tagGroup SexRoad Trip Ch. 03

Road Trip Ch. 03

byTx Tall Tales©

Day 3: Florida Frolic


When I awoke I was alone. I heard voices from out on the porch, so I pulled on my jeans, and stepped out to see what was going on.

DD and Ana-Maria were chatting amiably, setting out brunch from rattan trays, stacked high with steel covered plates. Ana-Maria squealed and jumped in my arms. She gave me a big kiss, then pushed me away.

"You are ripe. No breakfast for you until you shower." She turned back to the food she was laying out. "And you better hurry 'cause I'm starving."

DD stepped over and pulled my face down to hers. She gave me a tender kiss. "Good morning sleepy head. Hurry up." Then she pushed me away as well.

I took the hint and ducked back for a quick shower, not even shaving. I was back outside within 5 minutes, wearing boxers and my Jimmy Buffet tour T-shirt. I was going to have to do laundry; I'd run through about 8 shirts in the last 3 days, between the dancing, young ladies wearing them, and morning and evening dress.

The girls were seated, their plates full, and they weren't waiting. I took the open seat between them, and filled my plate with the souffle and some sausages.

"How did you get breakfast served at this hour?" I asked between bites.

"Turns out the 'Romance Package' comes with breakfast in bed, up until Noon. We made it by 10 minutes." DD answered.

The girls ate like starved lumberjacks, and I managed to keep pace. We ate everything present, down to the last crumb.

"So what's the plan," DD asked, between bites.

"I'm headed to my friends place near Ft. Walton Beach. I haven't seen him in years, and we were going to catch up on old times. He's the co-owner of a restaurant/bar there, and I've never even seen it. He's also got a place on the water, and I was going to spend the night there.

"If you guys would like to join me, I'll give him a call, and we can all stay at his place. I'm sure he'd be happy to have the company."

"As long as he's Ok with it, it sounds great to me. Although if I keep letting you feed me, I'm going to be big as a house." DD leaned back and tried to push out her belly, as if she had more than a few ounces of fat on her anywhere.

"Well as long as we keep up the workouts, I don't think you have to worry about that." I teased.

"I think it's a great idea," Ana-Maria chimed in, "although I'll miss this place. The cottage is so pretty, and I had such a good time last night dancing and everything."

"Ditto, especially the everything," DD added.

"Then I think I'll go in and make the call."

With the girls approval I made the call and set things up with Mike. As accommodating as ever, he opened his home to us, and said he was looking forward to the visit. The girls even got in on the call and made their introductions over the phone.

After settling the bill, I took one last look around the place, thinking to myself that this place would hold a special place among all my memories, after last night's incredible activities.

Ana-Maria was in the Porsche, when I came out after one last scan of the place for anything forgotten, and we left shortly after, leaving behind memories I'd cherish for a lifetime.

The drive was pretty uneventful, no blow-jobs on the road, just a lot of congenial talk, and some teasing reminders of what had been and what was to come (and who was to come.)

After lunch, DD asked if she could drive the Porsche, and I acquiesced. She was a good driver, hell, probably better than me, but she had a bit of a lead foot, not realizing how fast she was going half the time. No harm, no foul; we weren't stopped by the police or anything, so I guess it wasn't a problem.

At the next gas stop, the girls surprised me by asking if they could drive together for a while, in the 944 no less. I agreed, a bit reluctantly if the truth be told, but insisted we stop in about an hour, when we'd be heading to the beaches, so I could lead the way into town and to the bar.

I had a good hour to think about what was going to happen that night, and how I'd share my attention between the girls. Mike, I'm sure would be willing to help, in any way he could. The only decision I could come to was that I'd play off the girls reactions, and if either of them seemed taken with Mike at all, I'd encourage that reaction, and be happy with the other. Of course I hadn't counted on Mike's ingenuity, but more on that later.

I wasn't even certain who I wanted to be with. Ana-Maria was so fun and willing to try anything, so cheerful, and so undemanding. She was very pretty, with an incredible sexy body, and an incredible lay. Oh yeah, and she let me fuck her ass. DD was stunning and could be great to be with, but I wasn't sure which DD would be there tonight. I was hoping that the change in her last night was a transition, and not an aberration. She was great in the bed, but hardly better than Ana-Maria, and certainly not as innovative or abiding. But there was something about her that made my blood boil - in a good way.

