling the sensitive inner workings causing Sean to shudder.

Tracy moaned as she felt Sean's back rub over her erect nipples that were pressing on his back making her pussy wetter.

"Oh Sean Wilson you do know how to make me hot" Tracy said as she wrapped her legs around her brothers stomach, pulling herself against his lower back pressing her wet opening to him leaving a little wet sticky spot on him.

"Oh I now sis you too" Sean said as he felt his sister move her hips up his back leaving a trail of wet on him before lowering herself again to wipe it away with her little patch of pubic hair.

"Tracy, Sean are you awake?" Stephanie shouted her two children from the kitchen.

"Yer mum I'm up but Sean is still asleep I think" Tracy shouted back slightly giggling as Sean started to tickle her feet that were wrapped tightly around him and getting tighter.

"Well tell him its time to get up I've got work in an hour" their mother shouted and closed the stairs door.

"Now that was a lie young lady," Sean scolded his sister mockingly "You know perfectly well that I'm right here naked with my sister who's also naked rubbing herself against my back," he continued.

"Oh no I've not been naughty have I?" Tracy asked her brother making her voice sound like a little school girls.

"Yes you have and I don't like it, not at all," Sean said like a stern headmaster speaking to a bad student.

"Oh but I do know something you do like though" Tracy said in the school girl voice again as she gripped his fully erect cock hard in her left hand and started taking it up and down the shaft.

Sean moaned after a few strokes from Tracy's expert hands, which were starting to grip tighter around his sensitive shaft.

"Hhhhmmmmm that's nice Tracy ooooooohhhhh that's perfect" Sean moaned as his sister brought him closer to orgasm with her tight griped hand.

"Hm don't want to make a mess," Tracy said as she reached to her brother's side and grabbed a pair of her light blue knickers.

Sean had his eyes closed as he felt his orgasm nearing so he didn't see his sister grab for the knickers. Letting go of Sean's cock Tracy used both hands to open up the knickers.

"Don't leave me this close," Sean begged his sister as he felt her move her hand off him.

"Oh poor baby brother I won't ever leave you," Tracy said softly as she lowered the open waist of the knickers over her brother's cock, pressing the head into the crotch right where her pussy would go.

Pulling her hands out of the knickers, she once more gripped the cock of her brother threw them, sliding her hand over the material, making the thin cotton rub over the sensitive head and shaft.

Sean moaned out loudly as he felt his cum race up his shaft, his balls tightened and his cock jumped as it spewed forth the thick white liquid, splattering the inside of his sisters knickers.

Tracy tried to look over her brothers shoulder to watch the show as the thick liquid made the light blue material turn deep blue, but her massive breasts stopped her getting close enough to his shoulder to look over, so she just closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it looked like.

Sean could see and feel everything he watched as his cum filled the knickers and started to dribble out of the leg holes.

When Tracy felt Sean was finished she released him from her grip both her legs and hands and moved back from him taking the knickers with him.

Sean moved forwards and got off the bed grabbing his clothes he started to get dressed.

Tracy looked at the cum soaked knickers as she held them up in front of her face, Sean looked back at her just in time to see her stand on the bed and start to pull the knickers up her legs.

"Hhhmmmm" she moaned as she pulled the cum covered material high onto her pussy, making sure it coated her lips and as much skin as possible before pulling them down a bit and moving them around to make them comfortable on her body.

Sean watched in amazement as his sister wiggled around in the blue cotton knickers that only just covered her ass and pussy, she smiled as she saw her brother watching intently.

"Perfect" she said satisfied that the knickers were in the right position on her tight body.

Sean watched her step off the bed and grab for a tight top, which she slid over her body not bothering with a bra. Tracy walked over to her brother swaying her hips making the cum swish around on her skin making little squelching noises every time she bent and the material pressed against her skin.

"Get dressed Sean mum's going to wonder where we are," she said as she grabbed a short skirt not the normal leggings she wore any other time.

