tagIncest/TabooRoad Trip with Julie

Road Trip with Julie


It all started when Grandma decided to give me her car.

I'd overheard Mom talking with Grandma on the phone. After the call, Mom came into the living room and gave Dad and I the good news: Now that Grandma was moving into a retirement community, she was giving up driving and she had decided to give her car to me.

I was ecstatic. I had been secretly hoping for this and I really needed the car. I was driving a 10-year-old Ford with about 150K miles on it. That was ok for getting back and forth to high school, which was only about four or five miles away. But next fall, I'd being going to college and the round-trip commute was nearly 50 miles a day. The Ford did ok in good weather, but in the ice and snow it sometimes stalled and didn't handle so well. It was a just matter of time until the Ford would need a big expensive repair and I'd have to get rid of it.

Grandma had a Honda that was less than three years old. I doubted it had 20K miles on it, maybe less. This would solve my problem completely.

Mom filled in the details of the deal. I was to go to Florida and help Grandma pack and move into her new apartment, then I could have the car and drive it home. Grandma was planning to move in July and I'd be out of school by then. This was easy.

Dad looked up from his sandwich and didn't say anything. He doesn't talk much and you have to watch his face to know what he's thinking. He was clearly not pleased and was giving Mom his you-should-have-talked-me-to-about-this expression. I knew that he wasn't happy, but I didn't know what the problem was. There was no point in asking, so I'd just have to wait for him to talk to Mom, then they'd tell me.

That night was Sunday, so it was a family dinner night and my sister Julie was there. Julie lives at home and commutes to the community college where I'll be going in the fall. When my parents agreed to pay for her to go to college, they had a number of conditions, one of which was that she would be home for family dinner twice every week. Each semester, Mom and Julie looked at Julie's class schedule and decided what days would be family dinners. This semester, it was Sundays and Tuesdays.

Before dinner, I gave Julie the good news about the car but warned her about Dad's expression. Her face scrunched up as she thought about the problem, but she offered no explanation of what Dad might be thinking.

At dinner, Dad brought up the topic of the car. He said that he and Mom had discussed it and had decided that it was too long of a trip for me to drive alone. It was about 1200 miles each way, give or take, and that it was much too far. We'd have to find another way to get me a better car. His face said "I've made my decision." When he gets that expression on his face, there is no point arguing and getting him angry, so I just looked down at my soup, hoping for a miracle.

But Julie came to the rescue. "I'll go with him," she said. It was a great idea and I didn't know why I hadn't thought of it myself. Dad trusts Julie's driving much more than mine. I made some mistakes when I was first learning, and Dad took away my keys for more than a year. Julie, on the other hand, has been driving years longer than me and has never had an accident or a ticket.

Julie continued brightly, "It will give us some brother-sister bonding time!" This was sure to get Mom on our side. Julie and I had once been very close, but since she'd started going to college two years ago, we've seen a lot less of each other. She still lives at home but is often at school in the evenings and during weekends, so we don't have much time together. This worries Mom because she is very close to her brother and is disappointed that Julie and I are growing apart.

When we were kids, Julie and I were the best of friends and continual playmates. She was never a girly-girl playing with dolls and frilly clothes, and I was never a macho boy interested only in sports, so our interests often overlapped. We built Lego's, and played cards, Monopoly, and basketball, and, when we were younger, played house, with me as the daddy and Julie as the mommy. When Mom or Dad were unreasonable, which was pretty often, we gave each other a sympathetic ear. We had a quiet alliance against our strict parents and would help each other out whenever we could. If it weren't for each other, we'd have had a pretty rough childhood.

I've always admired Julie. She was the bravest kid I'd ever known. I don't mean that she would jump off cliffs or do other dangerous stuff. I mean that she never worried about what other kids thought of her and never did anything just to make them like her. If other girls called her a tomboy, or if boys made fun of the way she threw a ball like a girl, she laughed them off. She wore clothes that she liked and never worried about what other girls were wearing. She danced when she felt like it, sang when she felt like it, and played ball when she felt like, and if other kids thought she wasn't doing it right or well enough, she never let it bother her. She wasn't pretending she didn't care, like many kids sometimes do. She really didn't care.

