tagBDSMRita Ch. 02

Rita Ch. 02


Robert Clay fell asleep almost immediately after Sebastian Puso left. It wasn't as stressful of an encounter as it was intense. Bob's slave girl Rita Defensor had entertained Sebastian and Bob with wanton, lascivious, licentious, lewd acts. Rita had sold herself into a slave-like relationship with Bob in exchange for a monthly stipend paid to her refugee family. She might have expected to sacrifice her virginity. But, instead, she was compelled to sacrifice her dignity, letting Bob spread her glorious hemispheres and abuse her rosette. Rita lay naked beside Bob and drifted into a hypnagogic state where she was once again on the island paradise of Palawan, enjoying an outing with her parents, brothers and sisters, and close relatives. The invasion of Palawan by the army of the People's Republic of China and the failure of the allies of the Philippines to eject the invaders created thousands of refugees. Rita had secured her kith and kin a sinecure; she had made a sacrifice for her family.

The morning broke and Bob reaches over to feel Rita's warm, soft body. She was late in sleeping and groggy. He turns her on her belly and spreads her legs. She is only partially awake when Bob's massive member, coated with a ribbed condom and smeared with petroleum jelly, jabs her sore, swollen, sensitive rosette. She had been spread the night before with a speculum and commanded to climax while painfully distended. As his strong shaft penetrates her rectum she begs: "Please, Master, it hurts." He ignores her pleas and continues until he enjoys a complete climax.

Once done, he commands her to the toilet. He leads her to the bathroom and seats her on the commode. She keeps eye contact as per her training. She is able to urinate but too sore and swollen to defecate. She cries: "Master, a girl needs more time to 'go' this morning. May she drink some water and try later?" Bob grins with a wicked, evil smirk. He goes to the medicine cabinet and returns with a glycerin suppository.

"Bend over Rita," he commands. "Spread those glorious hemispheres and beg for the suppository."

"Yes, Master," she replies. "Please insert the white bullet into a girl." Bob quickly forces the suppository deep into her rectum. He commands her to stand an belly dance. As she does she feels the pressure begin to swell in her sigmoid (transverse) colon and into her descending colon. She is in misery trying to keep her anal sphincters tight. "May a girl go now," she pleads, seeing the porcelain toilet only a few feet away. "A girl needs to make poop badly."

"A girl will only use crude words," Bob instructs. "No euphemisms."

"Yes, Master," Rita answers. "May a girl shit now?"

"A girl will continue to dance," Bob orders. For ten excruciating minutes Rita twists and squirms, pinching her ass cheeks tight together. Then, satisfied that his girl has endured enough he commands her to sit and relieve herself.

When Rita sits she has to make herself relax. She closes her eyes for a moment. Bob corrects her: "Eye contact girl." She complies and feels intense pain as her stool breaches her anus. She cries warm, salty tears. They trickle over hot, pink cheeks as she evacuates her bowels. Once finished she pauses, expecting her master to afford her the privacy to cleanse herself. But he has her wait as he fetches a yellow plastic bucket and washcloth. He fills the bucket with warm soapy water and directs his girl to present her brown star for his scrubbing. Again and again he soaps her anus and rinses it. Rita endures the ablutions in silence. She knows better than to cry or shed tears on this account.

Once satisfied, Bob orders Rita to put on her apron and fix breakfast. As he leaves the bedroom, he notices a box left by his friend Sebastian. Opening it, he discovers a chastity belt. He summons Rita and hands her the belt to try on. It is a very tight fit. The metal band presses into her clitoris and anus and separates her vulva, inducing pleasure, pain, pressure, and arousal simultaneously. When he sees it in place, he locks it with a padlock.

"Oh Master," Rita exclaims. "This irritates a girl so. Must she wear it all day?"

"No, girl," he replies, "only when I am out at work. But you will wear it today for my pleasure."

"Thank you, Master," Rita responds and returns to her culinary duties. She realizes that she will have to beg for her intimacies. Urinating and defecating would require removal of the belt. In a way she is pleased, knowing the control over her is becoming complete and that she is satisfying her master's dark side with her suffering and passion.

After lunch Bob leaves for some shopping. It is Saturday and Bob is still not comfortable taking Rita out in public. He wants to get a sleeveless yellow sun dress to be able to show off her hairy armpits. The idea of making her stretch in public excites him muchly. For sure it would both humiliate and embarrass Rita, part of the grand plan.

Bob returns with a package of a dozen clothespins, a minute timer, and fifty feet of soft cotton rope. Rita looks nervously at the articles. Bob cuts a section of rope, removes Rita's chastity belt, and ties her hands behind her back. He places her on the bed and clips three clothespins to each breast and three to each side of her vulva. He then sets the minute time to five minutes.

"A girl can scoot around and work the clothespins loose by rubbing," he explains. "If any are left in place after five minutes, then they will all be replaced and the timer reset to an additional five minutes and the game will begin again. Does Rita understand?"

"yes, Master," Rita answers. Bob starts the timer and Rita rolls over on her belly and squirms and writhes. The breast clothespins come off easily but the vulva pins are more difficult. There are three pins left after five minutes. Bob replaces all ten pins and resets the timer. He cannot help but notice that Rita's pussy is damp. She is being aroused by the game.

In round two, Rita is able to dislodge eight clothespins in the five minutes. Bob decides to raise the ante. "If a girl fails in this round, she will be whipped," Bob announces. Rita's face is ashen with fear and determination. When the timer starts she works feverishly. The breast pins are quickly removed and she shuffles to the edge of the bed, hangs a foot over the bed, and roughly rubs her crotch. She is able to dislodge and remove all ten clothespins in the five minutes. Her pussy is soaking wet and she looks up to Bob, wishing that he would deflower. Instead he uses her backdoor again. Rita cannot help but climax at the anal penetration.

28 Jul 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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