tagLesbian SexRoad Trip! Ch. 05

Road Trip! Ch. 05



Day 6...

"Heeyyy, yooouuu," Marni cooed, her voice soft, the words elongated as she stretched her arms above her head, trying to fully wake up.

"Hey, yourself," I replied, my voice equally soft.

I had been awake for several minutes, the first time on the trip that I woke up before her. Turning onto my side, I opened my eyes and just stared at her laying next to me, both of us naked, small red bite-marks on her breasts, courtesy of me, but the vision of her sleeping making me smile.

"You okay?" She asked, fully awake now and laying on her side, facing me.

I knew what she meant. She knew that it was my first time last night, my first time going down on a woman, she knew that and was concerned.

"If I was more okay, I'd be illegal," I answered truthfully.

"You liked it?"

"A lot."

"I'm glad."

"Not as glad as me," I replied with a chuckle, "haven't had that much fun with my clothes off in, oh, I don't know, forever?"

She just smiled.

"How 'bout I get up and fix us some coffee," I suggested.

"How 'bout I get something to eat first," She answered while crawling over me, then sliding between my legs, her lips pecking a trail from my navel towards Ms. Kitty.

"Or that...why don't we just go with that," I cooed, closing my eyes when I felt her mouth begin to suck on my 'little man'...

After our li'l bit of morning wake-up sex had been dealt with, we had quickly showered-well, quick for us, anyway-made coffee, and sat on the porch to enjoy a not-on-the-go cup of java goodness.

"Man, we haven't run a few days and I'm feeling it, feeling the need for a run," Marni said as I poured us each a refill.

"Probably not a bad idea," I agreed, nodding my head, "We could run on the road, I suppose."

"Or...or we could run on the beach," Marni suggested, "wouldn't need to run as far to get an equal amount of workout since the sand will make it a bit tougher on us."

"Barefoot?" I suggested, "Run on the hard-pack, near the water?"

Well, wet, hard-packed sand or not, running in sand is, indeed, a work-out. We ran the same route that we had walked the night before, a couple of miles out and back, those four miles seeming like we had run ten.

"Wow, that was a workout," Marni exclaimed as the two of us stood at the bottom of our stairs that led from the beach to the porch, both of us panting a bit from our run on the beach, both of us regaining control of our breathing.

It was around ten in the morning when we returned from the run and after we had stopped panting and had caught our breath, we were about to climb the stairs when a voice stopped us, causing us to look to the adjoining porch to ours, the other side of the duplex.

"That looked like a lot of work, ladies," a cheerful voice said, "How 'bout a cool glass of lemonade before you go in."

The voice belong to an attractive, older woman, with a slenderish frame, about fifty-ish, I had judged at the time. Stepping out of their sliding doors, another woman of approximately the same age and build, brought out a large pitcher of lemonade filled with ice cubes and floating lemon-halves.

"Hi girls," the second woman said in greeting, "Drag your chairs over and sit, you've earned it."

With a quick glance to each other, we both shrugged, saying, "Sure, a cool drink sounds good."

After introducing ourselves, the women did the same, easier for them since they were both named Susan. Their easy, southern drawl kept our attention, made listening to them a pleasure.

"Actually, she doesn't mind being called Susan," the salt and pepper one said with a nod to the red-haired one, "But, I prefer Sue."

Marni had returned with our deck chairs and we sat around their table and was about to take a sip of the poured glass of lemonade when Susan stopped us, asking, "You don't mind a bit of a jolt in your lemonade, I hope," her face showing a bit of snarkiness.

"Oh, wow..." Marni exclaimed, "Now, that'll give a kick-start to your motor," smiling in approval.

"Yeah, it surely does, doesn't it? Vodka is so versatile," Sue agreed smilingly, my head nodding in agreement after I took a sip, following the sip with a longer pull.

Turned out, the two were from New Orleans and actually owned the duplex, renting it out when they had no plans to use it.

"Gulf Shores is a short drive of a couple of hours for us," Sue explained, "and we so love getting out of the city and hitting the beach that when this place became available, we just had to buy it."

"Slyvia had said there would be someone arriving tomorrow, Friday," I remarked, "Kinda' surprised us that y'all were here today."

"Ah well, best laid plans and all that," Susan answered, "Turns out we have to be back in New Orleans Sunday night because of an early Monday morning business meeting, so we snuck out of town early."

Susan turned out to be the wit of the duo, regaling us with 'dirty' jokes, and comical remarks about most everything in life.