People always notice Julie's smile. She's famous for having a different smile for every occasion. When we were kids, there was her naughty smile after she stole a cookie, her conspiratorial smile when we were hatching a plan against our parents, her goofy smile when she was acting silly, her victory smile when we'd won a game, and her sweet smile when she was giving me a birthday present. When somebody is naturally happy the way she is, you can't help but love her.

A road trip with brother-sister bonding time with Julie would be wonderful. I wanted so much for Dad to let us do it. At that Sunday dinner, Julie gave an off-the-cuff presentation and won Mom over for sure. Mom looked at Dad. Dad's face switched from I've-made-my-decision to I'm-considering-what-you're-saying. This was great!

After dinner, Julie and I went upstairs to think through the details so we could provide a plan that Mom and Dad would be happy with. We sat on Julie's bed and debated. We decided that flying to Florida would be too expensive-- $600 or more for two people. Instead, we would drive the Ford down, sell it, and then drive the Honda back.

We could drive that distance in three or maybe two very long days, but that would be no fun. Better to make a summer vacation road trip out of it. Julie was graduating in May with an Associate's degree and had lined up a job as a pre-school teacher, but that job wouldn't be starting until late August. In the meantime, she'd have to support herself bagging groceries or working at McDonald's, if they'd take her. She wasn't looking forward to this at all. She definitely didn't want to spend her first months as a college graduate in a job where she'd be asking "You want fries with that?"

I was also not looking forward to working over the summer. I needed to work to get money for a new car, but if I was getting a car for free, maybe I could skip working. It wouldn't be easy to find a job anyway, and it was unlikely I'd be able to get many hours per week if I did. Even if I worked, I wouldn't make any serious money.

The Ford was worth something, and if we sold it in Florida, it would fund the trip. If Mom and Dad would loan us some money until we sold the car, we could pay for the whole trip this way. If we were careful with money, we could probably take a whole month or maybe more, and see the country on the way. We could make a stop to visit our aunt and uncle in Virginia, and spend some time with our cousins. Julie gave me a great, big let's-do-this smile.

In order to convince Mom and Dad, we had to fill in the details. We spent hours sitting on the bed in Julie's room using her laptop computer. On the Internet, we looked up used car prices and figured out how much we'd be able to get for the Ford in Florida. We researched motel prices and found that, if we stayed away from big cities, we could sleep economically. We planned potential routes and made lists of "worthy" historical and educational sights to visit along the way, such as Gettysburg, the Smithsonian, Cape Canaveral, and various national parks. Dad would be pleased that we'd go to worthy sights.

We made a complete budget and decided that, with free nights at Grandma's and at our uncle's house, we could probably make the money from the Ford last five or six weeks. Plus, we figured Grandma would probably slip us some cash while we were there, and that would give us an extra cushion.

At Tuesday dinner, we made our proposal to Mom and Dad. They listened carefully to the budget and the list of worthy sites, and Mom was very pleased that we'd visit her brother. Surprisingly, Dad did not come up with a list of problems. Normally, he's very good at coming up with problems, and we had expected to have to deal with a few. But there were none, and after we'd completed our pitch, he was quiet. Mom looked at him, and he announced his decision: He and I would take the Ford to a mechanic, and together we'd decide if the Ford was safe to take on a trip of this distance. This was great news, because, by not objecting, he had agreed that Julie and I would drive a long distance, be gone from home for most of the summer, and not have summer jobs. He was going to let us do it! After dinner, Julie gave me her great big goofy smile and we gave each other high-fives.

On Saturday, Dad and I took the Ford to the mechanic. We put the car up on the lift and inspected the tires, the brakes, the belts. The mechanic drove the car and listened to the engine. Dad was never going to just say "OK," so it was important what he didn't say. He made a short list of things that would need repair, all of them inexpensive and easy. I promised to do them all, and that was that. He didn't say "no," so that meant "yes."

