tagFetishRight Where I Want Him

Right Where I Want Him


~ Chapter 1

"You've gotta let them know where their place is in this world!" my sister, Martha told me when I mentioned that I had met this wonder guy in my Stats class and we had started dating.

Martha is a striking beauty of five-foot eight, curves that never end and a face that men would say is like an angel. Her azure eyes seem to penetrate your psyche and explore your soul. The long auburn hair that encircles her gentle face bounces as she walks toward you and the smile on her face simply ties the package together. Men are always turning to watch her walk down the street.

"What do you mean? I just met him three weeks ago and we've only gone out two times. I hardly think I'm going to marry him next week," I yelled back at her thinking what she was telling me to do would run him off in a heartbeat.

But as the younger sister, I dutifully listened and took her word for it. She said that her husband, Patrick loves it and that Mom showed her how to do it. "It's now my responsibility to pass this knowledge onto you!" she exclaimed trying to convince me that she knew what was best for my boyfriend and me.

"You know how much Ronnie loves Mom and you see what she does to him, don't you?" she expressed to help me see her side.

Fred had asked me out for coffee and I eagerly accepted with a resounding "YES!" That's what had started her ranting and raving.

I tried to explain, "He is after all, the catch of the sophomore class. Starting college is hard enough. The sooner you get hooked up with the right person, the easier it gets. This means I won't have to fight over the left from those who got first choice," I argued.

As you may be able to tell, I've always been strong willed and defiant. It runs in my family, at least on the female side. My brother is a little withdrawn. With my mother, though, I don't find that particularly amazing. She's the Queen of Domme!

No one, even our father, ever told my mother what to do, or how to do it. It was her way or no way at all. She just always took charge. My Dad finally became so frustrated and had enough of it that he just threw up his arms and walked away.

I couldn't really blame him. It wasn't that he didn't love her or us. He loved her too much, maybe. Gave her too much, definitely! He had to do all of he housework, cooking, taking care of us when she decided to go out with her friends at night. He smiled and accepted it until I was about thirteen years old.

I remember that at times Mom would take Martha and me to the Mall to go shopping for the day. Almost every time she did, she would take us to the big toy store and tell us to play with the toys until she came back for us. "Don't you leave this store for anything and don't talk to anyone!" she would reprimand us before leaving for where ever she went.

When I was ten, I watched her leave the store and meet some man in the Mall. She gave him a kiss on the lips and they walked hand in handout of my sight. When I asked Martha, she said, "He's a friend of Mom and Dad's! Don't worry about it." Then she played with the video games until Mom returned.

Before Dad left, he and Mom had a lot of parties. Mostly Dad's friends, guys came over, ate, played cards, and drank alcoholic beverages way into the night. Sometimes, when we woke up they were still at our house. Mom and Dad's friends would still be asleep and Dad would be fixing them breakfast, "So that they will have a good start to the day," he always said.

He was always happy and loving to Mom after their parties. He didn't get upset or complain about his chores for days and sometimes weeks after a party.

After our Dad left, Martha and I saw more and more men coming in and out of our house every day. I thought Mom was looking for a new housekeeper to take Dad's place. Mom hated housework!

Then she brought home Ronnie. He was a really nice guy, somewhat intelligent because Mom hated dumb men. She said she liked him a lot. After five months, they married and we became a family again. Only we kids now had two Dads, our real Dad and now our step dad.

Mom stopped shopping for a while. She and Ronnie spent all their free time together. As a family, we traveled all over the place in the summers. We went to Europe, visited most of the continental United States and Canada plus Hawaii. Ronnie just loved to go places even if only for a day or so.

So, that's a little background about how this whole thing with Martha and me came about.

Martha said, "Mom groomed Ronnie to be the man she wanted him to be. She showed him what she wanted and would accept nothing less. He loved her so much that he would do anything for her. She taught him how to make her happy; she showed him how to treat her!" Martha was in my face.

I sat on my bed and asked, "Is that what you did to Mark, too?" She smiled really big and nodded.

I knew how happy she and Mark were. He worshiped Martha as Dad had Mom. They had lots of friends and on weekends they got together with them for pool parties and bar-b-ques in their apartment complex.

