tagRomanceRiver Boat: Day 02

River Boat: Day 02

byMy Erotic Tail©

River Boat: Day 2 (Turtle Cove)

(This story was written by Annora and My Erotic Tail in (SRP) Thanks Annora~) (Edited by LadyShianne...Thanks S~)

The sound of Abby in the kitchen woke Sam from his slumber. Slowly he arose and made ready the "Cherry" for its daily voyage. The two of them exchanged "Good mornings," as Sam got the boat under way and Abby started breakfast. A bit nervous, they glanced at each other not sure what to say to break the ice.

The River Boat made its way down river as the sky showed a tint of lightness. The running lights on the house boat still shined as did the front spot light. The logs and stumps were mostly towards the bank but the caution for watching for them was always an issue.

Abby was in the kitchen making coffee as she turned and handed Sam a hot mug and kissed his cheek, as he kept his eyes on the river's bend. He smiled at her, knowing things were fixing to get better. It was getting lighter by the moment so Sam turned the spot light out while the river's reflection of the sky's lightness started to show.

"Abby, look," Sam said as he pointed to the bank of the river. She turned to see the herd of deer grazing on the new grass sprouts that the bank's edge offered. They were beautiful, 4 does, a fawn and a nubbin buck grazed. They didn't dart off for they were used to boats running up and down the river. Unless you steered towards them, then they would scatter. But the two watched their graceful ways as they glided on by. The deer watched with cautious eyes.

"Getting hungry?" Abby asked.

"Oh yes," Sam said with his country charm. "I'll get 'Cherry' around the bluffs and anchor for a while, while we eat."

The bluffs were passing by on the port side. A sheer cliff straight up for well over 100 ft. It was a deep part of the river and a bend in the rivers twists and turns. The mix of coletche and granite made them colorful and pleasant to gaze upon.

They came upon Turtle Cove and pulled the house boat into its small opening dodging the monumental cypress trees that hid it from plain view. If you didn't know the river, you wouldn't know it was there. Zig zagging into it's open lagoon, Sam pulled the boat to it's center. They were surrounded by the giant trees and moss fallen from all of them which blanketed like a tapestry veil. They were as secluded as it could get for now.

"Breakfast is almost ready." Abby said smiling.

"Ok, I'm ready too," Sam snickered as he could smell the food and was getting hungry. He secured the anchor and turned off the motor then went to the kitchen where he wrapped his arms around Abby and gave a gentle squeeze. "Something smells yummy."

Sam sat at the table and began a battery of questions to find out what she wanted to do this day. "There's an Indian reservation a few miles down that we can get out and shop or walk the banks. Or we can dart up Justice Creek and let the inmates get a gander of you in a bathing suit, poor guys ain't seen a women in years." Sam laughed for he was really kidding about going that way. "Or we can make good time and be at Rye's hot springs by this afternoon and soak in natural mineral springs that's supposed to be good for you. It's up to you, dear." Sam finished.

You could hear the continuous splashing of the turtles that climbed on the logs and stumps and then dove into the water. That's why they called it 'Turtle cove.' It was like a residential area for the turtles and their playground for diving practice.

The still water offered serenity at it's best other than the occasional splashing of a diving turtle. Ducks swam up to the boat a couple times and quacked, expecting tossed bread crumbs which Sam did just to show Abby how friendly they were. Their chattering was increased as the bread hit the water and they darted around each other trying to get their share. Of all natures beauties this morning, Sam had his eye on the beauty on the river boat, Abby.

The day was promising to be one of natural beauty. Sam fed the ducks and Abby finished the breakfast dishes while talking about the day.

"So how about a little swim before we go anywhere else?" Sam spoke with excitement.

Abby went into the bedroom to change. "Where do you think we can swim, Sam?" She asked, coming around the doorway tying a scarf around her hips quite casually. With nothing else on, Sam's jaw dropped but he managed to close it and smile.

"Did I say swimming? I sure don't think I could keep from drowning with you looking so ravishing, Abby." Sam's voice had went an octave higher, grinning like a cat. "Mmm, my my, Abby you got my attention in the worst way."

