tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRip in Time Ch. 01

Rip in Time Ch. 01


Rip in Time1: Nocturnal Omissions

The blond man grinned at the young woman. “You look beautiful today, luv.” He brushed his lips against hers in a soft welcoming kiss. She wrapped her arms around his waist and leaned against him as she gave him a feather-light kiss. His tongue sought entrance to her mouth and she welcomed him eagerly. The man slid his hands under her sweater. As he traced small circles on her back, she pressed more intimately against him, settling between his thighs. “I want you so much.” He gasped against her open mouth.

“I want you, too.” She cried as she tugged his white shirt from the waistband of his tight jeans. He helped her pull it up and over his head. Then, he returned the favor by helping her remove her sweater. They slid to the floor in a pleasurable jumble of arms and legs. “Oh, Willow.” He moaned.

“Oh, Ripper.”

“Oh, bloody hell!” Giles cried as he came awake abruptly. He had been dreaming about Willow and himself as a young man. Willow and Ripper writhing on the floor in ecstasy and he had just been about to. . . “Brandy. Need brandy.” He whispered.

Giles clumsily made his way downstairs, still troubled by his erotic dream. And its ramifications. He retrieved the bottle and poured himself a generous portion. He placed one trembling hand to his brow, seeking to make sense of his chaotic emotions.

“Rupert? You awake in there?”

“Yes.” Giles snapped. He was in no mood to deal with his captive vampire.

“Glad to hear it. From the sound of that dream were having. . .well, let’s just say I’m relieved you aren’t sleep-walkin’ with me all chained up and helpless in here.”

“Just when I think we’ve reached the lowest point in our conversations you cheerfully drag us deeper into the muck.” Giles said this from the doorway to the bathroom.

“They’re your dreams, Rupert, not mine. Besides, with the way all of you treat me, I feel like a redheaded stepchild.” He paused meaningfully. “But, I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. You like red-haired children, don’t you?”

“Spike, so help me if you reveal-“

”Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Watcher. Tell you what, I’ll keep my knowledge of your pedophilic tendencies to myself, if you do me a small favor.”

“I’ll tell you what, why don’t I get a stake and put it through your black heart?”

Spike wasn’t impressed. “And miss out on all this information in my noggin about those tin soldiers? I don’t think you’d do that. Lets just make this very simple, shall we? You just give me free reign of the house and we’ll call it even.”

Giles was about to argue when he saw the determined gleam in Spike’s eye. “Fine, but you keep your beak shut or I’ll stake you no matter what kind of information you have.” He turned to storm out of the room.



“Are you going to untie me?”

“I’ll do it tomorrow. I’m going to try to go back to bed.”


“What now?”

“Sweet dreams.” *********

Willow juggled a bag full of magickal supplies and a box of donuts from the local bakery. She knocked on Giles door.

It was swung open quickly. “W-Willow. How nice to see you, uh, bad choice of words. Not that I was. . .looking. What are you doing here?”

“Truth spell, remember?

“Oh, yes. The truth spell. Wait. . .didn’t you say that you had a class? You shouldn’t skip classes just to help me out.”

“It was canceled. Are you going to let me in?”

“Oh, of course.” He stepped back from the doorway, he was avoiding eye contact with her.


“What are you shouting at, Red?”

“He’s free Giles.” She pointed to the vampire who was currently lounging on the couch. He gave her box of donuts an appraising glance.

“I know. He can’t bite. And I’ve got an . . .understanding with him. It’s fine.”

“Well, I guess its okay if you think its safe.” She scowled at the vampire for good measure, though. Willow went to the kitchen and started brewing a pot of tea. She chose Earl Grey tea because Giles favored it. She placed a jelly donut on a napkin for him and he blushed when he took it from her.

“Th-thank you, Willow.” He turned crimson.

“Can I have one too, pet?” Spike asked as he came to stand beside her, hovering over the donut box.


“Mmm. Glazed donuts, my favorite.” He snatched one up and put it around his index finger. He proceeded to eat his way around the circle on his finger.

She walked over to the coffee table and sat down beside Giles. He looked uncomfortable. Willow wondered if it was because Spike was roaming around his home. She began laying out the ingredients for the spell. “Where’s the spell book?” He pulled it from a stack of books which were on the floor. “Giles, is something wrong?” She whispered. “Are you angry about something? Is it me? I probably came at a bad time, do you want me to leave?’

“Want. That’s an interesting word.” Spike drawled.

Giles glared at Spike before answering Willow. “No, Willow, I’m not upset with you. Let’s just perform the spell.” And then you can leave before I do something to embarrass myself.

Spike sat down in a chair and crossed his arms behind his head. “Work your mojo on me, luv. I’m sure we’ll find out all sorts of interesting things.” He smiled at Giles.

Giles nearly choked on his donut. “I’ve changed my mind, Willow. We won’t be doing that spell just yet.”

“But I bought all the ingredients. And I got up early to come over here even though I could have slept in. And-“

”My decision has been made.” He said sternly. He hoped she would give in.

She pursed her lips but didn’t argue with him further. “Fine.” The Watcher had not been himself lately, his mood swings were becoming more and more exaggerated. Willow was also worried that he might be abusing alcohol.

“So, uh, shouldn’t you be going back to your dorm? You said you had gotten up early. Why don’t you take a nap?”

She frowned. “Because Riley was coming over. Buffy and he are probably flirting and maybe even smooching and. . .”

“That’s disgusting, Red. I don’t want to hear about the slayer’s love life.” He put a hand to his throat. “I think my donut’s backing up on me.”

She ignored him. “Giles, can I stay here? I can do some research, I’ve got my laptop in my backpack.” She gave him an overeager grin. Willow didn’t want to be alone but she couldn’t sit there and watch two people fall in love. It was just too painful after Oz’s swift departure.

Giles correctly interpreted her emotional state. “Of course, Willow. Why don’t you get on that infernal machine of yours and try to find out more about the soldiers?” Willow beamed at him before she went to get her computer.

“Do you two need some alone time?” Spike asked. “I can always make myself scarce.”

Willow frowned. “Why would we-“

”Spike.” Giles said sharply. Willow shook her head and looked down at the screen. He picked up a stake from his arsenal of weapons and made a stabbing motion in the air.

Spike put his arms out in defeat. He smirked at Giles before he sat down next to Red. The Watcher frowned at him and his close proximity to the young witch. In truth, Spike thought Willow was quite beautiful. He could understand Rupert’s infatuation with her. Lately, he’d been entertaining thoughts about her as well. Spike draped an arm around her back. Willow was oblivious, intent on her work. Giles wasn’t, he glared at the vampire.

Spike stood up and whistled a jaunty tune as he went to get some blood from the fridge. He’d had a bloody good 24 hours. He was free to roam the house. Imagining what Giles dreamt about was better than watching the telly. Even Passions! And teasing him about his fixation was just as amusing. His unlife was starting to look up.

Giles stared at the object of his lustful dreams. He had an awful suspicion, he was beginning to think that those weren’t just dreams. Giles was afraid that those were repressed memories.

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