tagNovels and NovellasRise of Roxy Ch. 01

Rise of Roxy Ch. 01


Roxy (Roxanne) Reeves had prominent breasts and a great butt.

Guys would look at the curvature of her backside and they would think of only one thing. Females would look at it and only think of one thing too, and that was oh to have an ass that looked like that.

Everyone in the general office of Baxley Walton LLP, Attorneys at Law, had some kind of definitive title but all HR could come up with for Roxy was 'office assistant' without that being defined.

It was discovered Roxy could type with only two fingers, was confused by computers, had asked for an easier question when invited to describe the difference between an invoice and a statement and she admitted possessing no skills at sorting mail because no one had ever written to her.

Roxy was employed because no one in HR had the courage to tell Tom Baxley his niece was a bimbo unsuitable for office employment.

The only spare desk was behind the three receptionists. Roxy sat there and, having no duties to perform, spent her time working on her nails, brushing her lush chestnut hair and adjusting her bra or reading play scripts or light romances.

It became quite common for men approaching reception to notice Roxy adjusting her bra or stockings and their memory recall would fail when asked by a receptionist how could she assist.

Roxy liked her job. The money was good, she could handle everything she was asked to do such as making coffee and showing visitors to the toilets and after patient tutoring she learned to place invoices in piles the right way up and sorted according to date. She also learned to act as relief receptionist between 1:00 and 2:00 when all she had to say to callers was sorry the office was closed for lunch but she could show them where the toilets were.

Young women like Roxy dream of getting their big break. One would have thought that Roxy would never be in line for anything but then who knows what fate can bring.

The rude, foul-mouthed and generally detestable Gerry Truman, the most unpopular attorney in the office, could be heard yelling in the office of HR manager Thelma Whitlock why the fucking hell couldn't she supply him with a temporary PA while a suitable replacement was being head-hunted?

Mrs Whitlock could have yelled because no one wanted to work for such an asshole but instead she yelled, "Then go and pick one of the receptionists."

When hearing that comment the three receptionists raced off to the toilets. Jerry came out, saw that Roxy was alone in reception. He looked at her tits and grinned and said, "Follow me darling... grab your possessions."

Jerry held the elevator for Roxy who was racing as fast as she could on her high heels and carrying her handbag and a bag holding her office-issue items.

Eyeing the breast wobble, Jerry said, "Here we go Roxy. You are very attractive."

"Why thank you Mr Truman. You appear very nice. Why is it that people in the general office call you obnoxious?"

Jerry had to think about that one before saying, "A case of mistaken identity perhaps?"

When they reached his office five floors up, Roxy put down her bags and said, "Mr Truman, please turn around to me. Here let me fix your tie; it's crooked God you pong of cigars; don't you use clothing and breathe fresheners? I don't mind cigar smoke but not the stale smell of cigars."

"My wife was forever complaining," Jerry said. "We are presently separated."

"I wonder why?" Roxy muttered.

"I've heard it said you are not too bright," Jerry countered.

"I could say the same for you," Roxy said. "Would you rather I return to main reception?"

Jerry looked at her breasts and said hell no. He briefed her, saying he'd keep it simple. All Roxy had to do was make coffee for Jerry and whoever was in his office at the time and then clear away, to keep anyone from entering his office when he was with clients and to open Jerry's mail and take phone calls.

A stream of people came to see Jerry throughout the day and most left saying to Roxy, "Great coffee Miss."

The 26-year old went into Jerry's office at the end of the working day to find he wasn't there but she noticed the door to his toilet was slightly ajar.

"Are you okay Mr Truman?"

"God is that you Roxy don't come in," he called with the edge of desperation a guy's voice sounds like when he's near to ejaculation.

Roxy was dumb enough to ignore the request and opened the door to find Jerry was on the John with one leg resting on the vanity.

He was jerking off.

"Here you have no need to do that when I'm around," Roxy said sweetly, ignoring Jerry's embarrassed and darkening look.

Roxy dropped to her knees, pushed his hand aside and took Jerry's thick 7-inch overly-red erection into her mouth and reached down into her bra. She pulled out a boob and found Jerry's hand and placed it on the warm flesh with its stiffening nipple.

"Oh Jesus," bleated Jerry, sending stream after stream of warm semen down Roxy's gullet.