I kept trying to get invited because I was there one afternoon, when their friends were just arriving and the guys were so cute.

Some Saturday mornings, I would drop in early by with some clothes to wash or just to see how Martha was doing. There was always at least one extra car still in the driveway. She would still be in bed and Mark would be fixing breakfast for her. Or she was in the shower, "Just waking up," he would say. I never saw the extra body or bodies.

I guessed their friends were still sleeping too. Must have been some wild parties. With five years between our ages, I was never invited to "adult parties." "When you're older!" Martha would always say.

"How do you train a man to treat you like you want to be treated?" I asked Martha.

"That's the fun part," she smiled, "not only for you but for him too." She had a devilish look on her face.

"Most men dream of taking care of their wives and having a family. They are breed to be protectors of those they love," she said. "But, unfortunately they seldom know what we want so they make mistake after mistake because most women are unaware of their role in a marriage or relationship. They think men are mind readers!" she laughed out loud.

"This is how Mom told me to do it. It takes a little time though. They want to treat you good, but they really don't know how," Martha trailed off.

I shook my head to show that I understood and Martha said, "Good!"
"You're not going to like this next part," she said, "because I know you've been saving yourself for 'Mr. Wonderful' and you are anxious to find out what it's like to be a real woman but one of the first things you need to learn is denial!"

I laughed so hard that my chest hurt. "You want me to withhold sex from Kevin?" I caught my breath. Here I was, three months from my nineteenth birthday and dreaming of losing my virginity to the man that makes me wet every time I see him and she wants me to just say NO! I don't think so!

"How can you suggest that I deny him and myself the pleasures of sex?" I screamed. "I'm sorry, I just can't, I won't, do that!"

My anger was causing tears to stream down my cheeks. "I'm three months away from the event that I have planned and prepared for since I was sixteen. I worked hard to protect myself from being called a slut. Now you're asking me to give up what you and almost every other woman has? How dare you!" I accused.

"Then you'll lose him in six months," Martha whispered trying to calm me.

We argued back and forth for a half-hour. I got mad and left the room crying, "FUCK YOU!"

I washed my face and went to meet Fred at the coffee shop and tried to push this out of my head. I didn't want to hear my sister's words anymore.

Fred and I laughed and talked, trying to learn as much as possible about one another. The next two hours passed like minutes. He had me laughing and forgetting about my incident with Martha.

I just knew Fred and I would be good together we had so much in common. We had three classes together and studying was a cheap date for struggling students. We held hands while we discussed theories and argued over answers. All of this just seemed to bring us closer.

The weekend before my birthday, I went home to visit Mom and Ronnie. I was talking to my Mom and I told her how good things were with Fred and me. She just nodded her head and asked, "Have you had sex with him yet?"

"NO! You know I'm waiting until I'm nineteen!" I told her.

"Oh yeah, that's right you did tell me that. I guess I just forgot. Are you sure he is the one you want to be with? Do you think he likes you as much as you like him? Will he always be there for you and take care of you?" she rattled off question after question.

"What is this third degree?" I exclaimed, "You and Martha sound like this is wrong and you haven't even met him"

"I'm sorry, sweetheart, but I don't want you or Martha to go through what I did with your father," she explained" He was a good man, but he didn't understand me; mostly he just tolerated me. I just want you to have everything you want in life and I think, I could be wrong, but I think you are too young to be thinking of Fred as the one and only to make you happy," she sighed.

"Well, it's not like we're getting married tomorrow, we haven't even had sex yet!" I was getting frustrated with all these questions about my relationship with Fred.

"You're right sweetheart, I'm sorry," she said. "Would you like to go shopping with me today?"
"No Mom thanks. I have studying to do today. You have a good time though," I bowed out of it. She kissed me on the cheek and ran to her car looking at her watch.

Ronnie was busily cleaning the bathrooms. I wanted to talk to him about how happy he was. "Ronnie, how are you today?"

"Hey sweetheart, I'm doing great! And how about you I heard you fussing with your Mom?" he asked concerned. "Ah that was nothing. We just disagree about my dating techniques," I blew it off.

