tagLoving WivesRita, A Wife Seduced

Rita, A Wife Seduced


Rita – a wife who strayed the first time...

Rita and her husband Mathew entered the cabin on their cruise ship and unpacked their clothes. They were both looking forward to this Alaska Cruise. It would be 7 days away from their kid and a time to relax. Mathew wanted to use the time to rest from his busy work schedule while Rita saw it as an opportunity to have fun with her husband of 5 years.

Their first night on the ship was a semi formal dinner. They came to the dining room and found that they were seated with the Ship's Doctor.

Doctor Paul Cranfield was in his early 50's. He had been on the ship for a year now, having decided to take a break from his busy practice and escape his nasty divorce. He enjoyed the ship, and the opportunity to flirt with the many women onboard – married or single.

Rita and Mathew enjoyed the company of their new found friends at dinner. They laughed and joked and even had a few dances. Mathew however wanted to head to bed early. He had a hectic week, working long hours. Rita wanted to enjoy a few more dances, so Mathew decided to head off and his wife promised to be there in 30 minutes.

Doctor Cranfield 6 feet 2, still in good shape at 210 lbs, asked Rita for a dance. Rita , even though she had one child and was 29, was still very attractive. Born in America, but of Chinese descent, she was a petite asian woman, 5 feet 2, a little heavy at 120 lbs, small breasts, but a nice figure and very cute face.

The Doctor took her to the dance floor and they moved well across the floor, enjoying the rhythm. After two dances Rita told the Doctor she had to go. Dr Cranfield asked her for one more to which she aged. It was a slow dance and Rita felt the Doctor's big body against her petite frame. She felt once or twice his body brushing against her.

Paul Cranfield was very hot about this Chinese woman. He had not had sex for several weeks and was very determined to change that on this cruise. As they dance slowly his cock began to stir and get hard. He let his pants brush against Rita and made certain that she felt his huge erect cock brushing against her. He held her just enough so that she could feel him.

After the dance ended Rita said good night and headed back to her cabin. When she came in the room was dark and she was quiet so as not to wake her tired husband, she undressed and went to kiss him good night and found that he was deep in sleep. She went to the shower and let the hot water splash against her naked body. She used the shower spray and moved her hands around her body rubbing the soap across herself. Her pussy was sensitive as she soaped it. She remembered back to the dance and the Doctor. She had felt his cock – it was so huge and hard.

Rita had been faithful to Mathew but she admitted that she wondered every once in a while about a more active sex life. When in college she had made love with a man with a huge cock, an American man. She had cum so quickly. She was now getting more excited as she thought about this. But she turned off the water and headed for bed.

Two days later into the cruise Rita awoke with a stiff back. Mathew had decided to take a shore excursion and would be gone for most of the day. Rita called the extension for the doctor and Paul Cranfield answered the phone. Rita explained her stiff back and Paul invited her to come to his ship board dispensary at 2:00 PM that afternoon.

Rita appeared in her shorts and tank top. The Doctor told her to come in and gave her a nice warm hug.

"Rita how nice to see you how can I help you?"

She explained the pain in her back.

Paul told her to change into an examination gown. She went into the changing area and reappeared a few minutes later with just a changing gown on and her panties.

The Doctor had her sit on his table and from behind he lowered her gown. Rita was a little embarrassed as her small breasts were now visible and she was naked to her waist before this doctor – a man she had just met.

The Doctor told her to lay down on her stomach and he began to massage her shoulders gently – it felt so good to her.

"Do you feel good from this Rita?"

" Yes she answered."

The doctor began to massage down her shoulders to her lower back, gently soothing her aches.

It felt so good to her his big hands gently massaging her- down, down to her legs.

He moved aside her gown and massaged her legs and up to her buttock's and to her back.

Paul Cranfield's cock was rock hard as he looked at this sexy married Chinese woman beneath him. He told her to roll over so she was lying on her back with her bare breasts visible to him.

He then started to massage her shoulders and he watched as her small pinkish - brown nipples became hard and stood up at attention. He knew then he had to touch her married breasts and he gently did so. Massaging them and squeezing gently – squeezing and gently brushing her nipples. He watched as Rita's nipples become hard as he gently played with them, rolling them between his fingers. She clearly liked this.

He then moved his hand down to her stomach and felt there – everything seems to be ok he said.

He then asked her if she would like him to finish the exam with a final check – "is this ok with you Rita?"

She trusted the Doctor and said "yes."

"Ok just slip your panties off he said."

She embarrassingly removed her thin white cotton panties and she was now naked before this man, her husband off enjoying his excursion.

The Doctor placed her legs in the stirrups which be brought up from the end of the exam table.

Rita's legs were spread open slightly as she was lying on her back with the white robe covering just part of her pretty young married Chinese body.

The Doctor moved between her legs and she felt his finger gently on her pussy lips slowly massaging them.

Electric shocks went through her body as this man touched her, massaged her, as he slowly parted her lips and revealed her small but hard clitoris. He gently brushed over it and then his finger touched it – Rita almost moaned and her hips moved just a little – she was getting wet.