Semen arriving faster than she could swallow flowed down Roxy's chin and disappeared under the scooped neckline of her dress and she just smiled as her spluttering stopped.

"Oh Roxy, I am so sorry, so dreadfully sorry. I've had such trouble getting off lately because of marital pressure I had no idea the scraping effect of your buck-teeth could get me off so quickly."

"It's okay Mr Truman. Here allow me to towel you dry. You have a very impressive erection. I bet your wife is missing getting that missile up her."

"Er yes. Um are you sexually active?"

"I'd like to be but in coming to this city I've separated from my regular supply of horny guys and so am running on empty at the moment."

"Um Roxy..."

"Yes you are welcome to fuck me Mr Truman. Actually I'd really appreciate it. I find it disconcerting not having frequent sex."

He leered and said she was a real gem and invited her to call him Jerry. He asked would she like to move in with him, adding that he was rattling around it bored with his own company at the moment.

"That sounds lovely but be warned, I can't cook although I can do boiled eggs and heat up beans in tins."

"That's fine, we can eat out. Where do you live now?" asked the 48-year old, expecting her to say at a rooming house.

"I live with your business partner Tom Baxley and his wife who is my aunt."

Jerry looked stunned but then looked relieved when Roxy said it wasn't Uncle Tom's business to know who she lived with.

"Why don't you just lie when you shift in with me and say you'll be rooming with a couple of lovely young women you have met?"

"Oh that's a great idea. Trust an attorney to come up with something sly like that."

Jerry smiled, enjoying a woman who could speak to him candidly.

His phone went and he pulled it off his belt of his pants that were still around his ankles.

"Oh hi Tom," he said guiltily and Roxy smiled and that gave him confidence.

She couldn't hear what her uncle was saying and all Jerry said was yes three times, oh really once and very well once and the conversation ended.

"Do you have a passport?"

"Yes, I go to Italy to visit my sister who lives there and is married to an Italian."

"Well be prepared to leave for a law conference in Sydney, Australia, in ten days. The management committee has voted that I should be the person to go and your uncle just told me I better take my PA because none of the paralegal staff wish to accompany me."

"Why have you been chosen to go to Australia if you are so unpopular?"

"The other partners will hang out to attend conferences in Europe and I'm not popular with the paralegals."

"What because you smell of sexy cigars and have wandering hands?"

Jerry smiled and said she was smarter than she looked and Roxy accepted that as a compliment.

Jerry drove Roxy home, stopping the Mercedes just beyond Tom's home so they didn't recognize his jade green metallic coupe and he then drove off. She told her aunt and uncle she was shifting out immediately as she'd found two reliable roommates to share with. Her aunt and uncle made noises about not wanting her to leave but she thought they looked relieved.

Her aunt said in surprise, "You mean you are going now?"

"Yes, the new month for rent starts today and is collected later tonight."

"Give your niece money towards her first month of living independently Tom. How much do you need darling?"

"Oh five hundred would be really appreciated," Roxy said, giving her pained looking uncle a dazzling smile.

Roxy went by cab to Jerry's apartment and thought her aunt and uncle were very remiss not asked her questions about her room mates and not asking for the address. Roxy had never been trained to think deeply, her natural approach was to take most things lightly and whenever there was a problem she preferred to cut and run. But riding in the cab she knew she was heading into unknown territory and gave it some thought.

She'd never lived with a guy but had thought one day that event would come. But was she committing to a big mistake? The guy was almost twice her age, married and big cheese in the law firm where she worked. There was potential, real potential, for everything to come unstuck for her. Jerry could quickly tired of her because she was not very good at proceeding past small talk, her supervisor at work could find out about her liaison and report it and she'd be fired and Uncle Tom could be disgusted with her and would tell her to fuck off or whatever term he'd chose to use but it would mean the same thing.

She sighed but decided to press on. She'd already decided to take the chance because she was keen to have a guy show sexual interest in her. Anyway people were always saying sometimes it paid to take a big chance because chances were few and far between. Yeah that was right. She had to take her chances as they came.

The doorman asked Roxy for her name and she said Roxy.

He smiled and said yes Mr Truman had said she would call herself Roxy rather than Miss Reeves. Roxy didn't blink because she was used to people implying she was dumb but then the doorman said something that made her smile.