Sean shook his head and quickly pulled on his clothes before leaving his sisters room and heading downstairs.

Stephanie was dressed ready for work as her daughter came walking into the kitchen.

"Hi mom" she said chirpily.

"Hi sweetie" Stephanie said as Tracy walked by her and sat at the table "Good time at the party?"

"Yer I really think Sean enjoyed it," Tracy said rubbing her cum covered crotch onto the chair, loving the feeling of her brothers cum squelching into her skin.

"I think everyone did" Stephanie said as she placed a bowl of cereal in front of her daughter and smiled.

Tracy gave a nervous look at her mother just as her brother came into the kitchen; Stephanie stood up straight and looked over to her son.

"Morning" she said smiling and going for another bowl.

"Morning mum, sis," Sean said as he sat next to Tracy who was busy munching on her breakfast. She smiled at him.

"So Sean did you have a good time at your party last night then?" Stephanie asked her son as she brought over his breakfast.

"It was great mum," Sean said taking a mouthful of cereal in.

"Good glad you enjoyed your 18th and I hope you got everything you wanted, we tried to make sure you did" Stephanie said looking at the clock on the wall then at Sean who was blushing slightly making her smile "Well I've got to be going you two going ok clearing up here?".

Sean and Tracy looked at each other and nodded their agreement to their mother who smiled as she went out the door to work.

"That was close," Tracy said to her brother finishing off her breakfast and taking her bowl to the sink.

"What was?" Sean asked not knowing what his sister meant.

"You didn't see her, I really think she knew what we had done" Tracy said looking at her brother worriedly but still rubbing her crotch against the sink to move the sperm over herself more.

"No she couldn't know" Sean tried to reassure her but she wasn't so sure.

"No Sean she knew" Tracy said as she went back over to her brother "But that doesn't matter does it?"

"Not a bit" Sean said as he pulled his sister down so she was sat on his lap and kissed her lips deeply, Tracy kissed her brother back shoving her tongue into his mouth searching for his tongue, when she found it she eagerly began licking it.

Sean opened his mouth and pushed out his tongue, his sister smiled and began licking her tongue up and down his, looking into his eyes and feeling his cock pressing threw their clothes and onto her wet cum covered pussy.

They were just about to rip each others clothes off and fuck right there but the door handle made its tell-tale squeak causing Tracy to rapidly jump off her brother who slid his legs and chair back under the table hiding the bulge in his pants just in time as their mother walked threw the door.

"Forgot my keys," she said walking to the table and grabbing a set of keys near the edge.

Tracy was flushed red and panting slightly as he mother looked over her before walking back out the door-waving goodbye.

Tracy sighed hard as she looked at her brother sat at the table.

"Close" Sean said looking back at his sister's perfect body studying her assets carefully.

"Too close" she said leaning back against the draining board, pressing her breasts out, which were moving nicely up and down with Tracy's hard breaths.

"I think we should be more careful" Sean said getting up and walking over to his sister who smiled at her brother who rapped his hands around her thin waist and pulled his body close to hers, her massive breasts pressing hard onto his chest as he pressed his crotch into hers.

"Me too" Tracy said as she rubbed herself against her brother who moaned in to her neck as he lowered his head to kiss her neck.

Tracy brought her legs up Sean's legs and around his waist gripping him tightly, she looked into his eyes as she rubbed her hands down his chest and onto his pants undoing his jeans and loosening her legs she slipped his jeans down so his cock was free.

"I think I need a refill," Tracy said as she reached for her own knickers and pulled the leg on the left to the side leaving a gap for Sean to place his cock in. Sean knew what Joan meant and immediately pressed his cock into the hole she provided.

Letting go of the fabric she let it form a tight seal around his cock feeling the hard meat pressing across her soft, sensitive blood-filled pussy lips.

"Hhhmmm your so naughty" Sean said as he felt his sister slide her hips back and forwards letting his hard cock touch her soft, smooth hairs.

