It was a summer morning.

I was 18 at that time and had just completed my last year at the high school.

I was home with my mother, when I heard the intercom ringing. I lifted the receiver and heard a male voice saying "a registered letter for Mrs M..."

A minute later I opened the door and everything started.

The man was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, he was carrying a voluminous bag and...a gun!

He hissed me to keep my mouth shut, pushed me back in the house and closed the door.

My mom came out from the kitchen at that precise moment, seeing the man pointing the gun at my head; she brought her hands to her mouth and was certainly about to cry, but the man threatened her not to say a word or else... The gun aimed at my head was a message that didn't need any explanation! Mom succeeded in maintaining her self control and didn't shouted; just prayed the man not to hurt me.

Always keeping me under the threat of his gun, the man handed mom his bag and ordered her to empty it; mom put the bag on the floor and carefully started to open it: I watched her pulling out several hanks of rope and a roll of duct tape. For the following ten minutes I observed the man forcing mom to fill the bag with money and any valuable object he could find in the house; from time to time she she looked nervously at the ropes on the floor.

The man kept silent until he saw the bag completely filled, then told me something definitely unexpected: he ordered me to take off my clothes! I froze and look at him: there wasn't any trace of uncertainty on his face: he was serious! Mom tried to say something, but a movement of the gun towards me, persuaded her to keep quiet.

I couldn't do anything but obey him, so I started to undress: wearing t-shirt, jeans, socks and sneakers(and of course underwear), the operation didn't take me much time...and there I was: completely naked in front of my mother and a burglar!

The man showed me one of our living room chair and told me to sit down, then made mom take the ropes from the floor. Following his instructions, mom crossed my wrists and tied them together and then to the back of the chair; then took several other pieces of rope and wrapped them many times around my chest and arms, securing them to the back of the chair; finally she tied my legs together at the ankles and knees and tied my ankles to the ring connecting the chair legs. The man kept talking the whole time, warning mom that if she hadn't tied me properly, I would've been killed... The menace should have been very effective, because I could say mom was tying me really tight!

Once I was securely tied to the chair, the burglar made mom pick up one of my socks and insert it in my mouth: at the beginning I tried to resist, but mom begged me not make him get angry, so I surrendered. The final treatment consisted in several layers of duct tape wrapped around my head, holding back the sock: my mouth was so full I could barely swallow; surely I wasn't going to talk or shout!

Once he had me bound and gagged the burglar turned his attention to mom: I wasn't surprised at all when he ordered her to strip!

I watched my mother removing her sundress (remember we were in summer), flip flops and panties... in a few seconds she was completely naked! (Well, not completely indeed: she still had her glasses on...). Mom was 47 at that time, a bit chubby, but definitely not fat! She had very ample I could see they were just a bit saggy, but extremely pretty! I found myself staring at her!

I was recalled to reality by the man's voice, ordering my mom to put another of our living room chairs in front of the one I was tied to, and to sit down; walking around the chair he warned my mom not to try anything stupid...judging by the look on her face, she wasn't in the mood of trying anything at all.

So I could do nothing but watch as my mom was being tied to her chair in the same way as I was tied to mine; the burglars wrapped many pieces of rope around her upper body too, tying them tightly above and below her it was practically impossible not to look at her boobs: I became aware I was having a boner!

Once checked her knots, the man picked up my other sock and stuffed it into mom's mouth...she moaned in disgust, but wasn't able to spit the sock out, because she had her head wrapped in several layers of duct tape, just like mine.

With a satisfied smile on his face (and without saying a single word), the burglar lifted his now heavy bag, and walked out of the room...we heard the door closing and realized we were finally alone...

And here we are, my mother and me...bound, gagged, fully naked and facing each other!

I could say she was staring at my erection...she gave me a shocked look!

The house was absolutely silent and we both sat there motionless...

Mom was the first one to recover herself: she started to mmmmmmppphhhhh as loudly as she could, probably hoping to attract the attention of a neighbor; I joined her, though without conviction: not only the socks in our mouths prevented us from shouting, but the building was almost empty, considering the people out of town for the holidays and the ones at work (it was a weekday). Predictably, we were soon panting. After that failure, we need to find a new strategy...once again mom took the initiative, applying all her strength to the ropes in attempt to loosen them. Again I joined her, thinking that exercise would have also distracted me from the thoughts causing me the hard on...I was completely wrong! I had a look at my mother: being firmly secured to the chair, the unique parts of her body she was able to move were...her breasts! The sight of her huge boobs swinging and bouncing, only increased my excitement!

Mom took a rest to recover her energies, then all of a sudden she appeared to have found a solution: I saw her trying to shake her chair in order to move across the room (her purpose was to reach some tool to cut the ropes with, or at least I suppose so...). This experiment lasted less then the previous ones: she immediately realized that, with her ankles tied to the chair ring, she wouldn't have covered a distance longer than a meter, before falling on the floor.

After this further frustration, she came back to struggling, and me with her.

It was an extremely torrid day and, struggling that way, we soon found ourselves exhausted and covered in sweat...I find superfluous to state that the sight of my mother's naked body, wet and shimmering, made my penis became harder than ever! It was such a torture....

Basically, we spent the morning and part of the afternoon repeating countless times the same sequence: first mmmmpphhhing loudly, then struggling furiously and finally resting breathless...

From time to time I caught my mother having a look at my erected penis and sighing with despair....I could easily imagine how she was ashamed!

Six hours later my dad came back home and found us. Fortunately my hard on didn't last so long...

I wonder if mom has ever related this detail to dad....

The end

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