The Doctor then took his thick finger and he placed it against her pussy. His finger felt almost as big as her husbands cock. He started to push it in. Rita let out a soft moan as this man placed his thick finger into her into her wet pussy, her hips lifted a little as he sunk his finger in deeper – as big as her husband's small cock...

Paul Cranfield looked down at this married woman. He knew she was getting hotter and he could see her body react on his finger His own eight inch cock was hard and stiff.

He pushed his finger in and then out just a little and his thumb brunched her clitoris – he gently massaged it and he could feel how wet she wasand he observed how her pussy and hips moved a little bit.

Then he could not resist any longer – he lowered his mouth to her beautiful pussy, just a small fringe of black hair and he licked her clit with his tongue.

At this point Rita moaned out loud and as she felt his tongue, her pussy moved to his face and the doctor started to lick her clitoris as his finger moved in and out.

His licking grew more intense as his finger worked in and out of her pussy, like a cock. He looked down at this naked woman, whose hips were moving up to receive his finger and tongue and his cock become hard like steel.

Rita knew she should not let this man touch her like this. She knew she should stop him now, but the doctor's fingers and tongue were taking control of her body, she was becoming so excited.

Rita moaned and told him, "no, no please stop, I am married."

The Doctor kept his gentle licking going, but slowly removed his finger and then he stopped licking her for a second.

He looked down at this beautiful attactive petite married chinese woman, and then he gently pushed his finger back into her wet pussy and licked her again.

"Oh yes, Oh yes, moaned Rita. Don't stop, don't stop. You will make me cum..... Now yes... I am cumming...moaned Rita"

In a moment she had a shattering orgasm on his finger and tongue squeezing her legs tight as she came - it was so good so good.

When she opened her eyes she saw the doctor he was standing next to her. She looked at him and she saw his cock – his huge thick 8 inch American cock- circumcised with its big mushroom head. The Doctor was holding it and stroking it a few inches from her face – he came closer and closer until it was over her mouth.

"Lick my cock Rita – use your tongue.lick ithe whispered to her."

Rita obeyed, the sight of this huge cock was too much for her she started to lick it and took just the head in her mouth sucking it – it was so good, so hard.

The Doctor was masturbating his cock, his hand moving up and down on his thick shaft as Rita licked and sucked his huge mushroom head.

Paul Cranfield was so hot he was going to explode; "I am going to cum Rita, I am going to cum."

Instead of pulling her mouth away Rita kept on sucking, taking his big cock head into her mouth . This surprised the doctor as this conservative married Chinese woman was loving his cock.

Then he felt his orgasm as he exploded in her mouth shooting hot cum – she moaned as she felt it hit the back of her throat, this cum filled her mouth and she swallowed his hot seed.

He took his cock out and he came over his pretty face, streams of his white cum on her face and her breasts. His hand pumping his cock and her mouth open trying to drink him. He moved his cock forward into her mouth. Rita opened and sucked on it hungrily and he pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

Rita felt his thick organ filling her mouth – she sucked it and drank the last of his cum.

It was so good. He looked down at her and then he kissed her pretty face and he licked his own cum from her,tasting it.

That night lying in bed with her husband, Rita was thinking of what the doctor did to her earlier in the day. How her body has responded to him and how she had cum so strongly.

Her husband lay next to her and placed his hand on her breast He felt that her nipple was already erect and he massaged it.

"Yes Mathew. play with my nipple she said to him."

Mathew was surprised to hear this as normally she was not very vocal when making love. He massaged her breast and sucked her nipple and then the other nipple.

"Yes both of them she moaned, play with both of them." He licked back and forth and played with both her nipples as the same time, twisting them gently, massaging them until they both stood up like little erasers. His six inch cock was so hard he pulled her panties off and spread her legs. He mounted her and rubbed his cock against her pussy – he felt her pussy juice already – she was so wet, her juice was dripping.

Rita was thinking of the doctor and how he had played with her. How she lay naked for him while he pushed his finger in her, his tongue licking her small wet pussy, how she lifted her pussy to his mouth to have more him.

She moaned as felt Mathews cock. It was the same size as the doctors finger – she needed to have her pussy filled.

She moaned at Mathew;" Put it in, do it."

"Yes" he said as his cock pushed into his wife's wet pussy. It was so wet he started to move in and out on her and up and down.

She moaned, "yes do it" and he felt his balls fill with cum. He pounded his young wife and soon he was ready. He told her, "I am going to cum – now" as he exploded shot after shot into Rita's hot and willing pussy.

"Yes cum in me she moaned."

Mathew collapsed on top of her, his cock slipping out of her pussy, he felt so good.

For Rita it was good also but she had not cum and she could not stop thinking about her orgasm with the doctor.

The next morning was a beautil day and it was the second to last day on the cruise. Rita awoke afresh and went to a late brunch with Mathew. They ran into the doctor in the dining room and exchanged pleasantries. Rita, having had a night sleep, realized she should not have let him take advantage of her. Tomorrow was the last day so she would soon put this behind her.