"You two are a hoot," Marni said as we were catching our breath from the gut-busting laughter at the latest of risque jokes Susan had just told.

We had finished the first pitcher of drink and was working on the second, all four of us feeling a bit of a buzz from the Vodka and Lemonade concoction.

They were simply enthralled with our tale of how it came to be that we drove almost three thousand miles because of a thrown dart, they thought that to be one of the best stories they had ever heard.

Nearing noon, now, we excused ourselves so that we could hit the shower before running out for a bite to eat.

"Well, enjoy your day ladies," Susan said, and with her face showing an afterthought, she added, "We were going to grill up a couple of steaks and baked potatoes for supper tonight...would y'all like to join us?"

Marni and I looked at each other for a quick second, shrugged a 'why not?' shrug, accepting their kind invitation. With a final goodbye, we returned the chairs to our porch, going in to shower afterwards.

I was standing just inside of the patio doors of the bedroom, naked as a newborn, staring out of the sliding screen doors to the water and beach when Marni said, "What's up, chickadee? You seem pensive."

"How would you feel if, instead of going out for lunch, we fix sandwiches and start working on tanning our lily-white bodies?" I asked.

Not many opportunities to 'tan' when one lives in the Northwestern United States.

"You know what?" She answered, joining me in looking at the inviting beach, "I think that is a capital idea," faking a British accent.

Giggling like school girls, we each picked somewhat revealing two-piece suits and, gathering some towels and lotion, we descended the stairs to the beach. Walking out from the parking area under the duplex, the two Susans, each carrying a lounging beach-chair appeared as we stepped onto the sand.

"Change of plans?" Sue asked with a smile.

"Yeah, thought we'd work on browning up a bit," I smilingly replied, "Lay on the beach and tan, maybe a bit of swimming."

"Follow me," Susan said, and doing so, she walked to a storage room on 'our' side, next to my car, opening the door and pulling out a couple of beach loungers.

"Can't ever have enought beach-chairs," She declared, handing me two from a stack.

It was a wonderful afternoon of laughter for the four of us, their demeanor making it seem like we'd known them for years. Marni and I took turns in slathering lotion on each other, as they did the same to each other.

Conversation was congenial, broken up by one of the four of us at varying times, leaving the beach loungers for a quick dip in the warm water of the Gulf, the waves breaking gently as they rolled, one after the other, onto the beach.

"I think I'm done," Marni declared while inspecting the reddish hue of her arms and legs while slathering on more lotion.

"Yeah, me too, I think," I agreed.

Our next-door neighbors had already retired to their side of the duplex about an hour before, waving and saying ta-ta when leaving.

"Funny chicks," I observed as we lugged our chairs back to the storage shed.

"Yeah, they are...easy to be around," Marni contributed.

"Think they have a 'thing' going on?" I asked.

"Wouldn't surprise me in the least," Marni opined, "Or, they could be just really good friends," She suggested further.

"Nah," Both of us said at the same time, "I think they have a 'thing' going on," She added.

"Good for them, if they do," I said, "It must be working for them, 'cause they surely seem to get along well."

"You mean like you and I?" Marni asked with a sweet smile.

"Yeah, sorta' like that," I answered, returning her smile and giving her a quick peck to her lips.

She smiled back...

While Marni showered the sand and lotion from her body, I drove to a nearby market to pick up the fixings for a salad, as well as some fresh French bread. The Susans wouldn't allow us to contribute money or buy our own steaks, saying they had plenty to share so we volunteered to do the salad and bread.

Marni tossed and seasoned the salad while I took my time showering, shocked by the amount of sand that coated the bottom of the shower stall when I was done.

I mean, seriously, where does that crap hide?

The steaks were to die for we thought after our first bite and Marni let the Susans know it, my head nodding in agreement. They were 'melt in your mouth' good.

Meal finished, the four of us were working hard at emptying a pitcher of Sangria that Sue had made, while a joint made the round among the four of us.

Oh, it wasn't Marni's joint, no, not at all.

Susan fired one up while we were basking in the afterglow of a satisfying meal, doing it in such a casual manner, one would think that this was a nightly ritual for the four of us.

"So, what's y'all's plans for tomorrow, ladies?" Sue asked after she took the last toke of the blunt, the pungent smoke sorta' hovering over us on their side of the duplex porch.

"Not sure," I answered, "looking through the Newcomer's Guide that Slyvia included in our packet, we thought we'd check out an outlet mall that we read about, looks kinda' interesting."

