tagLoving WivesRiley's Bar Ch. 03

Riley's Bar Ch. 03

byJust Plain Bob©

For the next couple of days I was bummed at myself for not saying "Just minutes from here" that night at Denny's. When I finally became convinced that Karen wasn't going to return my calls I shook it off and looked around. Leslie had pointed me at Betsy and I thought 'why not give it a shot' to myself. I really wasn't in any mood to work hard at getting something going and Leslie had indicated that Betsy would jump at a chance to go out with me.

Tuesday Betsy and two of the other girls were already sitting at the tables with the guys from Woodbine when I got there. The seat next to Betsy was empty so I took it and joined in on the conversation. Phil got up and put some money in the jukebox and when the music started I asked Betsy if she would like to dance and she said yes.

I had danced with Betsy before, but it had just been dancing to be dancing so we hadn't talked much. This time it was different in that I was going to try and get something going. I started out with a really corny:

"What's a nice girl like you doing in a joint like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"You are in here almost every night. Why aren't you out there dating some nice guy?"

"I wasn't aware that there are any nice guys out there."

"Oh my, that doesn't sound good."

"Let us just say that my experience with the so called 'nice guys out there' hasn't been all that great -- or nice."

"It looks like I have my work cut out for me."

"Your work?"

"Yes, my work. I have to defend my gender. It will be my job to convince you that whatever experiences you may have had prior to me were with the extremely small percentage of males who are sub-standard."

"I'm going to have an experience with you?"

"One can only hope."

I spent the rest of the evening dancing with Betsy and when it got close to the time I normally left I asked her if she would like to stop for coffee with me she said that she would like to. Then she said the same thing that Leslie had said.

"I don't want to be thought of as the same kind of girl that Alice, Mary and Becky are so would you please leave first and I'll meet you in about twenty minutes at the Town and Country? I don't want Denny's because too many people from here stop there. I don't care even if it is only for coffee, but if they see me leave here with a guy I'll get tarred with the same brush as the girls I just mentioned."

"Works for me" I said and then I walked her back to the table, told the group goodnight and left.

Betsy and I had coffee and talked and we made a date for Saturday night. We went out for dinner, caught a movie and then hit a club for drinks and some dancing. We got kind of close when we were dancing and since Betsy was a fine looking woman I had an erection from holding her close and it came in contact with Betsy a time or two so she knew the effect that she was having on me.

I got her home about two-thirty in the morning and I was horny as hell, but I remembered what Betsy had said about her experience with so-called 'nice guys' so I decided to behave myself. I walked her to her door, told her that I'd had a very nice time and said that I hoped we could do it again. I kissed her on the cheek and turned to go. "Hey!" she said and I turned back toward her. She grabbed my tie and pulled my face down to hers and gave me a long kiss on the mouth.

"We will do this again" she said and the she went on into her apartment.

I was feeling pretty good as I drove home. Still horny, but feeling good.


I spent Sunday doing my laundry and cleaning my hovel. I talked with both my brother and my cousin Tom and they both told me that they hadn't heard any more from Elaine. They were pretty sure that she had heard that I was living in Florida with my grandmother. The sixteen weeks I had given her were up so I started sending her alimony. I didn't send her what the court ordered, but I did send her what we had agreed to over the kitchen table over a year ago.

I'd send a money order to my grandmother in Madeira Beach and she would cash it and then send a money order to Elaine with my supposed signature on it. I talked to Grandma Estelle once a week and she told me that she had started getting letters from a law firm addressed to me and I told her to toss them into the trash.

"They could be important Robbie."

"Not likely Grams. Just threats from the lawyer that Elaine hired demanding that I pay his bill."

"It could get you in trouble Robbie."

"It probably will eventually, but I told the shyster that he would never get a dime from me if he put me in jail, but he ignored me and did it anyway."

I knew that eventually Elaine and her lawyer would find me and I spent some time thinking about what they could do and what I could do to counter it. I could only think of two things they could do. The first would be to haul me to court which would only result in me spending more cell time for contempt of court and the second would be to get a court order to garnish my wages. Of course a garnishment would do them no good if I was sitting in jail and not a whole lot of good if I wasn't. A soon as my wages were attached I would quit the job and go find another and then they would have to go to the trouble of finding me again. Short of constantly changing jobs and making them find me I needed to find a way to keep my wages away from them. I had a couple of ideas, but I didn't know if they were workable. I would need to ask around and see what I could find out.

The idea I came up with might work, but I would need my boss's help in doing it if it could be done. I explained my thinking to him and he was doubtful that it would work or if it did it would work for long, but he was willing to give it a try. It helped that he had gone through a rather acrimonious divorce himself.

The plan was that I would set up a services company. I would get all the licenses and permits and have the company ready to go if Elaine and her lawyer ever found me. The first time I was garnished I would quit and then Rod would contract my company. I would continue to do work for Rod and he would pay my company and then my company would pay me. If Elaine's shyster ever caught on to that my fall back position would be to work for cash under the table. The plan wasn't one that would work for everyone, but then not every one was a bridge certified welder and certified in eight states.

The last thing I did was transfer ownership of my truck to my brother so that it couldn't be seized and sold at auction. With my butt hopefully covered I relaxed and got down to the business of enjoying myself.


I dated Betsy a half dozen times and pretty much behaved myself and took my time. Our kisses at the end of our dates got longer and more passionate. We sat in the car and necked and for a while the necking was so hot the windows of my truck fogged up.

I'd just brought Betsy home from a night of dinner and dancing and we were sitting in the truck necking when Betsy pulled away from me and said:

"Are you ever going to make a move or am I going to have to do it?"

I smiled at her and said, "I remember you telling me your thoughts on "nice guys" so I thought it would be best to let you make your own choices; to let you make the move if you ever got to the point that you wanted to."

"Do you have any idea of how many weeks we have wasted? Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"Into my apartment and don't you dare be so dumb as to ask me what we are going to do there."


Betsy and I kept steady company for the next five months. We made love three or four times a week and it was always good. Then one night after we had worn each other out Betsy said:

"I know that this is sudden Rob, but tonight was our last time."

"Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Not at all sweetie; I'm the one fucking things up. You are a nice guy, a great playmate, but we have no future. I like you Rob; a lot more than I have liked any other guy, but I don't love you and the last five months have shown that I probably never will. As much time as we've spent together if love was going to develop it would have by now and it hasn't. I'm getting to the age where I want to go from a single girl to being a wife and mommy and for that to happen I need to start looking for "Mr. Right." I can't do that if you and I are still playing. I'm sorry sweetie, but it is time to end it. Can we still be friends?"

She was right and I knew it. We had fun together and I did like her, but there was no spark there between us. I looked at her and said:

"We can still be friends, but that means that you have to dance with me at Riley's from time to time."

"I can do that."

I reached over and rolled her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger and said:

"Tonight may be our last time, but tonight isn't over yet, is it?"

She reached down and took my limp cock in her hand and said, "Not by a long shot."

When I left her apartment in the morning I gave her one last kiss and wished her good luck in finding "Mr. Right" and then I headed for work. As I drove I wondered if I was ever going to find a "Miss Right" and then remembering my two marriages I wondered if I even wanted to.

To be continued...

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