When we switched cars, just outside of town, the girls surprised me again by both of them getting in the Escort. I almost felt like they were up to something, concocting some plan that I wasn't supposed to be privy too. I didn't mind, but I was just a little surprised.

I found the place we were looking for, Fudpuckers, on the first pass. It was hard to miss, with a huge sign proclaiming Fudpuckers Oral Delights. The parking lot was about 1/2 full, so we pulled in around the side, and went inside to look for Mike.

The girls were a bit concerned that they didn't have a chance to clean up, but I assured them we were just here to hook up with Mike, before we went to his place so we could settle in, change, and come back out for some fun.

I hadn't seen Mike in a while, but he looked great. Better than he ever looked in high-school. Mike's about 6 feet tall, just a bit shorter than me, with blonde curly hair, contrasting my dark brown curly hair. We'd always been best friends, living near each other, before I moved overseas.

I introduced the girls, and Mike immediately turned over the place to the night manager, and insisted we go back to his place to clean up. He offered to drive with DD in the Escort, while Ana-Maria rode with me.

"You never told me your friend was so good looking," Ana-Maria teased.

"I don't need the competition."

"He seems nice."

"He's great. It's funny, I may not see him for years, but whenever we're together it's like we were never apart, it's best friends all over again. I can always depend on Mike."

His place was about a 10 minute drive away from the city, to a large building right on the water. Obviously, Mike was doing well. We parked in his covered carport, in front of a three car garage, and we came in through the back. His house was immaculate, with a huge eat in kitchen we walked through to get to a large open hallway, which extended up two stories and opened onto several different rooms.

"I should have gotten into the bar business," I kidded, looking around the place with open admiration.

"There's still time. We're opening a third pretty soon: Panama City Beach."

"As tempting as it sounds, I think I've got to give the whole high-tech entrepreneur thing another go. If I stumble again, I may just take you up on it."

"Ok, just let me know. In the meantime, let me show you to your rooms."

He escorted us down the hall. We each had our own room. The girls shared a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, while I had my own. DD's room had a queen sized bed, Ana-Maria had two doubles, and I had a king. The rooms were all nearly as large as my last master bedroom.

Just as we were being shown the last room, a cute blonde came skipping down the stairs.

"Who're the guests, Mikey?" she asked, looking us over.

"The big guy is Steve, don't believe anything he might say about me. We've been best friends for years, and he knows where the skeletons are. Deirdre and Ana-Maria are friends of his. They're just in for a few days. Guys, this is Angela."

"I've known you for three years and I've never seen him, how can he be your best friend?" Angela shot back.

"Because he never asks questions, he's just there when I need him. Not like some people who always ask questions, and are always underfoot when they're least needed," he teased.

"You don't mean that do you?" she pouted.

"Of course not. Steve, Angela works with me, and is between places so she's staying here a while as well," He explained.

"And so are Jeremy and Michelle. Mike is the greatest! Whenever anyone gets stuck he's always there to help. You just gotta love him." She ran over and gave him a big hug and kiss. "I've gotta run, I'm on at 9:00, and the boss will kill me if I'm late again." Her big smile, sparkling eyes and cute dimples made her look like the embodiment of cuteness.

"C'mon Steve, let's get the cars unloaded while the girls clean up. You can shower after the manual labor, while I prepare some early evening libations."

The girls volunteered to help us but he shooed them back to their rooms. "If you want, you can use my shower. That way you won't have to take turns."

The girls disappeared in the back of the house, while Mike and I unloaded several bags. Once they were stowed he followed me to my room where we continued our conversation while I showered and cleaned up, and I let him in on the nature of my intimacy with the two lovelies I'd brought with me.

"So anyone special in your life this week?" I asked.

"Not particularly, although you'll meet a couple of close friends tonight. We're going to have a blast. But for now I'm going to go make us a couple of drinks to get the evening rolling." He walked out while I decided on what to wear that evening. I really needed to do some wash.

It was almost as if Mike read my mind. "Hey, tell the girls that anything they need washed to just toss outside in the hallway. I'll have Maria wash in the morning."

I tossed on some khakis and a Mickey Mouse polo shirt. I then peeked in on the girls and enjoyed the view of the half-dressed beauties while I shared the laundry news with them. I urged them to join us in the living room when they were ready.

