tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRoad Trip Ch. 01

Road Trip Ch. 01

byTx Tall Tales©

Road Trip Day 1: Texas Twosome

I knew I'd passed these same two girls in the day-glo yellow Escort Wagon at least twice so far as I slowed down to pace them for a moment. I looked over at the cute redhead, eyes fixed intently on the road, as if it would jeopardize her immortal soul to even so much as glance over at me. On the far side of the front seat, a pretty Spanish-looking girl smiled and waved as I slowly pulled past. I waved back, flashing a big grin, and then pulled out fast, wanting to get to the dig site while there was still some light out.

Their small, overloaded car labored up the west Texas mountains as I shot up the incline. I was in a hurry to tour a Big Bend archaeological dig I'd been interested in while there was still light.

Five hours later, with the sun a large golden disk poised on the crest of the mountains, I saw that same yellow car pulling into a rest station just ahead. I downshifted, shedding some speed, and pulled in behind them just as they were getting out.

Spotting a reason to strike up a conversation. I called out to them from within my car.

"Ladies, I don't know if you had noticed but it looks like one of your bikes is about to fall off the carrier." I pointed out the problem bike, which was barely hanging on.

"Crap, not something else!" the small brunette exclaimed with a petulant stomp, and a delightful Latina accent.

I got out and walked over to the carrier, examining where the crossbar that held up the front of the bikes was drooping downward at about a 45-degree angle.

"Yeah, the only thing holding it on at the moment is this one bungee. It looks like the teeth in the plastic gear have all been broken."

The redhead looked almost ready to cry. I got the impression they'd had a long day, and it was getting longer by the minute.

I thought they were cute sitting in their car; my initial impression was enhanced as they gathered around the rear of the wagon.

The redhead was tall and slender, with long auburn hair the West Texas wind was having a hey-day with. The brunette was considerably shorter, maybe five feet tall, with a body best described as voluptuous. She had a near classic hourglass figure, with a large full chest, generous hips, and a tiny waist. There was at least a half-inch gap between the top of her shorts, and her flat stomach, while her butt looked like it was about to split the seams of the ultra-short jeans at any moment.

I offered to do my best to jury-rig a repair that would keep the two bikes on for the rest of their journey. The girls introduced themselves as Deirdre, the winnowy redhead, and Ana-Maria, the Spanish bombshell, respectively.

Within a few minutes I had the bikes off the back, the carrier removed and was creating a duct-tape and bailing-wire solution that would hold up for a little while. The girls chatted with me as I worked.

"We were just going to have a little dinner. Can we offer you something?" Deirdre was opening a small cooler, displaying a couple of waterlogged sandwiches, in melted ice.

"Ana-Maria, didn't you change the ice at the convenience store back there?"

"I did, but I think that pedazo-de-mierda cooler don't keep nothing cold. I'll see what's in the vending machines."

I stopped her, with a touch on the arm. "If I'm not being too forward, there's a place about an hour from here, the Sutton County Steakhouse. I was headed there for dinner. I'd love to have you both join me, my treat." They'd already made it clear they were hoping to get past San Antonio before they stopped for the night, so I knew it was on their way.

"That's really nice of you to offer, but we can't have you spending your money on us, you hardly know us." Deirdre interjected, before Ana-Maria could speak.

"Really, I'm relocating back to the East Coast, and I'm on an expense account for this trip, so it's no problem. My company will pick up the tab, as long as we keep it reasonable. I've been on the road for two days alone, and I would really love the company. Otherwise I'll just have to eat alone. Do you know what it's like to eat alone in a restaurant, day after day? Please say you'll join me."

"I really don't think we can," Deirdre insisted, while Ana-Maria, argued that it was better than chips, candy bars, and soggy sandwiches.

"Tell you what, it looks like I'm done here, this should hold for a bit. I'm going to use the restroom, and you two can talk it over. Sutton County Steakhouse has some of the best steaks in West Texas; I promise you won't be disappointed." On that note I left the girls chatting against a backdrop of the trademark West Texas sunset, blues, reds, indigos and violets, promising nice weather for the following day.

A few minutes later Ana-Maria was arguing that she wanted to go in my car, just for a change of pace.

"Ana-Maria, are you crazy? You don't know this guy from Adam! You're just going to jump in his car in the middle of nowhere? Absolutely not!"