"Oh, you'll like it," Susan declared as she and Marni began clearing dishes and such, "In fact, if you don't mind tagging along with us, we're going there tomorrow ourselves...maybe we could grab some lunch afterwards, if you'd like."

Marni and I shared a quick look, nodding in concert, and she accepting their offer of 'tagging along' with them. Thanking them profusely for including us in their dinner plans and providing a wonderful meal, the four of us hugged our goodbyes, with Marni and I returning to 'our side' of the beach-front duplex.

"Want to watch a little TV in bed?" I asked while Marni finished rinsing the cold cream from her face, my ritual already completed.

"Sure...tell you the truth, between the sun, swimming, jogging, and that meal, I feel like I'm going to fall asleep on my feet," Marni replied as she patted her face with a soft towel.

"And you didn't even mention the dinner wine, Sangria, and weed," I joked, "But, I hear you, I'm feeling a bit exhausted myself."

"We probably ought to set the timer on the TV, 'cause I have a feeling we'll both be asleep sooner rather than later," Marni suggested, reaching for the remote after climbing into bed.

"Smart idea, chickadee," I agreed, getting into my side of our shared bed.

"Snuggle with you?" Marni asked as she picked up my arm, placing it around her shoulders then nestling into the crook of my arm, laying her head on my chest.

"Nice day, Jules, don't you think?" Marni commented, her voice a bit sleepy-like.

"Great day, girlfriend, lotta' fun, have to say," I answered.



"Would you be totally bummed if we just went to sleep tonight?"

"No, sweetie, I wouldn't...I'm feeling the same and besides, like you told me, 'we have lots of time ahead of us'" I answered, scootching down in the bed a bit more, hugging Marni a bit closer to me.

We stayed silent, both watching whatever the hell it was on the flat-screen, but sleep rushing towards us both.

She was out first, starting with a little bit of snoring, not loud, more like heavy breathing, her head slowly sliding down my chest until one of my 'girls' stopped her from sliding further.

Kinda' cute, actually...

Day 7...

"How was the run?" Sue asked cheerfully as we approached the porch, both Marni and I with beads of sweat on our foreheads.

"Good, actually," Marni replied as she rinsed the sand from her bare feet at the 'rinse station' at the bottom of the stairs, "kinda' funny watching the little crabs scurrying into their little hidey-holes as we approached them."

"Met a few other runners out there...well, passed them as we ran by, actually," I added while taking my turn to rinse off, "lots of walkers, also."

"You'll see more people on the beach since this is the weekend, but come Monday you'll be able to shoot a shotgun on the beach and not hit anyone," Susan contributed when she walked out with a carafe of coffee.

"Come grab a cup girls, before you go inside to clean up," Sue suggested with a smile.

"Sounds good," Marni and I said in unison.

Returning with extra mugs for us, Susan poured for the four of us, sitting afterwards.

"So, how long have you two been a couple?" Sue asked as she blew gently over the top of her mug to cool the coffee.

Looking to each other when she asked that, Marni and I stumbled over each other's words before I replied for the both of us, "Oh no, we're not a couple, just really good friends."

Silence. Dead pan looks at us and, silence.

"Really? Susan remarked, her tone clearly betraying her surpise at my answer.

"Huh...coulda' fooled me," Sue contributed, her eyes also betraying doubt at my declaration.

"So, think you two can be ready in about an hour?" Susan asked quickly, her tone bright and cheerful, her intent, obviously, to pull the four of us from what could become a sticky wicket.

"I'll shower first, Marni, finish your coffee, 'K?" I said, rising from the patio table, feeling the need to leave the company and the conversation.

"Okay, I'll be in shortly," She replied with a nervous smile, her fingers twitching a bit as she held the mug to her lips.

Couple? I remember thinking as I quickly showered, I mean, I know we having sex but this was simply an 'anything-goes' gals' getaway, what happens on the trip, stays between us, I finally rationalized. Couple? No, but BFFs?

Yeah, that's what we were, BFFs.

She jumped into the shower as I finished drying off from mine, both making completely inane 'nervous' talk about nothing of importance. Neither of us referenced the remark, both of us forgetting it was even said.

Clearly, our 800 pound tag-a-long passenger, Magilla, had joined us at the beach...

"Sweeeet!" Marni and I exclaimed when Susan backed her immaculate, pristine, 60s-era Caddy convertible from her garage, the top already down and toneau cover in place, her fire-engine red Caddy convertible.

The personalized license plate read "THLMALU".