"You know Roxy, if you stay in this dull tomb your influence will be like a bright light. The elevators are over there. Press 321 on the pad when the elevator stops and that will alert Mr Truman."

She picked up her two bags and said, "What's your name."


"No your first name silly."

He smiled and said Arnold but his buddies call him Arnie.

"Well you have a nice night and get home to your family in a good mood Arnie."

"Oh thanks Roxy. Here please allow me to carry your bags to the elevator."

Roxy pressed 123 on the pad and nothing happened. She mumbled "Silly me" and pressed 321 and after a 10-second delay a voice from the speaker said, "Welcome to our little love nest Roxy. Turn left and take the third door on your right. The door will be ajar."

She hurried to the first open door she saw, not wishing to be seen and have the neighbors thinking that perhaps Mr Truman had called in a hooker.

Roxy entered, closed the door and looked at Jerry, scarcely recognized him. He was wearing a black polo and slim-cut brown trousers and a pair of ancient loafers instead of a dark suit, striped shirt and clashing striped tie. She really must do something about his clothing if she were to live with him.

"Hi," she said. "It's good to see you looking homely."

"I er Roxy."


"Um I've been thinking..."

He stopped and she took over.

"You now think this might be a bad idea?"

He smiled gratefully and said yes.

"Well let's fuck and then I'll go."

He licked his lips but then frowned and said he really didn't think..."

"Shut up Jerry. Be a man. When hot pussy presents, go for it."

Jerry looked dazed.

Roxy dropped her bags and went forward and began pulling up his polo to remove it but he resisted.

She reached down and cupped his cock and balls.

He froze.

"Come on Jerry, get it up hard for me. This is why I'm here isn't it?"

"Is it?"

She sighed and said lightly, "Come of Jerry, forget about your whore of a wife and enjoy a good fuck."


"That's what I heard in the Ladies. Two office seniors were discussing your marital separation and one said you caught your wife and your best buddy fucking on the lounge carpet."

"She said that? But no one else but me, my wife and her slime ball were there when I caught them at it."

"Well obviously one of you talked about it."

As Roxy dropped to her knees and unzipped him and dug out his limp cock, Jerry wailed, "Jesus is nothing sacrosanct?"

"I have no idea," Roxy said, licking the fat head and assuming he was talking about his marital privacy becoming public knowledge. She knew if she wished to understand what he was talking about she'd have to look up that word sackra-something but she didn't know how to spell it.



Jerry's dick thickened in her hand and he brushed her chestnut fringe away from her eyes.


He looked back down and saw her pale green eyes staring up at him and then she deliberately scraped her buckteeth along half the length of his growing erection. When the teeth collided with the rim of the helmet he jerked and groaned and his cock went rigid as if reinforced with titanium rods.

"Omigod Roxy," he panted. "Scrape my dick like that again."

"Omigod Jerry," Roxy said in awe, pulling away and eyeing his er manhood. "This cock is a real honey."

Poor Jerry. He whimpered a warning that was too late and blew, all over Roxy's face.

He looked devastated but Roxy just smiled, wiped semen out of one of her eyes with the hem of his polo shirt and squeezing his balls lightly, resumed giving the best fellatio Jerry could ever remember receiving.

She read the signs and stopped just short of triggering his ejaculation.

"To the bed," Jerry commanded, unbuckling and as he strode off.

"What the marital bed?" she asked, hurrying after him.

"Yes," he roared. "That's where that whore fucked my treacherous pal."

According to rumor that crime took place on the carpet.

"But other times they would have fucked on the bed. Oh good, what have I done by kicking her out and into the clutches of or despicable fornicator.

Roxy cooed. "After I finish you on that bed this evening you will no longer have a hang-up over throwing out that whore."

"God you are tough," he said, almost tripping in his haste to remove his trousers.

"And you need to toughened up and not bully other people."


"You heard. Now lick my pussy and go easy around my clit."

Later when Roxy returned from the shower feeling refreshed and sexually satisfied, she demanded, "Well?"

"I want you to stay. Please live with me darling Roxy."

"Oh of course. You are such a polite boy. I've left the shower running for you. Off you go and we'll go out for dinner. You can walk I assume?"

"Yeah... I've rested sufficiently. Gee you're a real goer in bed Roxy."

