Rihanna's Biggest Interview


"How big did you hear it was?" he said with a smile as Rihanna held his cock, her hand unconsciously stroking him.

"About eight inches, and thick, but this is more like nine or ten inches!" she exclaimed, looking back at his impressive manhood.

"It's ten on a good day, like when I've got Rihanna playing with it!" he said with a laugh, making her giggle as she got him fully hard, having to undo his belt to free him. His erection sprung up into her soft hand, which she wrapped around it, unable to make her fingers touch as she took a firm grip and started to stroke his huge cock. She ran her talented hand up and down him, gently stroking from base to tip and back, wanting to stimulate every millimetre of his incredible cock, the biggest she'd ever seen in her life. Rihanna started working a bit more determinedly, working the head and gripping more firmly, making him shiver slightly.

"It'd be a personal record for me," she murmured, her eyes locked on his cock, "especially my ass," she almost whispered, giving a little squeeze unconsciously that accentuated her comment. He looked down at her sceptically as she stroked, then moved up to suck the bulbous head of his thick cock into her mouth, immediately making him shudder and tingle as she got to work, sucking firmly and getting right to work with her tongue, probing and tasting him.

"Few women want me there," he breathed, "and none of them has ever gone balls deep," he said, his eyes squeezing shut as Rihanna demonstrated some serious oral talent on his straining cock. She sucked intently, pushing down to take a little more of him, giving a silky smooth blowjob to him.

"Then I'll be your first, because I want every inch of you there," she mumbled in a momentary pause from sucking his huge cock. Just the thought of her doing it made him thrust up slightly into her mouth, controlling himself again and letting Rihanna continue to do the work, watching the bobbing head and bright red hair of the Bajan singer.

"Not many girls want every inch of me anywhere, they can't take it," he said, the frustration clear in his voice, Rihanna focussing completely on what he said as she worked to give him great head, multitasking in the best possible situation.

"Well I'm not like other girls," she mumbled through her mouthful of cock, one of her hands holding him at the base and working firmly up and down below where she was sucking, since she couldn't deepthroat him, especially not from her current position.

"Why do you want me?" he said, since so many girls he knew were put of by the actual idea of taking him in.

"Because I'm not exactly shy and I love expanding my horizons," she said as she paused, pulling off him to wank him quite fast, looking up at him with a smile as she did, clearly loving that she was getting to suck on him.

"You'll be expanding more than your horizons if you keep on!" he said with a laugh, breaking the tension that'd built between them since she'd first dropped to her knees.

"Well that was generally what I wanted!" she laughed, still stroking at him as she did. It felt good for the tension to lift, and both of them were on the same page. Rihanna wanted exactly what he intended to give her, a good hard fucking that would leave her a different woman. Sliding her mouth back onto his head slowly made him groan and push up to meet her, Rihanna letting him feed his cock into her mouth, relaxing her throat to take him deeper, quite impressed with herself that she was now at about half depth on his thick cock, easily the thickest she'd sucked which made taking him into her throat a new challenge. His hands found his way into her hair, which Rihanna found strangely comforting, just feeling it natural that she should have her head held as she sucked cock.

"I just want you to bang me like a drum," she said in another momentary pull off from his cock, "just fuck me hard and deep with your big cock," she breathed, sucking him in again and immediately going deep, pressing her tongue to him as she did, already knowing he loved that. He gave a groan of pleasure and pushed her head down a little, not answering her, simply leaning back and letting the chart superstar please him. Rihanna continued to suck steadily at him before speaking again, this time mumbling with her mouth full.

"I love big cocks and I've had a few, so don't worry about stretching me too much. I've never had one this big and I've just got to try it," she managed surprisingly coherently before she got to work sucking harder again, ramping up her blowjob to demonstrate her skills, as if with every interruption in proceedings she felt she had to make up for it by sucking him off even better.

"Just want to go all the way with it, and have you take me there if necessary, every inch inside me, anally, everything, just do your thing and take me," she murmured, laying it all out for him that she just was desperate for him to fuck her, hard, and if necessary get a little rough with her by the sounds of things. What it did do was cause him to be absolutely rock hard in her mouth as she sucked, urging her to go a little deeper on him as she continued. Rihanna tried and promptly choked, but continued valiantly and kept on sucking very impressively.