Julie and I were thrilled. She wouldn't have to serve French fries, I wasn't going to have to drive a clunker car to college, and we both were going to have five or six full weeks away from home together, the first time in our life that we'd been away from our parents for more than a day. We called Grandma and our uncle with the great news and started to get ready.

There were conditions, of course. Mom and Dad gave us a long written list of conditions, all of which were, of course, non-negotiable. They had photocopied the list so that Julie and I would each have our own copy. The conditions we really pretty reasonable, I have to admit-- We had to call at least every other day. No overnight driving or sleeping in the car. Things like that.

We spent a lot of time on Julie's bed, researching and copying maps and tour guides onto Julie's laptop computer. We loaded songs onto our MP3 players, picked out CD's for the car, and decided what to pack. The weeks passed. Julie graduated from college, I graduated from high school, and the day finally came when we were ready to go.

On the morning of our departure, Mom and Dad gathered around the car with us. They each gave us gifts. Dad gave us a road atlas, a AAA membership, and a credit card "to be used only for emergencies— you understand?". Mom gave us a coupon book of five $20 coupons from a chain of popular inexpensive restaurants, a phone card in case we were in an area where the cell phones didn't work, and a lunch and snacks for the first day. They loaned us $2000 to be repaid when we sold the Ford. Mom and Julie cried, and even Dad and I had a tear or two, and we were off.

We drove east, toward the Atlantic. Julie is always fun to be with, but especially in the car. She really gets into the CD's, singing along with them at the top of her lungs. When she doesn't know the words, she makes them up and comes up with stupid lyrics and corny rhymes that are really ridiculous. She plays air guitar and air drums and this time had a banana for a microphone. She provides a commentary on nearly every song, perhaps gossip about the performer, or something that happened to her once when she was listening to it, or some person she knew who absolutely hated it. When she's not singing, she's telling funny stories about people from college or children that she worked with in her student teaching.

We drove a lot that first day. We didn't want to do many days with a lot of driving, but that first day we wanted to put as much distance between ourselves and home as possible. We stopped once mid-morning, once to eat the lunch Mom gave us, and then drove till mid afternoon. When we got tired of driving, we were in the middle of nowhere, which is a great place to find a cheap motel. We were lucky to find one with a pool, so we went swimming, called Mom, then had dinner at a sub shop. There was a miniature golf course nearby, and we passed a quiet summer evening, away from home for the first time. We were in ecstasy.

After playing miniature golf, we came back to the motel and I turned on the laptop. We had decided that every evening we'd use the Internet to plan the next day, so that first evening we sat around the computer looking at the options and deciding what we'd do tomorrow.

Gradually, we moved eastward, every evening Googling and browsing to figure out what to do the next day. Some days we drove for a couple of hours, and some days we stayed in the same motel a second night. We found good day hikes, which we both enjoyed. We went to one of the worthy sights that we had promised Mom and Dad we'd go to, and much to our surprise, we enjoyed it-- with the extra bonus that it was free. We browsed through a vintage clothing store and ate a world-famous hotdog at a world-famous hotdog stand. We went to a water park after debating whether we could afford to splurge on the admission fee. We swam in the motel pool when it had one, and did other ordinary boring things. We loved it.

It was a little awkward sharing a motel room with my sister. We had to have two beds, of course, and that added to the cost sometimes. We had to change clothes in the bathroom, which meant that we had to take clothes in with us when we took a shower, and had to find someplace to lay them down where they wouldn't get wet or gross. That wasn't easy in cheap motels with gross bathrooms. I didn't much like Julie's taste in TV and she didn't much care for mine. So we had some adjusting to do, but we never fought or argued and were enjoying our freedom.

Wednesday evening, I was sitting on the bed using the laptop to plan the next day. Julie was at the foot of my bed painting her toenails, and I tossed out ideas as I came across them. I found a funny one. "Want to go to a nude beach?" I asked.

Julie didn't look up from her toes. "Ok," she said.

That was disappointing. I thought sure she'd give me a dirty look and call me a disgusting pervert, or do something fun like that. So I went on to other ideas. I found a wildlife refuge with hiking trails, and an ice-cream stand with fifty flavors of homemade ice cream.