"Ooohhh I know I am" Tracy said as she started a steady rhythm of grinding into her brother.

The rapid movements of the two soon brought Tracy to orgasm flooding her knickers with her sweet juices and coating Sean's cock.

Tracy was screaming out as she felt the head of Sean's cock slide past her pussy lips and his lips on her hard nipples. He had pulled her top up over her face so she shouldn't see what was happening to her only feel, he had brought her to the point of orgasm again by his steady licks and nibbles of her overly erect and sensitive nipples.

"OH OH OH YES HHMMM AAAWWWWWW" Tracy screamed out as she felt Sean's cock swell in preparation of Cumming. Grabbing her brother by the head with her hands she pulled his face from her breasts and to her material covered face pulling his lips to hers she kissed him threw the thin cotton.

Sean threw his head back and his cock forwards as his cock exploded into his sisters knickers again filling them with large deep pools of cum, her entire pussy was covered the lips, the skin around, the pubic hair, everything.

Sean began to pull out when he was done making sure to be careful not to pull the cum with him leaving it all in his sisters knickers.

Tracy squeezed her thighs together and rubbed them feeling the fresh pools of cum moving around under her and around to her ass. Sean pulled his pants back up and looked back at Tracy who was holding her skirt up and looking down at the knickers that were literally dripping with both their cum, little rills dribbled down her legs and a drip or two falling from the centre where the material was the most wet, she smiled and looked up at Sean.

"That should last me for a while" she said satisfied then let her skirt drop back down over the drenched knickers.

Sean had left the house to go to the cinema to watch a new movie and Tracy was nowhere to be seen when Stephanie returned home from work that afternoon. She shouted for her kids but there was no answer, she went round the rooms and they were gone. 'Strange' she thought wondering where her kids had gone but that thought soon left her mind.

Stephanie walked into the kitchen to make something to eat for herself. She went over to the sink to put away her plate after eating her sandwich when she stepped in something wet and sticky.

"What's this?" she said as she lifted her foot off the floor and brought it closer to her face. Stephanie couldn't really make it out at first. 'Must be water' she thought to herself but something in the back of her mind said different.

Lifting her foot again, she took another look then balancing on the counter with one hand she brought the other to the ball of her foot and slid her fingers threw the liquid. She looked at the strange liquid oddly before tentatively bringing them to her nose and sniffing. She instantly knew what the liquid was.

Stephanie smiled as she looked at her fingers, a little tremor ran threw her body as she with a shaky hand brought the fingers to her mouth touching her lips with the wet fingers lightly, she smeared the liquid over first top then bottom, pouting to make both more full as she gained in confidence.

When all the liquid was on she let her tongue slide out and lick her lips, the taste was magnificent the undistinguishable taste of a mans cum filled her taste buds, it wasn't fresh but it still had the taste that drove her wild.

It had been 3 years since Stephanie had had anything that even resembled sexual contact with anyone.

Not really fun for a 37-year-old woman to be left unsatisfied for nearly 4 years but that is what has happened, since her husband died she had spurned all sexual advances, but that was starting to take a toll on her.

This was a perfect opportunity for her to get a little thrill even if it was wrong, she knew who's the cum was, it was Sean's and she knew where the rest was, it was with Tracy.

Stephanie found herself with a strange feeling, she knew her kids must have had sex and that she should be disgusted (among other things) but she wasn't.

'They are both adults, they are close and they know what they are doing' Stephanie tried to rationalise the situation in her mind, trying to talk herself into a state of believing this was not a bad thing for her kids to have sex.

'Why is it so wrong?' she asked herself 'Its only illegal because hundreds if not thousands years ago when humans first came into being, inbreeding would pass on any faulty genes threw a family and that would mean that family would die out so to survive they had to keep a good fresh bloodline, but these days that's not a problem with all the technology we have, it shouldn't matter the only reason its illegal is people kept up the old way of thinking into a new society and decided it should be illegal, but that doesn't mean anything to other animals and that's all we are animals at heart' Stephanie had a convincing argument going on in her mind, she thought about it for a little longer not realising the time was flowing by fast.

