tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRiver Cruise Adventures Ch. 02

River Cruise Adventures Ch. 02


The day began with the normal routine of going on a walking tour of the small French village where our ship had docked during the night. It was a very pleasant experience and our guide was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English. Returning to the ship, we went to the Dining Room for lunch after which the only thing scheduled was a glass blowing demonstration in the Lounge. The glass blower was very skilled and explained the steps involved in making his creations. It was enjoyable and very entertaining. Trish and I examined several of the items for sale and bought one particularly unique Christmas ball ornament.

Back in our stateroom, Trish put our purchase in a safe location and sat down to remove her walking shoes. I asked Trish if we could resume our photo session.

"Didn't you get enough photos the other day?" she asked.

"Whether or not I have my camera ready, I never get enough of seeing you nude!" I replied. "Also, I have some ideas for different poses." "So, will you humor me by getting your clothes off?"

"I haven't heard you say please ...... yet?" She stated.

"OK Trish, would you please get naked and ....... pretty please, do it as quickly as possible?" I said in a kidding manner.

Trish smiled with a sensuous expression and asked, "Should I strip from the top down or from the bottom up?"

I thought for a moment and replied, "Please start at the bottom so I can see your pussy first and those lovely breasts later, as a final but thoroughly enjoyable vision."

She grinned, unbuttoned her slacks and let them drop to the floor. Suddenly turning away from me, she slid her hands into the waistband of her bikini panties and began sliding them downward. Looking over her shoulder at me, she bent over and pushed her panties to below her knees, and paused to let me have a lingering look at her incredible ass and peeking pussy lips! Stepping out of her panties, she picked them up and tossed them over to the desk while turning toward me and assuming a pose with her feet placed shoulder width apart.

"Is this the position you want me in?" she asked.

"Yes, my Dear! I love that stance and the way it shows your pussy! Now I want to see those beautiful and very suckable breasts ..... so continue undressing!"

After removing her blouse she paused and gave me a teasing look before reaching behind to unfasten her bra. Still holding her bra in front of her breasts, I couldn't take the suspense and said, "Take that off and show them to me!"

God, she is so beautiful I thought to myself! "Now please shake them for me?" I asked. She smiled and twisted her body to the left and right a few times as I enjoyed the very delightful motion of her breasts.

"How about going into and coming out of the bathroom giving me one of those surprised looks as if you weren't expecting anyone to see you?"

Without responding she walked into the bathroom, closed the door and then opened it while beginning to step into the room she glanced at me and paused, while I snapped a picture. I snapped another photo quickly hoping to obtain that look of surprise when I used the flash.

"Trish, you are such a beautiful woman, I just can't tell you how pleased and proud I am to have you as my wife!"

"Well thank you kind sir! she replied. Trish then asked, where do you want me now?"

"Please go over to the couch on the right, and leaving your left foot on the floor, get on your hands and knees." I instructed.

She did as I asked and looked over her shoulder at me and asked, "Like this?"

"Perfect!" I responded, while taking a couple of shots. Keep looking at me as I move around to get other angles."

After a few more photos, I asked her to get on her knees and stretch out with her arms extended. "Great! I exclaimed. This gives a better view of your breasts and I love the way your butt is elevated! Now lower yourself until you are in a forearms and knees position."

I moved around to get shots from different angles as well as getting low to get shots looking upward. "Trish, that is so sexy! Now please roll over and get in a reclining position on your side. Good, now using your left hand reach over and touch your nipple. This time look at your breast and tweak your nipple."

Her nipples were already very erect and this stimulation made them even more pronounced.

"Trish, while remaining on your side, raise your left leg and place your foot on top of the couch. That's it, except draw your knee more toward you. I instructed. This really opens up your pussy and I want to get several shots ...... from different angles and a close up."

"Jay, are you trying to embarrass me? she asked. Being naked in front of you is one thing, but posing in such lude positions makes me feel like a slut!"

"Trish you are just a beautiful and very sexy woman and I don't want you to feel uncomfortable with me, even responding to my erotic requests. I responded. Don't ever forget how much I love and adore you and I just want you to enjoy your sexuality with me and only me!" I emphasized.

I dropped down to a knee, leaned over her and gave a very firm and passionate kiss.

"Jay, I love you so very much and I will do almost anything for you .... Notice I said 'almost'!"Trish said.

"Does this mean that you aren't willing to let me enjoy your pussy ..... either visually or in a more intimate contact?"

"No Jay, that is not what I meant. I do enjoy posing for you and the sexuality of everything we've done so far and then added, as long as you don't see me as some cheap slut, I'll try to be a more wanton type of woman for you." Trish explained.

"Darling, would you move over to the table next to the window?" I asked. She did as I requested and then I said, Please face the table, place you hands on the surface, oh yes, place your feet shoulder width apart."

I moved about taking shots from both sides as well as the rear. For each photo, I wanted to clearly have her viewed as being openly exposed to the river outside.

"Jay, there is a fisherman coming up on the end of the dock ahead!" she exclaimed in a worried tone."

"Don't worry about it Trish. If he happens to look up and sees you it will be a very brief exposure as we cruise on by. I stated. Also, he probably deserves an opportunity to get a brief glimpse of a beautiful naked woman. Anyway, you might find it a bit exciting .... I know I will!" I opined.

"OK Jay, I'll try not to duck from his view. Are you going to try and get a photo of me that includes him looking at me?" she asked.

"Yes, I'll get a photo that includes him, whether or not he ever looks at you!" I answered.

As our ship cruised by I took several shots that included the fisherman with one where he raised his head and looked at the ship. Perhaps when viewed on a large screen later we'll be able to tell if he spotted Trish.

"Trish, if the next guy we pass seems to be looking at you, go ahead and shake your breasts at him." I instructed in a humorous tone.

"You really want me to be that naughty?" she asked.

"Being a fun loving and sexy woman while doing something bordering on 'naughty' can't be all that bad! Besides, what's the harm in such naughtiness?" I asked, while at the same time making my position known. Trish made no reply.

Next I suggested that she ease her way to the window ledge which was about 10 inches wide. I told her, "See if you can't sit on the ledge facing forward and extend your legs toward the other side of the window."

"Look, I'm a bit too wide to sit like this." She said.

I slid the table toward her where it was in easy reach and said, "Place your right arm on the table for balance and lean back against the window's side edge." "Good that seems to cure the balance problem and extend your left arm and touch your leg." Trish did as I asked while I moved about taking more shots from a variety of angles.

Trish announced, "Here comes a barge tow and there is a deck hand working on the side of the barge next to us." "In this position I won't be able to shake my breasts at him without falling off the window sill." she stated.

"Then just grin and wave or blow kisses at him as we pass!" I kidded.

I positioned myself to get photos as we passed the barge tow, but the closing speed of two vessels passing didn't allow enough photo time. Trish did get his attention by waving at him and laughed when he smiled and gave her a 'thumbs up'. It did seem that she was relaxing and getting into this 'almost' public exhibitionism.

"Trish," I said in a forceful manner, "you are turning me on so much that I can't keep this up without taking time out for fucking!" "What do you think about that?" I inquired.

(To be continued)

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