"I think I'll be able to do that," he said wryly, pushing her head down quite hard and squeezing another couple of inches of his thick manhood into her throat, catching her by surprise and making her struggle, but she kept control of herself and kept going, sucking really hard as she attacked him mercilessly with her tongue for a few moments, making him shudder. After just a few more seconds of sucking him she stood up swiftly, pulling her low red top over her head to expose her lovely breasts in their sheer bra once more, able to clearly see her pierced nipple through it, along with her toned tummy. Rihanna flicked her little skirt up as she straddled him, pulling her see-through knickers to the side as she did, both of them gasping slightly as her perfectly waxed pussy brushed against his big cock, smoothly sliding together as she pulled herself to the top of it.

She didn't say a word as she positioned his bulging head at the entrance to her hot pussy, giving just the slightest rock to spread her abundant juices. He could feel how wet she was, soaking him in a moment as she just settled herself before pushing quickly down on him, sliding onto his erection with a groan, giving a squeeze of her muscles as she took the head in, making him groan in return. His hands found her hips and helped to press her down onto him, Rihanna giving an ascending groan as her pussy stretched round his thick cock, feeling him push up into her. He was impressed how she took him in, getting down to around seven inches before tightening up, then pushing up against her killer platforms and then down on him once more, her gorgeous slippery pussy gliding down him again and taking another inch or so. For a girl who claimed she liked big cocks he was surprised at how tight she was, but then she had said he was the biggest she'd ever had.

"Oh fuck that's a big cock," she gasped, giving a shiver as she started to ride, pushing down to her full capacity each time as she tried to bury the last couple of inches into her pussy. He looked down at her pussy, stretched tightly round his cock, loving how she took his girth even though she struggled with his length, her lovely toned legs working hard in her sexy lace topped stockings as she pushed up and down on him. His hands grabbed firmly at her full breasts, squeezing hard as she groaned and bit her lip at fucking him, making him shudder as she clamped down with her strong pelvic muscles when he was in deeply, making him momentarily lose interest in her chest as they ground together before they continued. He attacked her tits with renewed vigour, making her gasp at how rough he was with them, reaching round to deftly snap the clasp on her sexy bra, yanking it off her before she realised he'd undone it.

She smiled down at him, playfully impressed at how skilful he'd been in releasing her, arching her back to offer himself to him even more, making him groan as she suddenly started riding a bit hard, taking almost all of him now. Rihanna gave a squeal as he mauled her chest, grabbing her perky breasts hard, squeezing and groping her with abandon as they fucked, pushing up harder into her as he buried his face in her tits, biting and licking at them.

"Oh fuck yeah, bite them, oh god you're so big inside me," she gasped, shaking and breathing hard as she rode him hard, still not quite taking him as he grabbed her nipple ring in his teeth.

"It'll feel even bigger when I do this," he said through his teeth, pulling back on her piercing and then forcing her hips down onto him to bury his cock inside her to the hilt, her perfectly bald pussy pressed to the base of his cock as she gave a loud cry of pleasure and pain, stretching her pussy further than it'd ever been stretched before. Rihanna realised that even though she'd taken it, now she had to fuck it, but she wanted this challenge and she was sure he'd help her. Reaching down, she placed her hands over his at her hips and then slid up, then pushed down again, struggling with his length again, at which point she pressed his hands, where he took the hint to force her down with another guttural noise. They fucked hard now, Rihanna really getting into it as she rode his huge cock, pleased with herself at taking it so well, and also how great it was feeling pumping in and out of her, especially as he helped her whilst continuing to bite at her bouncing breasts and nipples as they groaned and moaned.

"Of fuck don't stop," she groaned as she pumped her juicy pussy on him, slamming her round booty down on his thighs as she took it to the hilt.

"Ride harder!" he snapped, his hand flicking round to spank her hard on the arse, making her gasp and immediately respond, working to fuck him even harder, feeling his grip on her tighter now, really possessing her as she embedded him inside her, loving how hard he was, the way he twitched and thrust so deep within her. Leaning back she found more pleasure as he rubbed against her G-spot, making her tense up a bit, her pussy squeezing his cock as she got a little closer, reaching down to rub at her rock hard clit, which he'd left up to her as they fucked. Rihanna gave intense groans as she rubbed at her clit, as combined with taking the biggest cock of her life it was overwhelming, taking her close to orgasm almost immediately as he pumped up into her.

