tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRip in Time Ch. 08

Rip in Time Ch. 08


Rip in Time 8: Human in Vamp Clothing

Want to be naughty? The words hung in the air, causing him to grin like a schoolboy. So many enticing possibilities. Ripper almost lost his infamous cool. He managed to form a coherent response. "What do you have in mind, pet?"

She led him to the center of the dance floor and wrapped her arms around him. There was barely an inch between them as they pressed their bodies together. Her catlike green eyes glittered as she pulled him down for a deep openmouthed kiss. The music was slow and seductive as they ground against each other to the beat. Willow threw her head back in wanton enjoyment.

Spike growled as he witnessed the near sex act occurring in the middle of the Bronze. The vampire knew this had to be payback for their proprietary treatment of the witch. He just couldn’t believe that his redhead was doing this. He turned to stare at the Scoobies who didn’t seem that upset about it. What the hell was going on here? With a disturbingly practiced flourish, she withdrew a silk scarf from the valley between her breasts. Ripper wondered how she had managed to keep it hidden from his view in the low cut top she was wearing. She danced around him, stroking his thigh, his jean clad backside, and his shoulders with the soft material. Without warning, she grabbed his hands and bound them with the silk. When she stood in front of him again, she was in full demon face. Ripper's mouth fell open in shock. He stumbled back from her and into the secluded shadows near the stage. The inhabitants of the nightclub didn't even blink at her appearance. This was the Hellmouth, it was a regular night as far as they were concerned. There were always a few vampires around. "Something wrong?" She asked in her little girl voice. The sweet tone was destroyed by the blatant look of hunger she gave her now helpless victim.

"N-no!" He said, sounding like Giles.

"Hungry now." She purred, pushing him against the wall. She snarled at him. Ripper was mesmerized, feeling a rush of the same dark excitement he'd felt with Drusilla. “What are you. . .how did you? I-“

”Shhh.” She whispered placing one slim finger to his lips. “Play now.”

Tilting his neck to the right angle she grazed his neck with her fake fangs. He gulped. It wasn’t clear to her whether he wanted her to bite him or he wanted her to stop. She pulled back to question him with her eyes.

“Please.” He whispered.

“Please what?”


She looked at him quizzically. His eyes were clouded with lust and a twinge of fear. And grief. Willow didn’t understand. She shook her head and her human face reappeared. It was time for the game to end. She placed a hand to his cheek. “See? I’m warm.”

“You just fed?” He asked, regarding her carefully.

“No.” She smiled. “It’s called a glamour. I just made myself look like a vampire, let you have a look at my bad side.”

A grin lit his face as he understood what she had done and why she had done it.

“Of course! You’re a witch.” He shook his head. “You are a bad girl.” He tsked. “ I thought you were about to drain me!” He pulled his hands out of her silk prison and drew her close. “I’m so glad you’re still human, luv.” He looked down at her. “I learned my lesson.”

She let her demonic visage appear again to tease him. “So, wanna tell me about Giles and vampires?” She licked her lips. He abruptly pulled her hips flush with his.

“No.” His lips were set in a firm line.

She smirked at him. “You look like Giles already.” Willow turned on her heel and marched to the dance floor.

“I do NOT look like that. . .that LIBRARIAN!”

“Ex-librarian.” A voice said. Spike caught the redhead just as she reached the dance floor and stared down at her, noting the ridges on her forehead. He leered at her.

“And I thought the leather was extreme, pet.” Spike stroked her forehead and let himself change. Softly growling, he rubbed his ridges against hers. “You wear it well.” He slid his hand to her heart. “But I’m glad this is still beating.” He rose one knowing eyebrow. “Well, actually it’s starting to race now.”


Giles sat down on a wide tomb stone. Vampire ashes still blew in the wind. He pulled out a pack of smokes he’d pinched from Ripper earlier and lit one. He closed his eyes as he inhaled, enjoying the influx of toxins into his lungs. He felt reckless tonight. And recklessness was a bad thing for Rupert Giles, the bleedin’ Watcher. He was anxious for Ripper to go back to the past where he belonged. Having him here was causing Giles to confront things he didn’t want to examine.

“Would you like to make a wish?” Giles looked up into the face of a young man. He was bent over so as to be eye-level with the Watcher as he sat on the grave marker.

“Umm, no?” Giles was puzzled. Great. The ranks of the Vampires and the Drunken Youth. My lucky night.

“Are you very sure? I am usually not so direct, but I’m in the middle of a crisis.” The young fellow leaned in closer. “I was fairly certain you were in need of a wish. In my vast experience, happy, satisfied men do not sit in the middle of graveyards on date night covered in the remains of the undead.”

“I’m certain.” A thought occurred to Giles. What if he was insane? “Are you feeling well? Do you need help?”

“Yes. I need for you to make a wish!”

“I don’t want to make a wish.” Giles looked at the young man crossly. Normally he would scold the young man in a very librarian-ish way. Right now, he wasn’t in the mood. “So piss off.”

The green-eyed young man pressed his lips into a firm line and stalked off into the night. The Watcher stood up and made his way home.

Giles staggered back inside his apartment still coated with vampire dust. He rolled his neck, enjoying the feeling of utter physical exhaustion. He had lost count of how many vampires he’d dusted. It had been along time since he had let himself enjoy the kill. Usually it was a routine now. Get the job done. Tonight, he had drawn out the fight as long as possible every time. A voice inside him was whispering of the dangers of taking pleasure in such acts. But, it was so hard to think in this state and he was grateful for that. Tiredly, he walked into his kitchen and poured himself some cognac. He drank it down, enjoying the burning sensation in his throat.

With a sigh, he dragged himself upstairs, throwing off his clothes as he went. In the bathroom, he stepped into the spray of a hot shower and groaned as it uncoiled the tension in his muscles. Giles wanted to regain his focus once more, approach this Ripper problem from a new angle. He’d get him back to the past if was the last thing he did.

Giles slid his robe off and climbed into his bed nude. Something he hadn’t done since his Ripper days. It seemed as though his younger self was bringing back all sorts of traits in him. The need to smoke. The need to steal. The need to kill. He threw off the thoughts as he lay down. Giles new he must find a solution. Quickly. Giles was so physically and emotionally drained, he didn’t even stop to think about where Spike and Ripper were.

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