"I have to agree." I told her. "If you were my sister, I wouldn't want you getting in the car of a stranger you'd just met, even if he was as charming and obviously trustworthy as me.

"Maybe I have a solution. Deirdre, how about if I give you my driver's license and registration? You can be pretty sure I won't be going anywhere too far from you, and if anything funny did happen, you would be able to ID me pretty easily."

"This is just crazy!" She pouted, but took the proffered laminated card and folded paper.

"It's no more than an hour and a half away. We just stay on 10 until the exit for Sonora and San Angelo. We'll stay in sight."

Getting Acquainted

"That chinga is driving me crazy!" Ana-Maria bemoaned as she folded herself into the front seat. She sat with her legs crossed, her tight shorts painting a sexy picture across the tiny gap between her legs. Her white linen shirt was tied up halter style, barely containing her delightful orbs while leaving no doubt they were unencumbered by any bra.

"Two days in a car will do that, even between good friends." I countered, buckling in while trying to unobtrusively observe those magnificent mounds.

"Ha! We're hardly good friends. I know her a little bit from school, you know, some friends in common, but we weren't buddies or nothing. She offered a ride home from school at the end of the year, and I took her up on it. Now that school's starting again, she called me and asked if I wanted to share a ride back. I figured it would save a little money, and let me bring a little more stuff, but I must have been crazy. The first trip wasn't too bad, but this time I swear I'm gonna strangle her."

She was so animated as she spoke, her hands constantly in motion, her body twisting and turning. She was driving me crazy.

"So what's the problem?" I asked.

"Oh, I don't know. I guess it all started when her air-conditioner wouldn't hardly work. And then we had a flat, and we had to empty the whole car, and some jerks tried to help us, and she sent them away. I know they were pendejos, but she could have let them change the tire before she sent them away. And she's so cheap; she didn't want a hotel, so we spent almost the whole night driving, crashing for a few hours at a rest stop, where I couldn't sleep, thinking someone was going to try to break in. I'm so beat."

"When it rains, it pours." I lamented, trying to be sympathetic, while unobtrusively taking in her pert nipples.

Ana-Maria must have caught my glance, and looked down to her own chest where her nipples were standing out against her sweat-soaked shirt.

She had the grace to blush a bit, as she looked up at me and smiled. "No problem with your air-conditioner, it blows COLD air."

I gave a small laugh, and reached forward to make it a little warmer.

Ana reached out and placed her hand on mine, stopping me. "Don't you dare! It's the first time I've stopped sweating in two days."

I got goose bumps from the contact. I let the AC continue to blow icy air across her chest. She actually leaned forward and let the air blow down her neckline, while holding her hair up and turning her head from side to side.

"There's cold beer in the cooler in back - help yourself." I told her a few minutes later.

"You don't mind? What about the cops?"

"This is Texas," I told her, "it's legal for a passenger to be drinking, just not the driver."

She turned around and crawled halfway into the back, through the gap between the bucket seats. Her shoulder and breast were rubbing against my right shoulder, and I could feel the result of the contact starting a commotion in my pants.

She turned back around, and dropped with a sigh into the seat again. She handed the can to me, and I popped the top and returned it. I watched her down a third of the Lone Star then sit back with her eyes closed.

"You know, I was kind of scared going with you. I been watching you stalk us for the last two days." She turned towards me sitting in the seat sideways, her back leaning against the far door.

"Stalk? What are you, crazy?"

"Then how come I see you pass us at least four times? I think you keep following us, and passing us just to keep us in your sight." She was openly challenging me, clearly expecting an answer.

I laughed aloud. "You think pretty highly of yourself, chiquita. Actually, I've got 7 days to make this trip, and I decided to take it slowly. I stopped at the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest, the Mesa Indian Ruins, the Painted Desert, and Big Bend National Park. Each time I stop, you guys pass me, and I catch up when I hit the road again. I'm probably averaging over 90 when I'm driving, and I doubt you girls are averaging more than about 50, less going up the mountains."

She was very pretty when she blushed, I noticed.

I continued, "I must admit, I did follow you into the rest-stop, mostly just hoping to see if you both were as pretty close-up as from afar."


"Prettier. Hard to believe but much prettier."