"Oh god I think I'm gonna come," she gasped, trying to work harder to tip herself over the edge, but he had other ideas. He suddenly lifted her off him, Rihanna giving a gasp of surprise as his huge cock didn't fill her up, but she didn't have time to complain as he shoved her down over the coffee table, yanking her skirt up and her knickers down, his rough, primal action really turning her on. She pushed back eagerly, letting him know how badly she wanted it as she reached back to rub at her clit while he lined up, pressing to her gaping pussy, considerably looser now. He just pressed the tip in and then grabbed her hips, and with one hard thrust buried his entire cock into her to the balls, slamming himself against her fantastic booty, making her give a loud yelp of pain and surprise as he got to his full depth instantly, trying to pull away from him, but he held her fast.

"Oh fuuuccckkk!" she whined as he suddenly started to pound her, really hard, as hard as he possibly could using the full length of his cock. Rihanna started rubbing at her clit again despite the discomfort, unable to keep up with him now as he pumped her, overwhelming her totally so she didn't know whether to try and pull away or to push back like his good little fuck toy, like she knew he wanted her to. She decided to do her best for him, like she'd wanted, and pushed back to him, making him slam into her toned arse noisily as he fucked the tasty Bajan star. She'd already been close, and now she burst into her first orgasm, noisily climaxing as she let him shove her forwards against the table, tingling at the cold glass tabletop on her exposed nipples, her breath steaming it up as she squealed and moaned her way through her shattering orgasm, her tight cunt squeezing down on him as he continued to impale her. She thought that would likely finish him off, but she was wrong, and he continued to pound into her body, his hands sliding from her waist to her lovely rear, giving a good squeeze.

"Keep rubbing that clit," he ordered her, and she was shocked from her orgasmic haze into doing just that, almost doubling up under him at the intensity of touching her clit again soon, but he soon distracted her by pumping her a bit harder and shorter. Rihanna was already feeling close again, and before she knew what happened she tumbled into another orgasm, her body shaking harder this time, bucking beneath him as he fucked her, jamming every inch of the big cock she'd yearned for so much so deep inside her she just couldn't take it, but she had to. Even as she came again, pushing back on him, gasping and moaning, he didn't climax, able to hold off somehow, which only served to frustrate Rihanna. He suddenly started fucking her has hard as he possibly could, short and deep, making her squeal in complete intensity as he did as she just couldn't cope with how he stretched her out, and then give a cry of disappointment as he suddenly pulled out, leaving her pussy gaping wide.

As she looked round up at him, he grabbed her bright red hair and pulled her up to his cock, more guided her really, Rihanna knew what he wanted and was happy to do it. He had her now, owned her almost; she loved the way she got fucked by his ten-inch cock. Opening wide, she took his thick shaft into her mouth, sucking at the head initially, tasting her juices as he held her firmly and pressed more into her mouth. She relaxed her skilful throat and let him in, helping to push down as deep as she possibly could on him, taking just over half before she pulled back. He let her do it, but he'd set the marker now and she knew he wanted her to match that standard, which she diligently set about working to. His hands stayed in her hair as she did the work, sucking him hard and thrusting her mouth down on him briskly, taking him to where he'd pushed her to and a bit further, hoping to please him and get her reward.

Rihanna knew from experience that he was close, his cock swelling and surging in her mouth as she sucked him, working him so he bumped into her throat every time, her tongue attacking and lapping at his head and shaft as best she could, her jaw open wide around him. She slurped and sucked hungrily at him pushing down a little deeper as she sucked him off, feeling him push into her mouth a little more. Suddenly his hands tightened in her hair and as she pushed down on him he held her firmly and forced more of his thick cock into her throat. Rihanna did he best to relax but couldn't stop herself gagging on him, making him groan in pleasure as her throat convulsed around his head, pushing another inch or so into her throat. He'd forced her nearly down his length now, and powerfully holding her head he started to give her a good, stiff throat job. She controlled herself and did her best to keep sucking and tonguing at him as he pumped her throat but she couldn't deny she was struggling, controlling her gag reflex and trying to take him as deep as he wanted to go.