Stephanie finally convinced herself it wasn't wrong for her kids to have sex if they wanted to, they were both free of disease and as far as any test knew had nothing wrong with their gene's so where was the problem, its only a state of mind of other people and they didn't matter.

Stephanie knelt down and pushed her hand into the drying cum on the floor before bringing it back to her mouth and hungrily licking it off savouring the taste she had missed for too long.

She was still in this crouched position when Tracy opened the door and walked in on her licking the cum off her hand.

"What are you doing mom?" Tracy asked as she watched her mother on the floor.

"Tracy!" Stephanie shouted as she quickly looked at her daughter, her hand still at her mouth, her eyes wide open with shock.

Tracy suddenly realised where her mother was, she was where she and Sean had been this morning when he had filled her knickers with cum, she realised that she had not cleared up the drips or little overflow that had gone on the floor but her mother was licking it up!.

"Tracy I can ex..." Stephanie stopped when her daughter ran upstairs, she looked at her hand before getting up and following her daughter who had slammed her room door closed as she ran towards it. "Tracy open up please let me explain"

Tracy was leaning her back against the door holding it closed, little tears falling down her cheeks, her breasts jiggling as she sobbed and sniffled. Stephanie could hear her daughter's cries threw the door and her heart sank, why had she been so stupid? She just had to explain.

"Tracy open the door please sweetie and let me talk to you" Stephanie begged her daughter threw the wooden door.

It stayed closed tight.

"Come on Tracy please love let me explain I won't get mad or blame you if you do, but we have to talk about this" She tried to reassure her sobbing daughter who was starting to give in to her pleads.

Tracy sucked up a big lung full of air, held back the tears and turned to open the door. When it opened she saw her mothers face, it was the spitting image of hers big brown eyes, high cheek bones, cute little nose that fit perfectly in the centre of her face and full red lips, she had certainly not lost her looks as she had gone from her late teens to thirties.

Stephanie bit her bottom lip and looked her daughter in the eyes as she walked into the room and sat on the bed, Tracy closed the door and slowly turned to look at her mother who was looking around the room at the walls.

"Well" Tracy said standing across the room from her mother.

"Look love I just have to explain what I was doing when you came in" Stephanie began to explain "I stepped in something when I was at the sink, I thought it was just water at first then when I smelled it I realised what it was".

Tracy looked away from her mother, turning away and bringing her hands to her face, though shame mostly.

"Look Tracy, I realised who's it was right away," she said standing off the bed.

"And so what?" Tracy said tears starting to well up in her eyes as she realised her mother was on to her.

"Well I needed to tell you that I figured out that it was Sean's and it was you who it was meant for" Stephanie went over to her daughter who quickly shrugged her way, crying.

"Mom I'm really sorry we just Oh god I don't know" Tracy was really crying now, Stephanie grabbed her daughter and hugged her tightly to herself.

"Sssssshhhhhhh ssshhhh sshh" Stephanie shushed her daughter as she hugged her, patting her on the back as she cried onto her mothers shoulder.

"Its ok Tracy I understand perfectly, I'm not mad with either of you I love you two and what ever you do is perfectly fine with me" she told her daughter who had started to calm now with her mothers words.

"Really?" Tracy asked sucking back the tears.

Her mother nodded and brought her hands up to her daughters face wiping away the tears with her fingers from Tracy's cheeks.

"Really" Stephanie nodded looking deep into her daughter face before kissing her cheek lovingly.

"Mom" Stephanie stopped as she was headed for the door.


"What did you think when you tasted Sean's cum" Tracy was being genuine with her question but was still embarrassed to ask her own mother what she thought of her sons cum.

Stephanie closed the door and walked back over to the bed where Tracy was sitting.

"I ..." Stephanie stopped not sure about telling her daughter what she really felt 'what mother does this sort of thing' she question in her mind.

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