She accepted the compliment graciously neither denying the obvious, nor making a big deal of it. She sat quietly for a few easy moments, sipping at her beer. "It is so nice to be in a cool car. I guess you couldn't help but notice that my tits like it."

I was a little surprised to hear that announcement. Her nipples were clearly outlined against her sweat soaked shirt, and were standing at attention. I stared longer than I should have.

"I guess I have noticed. You do have very nice breasts, and yes, they seem to really enjoy the cool air." I grinned as I turned my attention back to the road, spotting Deirdre dropping far behind. I checked my speed - I had edged up to almost 70. I eased back on the gas.

"Yeah," she said a few minutes later. "Most of the boys like my tetas, they're my best feature."

"Oh, I don't know if I'd say that," I countered. "I'd have to say the whole package is VERY nice."

"Thanks," she answered, leaning back and finishing off the rest of her beer. "Does this seat go back, I'd like to lay back and rest a bit if you don't mind." She was pulling at the handle at the side. "I'm so tired."

"I'm sorry, I've got stuff behind that seat, and it won't go back right now."

"Oh shoot. You don't mind if I lie down sideways, do you?"

"Of course not, but I don't imagine that could be too comfortable."

She laughed, and pulling a pillow from behind my seat, she placed it across the middle, over the console and emergency break, and then folded her legs, scooting across until her head rested firmly on my leg. Her eyes were closed and her fingers were interlaced across her firm tan belly. She rested there quietly for a couple of minutes, while my mind occupied itself with all types of lascivious dream sequence scenarios.

"Do you really think I'm pretty?" she asked softly, her eyes closed, her head turned slightly, her temple resting against my abs.

I allowed my right hand to caress her across the side of her head, my thumb tracing a line across her temple and cheek. "Beautiful."

I was rewarded with a small grin. "Liar. I'm not beautiful. Cute maybe, but not beautiful."

I ran my fingers through her hair, and then again across her cheek. "I don't lie. You are a beautiful girl."

"Oh yeah, what color are my eyes?" She teased, holding them tightly shut.

"Green. Dark green, with little brown flecks." My fingers rested lightly on her eyelids. "Your skin is flawless, a beautiful deep tan, your lips full and inviting. You have high firm cheekbones and a soft chin. Your shiny dark shoulder length hair frames your face perfectly. You are a beautiful young woman."

"You are a bullshitter, but a sweet bullshitter." She almost whispered.

My fingers continued tracing her features, and this time, as I stroked her forehead, when my wrist was over her mouth she reached out and place a small kiss on it. My fingers reached down to trace the bow of her lips, and her pink tongue darted out to touch it, then her mouth stayed open. I ran my finger across the inside of her lip, feeling the sharpness of her teeth. She captured my finger with her teeth, licking it, then sucking on it. Her eyes never opened.

When she released my finger, I brought my hand down to her shoulder and neck, caressing the top of her chest. I allowed my hand to drift into the top of her makeshift halter, just running across the beginning swell of her breast.

She reached up and untied the knot on the front of her shirt, separating the two sides, but allowing them to remain laying across her breasts. My breath burned within my chest. I reached across, and lifted the left side away, revealing the most perfect breast I'd ever seen. I allowed my hand to trace the outside, cupping it from underneath, and then following the valley in between.

I traced the curve again, this time getting a little closer to the hard nipple standing straight up, and the puckered pinkness on the top of her breast. After circling it a few times I finally cupped it from below, grasping her nipple between my thumb and the side of my index finger; she moaned. Twisting the nipple slightly I tugged upwards on it and she gasped. Her hand flew down between her legs as if in response.

"Such perfect, beautiful breasts..." I murmured.

"Tits." She corrected me with a soft insistence.

"Tits. Absolutely perfect tits."

"Mmmmm," she purred, with a tiny smile toying with the edges of her mouth, as she relaxed and allowed my hand free reign.

With the implicit consent, I caressed and played with her luscious breasts for the next several minutes. I exposed both and teased them mercilessly. Squeezing, pinching, cupping, caressing, twisting, I would go from lightly brushing them, to crushing them against her chest, to roughly toying with them.

I would take my fingers from her nipples, to her mouth and back again. But she reacted strongest when I pinched and pulled on her nipples, and not gently.