She smiled and said well wasn't that the purpose in life for women?

He went off chucking and she heard him singing in the shower, exhibiting quite a good voice. She reasoned it would have been a long time since he last sang because bad singers don't sing often.

In the elevator the adulterer said to his hooker, "You are a real tonic to me Roxy. I couldn't believe it when in the shower I began singing. It's a long, long time since I last sang in the shower. You know this is beginning to feel like my rebirth."

Delighted Roxy pulled out a tit for him.

"Roxy, security cameras," he choked, looking up near the top of the elevator car.

"So what? Suck my nipple and give the people who might look at the recording of what's going on in this elevator a good opportunity to masturbate."

"God Roxy, you're incorrigible," he said.

Roxy smiled, knowing what that word meant. Her mother used to whine using that word when attempting to censure Roxy for having Ruby, Roxy's best girlfriend, in the bedroom with the door locked and Roxy would argue what they did wasn't so wrong.

The doorman opened the main door for them, standing at attention.

"Thanks Morrison."

"Thanks Arnie. Take flowers home tonight and you might get lucky."

He grinned.

As they walked off Roxy sighed when Jerry asked, "Who's Arnie?"

* * *

Sophie Scott, director of HR for the practice of 48 attorneys and 31 support staff, many of them paralegals, went to the office of the partnership's co-founder Tom Baxley, chairman of the executive management team.

"I have a busy meeting Sophie, this better be important."

"You be the judge of that," she said softly. "Jerry Truman has requisitioned Admin for air travel and a hotel suite for two to attend a law conference in Sydney."

"Yes of course, the professional committee decided that and I approved it."

Sophie said flatly, "The name of his support person is Roxy Reeves."

Tom's head jerked up and he said, "What the hell? The only Roxy Reeves we have working here is my niece who is the lowest form of clerk in the main office."

"Yes Tom. Moreover I arrived at work half an hour ago to find an email from Jerry canceling his demand for us to find him a suitable replacement merit and he's requested that Roxy Reeves be appointed his PA."

"But Roxy is clueless. She probably doesn't know what a PA is?"

"I thought it imperative to pass on this information Tom."

Tom snorted, "Damn right Sophie, damn right. How the hell could this happen?"

"I gave that some thought Tom and the only thing I came up with was possible sexual attraction."

"But Jerry is almost old enough to be Roxy's father."

"In my experience, age is not a consideration for some men when it comes to sex."

Tom snapped he was not that so well-informed about in-the-trough liaisons.

"What the hell should I do about this?"

Sophie asked could she speak frankly and was told of course, she was the expert in human resources and work relationships.

"You'll be familiar with the phrase let sleeping dogs lie?"

"Oh Jesus Sophie, I expected something better than that from you."

"The absentee co-founder of this firm three marriages ago was Mrs Thelma Truman, Tom's mother, and if Tom complains to her he'd been unreasonably treated here, his mother will arrive breathing brimstone because of her huge guilt in dumping Jerry's father when the boy was an impressionable 12-year old and his test pilot father was his hero but then the hero jumped off a bridge and..."

"Yes yes, and the poor guy landed head-first on the deck of a tugboat. He was my pal as well you know. Fuck me, this is such a mess."

"Tom I know you are stressed but..."

"But what?"

"You just used the F-word."

Tom apologized and received a warm smile along with the thank you.

"We go back a long way Tom. I'd forgive you for anything."

Tom nodded and said, "Your best advice is for me to ignore this and just let it run and hope that not too many people realize Roxy is my niece and that I asked you to hire her."

"I'm not sure that anyone knows you asked me to do that. I certainly haven't mentioned it to anyone. Yes let sleeping dogs lie. Life can be such a bitch at times Tom and we both know it," Sophie said, leaving the office.

Tom sat, a hand on his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. He thought back long ago when Sophie was his PA and when away with him at meetings and conventions gave him the best sex of his life. His headache receded when he remembered the oft-quoted management advice, 'Never hire a relative'. Well he'd been thoroughly seduced by Roxy's over-sexed mother a few times many years ago.

A few minutes later Sophie called and suggested Tom check out the in-house electronic Noticeboard.

Tom sighed. Some smart-ass tart had uploaded a piece headed 'Jerry Truman's new PA. Way to go Jerry, you're not getting any younger'.

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