"Ronnie, are you truly happy with my mother? Does she make you feel good and needed? Did you have sex before you two were married? Do you two have a good sex life now? I know none of this is my business, but I am going through some things now and I'm so confused!" I spilled it all.

"Hmmm, a lot of questions. Happy, maybe content is a better word. Happiness dulls a little after the years pass. Yes I feel very needed. Your mom has her ticks, but all of us do. We learn to accept and go on if we love someone. Let's see, yes, we had sex before we married, many times. That's part of getting to know one another. She didn't want to at first, but I finally convinced her that it was something I needed. Our sex life now? Well it's not like it was in the beginning but it is something that I've become accustomed to and I do really like it!" he explained.

It seemed that Ronnie and I could talk about almost anything. He was so easy going and open. "So do you think you will be with Mom for the rest of your life?" This was the most important question to me.

"Yelp, sure do!" was his response; "She makes me happy almost every night of the year!"

I thought, 'Mom and Martha don't know what they're saying. Mom has sex with Ronnie every night the way it should be.'

"Thanks for sharing that with me Ronnie. I'm glad you're happy with my Mom. And you have helped me feel better about my own love life as well!

I went back to school and called Fred. "Wanna meet me for coffee and some fun tonight?" I asked.

"Yeah, babe, we going to study?" he inquired.

"Yes, my dear and get to know one another a little better, too!" I hinted.

"Great! What time?" he wanted to know.

"About seven, regular place," I suggested.

I quickly jumped in the shower and cleaned up. Then I went through my wardrobe to find something a little more sexy than usual. This was after all going to be a night to remember.

I found a light gauze dress and some open toed sandals. I decided not to wear a bra; my tits were so large that they would sag. And no panties felt liberating. I was, after all, rebelling against the establishment!

When I arrived at our usual coffee shop, every man I passed turned his head to gawk at me. I just smiled and thought 'I must be pleasing to the eye.'

Fred had not yet arrived. I ordered my regular coffee and found our usual table open and sat down. I could feel all the eyes on me; it made me a bit uncomfortable but at the same time exhilarated me.

When Fred arrived, I waved. He smiled and pointed to the counter. After he got his coffee he joined me and when he saw me his eyes got really large. "Wow! What's the occasion?"

"Just wanted to look nice for you," I said coyly.

"Well, you succeeded!" he exclaimed, "I'm not sure I can concentrate on books with you sitting there so sexy!" he joked.

"Oh really, then maybe we should forego the books tonight and find something a little more exciting to do?" I teased.

"Sounds like a great plan!" he said with a gleam in his eyes. "I've never seen you look so sexy!"

"Why don't we go to my apartment to study?" I suggested.

His head bounced up and down; the smile on his face said it all. We packed up our books and raced to my apartment.

Once in the door, we were all over one another. Tongues down each other's throats, hands exploring body parts never before experienced; the fire was burning hot and there was no stopping the passion that was flowing between us.

I loved the way my skin felt underneath his large hands. My pussy got really wet; it felt weird and uncomfortable but also sexy and wild.

I could feel his dick pressing against my body while it was still confined in his jeans. I wanted to see it and feel it in my hands.

Slowly and cautiously, I reached for the zipper and when I found it, I released the dragon that was within. It too was wet, a drop of precum sparkled on its tip. It wasn't as smooth as I had thought it would be. It had veins poking out all over its shaft causing it to feel lumpy but the head was soft and red. The fluid that came out of it was sticky.

In high school, the other girls, you know the ones they called sluts, use to say they loved the way a boy's dick felt in their hands. To me, it was strange and exciting but I wasn't sure I loved it.

Fred's mouth covered mine as we touched and explored one another's body. His hands attacked my pussy pushing a finger into my tight little hole. At first it hurt and burned but not for too long. I could feel it getting wetter to offset the pain.

"I want you!" Fred cried as his fingers rubbed my wet box, "I want to be in you!"

"Yes! I want that too! I do; I want you! I want you to make me a woman!" I cried, "Show me how it feels to be a woman Fred!"

We stumbled into the bedroom still connected to one another. His hand in my cunt and mine on his prick. Finally, we made it to the bed where we fumbled trying to remove the rest of our clothing with one hand not wanting to release the other.