Despite her struggles, she didn't complain, in a way loving the way he was treating her as he now bounced her head on him fast, Rihanna unable to stop herself slurping and drooling over his thick cock as he pumped deep. She didn't think she could possibly take any more, but suddenly, just as she was coping, he suddenly held her tight and forced himself down her throat, pressing her all the way down to deepthroat his entire ten-inch cock, her nose pressed to his groin as she gave a choke.

"Oh yeah I knew you could take it," he gasped as she pushed against his thighs, just holding her, rocking his hips a moment before he let her pull back, Rihanna sliding back most of the way off his cock, breathing through her nose as he stopped her withdrawal, his bulbous head laid perfectly on her tongue as she felt him go as hard as he'd ever been, just a split-second before a thick spurt of come ejaculated into her mouth. He gave a deep, long groan as he unloaded in her talented mouth, his cock releasing thick, hard spurts as all his pent up sexual energy burst forth. Rihanna, recovering from the deepthroat, did what she always did when a guy came in her mouth; she sucked as hard as she possibly could, making him inhale sharply at the sudden increase in sensation, and started gulping his load down greedily, pushing him deeper into her mouth so he could unload down her throat and share the taste of him across her different taste buds.

"Fuck, that was incredible, very impressive," he breathed, looking down at her with a satisfied smile as he gave a last squeeze to get every last drop into her mouth, feeling her suck it from him and swallow before he released her sexy red hair and she pulled back to let his thick, softening cock slide sensually from her mouth.

"Well, I always strive to be the best," she said with a sexy smile, running her tongue over her full lips with a giggle as she looked up at him from her knees, her sheer panties still round her stocking-encased legs. Reaching down, he took hold of Rihanna and pulled her up from the floor as she reached down to pull her knickers back up, then they tiredly stumbled from the main room of the posh hotel suite into the opulent bedroom. Pulling her onto the silk-sheeted kingsize bed, they relaxed into the luxurious bed beneath them, side by side, looking into each other's eyes for a moment.

"As good as you hoped for?" he asked with a smile, glancing down her body, over her bare breasts and toned tummy, her skirt having dropped back down over her other treasures.

"Absolutely," she purred with a grin, "I always love a good big cock, and yours is the biggest yet, so it doesn't get much better, especially since you know how to use it," she finished, giving a stretch.

"Good, because we're not finished yet," he smiled, reaching out to run his hand down her smooth side, then back up to her breasts, taking a good squeeze and then pulling lightly at her nipple ring. She just giggled as he played with her, making her gasp as he gave it a firm twist, then let his hands roam down her body, over her firm, toned arse, easily finding the zip at the back of her skirt and quickly sliding it down. Rihanna just made it easy for him and helped him get her skirt off, which immediately disappeared down her legs, past her stockings and heels. He immediately gave a good squeeze of her arse again, then a light spank, making her inhale a little as her hands ran over his body, feeling his somewhat toned body underneath. Her fingers deftly unbuttoned his shirt to reveal him, running her hand over his bare skin and feeling him tingle a little beneath her soft hands. He was in good shape, working out a couple of times a week, and Rihanna felt every inch she could reach, running her hands up and down him, round his sides and pulling him closer for a kiss before she pulled his shirt off, barely getting it out the way before she started on his jeans.

"A little eager are we?" he teased playfully as she worked his already undone jeans to get them off him, his recovering erection still poking out the top of them, lying firmly on his stomach. Her hand slid back up to give him a stroke, just enough to make him surge, his cock giving a jump beneath her skilful fingertips as she stimulated him just right, his erection taking a significant step towards being fully hard for her again. The Bajan beauty went back to his jeans, sliding them down his legs as she leaned over to breathe hotly over his cock, which was very enticing despite the blowjob he'd just got from her. She didn't waste any more time and quickly dispensed with his boxers as well, leaving him naked beside her with a stiff cock. He seized the initiative and pushed her back down onto the bed, rolling over to pin her down with a kiss as his hand slid down her sheer panties, making her shudder as his fingers circled her clit. He pulled back, twisting his fingers into the thin material of her underwear and then pulled them down her legs, past her sexy hold-ups and over her high heels, exposing her smoothly waxed pussy completely.

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