tagGroup SexRoad Trip Ch. 04

Road Trip Ch. 04

byTx Tall Tales©

Day 4: Beachside Bounty

The sun streaming through the window woke me and it took a few minutes for me to get my bearings. I was alone in the bed, which I found surprising, considering how crowded it had been just a few hours earlier. Noise from the bathroom caught my attention and I was pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful and completely naked Nanette stagger into the bedroom and plop onto the bed with an audible "Ooof!".

"God, I'm dying this morning," she moaned, placing a cold washcloth across her forehead.

"I think you might have had one or two drinks too many last night," I sympathized. "Can I get you anything?"

"No, I think I'll just expire as is," Nanette groaned.

I lay there on my side, quietly taking in her gorgeous form, and feeling a resurgence from my partner in crime, below the waist.

"You know," she said softly, "I keep having flashes of doing some of the craziest things last night. I didn't do anything too stupid, did I?"

"No more so than the rest of us. You were pretty wild though."

"Did I imagine it, or was Michelle in bed with you and me and some skinny redheaded kid?"

"No, that pretty much sums it up."

"Oh my God. What happened!" She rolled over and looked at me, appearing to see me for the first time.

"A little bit of everything," I joked.

"Shit. This isn't good." She sat up abruptly. "What time is it?"

"Nine-forty." I answered, peeking at the bedside clock.

"Oh. Ok. I need to be at work at 11:00, I was afraid I had overslept." She collapsed back onto the bed with another moan.

"I feel pretty stupid, and embarrassed," she said softly after another relaxing quiet period.

"You look beautiful, and you were incredible last night," I answered her.

"Oh, please. I look a mess."

I reached across and let my fingers run down her arm. "You are beautiful, sexy as hell, and it is only with the greatest of willpower that I'm avoiding attacking you in your weakened state."

"And I was just thinking that a little 'hair-of-the-dog' might be what I need this morning."

"You want a drink?" I asked, surprised.

"No," she giggled.

I finally caught on. "Oh."

I slid over next to her and allowed my hands to wander over her body for a few minutes while she sighed under my ministrations. She was adorable, her long blonde hair and long limbs catching the morning rays. I allowed my lips and tongue to follow where my hands had only just been, making a leisurely pastime of kissing and caressing every part of her I could find. She guided me occasionally with responsive moans, sighs and groans, to let me know when she was particularly happy with the attention she was receiving.

When her legs spread apart, and her arms opened up for me, I was more than ready, and eagerly mounted her. All the play had her warmed up nicely and I entered her easily. It was a delightful, languid fuck, and when my arms started to tire, I rolled her onto her side, and sidled up behind her, entering her again, and massaging her back while I stroked in and out.

We had been silently screwing for a nice long while when she spoke. "Now THIS is the perfect morning-after cure."

"Amen to that." I concurred.

She lifted one leg, and shifted slightly offering me a little better penetration, which I felt obliged to respond to. Getting a little more motion into it, I was able to saw in and out of her for most of my length, with a little firmer stroke now. The sensation was heightened, and I could feel her much better - the added friction was also getting me excited.

"Cum for me, baby," she whispered.

It sounded like a great idea to me, so I got on my knees, leaving her on her side, tucked her legs back together, and finished with a flurry. It only took a few more seconds of long deep strokes to bring me to the edge, and then I was gasping as I finished deep inside her, my groans matching hers.

Moments after I collapsed to the side, Ana-Maria popped her head in the door. "Breakfast is on, and you guys are the only ones still in bed. You coming?"

We both laughed.


Brunch was a huge buffet, with people helping themselves and eating at the island, at the kitchen table, out on the deck, wherever they felt like it. I tried to help clean up, but was encouraged to bathe instead, and it wasn't long before I was on the beach with a crowd of new friends, and one old one.

We spread out blankets, beach umbrellas, coolers, beach chairs, and a variety of items that made it look like we were settling in for the duration, even though we were only thirty yards from Mike's porch.