After several miles of this she was breathing hard and moaning almost continuously. Her right hand was rubbing between her legs. I took her hands and place them on her own breasts. She held the nipples between her own fingers and pulled on them hard.

I reached down and started to unbutton her shorts.

"Uh-uh" she cautioned.

Ok, the limits were set. Instead, I reached between her legs, where a strip of cloth no more than an inch across covered her. The heat emanating from her crotch was intense. When I first touched her there she moaned long and hard, but didn't push me away or complain.

I cupped my hand over her honey-pot, seeing how nicely the shape fit the curve of my hand, softly squeezing. After a few seconds of massaging her mound, to the tune of her encouraging moans, I slid my fingers underneath the denim, and felt the soaking wet cotton beneath.

I grabbed the cloth, pulling it roughly to the side, exposing her bare twat - pink and swollen. I used my middle finger to part her lips, and slowly pushed deep inside her.

With a long moan, she shuddered and clamped her legs tightly around my hand. I could feel her pussy spasming around my hand as she came. She arched her neck and head back, pressing the top of her head against my painfully constricted hard-on.

When she finally came down from her high, her legs parted again, and I stroked in and out of her gently, just playing with her, as she relaxed. After a bit I pulled out of her, repositioning the cloth across that sweet little gap.

She was whispering softly, but I couldn't make out what she said. I held her breast in my hand, just kneading it softly as her breath slowed and she drifted off to sleep.

I drove on, the technicolor sunset framing Deirdre's Escort in my rear view mirror. I was painfully hard, but had to just live with it for the moment. As I drove, I turned on some music, and turned the AC back to a reasonable 68. I continued caressing and fondling this cute young girl laying in my lap, much gentler now, just enjoying the sensation of her silken skin running under my fingertips.

Across the slight swell of her belly, along the strong curve of her waist, between the valley of her breasts, across those delicious peaks, tracing her shoulders and neck, along her hairline and through her hair, my hands familiarized themselves with her entire upper body and pretty face. Her slow and easy breathing and relaxed visage amazed me; how could she be so trusting and relaxed with a person she hardly knew? I wasn't about to complain.

Pulling off the highway at the Sonora exit, I woke Ana-Maria with a small shake. She smiled and stretched languidly, arching. The crown of her head pushed into my erection, and her eyes popped open. She sat up looked over at me.

"We're almost there," I told her, "it's just about a mile ahead."

"How long was I asleep?" She asked sleepily, suppressing a yawn.

"About an hour."

"That was really nice," she told me, placing her hand on my shoulder. "You've got a really nice soft touch." She let her hand travel down my chest to my obvious hard-on. "I guess I owe you one. Sorry to leave you like this." She accented the apology with a nice squeeze around my shaft.

"Oh no, the pleasure was all mine." I assured her.

She laughed loudly. "I don't think so. I believe I got the pleasure. A whole lot." She took my hand in her own, and pressed my fingers to her mouth where she tenderly kissed them individually.

Reluctantly, I pulled my hand back, needing it to downshift as I pulled into the Steakhouse with Deirdre pulling in just behind me.


We were seated immediately at a quiet table for four, near the back, with the girls on either side of me, Ana-Maria to my left with the wall at her back. Deirdre was savoring the cool air, her skin glowing with perspiration just now starting to evaporate. I felt more than fortunate, with two such lovely dinner guests accompanying me.

"I'm so inconsiderate, I never thought to ask, but you girls do like steak don't you?" I looked from one to the other.

"I could eat a whole cow." Ana-Maria confessed, as Deirdre said at almost the same time, "It's one of my favorites."

"May I make a suggestion then? The KC steak for two will give us a stack of half-a-dozen six-ounce delicious sirloins, more than the three of us are likely to finish. It's a specialty."

The girls took my suggestion, allowing me to order the dinner and the wine. No questions were asked about their ages, which was fortunate, and the following hour was spent in delightful conversation, talking about the trip, their studies, and the stops I'd made along the way.

Deirdre was actually a great conversationalist, and had shed some of her wariness during the drive and dinner. She could also eat like a stevedore. They were curious about how I knew about the place, and I explained how it was a popular place with the General Aviation crowd - the perfect $100 hamburger with the local airport flight line only a couple of hundred yards away. That got into a discussion about small planes, and my partial ownership of a Cherokee Six, which I was trying to unload back in LA.

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