Mike had a gift for making people feel comfortable. We polished off a pitcher of Martinis while he regaled the girls with stories of our youth, and humorous tales of running a bar on the beach, especially during Spring Break.

Cleaned up, our immediate thirst quenched, we finally headed out. Mike drove in his Range Rover, and before long we were back at the bar, and things were obviously picking up.

We walked to a table in the back, and Mike introduced us to some friends of his who were holding a table for us. His partner in the business, Bob, was there, as well as a tall brunette introduced to us as Michelle. Angela came over and took our drink order as we chatted. Turned out Michelle was one of the other temporary tenants at Mike's.

Just as our drinks arrived, another leggy blonde came over, apologizing for being late, and introduced herself as Nanette. She ordered two Long-Island Iced Teas, announcing her intent to get shit-faced.

Mike's friends were great. We danced, we talked, we snacked, and just had a great time. A lot of people wandered over from time to time, but the core remained pretty steady. The group dynamics were pretty fluid through the evening, but I seemed to find myself bracketed by DD and Nanette more often than not. I made a few overtures towards Michelle, but she was hard to pin down, and I settled for the easier prey. Ana-Maria flitted from conversation to conversation, flirting with everyone, and charming the pants off Bob.

I was as surprised as anyone when the lights came up and I realized it was closing time. I wasn't feeling too drunk; most of the group looked a little worse off than me, with Nanette and Bob both drunk as skunks. At Mike's suggestion, we moved the party to his house.

We lost no one in transition, five us piling into Mike's vehicle, while Ana-Maria succumbed to Bob's requests and rode back with him in his Corvette. On the ride back, I was once again wedged between DD and Nanette.

I was drunk and horny and feeling my oats.

"I hope the party doesn't last too long," I whispered to DD, "I was hoping you'd join me in my room in a little while."

"Just the two of us?" she giggled in response.

"What, am I not enough for you now?" I answered, reaching out and squeezing her upper thigh.

"You know what I mean." She laughed, leaning her breast into my arm, and giving it a rub.

"Well, you are more than enough to fill my dreams," I answered, shutting off any response from her with a lingering kiss.

I guess Nanette was a little jealous of the attention that DD was getting. As I leaned back after my kiss, Nanette leaned into me and whispered into my ear.

"I need to get laid tonight." She accented the comment with a nibble on my earlobe and a grasp at my hardening cock.

I turned to face her, and her lips descended on mine. Her tongue forced it's way into my mouth, as she squeezed my cock, tugging on it.

I pulled away, a little put off by her aggression, and concerned about how DD was going to handle the interaction. I was justified in my concern. DD climbed across my lap wiggling her way between me and Nanette.

"This one's taken." She told Nanette, placing her hand on Nanette's chest, and pushing her back.

"Why don't you let him make that decision?" Nanette answered, reaching across towards me.

"He already has, but he's too nice to hurt your feelings." DD turned back to me, and possessively gave me a big kiss.

I opened my eyes to find Nanette's just inches from mine, while she whispered into DD's ear. "Can't we share? I can't go home tonight. I can't." While I watched, her lips reached down for DD's neck, and I could feel her arm worm it's way between us, as she reached around DD, at chest level.

Nanette leaned back, pulling DD with her, her arm across her chest, Nanette's hand on DD's breast. The drunken blonde continued nibbling at DD's neck. DD leaned her head back, closing her eyes and relaxed back against Nanette, who was whispering to her again. This time I couldn't make out the words.

As I looked down, Nanette's opposite hand pulled up at DD's skirt, her hand tracing a path up her thigh, until I could see her panties exposed to my view, and Nanette's fingers at the edge of the elastic.

I followed Nanette's lead, reaching forward for another kiss, while my hand covered Nanette's and helped caress DD's breast. DD surrendered herself completely to my kiss, and I was prepared to rip off her panties and do her right there, when the car slowed down and I realized we were pulling into Mike's driveway.

I looked up to see Mike regarding us in the rearview mirror, while Michelle chattered on, oblivious to the action in the back seat.


