tagInterracial LoveRiley's New Life

Riley's New Life


I had always considered myself to be an average white American woman. I work hard as an office administrator, volunteer at the library, and am married to an insurance salesman who works hard to provide a good future for us. I'm not a gorgeous woman, but I've always been told I'm pretty. I work out and take care of myself. I had never really been much of a party girl, never took risks. I did what I was supposed to do to be successful, and I thought I was achieving that dream. I thought I had everything a woman could want, and I was so happy with life, dreaming of a future with my husband and children someday. I never knew how much more life had to offer.

It started innocuously enough. At the grocery store of all places. It's funny how simple moments can change your life forever. My husband was at home watching football, and as he was preoccupied, I took the initiative to get some shopping done.

It was in the juice aisle I think. I was grabbing some V8 when a deep, baritone voice said, "Good choice, it seems to be working for you."

I turned around and saw a tall, handsome black man looking at me. I was flattered; I had never been complimented like that from a stranger. I smiled politely and put the V8 in my cart, and started to push my cart away.

"Let me guess, you like to swim, right?"

I turned, consciously put my left hand up to brush my hair away and display my wedding ring. "Why yes, I swim a few times a week and run a lot." I nodded.

I saw his eyes track my hand, seeing the wedding band, then lock back onto my eyes, the penetration never leaving, the confidence. "I could tell. You only get thighs and arms like that from swimming."

I laughed nervously, thanking him. Now looking at his body, and the firmness and strength it displayed. He bantered a bit more, joking and making double entrendres without any seeming embarrassment or nervousness. I knew I should push my cart away and leave, but I couldn't for some reason. I was caught, against everything I knew. I was enraptured by his forwardness and confidence. It made me feel so desired and beautiful in a way I never had before.

"You're pretty cool for a married chick, you know?" he grinned, expressing the obviousness of my last defense. "You in a hurry? Why don't you come chill at my place for a bit and you can finish your groceries later?"

My mind reeled, I wasn't sure what to do or say, but in a fit of adventure I said sure, and left my cart with the V8, coffee, the hash browns my husband likes, eggs and milk right there in the juice aisle and left with him.

He talked and joked the whole way to his apartment. I can't remember what he was saying. I only remember the butterflies in my stomach and the sense of giddiness and excitement I had. He was so totally calm and removed from the situation. While I was head over heels in nervousness and anxiety. Finally we got there, ascending the stairs in the hallway was like a dream, the key in the lock to his door echoed in my head. We walked in and he shut the door, and his hand was on my neck, caressing my skin, under my jaw. The other one combing through my long hair.

"I love brunettes," he whispered. And kissed me deeply.

I immediately was lost. Feeling his body pressed against mine. His hand around my back pulling me into him. I literally felt a sensation of melting. Everything about him, his body, his arms, his tongue in my mouth felt so strong. His hands met across from themselves on my shoulders and he pushed me down gently to my knees.

I let him, staring up at him and caressing the sides of his legs as he unbuttoned his jeans. I looked at his waistband in anticipation, biting my lips as he pulled out a black dick thicker and longer than I had ever seen ever. His fingers wrapped around my long hair tightly with one hand, and he gripped himself with the other and rubbed it on my lips. I could taste the salty sweetness of it.

For the first time, I really wanted to give head, badly, and he was actually teasing me! It had always been a chore before, but now, I was trying to reach for it with my mouth as he held my head back and teased me, putting it into my mouth a little and pulling it out! Oh my god, it was the first time and it was so hot!

Finally he let me grab it in my hands. I could fit both my hands around it and still put it in my mouth and bob up and down on it. I was amazed, and could feel myself getting wet. I heard him sigh deeply as I stroked him the entire length with my tongue and traced my tongue around the head of his cock. Suddenly he grabbed my hair tight again and pulled it back.

"What's your name, baby?" he asked.

I felt my face flush red, I had just been giving a stranger head and we didn't even know each other's names. "Riley," I panted, realizing I was breathing hard.

"I'm Todd, lover. Go ahead, unbutton those jeans and touch yourself as you work it. It's all you get today. If you're good I'll give you my number."

He caressed my chin and cheeks as I undid my jeans, panting on his rigid, huge dick. Then slid my hand into my pants, wrapped my hand around his cock, and sucked harder as I slid my clit between two fingers, wetted by my dripping pussy. I slid down and up him, gliding him deeper into my throat with each descent. I was determined to take him all the way into my mouth. My fingers touching myself and arousing me terribly.

He whispered how good it felt, how he liked a little skinny white girl on her knees, how if I was good he would wreck me next time. Looking back, if I had heard it somewhere else, I would have thought how slutty and cheap it sounded, but at the time, it only encouraged me to suck and lap and lick all the more, and before I knew it, I was moaning on him as my hips rocked forward against my hand as I sucked his cock.

Finally, my body going tingly with ecstasy, I could feel him swell in my mouth and hands. I loosened up as I began to cum, and he pulled his cock from my mouth and began stroking it.

"Open your mouth, Riley," he husked. I obeyed as a wave of orgasm wracked me, my eyes scrunched closed tight. And a hot stream of cum splashed against my lips and tongue, sending me over the edge.

I had only swallowed semen once, because my husband asked me to. I had hated it. Now, I gulped hungrily, after the initial two sprays of cum spattering my lips and chin, I pulled him into my mouth, sucking and swallowing as my body shuddered with orgasm. It now tasted so different, so thick and sweet and lovely! I sucked, gulping wanting every last bit. Then when he was done, sitting back on my calves and licking what was on my fingers and chin off as I looked up at him. Body heaving deep gasps of breath.

He smiled down at me, "Nice." Took his cock and wiped the last drip on my lower lip. Put it back into his pants and zipped back up. "Give me your phone," he commanded.

I obeyed, and he punched a few numbers in. Pulled me to my feet. "Get yourself together, sweetheart."

I buttoned my jeans and did them. He handed my phone back and kissed me. Turned me around and grasped me from behind. "Call me." And shoved me out the door.

I was a bit disoriented. I found I wasn't too far from the grocery. Found my car and went home right away. My football obsessed husband asked where the groceries were. I muttered something about the line and having a headache and went to lie down.

I was still floating laying in bed. Thinking about how I had just been unfaithful to my husband. That I had just had the best orgasm in my life while giving oral sex to a stranger while masturbating. That I had graciously accepted something from a stranger that I had only accepted once from my husband with grudging acquiescence. I felt dirty, and sick. I would never do that again.

To be continued.

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