"Oh, I love you, baby!" Fred whispered in my ear as he took his dick away from me and led it to the slit between my legs while he kissed me hard on my mouth. His tongue darted in and out tasting me.

The head of his dick didn't slide in easily. I was too tight and not wet enough. He had to force it into me. And once he did get it in, it didn't want to stay. He forced it in once again and this time I felt something tear. It burned and I cried out.

"Are you okay, baby?" Fred asked concerned.

"Yes, it just hurt for a minute," I lied. My eyes watered at the pain and I wondered why anyone would want to do this more than once.

Once he felt he was in all of the way, Fred's body rose and fell repeatedly sliding his man tool in and out of my tight little box.

"Oh yeah, this feels so good! Oh baby, I hope this is as good for you as it is for me!" he cried out.

"Mmmmmm," was my only response. I didn't want to lie to him and tell him how much pain I was in. My eyes watered at the discomfort I was in. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. The tears ran down my face.

I kept thinking, this is supposed to be beautiful; this is supposed to be the best part of being in love. Why does it hurt so much?

Fred was grunting and his hips kept pumping his dick in and out of my burning cunt. He was having a great time. "Oh baby this is so good! You have a great pussy; so tight so slick!"

I felt I had to let him know I was enjoying this even though I wasn't. "You feel so good in me too baby!" I said biting my lip to keep from crying out.

Then I felt a stinging like salt in a wound. It was hot and sticky and I realized it was his cum spilling into the wounds his entrance had caused.

Fred rolled off me. I could once again breathe easily. Tears ran down my face. I couldn't tell if they were tears of pain or relief. The sex was over almost as soon as it started but while it was going on it seemed endless. And I didn't feel the way I thought I would feel; the way I wanted to feel.

Fred rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on. He hadn't kissed me when we finished having sex. He didn't even ask if I wanted to share the shower with him. All of my illusions of real love were shattered in that instant.

I felt used and abandoned. I thought we would hug, kiss and tell each other how much we loved one another. I wanted Fred to hold me and make me feel better.

I rolled off the bed and joined him in the teaming hot water. He had soap on his face and he didn't see me climb in. So when I touched him, he jumped.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," I laughed.

"No problem; I just wasn't expecting you in here. I'll get out in a sec," he said.

"No! Let's shower together I begged. I'll wash your back, you wash mine!" I suggested.

He stayed but, when we finished the shower, he hadn't touched me at all. He stepped out and then handed me a towel.

Fred dressed and grabbed his books. With a quick kiss on the cheek, he headed out the door and called back, "I'll see you in class tomorrow."

I felt empty and alone. I sat on the bed and tears ran down my face. I thought about what Martha had said. I made a mental note to call her tomorrow and closed my eyes; sleep easily taking me away from the pain.

~ Chapter 2

At exactly eight o'clock I called Martha at work. "Hello? Martha speaking, how may I help you?" she said.

I started crying immediately from the pain and humiliation I had felt the night before. "Martha, it's me," I choked out.

She heard my distress and responded, "Oh sweetie, what's wrong? Did you fail a test?"

"Yeah, sort of," I cried. "You were right! It all changes when you have sex! I need to talk to you!" I begged.

"I can take a long lunch today if you want to come down here, we can talk. I'm so sorry!" she said sincerely.

"I can get there for eleven thirty," I told her, "Is that good for you?"

"Yes, that's great, see you then, sweetheart! Take care until then," she said. I hung up the phone and tried to relax.

We met at a fairly quiet restaurant. When I saw her face tears started streaming down my face. "What did I do wrong?" I cried.

Martha hugged me. "You didn't do anything wrong, sweetheart! But you did learn something new. Tell me about it."

I told her how it hadn't been what I expected and that it wasn't wonderful at all. I shared the way that Fred had acted and that I felt empty and alone after it was all over. "And in class today, Fred only shook his head and smiled, he didn't talk to me nor did he sit beside me."

"That's what I tried to tell you, honey; they change after they get the pussy. Especially if they didn't have to earn it!" she explained.

"But I talked to Ronnie and he said he and Mom had sex before they got married and he was really happy to be married. He said that Mom made him happy every night," I tried to explain my decision to go ahead with my plan.

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