There was a lot of mutual lotion application and I was too distracted and relaxed to even pay that close attention to who I rubbed lotion on and who rubbed it on me. Nanette and Michelle weren't there; they had lunch duty, and Bob had headed out, but the rest of the crowd from the night before was there, as well as a few faces I didn't recognize. One turned out to be a houseguest at Chez Mike and three others turned out to be neighbors.

We sunned, swam, played a little beach football and volleyball, and eventually I was all 'beached-out'. When Bob showed up with lunch from the restaurant, I was one of the first to take him up on it and headed back to the house for a snack, and then a nap, I hoped, before we headed back to the Fud'.

I ate, showered and snuck off to bed, hoping for a few hours of quiet and rest. The trip had been incredible but my batteries were beginning to run low. Of course as things would have it, this wasn't going to be much of a rest opportunity either.

I heard some noise from across the hall, and figured that DD and/or Ana-Maria had come up to the house, and I wanted to speak to them for a second about their plans for tomorrow. I was going to have to head back home. I turned the corner, and the noise was coming from Mike's room, not the girls'. I peaked in and had to stop and catch my breath, when I saw Ana-Maria on her hands and knees, being plugged at both ends by Mike and Bob.

Mike saw me almost immediately and waved me over.

"Buddy, I owe you big time for this one. Your little friend here has got to be the hottest thing I've seen in years." Mike accentuated his comments with a couple of firm strokes into Ana-Maria from behind.

Ana-Maria turned a little to look at me, but never let Bob's dick escape her talented mouth.

"I know." I laughed. "This has been one of the best weeks of my life, and little Ana-Maria there has been at the heart of it."

"She told us a little more of just what you guys have been up to so far. That was last night, after Angela finally crashed. This one was insatiable."

"She looks like she's being 'sated' just fine now." I laughed.

"Oh, I don't know. Creative girl like her, I figure there's always room for one more."

Mike was right. Under his direction, I soon found myself underneath her, face to face, her big brown eyes gazing into mine, my cock buried in her amazingly still tight pussy.

"This is all so incredible," she sighed into my ear, before groaning as Mike tried to cram his prick in her tight little back door.

"Fuck," she hissed. "Hold me," she begged me, while I could feel Mike working away at burying his meat as deeply as he could.

I held her tight. Kissing her face, and neck, I kept telling her how hot and beautiful she was, while I comforted her against the assault on her bottom. It was quite a while before she was comfortable with the second intruder inside of her, and then she was able to relax on me, without the constant grimaces and grunts that I witnessed up close while Mike filled her ass.

Then I saw another player enter the picture as Bob stuck his cock in her face. She raised up a little off of me, and allowed him to fuck her face, while Mike stretched the other end.

I was pretty much furniture, while the two business partners screwed my hot little Latina like there was no tomorrow. They came only moments apart and then they were falling away, leaving her gasping, laying on me, my thick dick still buried inside of her. She slowly came back to life, riding me first slowly and then more and more aggressively until she was slamming herself down on my cock over and over. I grabbed those curvaceous hips, thrusting with all I had, finishing in her just as she collapsed on me.

"So much for my nap," I muttered, and the snickers around me let me know just how sorry they felt for my interrupted rest.

* * *

I did manage a short nap after that, and was pleasantly eased out of my slumber by DD. She had her hand on my balls and was playing with me.

"So I finally got your attention, huh, sleepy head?" She teased.

"100% of it." I smiled a lazy, self-satisfied smile, pushing up into her hand.

"We're all headed to the restaurant in less than an hour, I thought you might want to get cleaned up and ready."

I looked up to see that she was wearing the bikini which I had first seen her in. She still looked amazing. I scooted over on the bed, making some more room for her. Instead she stood up, walked over to the bedroom door, and closed it. Then she returned to me, removing her bikini top on the way. My previously half-hearted erection burst into it's full glory, and she laughed out loud.

"What a nice response," she smiled, reaching down and wrapping her fingers around my hard shaft. Bending over, her mouth followed her hand, and I sat back and enjoyed the view of the head of my dick disappearing into her waiting mouth.