Julie finished her toes and moved over on the bed to look at the computer screen with me. "Where's that nude beach?" she asked.

Ok, so I was going to get a rise out of her after all. I browsed back to the page with the beach. There were photos that showed the sand and the water and the snack bar, but, of course, no people. It looked like a nice beach.

Julie said "Let's go there."

I looked at her face, expecting to see her silly smile or maybe her mischievous grin, but it wasn't there. Was she serious? "You want to go to a nude beach?" I asked.


"With me?"


"Are you going to take off your clothes?"

Now she smiled. She shrugged, raised her eyebrows and said "I will if you will."

I didn't know what to say. Was she pulling my leg? I looked at her face for clues.

Julie explained earnestly, with no more smile on her face. "Look Alex, we've been a good boy and a good girl all these years, doing exactly what Mom and Dad wanted us to do. We're grown ups now, away from home for the first time. Let's do something really wild. Let's get naked on a beach."

She had a point. Mom and Dad had always set very firm rules on what we were and were not permitted to do, and they were often much stricter than other parents. We always had to do exactly what they said and there were never any appeals or negotiations. We now finally had a chance to do whatever we wanted. Then she smiled again, mischievously this time. "You've always wanted to see me naked. Now's your chance."

We both laughed. She reminded me about all the times I'd tried to spy on her in the bathroom or her bedroom when I was about 11 or 12. Once, she had told Dad and he had really wailed on me. She felt guilty about how badly Dad punished me and didn't tattle on me ever again. I never succeeded in seeing her naked, and only rarely got even brief glimpses of her underwear. But I kept trying.

So we thought about it some more. We could wear bathing suits under our clothes so we could chicken out if we needed to. I was worried about getting an erection, of course, but I couldn't tell my sister that. The bathing suits would give me an opportunity to back out if I couldn't keep it under control. Julie was all for going and didn't need any convincing, so we decided to go ahead with it. This was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.

Our plan was to go early so there wouldn't be many other people around and we could find a secluded spot. When we got there, we'd decide whether to strip all the way or just be in our bathing suits. It was, after all, a "clothing optional" beach, not a "you must be naked" beach.

Julie removed her toe separators, showed me her toes, wiggled them, and said, "Good thing I painted my toenails. A girl wants to have pretty feet at the beach!" She was smiling happily.

The next morning, Julie got up before me. She went into the bathroom and got dressed and came back out while I was still in bed. She picked up the car keys and announced that she was going to go out and bring back some breakfast and pick up some food to take to the beach. She'd be gone for at least 45 minutes, and was leaving the room key with me, so I'd need to let her in when she knocked. She reminded me to put a bathing suit on under my clothes, but I really didn't need to be reminded of that.

As she was emphasizing that she was leaving the room key with me, I realized what she was really doing. She was giving me time to masturbate so that I might not get an erection at the beach. Neither one of us could say that of course, and I wasn't pleased to think of my sister's attention to my masturbation, but I was glad for the time alone and made good use of it.

By the time she came back, I was dressed and ready to go. We drove to the beach.

When we got there, it was mid-morning and there were only a few other people. All were nude, mostly lying face down on their blankets. We had no trouble find a spot near the water and away from other people, so we put down our blanket and towels and took off our clothes, leaving our bathing suits on.

We went into the water and it was cold, but the waves were mild and the bottom sandy and smooth. It took us a while to adjust to the water, but pretty soon we were wet all over and standing in water about up to our stomachs. Julie looked at me, and gave her famous grin. She squatted down in the water and a few seconds later came back up, holding her bathing suit bottom in her hand. I couldn't see anything in the murky water, of course, but there was no doubt she was bottomless. "Your turn," she said.

I didn't hesitate. The cold water removed any concern about an erection, and I couldn't leave Julie like that by herself. I squatted down and came back up with my bathing suit in my hand. Julie held out her hand and I gave it to her. Julie took my suit and hers and wadded them together into a wet heavy ball. Then she wound up and pitched them out of the water onto the sand. It was a good pitch, not at all like a girl would throw, and the suits landed just past our blanket. There was no going back now.

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