"Catch me and you can have me," Abby said then dove into the water. The water enveloped her with a shock from the coldness alone. It felt like needles being pressed into her skin. She broke the water's surface with chattering teeth. "Damn, it's so cold." Sam took the leap of faith and plunged into the water's depths.

Abby took off swimming towards the shore as Sam come up near her. With a slight squeal she began swimming faster.

"Sam, we are swimming away from the boat," Abby shouted and paddled faster. Then she saw what he was swimming towards, a hidden beach. His long lean body stood up as Abby reached the shore and began walking along it's sandy bank.

Sam broke into a run and Abby tried to sprint to a safe zone but his long legs had her caught quickly. Abby squealed with laughter as they embraced. Their eyes met as their lips pressed together. Slightly out of breath, they twirled tongues and gripped each other tightly. Passions flared between them as they knew it would eventually. Both were glad to bring their feelings to the surface as they pressed into each other more.

She was shivering a bit so Sam tried to warm her by rubbing her arms up and down with his hands. She showed signs of being chilled with her hardened nipples.

"Something moved in your pants, Sam. Did you pick up a fish or snake while swimming?" She said with a grin.

"Well, no, Abby, that's all me." He replied with a snicker.

"No way, let me see?" Abby asked laughing as her hand ran downwards. She rubbed the outer jeans of his pants and he swelled even more. She unzipped his pants as she kissed his chest. Then kissing downwards, she finally got to his one eyed snake as she engulfed it in her mouth fully. The feel of her warm mouth made him perk to the sensation.

She was on her knees with gentle glides of her tongue and fingers. He was hard as wood and pointing straight up as she explored. Then she put it in her mouth so deep he could feel that it wouldn't go in any farther but she pushed herself into him even more. Pulling back slowly, she looked at him.

"I want you, Sam, on this white beach...now." She said with her head tilted down and looking up with her eyes in a girlish look. Her hands traced his manhood lightly and slowly in long strides.

Sam couldn't hold it any longer as he came all over her at that moment. Exploding at the side of her face and in her hair as she let out a soft squeak in surprise. Sending the turtles jumping from their sunbathing perches and a round of splashes came from all over the hidden cove, echoing the sounds of the little turtles taking turns to dive in the water.

"That wasn't exactly what I meant." Abbey giggled.

Sam looked at her with a Texas size grin then took her by the hand and led her over to a nearby boulder that protruded through the sandy beach. He leaned into her and kissed her then turned her around and whipped the wet scarf off of her body and leaned into her bare skin and gave her what she asked for.

Her bare ass pushed upwards to meet his pressing stiffness. Their bodies meshed and began a coordinated stride of togetherness. Gripping each other with tight grasps and tensed muscles they made love in the sun's glory.

After a hot intimate moment and then a cold swim back to the boat, they folded into each other as the boat made it's way out of Turtle Cove. Things were looking up as well as heating up between them.

Watching the water swirl beside the boat then turn over on itself was hypnotic. Seeing the river expand before them, showing it's grand size. The shoreline was massive in trees, brush, and other natural beauties. Abby watched with wide eyed wonderment. A snowy egret took flight as Sam opened up the motor's throttle and set the house boat on a course down river.

They had become fast friends online. And now they were becoming lovers fast, too. Having heard the horror stories of the ones that actually met, they still had their reservations but they were melting quickly in the Texas sun.

Abby found some wonderful makings for a lunch or early dinner. Salmon steaks with orange sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and asparagus in butter sauce. She was even able to make a souffle. While Sam found a good place to anchor, Abby went into the bedroom and changed into a black slinky number.

When she came out, Sam stood at the doorway and smiled, "Abby, what a dinner, did this come out of the refrigerator?" His voice was tender.

"Mmmm perhaps it did, see anything you can't wait to have?" She said smiling broadly. Sam walked up to Abby and took her by the hand then led her to the bedroom and shut the door.

They never got around to that salmon or mashed potatoes or the souffle that didn't rise. After they had each other in every imaginable way and place, Abby and Sam both fell asleep in the bedroom while the moon rose high on the River.

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