She sucked me for a minute or two, before getting up and leading me to the shower by my cock. Stepping into the oversized shower stall, I moved to the back, making room for her. She dropped her bikini bottoms and joined me. We soaped each other up and rinsed off, and I tried a half-dozen ways to have sex with her, but I guess I'm just not as nimble as some; although I managed at least partial penetration a couple of times I finally gave up and dragged her out of the shower, putting her on her hands and knees on the plush area rug in the center of the bathroom. She wiggled her tempting little ass at me and I accepted the invitation, smoothly entering her pink and swollen pussy, and enjoying the feeling and the view.

"I thought you might be a little worn out," she teased.

"Never too worn out for you to get my blood boiling," I assured her, giving her long full strokes of my cock; strong strokes which had her rocking back and forth with the pressure of each penetration.

Her little brown butt hole looked especially tempting from this position, and I put my thumb in my mouth to wet it before pushing at the portal to her ass. She seemed willing enough to let me play with her there, and I managed to get my thumb deeply inside before I switched it off for first one, and then a second finger. It was really getting her hot, I could tell from her gasps and moans. As for myself, I was like a steel rod at the thought of entering her rear.

When I pulled out of her tight twat, she immediately guessed my intentions. "Steve... be gentle, I've, well, I've never done this." She had her upper torso twisted sideways and was looking back at me, but at the same time she had her hands on her own butt cheeks, spreading herself open for me.

"I'll go slow," I assured her, "let me know if it hurts and I'll slow down or stop if we need to." I had placed the head of my cock at her virgin entrance, and I used my thumb to help guide it in. It wasn't budging and she was making sounds that made it clear she wasn't comfortable. I thought I had opened her up, but I wasn't making any progress this way, and I was afraid to push it.

"Wait a sec," I told her, and I jumped up and looked through the cabinet over the sink. Hoping for Vaseline, KY, or some other lubricant, I was rewarded with a hand jar of cocoa butter. I resumed my position behind her, taking a couple of fingers of cocoa butter and working them in her ass, getting her lubed up and opened up at the same time. I grabbed another handful, and lathered up my cock, which was still standing at full attention in preparation for it's dream mission.

Again I started to push my cock into that tight little hole, and found I was still having difficulty. I was afraid I was going to turn her off the idea altogether.

"Let's do this a different way." I told her. I sat down beside her, and then laid down, my cock standing at attention. "Lower yourself onto me. You can control what works and what doesn't."

She looked a little skeptical and worried, but she was game, and she straddled my waist curling into a tuck, and lowering her ass to just above my cock. I put my hands out and held her thighs, supporting her a little to take some of the work out of it.

"What is that? It smells good," she asked. She hesitated, waiting for an answer, and I believe just a little afraid to take the next step.

"Cocoa Butter. Feels good and it's good for you." I smiled at her, patiently waiting for her to make the next move.

She closed her eyes, reached back and placed the head of my cock at her entrance. I reached down between us and held the shaft firmly giving her a solid target. I could feel the pressure mount as she leaned back a bit, allowing her weight to shift over my cock. She was biting her lip, her forehead furrowed, and she gave a small bounce. Suddenly I was in! Her eyes popped open and she almost fell completely backwards. After such difficulty getting past the opening ring, when I had finally entered her, she'd accidentally pushed down deeply, and I was instantly halfway inside her. If I hadn't been holding onto my shaft, she might have dropped all the way down.

"God, that feels wild," she gasped, holding herself very still, with 4 inches of cock buried in her ass.

"It feels incredible," I told her, holding very still and letting her get used to the feeling.

She got a look of concentration on her face, and then she was rocking forward, sliding off my cock for in inch or so, before she leaned back again, not gaining much ground, but just getting a feel for the action. I removed my hand from my shaft and held her butt cheeks as she repeated this action several times. I could feel her slowly getting up the courage to take a little more. She picked up the pace and started to screw herself with the few inches she had in her, before taking it a little deeper. After a couple of minutes of this, I was almost completely in her.

"I feel so full. I can't believe that there's still more of you to go," she told me when she was successfully fucking most of my cock.

"Just a bit more," I told her, "you're almost there."

She tilted her head back and let herself go, dropping down hard on my cock, taking it as far as she could, her full weight on me now. She shifted a little, moving her legs and just sitting on me, my entire member filling her. She stretched her legs in front of her, and I could see that her left thigh was twitching.