She and Mathew had a nice day at the pool, their bodies tanned nicely under the sun.

That night lying in bed Rita again thought about the events with the Doctor. It was wrong, but deep down she felt a thrill and her pussy was wet as she lay there thinking about it. Her husband, tired from the sun of the day, was sound sleep next to her.

Saturday, the final day of the cruise, they would be coming to port by 1:00 PM. Rita as up early and has packed and changed, her husband was getting up.

"Mathew, I will go and get some fresh air and have a final walk around the ship."

"Ok honey he said, I will shower and pack my bags-see you in a little while."

Rita went up on deck and breathed deeply the ocean air. She walked briskly around the deck and then headed down to the ding room to get some coffee. As she went down the hall, she ran into the Doctor.

"Hello Rita" he said she greeted him warmly –

Hello Paul.

Why don you come to my office and let me give you some pills that will help with your back pain if you get it again.

Rita felt nothing of this – it was ok, they were friends and she entered his cabin/office.

He took some tablets and placed 20 of them in a container for her and then he came around from his desk to give them to her.

As he approached her his cock was erect and stiff in his pants.

Rita saw this bulge as he approached her. He stood close to her. He touched her and at that he pushed her back against the wall and pressed his body on hers.

"No she said – don't."

But he slowly pushed his massive stiff hard erection against her thighs.

"No she said, don't."

"Don't do what Rita," he asked as he rubbed his cock on her.

"No," she said again.

"No – tell me Rita, say it, don'trub your huge cock on me."

She moaned, "no Paul don't rub your cock - don't rub it, don't rub on me."

The Doctor did not stop though as he held her against the wall of the cabin. Rita moaned as she felt his massive cock start to rub up and down against her thigh.

The Doctor placed his hands on her blouse and opened the buttons. He pulled her bra down and she felt his hands on her small breasts massaging them. Her nipples became hard as he played with them. Then she felt him pushing her down, pushing her down to her knees. She looked up and he had pulled his massive thick wight inch cock out – it was right in front of her face.

"Go ahead Rita suck it, suck my cock like the other day." He moved his cock towards her mouth and she felt his hands behind her head. She opened her mouth and took that cock in her mouth. It quickly filled her up but she sucked it sucked it so well.

He dropped his pants and told her to feel his balls. She responded and massaged his huge balls. As she did this he started to thrust his cock – deeper in her mouth, Rita sucked it, that huge cock as she massaged his balls. He felt his cum in his balls as this married Chinese woman sucked him; He was getting ready to explode in her mouth again!

Rita, I am going to cum don't stop sucking.

To his surprise she did not stop in fact she sucked harder. Then he explode shot after shot of his hot white cum in her mouth. She moaned as she felt his cum shoot in her throat. She swallowed his cum as fast as she could as he flooded her throat, so much cum.

As he reached the end of his climax he pulled his cock from her mouth. He picked her up and placed her on his exam table and as he did so he pulled her shorts and panties off.

She was naked now in front of him. He spread her legs and placed her feet in the stirrups of the table and then he looked at her wet married pussy. Just a little black hair around it, her lips puffed up, and then he placed his tongue on her pussy and started to lick her, pushing his tongue into her pussy.

She lifted her pussy up against he face and tongue. Paul found her pussy was wet, in fact she was soaking. Her pussy ground up against his tongue, she was so hot.

Rita felt his tongue and she needed one thing only – to cum, to explode. H

His tongue went to her little clitoris and started to tease it. Then he placed one finger in her pussy and eased it in. He started to gently finger fuck her as he licked her clit.

Rita she went wild pushing her pussy up to him, telling him not to stop, don't stop, please don't stop. Rita moaned loudly, I am cumming I am cumming now noww nowww.

This married woman came on the doctor's face so hard and so much.

By this time Paul's cock had grown hard again. He knew now what her needed and he guided his thick mushroom headed cock to her pussy.

"Rita do you want my cock, he asked."

"Yes she said, yes I want your cock now."

With that he pushed his huge cock in her tight but wet pussy and gently spread her apart. She felt this massive thing filling her , yes yes she moaned as he started to bury deep in her .

She placed her hands on his shoulders and held him as his cock could moved even deeper in her .

"Yes so good, oh yes, do it to me she said.

"Do what to you Rita, what do you want?"

"Give it to me she responded, your cock"

"Shall I fuck you, do you want that," he asked

Rita lost her inihibitions at this point, " oh yes Paul, fuck me, fuck my pussy with your giant cock" she said.

"I am going to cum, dont stop fuck me now!"

As she said this he too felt his cock contract and he held her tight. She started to spasm with her orgasm on his cock and with that he shothis thick white cum, this time deep into her pussy and womb, filling her and cumming in her.

"Yes she said......yes, flood my pussy...."

Rita closed her eyes in satisfaction as her mind drifted off...

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