Mike is the only guy I know that has a Margarita machine. He had loaded one side with Margaritas, and the other side with Hard Lemonade. We were just settling in and were filling our glasses when Angela showed up, just off work and eager to catch up. Still dressed in her restaurant shirt and short-shorts, she disappeared upstairs, returning minutes later in one of the skimpiest bathing suits I had ever seen. She had a dynamite body, lots of curves, with a body a lot like Ana-Maria's, with a little less breast, and wider, rounder hips.

"I don't know about you guys, but I need to relax my dogs. Who's joining me?" She looked around, looking for company.

I immediately knew that I'd be joining her.

Ana-Maria called out that she was in, and Mike offered Bob a suit.

"I didn't bring a suit. Does that mean I can't play?" Nanette pouted.

Michelle said, "You don't have to wear one at Mike's. I'm not going to."

Bob hooted, and laughed. "If they aren't wearing one, I'm certainly not!"

That was all it took to get the ball rolling. Thank you, Michelle.

The hot-tub was huge, a custom built tiled model. It was set into his rear deck and overlooked the ocean. He claimed it held 10, but with the 8 of us it was pretty full. Eight naked beautiful bodies, pressed against each other, legs tangled, and all of us in various states of intoxication. Ok, let's not exaggerate. Five beautiful naked bodies, plus Mike, Bob and yours truly.

Steve - Deirdre Angela Nanette Mike Bob Ana-Maria - Michelle

I was leaning back, drink in hand, DD in the crook of my left arm, and Angela beside me on the other side, wonderfully filling the gap between me and Mike. When the others had stripped down, she'd lost the suit as well, and her breasts were floating just below the top of the water, her nipples occasionally making an appearance.

Ana-Maria got up from the far side of the tub, and came across to me, glorious in her nudity. She sat in my lap a second, and whispered in my ear. "Here we go again. You OK with my being with Mike tonight? Looks like you've got your hands full."

"Absolutely." I answered her, following up my assent with a kiss. "You can tell me all about it later."

She laughed, gave me another kiss, then whispered to DD for a second before returning to her spot next to Mike.

Angela regaled us with a rambling tale of her evening, and I was asked to share the story of how I met the two young ladies, which I related as an 'R' rated tale with lots of additions and corrections from my young, college bound companions. During the telling Angela fetched a couple of pitchers of frozen drinks, topping everyone off again, and giving me quite an eyeful, both exiting and re-entering the tub, which caused me to get a little lost in the telling, to the great amusement of everyone.

Mike told a few more stories of our misspent youth which were followed by true confessions from Nanette. It turned out that everyone except the three newcomers knew that Nanette's boyfriend/fiancee had just come back from a year long project in Italy. They'd only seen each other twice in the twelve months that he'd been gone, and as soon as he got back he told her that he had to break it off, he had a new girlfriend. That had been yesterday.

"For 5 months I've been waiting for that son-of-a-bitch. And he's been banging some Italian chippy the whole time. I'm so mad I could spit." She was obviously furious, but instead of spitting, she was crying, putting a bit of a damper on things.

"Forget the bastard. There's a lot better men in the world." Michelle announced. "Why look! There's one right here!" She was seated next to Bob, and pushed him towards Nanette.

Bob turned to Nanette and took her in his arms. "Any man that would dump you deserves to have his head examined."

"Right. You're just trying to make me feel good." Nanette whined.

"Let lightning strike me dead if I'm lying. You are an incredible woman that any sane man would give his eyeteeth for."

"God, I hope what you're saying is true, cause if you're going to get hit by lightning, I'm going to go inside," I joked.

I got a small giggle from Nanette, who answered, "He's drunk. He'd say anything if he thought maybe it would help him get some tonight."

Mike reached across, took her hand and pulled her to his own lap. "I'm not that drunk and I have to say that Bob's right. You are one of the sweetest, prettiest girls I know. Frank is just an asshole." He turned her chin up and kissed her. "If you were mine, I would never let you go. I swear it. There's not many women that could convince me to settle down, but you could make me rethink the lonely bachelor life." He kissed her again, slowly, deeply.

"Lonely bachelor? Another one full of BS if you ask me," Angela laughed.

Mike stood up, the gorgeous long-limbed blonde in his arms, and turned to me, extending his arms to drop her into my lap. I took the offering and gathered her to my chest.

"What do you think, Steve?" Mike asked, taking his seat again, between Ana-Maria and Angela.

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