"That position was wearing me out," she laughed, shaking her legs loose. It was a bit comical, my cock buried in her virgin ass, and her legs so worn out from trying to control how I entered her, that she finally just gave up and flopped down on the fat dick penetrating her, preferring the discomfort in her butt to the burn in her legs. I massaged her legs and kissed her calves while she leaned back, her arms stretched behind her and braced against my knees.

I crossed my legs and sat up, and with some work we shifted around, so she was sitting on my cock, her legs wrapped around me. I held her close while we kissed passionately. She was able to rock a little bit, fucking herself on my cock, and I knew I couldn't last much longer. I had been pretty patient, but I badly wanted to thrust my cock in and out of that sweet ass, with a little more 'oomph'.

"Hold on," I advised her, and grasping the side of the tub, I raised both of us up off the ground, still cock deep in her ass. My legs were burning now, but I managed the gymnastics, and placed the edge of her rear on the bathroom counter.

"My hero," she laughed teasingly, and then pulled her legs back and to the side so she could peak down and try to see where I was entering her.

There was a makeup mirror on a flexible arm at the side of the sink, and I pulled it out and positioned it for her. She laughed again, as she twisted it a hair and got a magnified view of my thick cock at it's finest, splitting her ass open.

"That looks so dirty," she said softly, still holding her legs back.

I needed to come badly and I was getting pretty worn out. I reached down to where I entered her, and spread her open just a bit more. Between the view, the feel, and the knowledge it was her first time, I couldn't hold back any longer and pulled out almost the entire length before shoving it back in smoothly. I was sticking a bit, and realized the lube must have mostly worn off.

I pulled out and she cried out to me in surprise. But I wasn't going anywhere. I got some more of the cocoa butter and lubed up my cock one more time. With a hard push I reentered her, and she hissed at the sudden intrusion, but I was tired of being considerate. I pushed in as far as I could, and pulled back out again, and with the added lube I was soon pounding at her ass as if it was her pussy. DD was watching all the action, and I took her hands and placed them on her own pussy, encouraging her to play with herself while I used her ass.

She closed her eyes, leaning back against the wall length mirror, and moved her fingers in small circles across her clit, while I reamed her. The excitement was getting to me, and I was hanging onto her thighs tightly while I fucked her ass like there was no tomorrow. She was breathing like a buffalo, her nostrils flaring, her forehead deeply furrowed in concentration. I was certainly no better, I was sweating, working hard, my legs burning, my heart thumping.

"I'm there, DD, I'm going to cum in your ass." I finally got out through gritted teeth.

"Do it. Do it," she responded hotly.

With a cry I pushed in as far as possible and emptied my balls as deeply into her as I could. She moaned as I finished, shooting off spurt after spurt of my seed.

She straightened her legs out, and shifted her butt on the counter. It must have been uncomfortable. Her actions popped me out of her ass, and I leaned forward to take her in my arms and kiss her.

"You better start that shower again, but this time, behave yourself. I don't think I could take another session like that," she laughed as she said it, and it was true, we both needed to shower again.

So we did, and I managed to finish this one without even getting another hard-on.

* * * *

We all headed back to Fudpuckers for dinner and fun, and we ended up making another pretty long night of it. Mike and Bob gave me a pretty hard sell, trying to get me to join them, and manage a new store they were thinking of opening. The offer was so tempting, but I had to stand firm on my current plan, but kept the door open for new possibilities a year or two down the road.

Michelle joined us as soon as we got there, but Angela and Nanette were both working dinner. There were a couple of new people stopping by, but it was mostly a similar crowd to the night before that we were interacting with. I found myself around DD and Michelle again, getting very mixed signals from Michelle, but I had a great time, drank a bit too much, ate a bit too much, and loudly bemoaned the fact that I had to leave the next day, going back to the grown-up's world. Mike was acting a bit possessive with Ana-Maria, and all I could do was wish him the best of luck. It had appeared that both he and Bob had been interested in her, but it looked like Mike had come out on top at the end.

We eventually headed back, and had a couple of last drinks out on the porch before calling it a night.

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