"It was my husband's car...Jim-Bob loved this car," Susan said as she looked between us sitting in the rear seat, backing to the road, "He bought it when he hit his first oil well."

"He absolutely treasured this car," Sue contributed while reaching for something in the glove box.

"Here girls, couple of scarves to keep the hair in place," Sue said, handing the scarves she had retrieved from the glove box, "Always keep a couple of extra."

"When did he pass away?" I asked while tying the scarf under my chin.

The question caused Susan to slam on her brakes, her mouth wide as she stared at me.

"Pass away? Oh, no, divorced his ass twenty years ago...ol' fucker's on his fifth wife, I believe," Susan said after a moment, smiling at me, then resuming the backing up of her car.

"Nope, took the fucker's favorite thing in life, his car, not to mention a nice chunk of his fortune, as well as a percentage of his drilling business," Susan said further, looking ahead now and punching the gas pedal, the Caddy making a 'scrreeech' sound as it left a little rubber on the roadway.

"That's how we met, Sue and I," Susan said with a nod towards Sue who was sitting shotgun.

"I represented her in the action, and we've been friends since," Sue added.

"I'm a lawyer also," I injected into the conversation, "Corporate Law." When I mentioned the firm, Sue nodded approvingly, having heard 'good things' about the firm, she said.

"If you get a chance, girls, check out LuLu's," Susan said, her voice a bit loud to be heard over the sound of traffic, "She's Jimmy Buffet's sister and runs a good operation...great seafood."

Sue nodded her head vigorously in agreement.

"The license plate?" Marni asked.

"Our tribute to Sarandin and Davis in 'Thelma and Louise," Sue answered.

"'Cept I'm not going to be drivin' us over a fucking cliff," Susan declared, the remark sending the four of us into school-girl giggles.

Shopping was, well, it was shopping. A lot of looking and fingering of goods, a couple of impulse purchases for all of us, all in all, a nice passage of time.

"Better put the top up," Susan opined, eyeing the dark clouds approaching from the Gulf.

"Yeah, rain shafts over there," Sue added and pointing, "it'll be on top of us in a few minutes."

Lunch at a place named The Magnolia Cafe was super, our gaggle entering just as the sky opened up. We lingered over coffe, waiting out the downpour, exchanging short, life-bios.

They 'were' a couple, had been so for the past fifteen or so years. Started out as friends, fell in love and, well, here they were. A couple of fifty'ish 'queers'-her words, not mine-going through life quite happily, thank you very-fucking-much.

"Sue has her own firm, a sucessful one, and I own a high-end antique shop in the Quarters, the French Quarters," Susan was adding when Sue took a call, apologizing for having to do so.

"Well sweetie, looks like you and I are going to Fairhope tonight. Our presence is requested by 'Lord' Jonathan, himself," Sue said, her voice indicating that this was a 'must-do' event, "He's a very important client. We have to go, simple as that," Sue said to us, the explanation clearly needed for us.

"Black tie, I fucking assume?" Susan asked.

"As if he'd do anything else," Sue replied with clear disdane...

"Want give LuLu's a try?" Marni asked as we sorted through our purchases in the bedroom.

"Was just thinking that myself," I replied, "Great minds obviously do think alike."

"Comes highly recommended by our neighbors," Marni added with a smile.

"Speaking of which...did their 'status' catch you by surprise?" I asked.

"Oh, hell no...you?"

"Oh, hell no," bringing a snarky smile to both our faces...

LuLu's was the bomb, simply said.

The food was wonderful, a nice blend of coastal cusine mixed with Cajun and Creole dishes, all prepared well. The candle on the cake for us two avowed Parrot Heads was the gift shop which was heavy with Buffet stuff.

Oh, hell yes we loaded up...

"Take a walk with me on the beach before bed?" I asked Marni when we changed from our 'going-out' shorts and tops to our 'staying-in' shorts and tops.

"Love to," She smilingly replied.

Didn't talk much as we walked, hand in hand again, both of us reaching for the other as we trudged through the loose sand in search of the firmer, packed sand at the water line.

Chit-chatted about how great the food was, talked about a couple of different scenarios for tomorrow, stuff like that.

"Turn around?" Marni suggested, stopping to stare at the full moon's glow across the breaking surf. Walking behind her, I wrapped my arms around her, laying my chin on the top of her head.

Squeezing my arms with her own in a return hug, she leaned back, resting her weight against me, both of us silent, enjoying the moment in time that we were sharing.

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