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Road Trip


I met Nadine nearly five years ago. I fell in love with her two years ago. By that time, we had become very close friends and she was unable to see me as anything more. We managed to get past the awkwardness and remain close.

We were inseparable, in fact. We went everywhere together. Except for the sex and the romance, we were a couple in every way. It was a frustrating situation and I was incapable of changing it. Then came the roadtrip.

Nadine's younger sister, Eileen, belonged to a community service organization. The group had volunteered to go to some tiny rural town in the middle of nowhere to clean up their graveyard. Eileen had talked us into going with them. It was an old graveyard, full of weeds, tree branches and the occasional grass snake. The group needed as much help as they could get. Eileen's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Larry, had also been recruited.

The four of us had always had fun together and this trip was no exception. Larry's van was echoing with hysterical laughter all the way to the little town. Larry drove and Nadine was riding shotgun. Eileen and I had to sit on the floor in the back of the van. We had taken the seats out some months before and had never been able to get them back in.

We arrived at about 9 am. There were a lot of volunteers, but I didn't know most of them. Eileen started the day off with the others, but eventually the four of us stayed together for most of the day. We spent the whole day laughing, while we were pulling weeds and clearing debris. We never stopped laughing.

At the end of the day, we grabbed some quick showers at a truck stop just outside of town and headed home. We expected to get back at around 1 am or so.

A few miles from the truck stop, the van started slowing down. Larry had been having some transmission problems and it looked like the thing had quit on us again. We were stuck. We had plenty of gas, and the engine was purring like a kitten, but it wouldn't go into gear.

It was too dark to work on the engine, and too cold to walk back to the truckstop, so we had no choice but to spend the night in the van on the shoulder of the freeway.

We still had a cooler half full of snacks and drinks that we'd taken to the cemetery and Larry had a bottle of whiskey he'd been keeping in the van to give to his brother the next time he saw him. We had a little party.

After a couple of hours, I wasn't exactly drunk, but the van did seem to be spinning a bit more than is standard for that model. I fell asleep on the floor of the van, watching Eileen trying to throw potato chips in Larry's mouth.

I woke up when someone elbowed me in the side. Eileen was lying next to me on the floor, wearing only her T-shirt. Larry was crouched over her, wearing her panties over his head and tickling her unmercifully. She giggled and thrashed and elbowed me again.

I sat up. Eileen gave a little scream and grabbed her jeans. She held them in her lap all wadded up, trying to cover herself. Larry laughed and yanked them away from her. Eileen abandoned all modesty as she lunged for Larry and wrestled with him for the jeans, laughing and shouting and cursing.

It was a hell of a show, but I took a moment to glance over at Nadine. She seemed dead to the world, slumped against the passenger door with her feet propped up on the driver's seat. She was oblivious to Larry and Eileen, despite all the noise they were making.

He got the pants away from her, pulled open the door and threw them into the road. Eileen shrieked as the frigid wind blew through the van and she pulled her knees up under the T-shirt. Larry smirked at her while she shivered, holding the door as wide open as possible. I had to grab my jacket and put it on. He pulled the panties off his head and threw those outside too before finally closing the door.

Eileen stared at him in shock. She was trying hard to be angry, but was having trouble keeping a straight face. Then she grinned at him and winked at me. She pulled off the T-shirt, opened the door herself and tossed it outside with the rest of her clothes. Then she crawled over to where I was sitting against the wall of the van, climbed onto my lap and put her arms around my neck.

It was Larry's turn to look shocked. Technically, they were not dating at the time, but those two had broken up and gotten back together so many times it was hard to keep track. Everyone knew they were together, regardless of what their current status was at any given time.

Eileen was kissing my neck and blowing in my ear. I wasn't sure I wanted to get involved in this game, but you don't often find yourself with a beautiful naked woman throwing herself at you, especially on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. I ran my hands over her body. I went slowly, giving both of them an opportunity to stop me before I crossed the line, but neither one of them did. They seemed to be daring each other to push it further.

"Go ahead," Larry said to me. "I want to see you fuck her."

I was happy to oblige and Eileen seemed eager to let me. She started tugging at my pants, anxious to free my stiffening cock. She took it into her hands and softly rubbed it up and down. She tickled the crown with her fingers and used her other hand to massage my balls. She gave Larry a beautiful, seductive smile and then kissed the head of my dick. Slowly, she drew me into her mouth. She gave me a very different kind of smile, wrapped around my shaft. I could feel her tongue, licking and stroking, while she gently sucked on it.

As I surrendered to the experience, I suddenly realized that Nadine was awake and watching. She was still propped up against the passenger door, unmoving, but she wasn't missing a thing. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. She winked at me and then looked back down at her sister giving me head.

Larry yanked his pants down and flopped down on the floor, insisting that it was his turn.

Eileen agreed, but made him move up and sit with his back against the front seats. She moved up between his legs, crawling on her hands and knees. I had a beautiful view of her ass and pussy. She looked back at me and wiggled her ass back and forth a little. If that wasn't an invitation, I've never received one.

As she clamped her mouth onto Larry's cock, I got behind her and pushed into her doggie-style. I buried the head of my dick inside those pretty pussy lips and stopped, just enjoying the feeling. Eileen got impatient and thrust back against me, impaling herself on my cock, pulling away, and forcing herself onto me again.

Nadine was watching me again. As I penetrated her sister, she was wearing that mysterious smile and looking at my face. I felt like I was getting lost in Nadine's beautiful liquid eyes even as I plunged in and out of Eileen's moist well. It was the most erotic experience I've ever had in my life.

Sadly, it had to end sometime. Larry started groaning as Eileen worked on him. I watched Eileen swallow Larry's entire cock into her throat as he started to cum. It drove me over the edge as well. I felt the explosion from my dick. I heard myself grunt. My eyes crossed and my entire body shuddered in ecstasy. I kept pumping Eileen as I shot my sperm into her. Eventually, the orgasm passed and I rested, still buried inside Eileen, enjoying the aftermath.

Nadine was grinning at me now. She watched as I pulled out of Eileen and cleaned myself up as much as possible. Eileen felt my exit and crawled over to sit on Larry's lap. Neither of them realized that Nadine was awake. I fell asleep staring at her face.

When I woke up again, it was daylight and we were moving. Larry had gotten up and made another temporary fix to the transmission and gotten us on the road. Eileen was cuddled up against my back and to my surprise, Nadine was lying in my arms, fast asleep.

Once we'd returned home, we had a bit of excitement when we realized that Eileen's clothes were still on the freeway 140 miles away. Larry and Nadine argued a little over who was going to go up to her apartment and get her something to wear, but Eileen ended the discussion by getting out and walking to her door completely naked. It was a lovely sight.

After that trip, Nadine's feelings toward me had changed. She told me that she had not been able to see me as a sexual person until she watched me do her sister. Since then, we've gotten engaged. Larry and Eileen have since been married and divorced and are currently living together. We haven't repeated the events of that trip, but we talk about it. Someday we'll get together for another adventure.

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