tagCelebrities & Fan FictionRobin Tunney and Her 'Son' Ch. 01

Robin Tunney and Her 'Son' Ch. 01


The faint scent of vanilla fills the cool air tonight. The sun is down, window shades open all through the house to reveal the calm street outside.

Peaceful humming flows on the breeze as Robin walks leisurely out of the living room, her tune keeping tempo with the soft, light slaps of her flip-flops as they collide with the soles of her bare feet. Her shapely legs are wrapped in the tight embrace of a pair of granite-colored yoga pants, which cling tight around her toned calves, leaving them bare from the halfway point, down to her feet. A body-hugging tanktop covers her round breasts, clinging to the delectable curves of either one and accentuating the way they jiggle with each step.

Candles in different colors fill her hands, already lit as she carries them down the hall of her one-floor home. She passes the bathroom, the laundry room... Turns to the right, and enters the open doorway of her own bedroom. It's dimly-lit, the only light coming from the orangey-yellow of candles like the ones she carries. Her eyes glance over the queen-sized bed, and the male figure who lays upon the sheets. A quick grin curls on her pink lips as she strides across the room, and sets her candles along her computer desk, and the vanity mirror on the bed's right side.

"So," When Robin finally speaks, her voice is light, casual even. She turns on the ball of her foot to face the young man that lays on his back in nothing but a pair of black pajama pants.

He returns her playful grin with a shy smile.


He takes a deep breath through the nose, and exhales through the mouth as he nods.

Her smile grows wider as she kicks off her sandals, and pads lightly across the sleek wood floor to her bed. Her hands touch down first, caressing the sheets as her right leg rises to rest her knee on the bed's edge, then her left. She prowls toward the nubile young man, her shoulders rolling smoothly with her movements, hips rocking lazily from right... To left... He bites into his lower lip for a second before letting it flick free as he sits up straighter, resting his back against the head of the bed.

Navy-blue nail polish glints in the semi-darkness as Robin's hand lays on his ankle. Her fingertips tug gently at the silky material as her hand trails upward, passing his calf, then his knee as she approaches him. Her long legs straddle his left one as her busy hand roams up his thigh. Black hair hangs over either shoulder as she stares down into his eyes, the ends tickling his chest. Nearing his hip, her hand moves purposefully toward the center line of his body, and comes to rest on the bulge between his thigh. His cheeks fill with blush from the touch.

"It's okay." She giggles the words, whispering less than six inches from his face. "Relax, baby..." Her hand twists at the wrist so her fingers can dip between his thighs, palming his package.

"Okay, Mom..." His voice wavers as he nods, before taking another slow breath to steady his trembling body. Their hazel eyes lock in the dark. When he gives a second, more confident nod, Robin's eyes fall closed, and her head dips forward to press her lips to her son's. He returns the gesture out of reflex, and soon the air is full with soft, moist smooching and heated breaths. Robin's head tilts off to the right as they kiss, her hand presses more firmly into his hidden package as warmth begins to flow into it, his hips squirming beneath hers as his arousal grows.

Plump thighs squeeze firmly around Chris' leg as his mother straddles his left one, her calves laying alongside either side of his. Her hand slowly drags up along his swelling bulge, leaving it for now and finding her way to his waistband instead. His lower abdomen tenses up from the touch, before relaxing as her fingers sink down beneath his pants. He doesn't even bother surpressing the deep, breathy moan that pours from his mouth to hers as her warm fingers wrap around his pulsing girth. He can't help but flex in her grasp, causing his manhood to seize in her hand as she presses her lips tighter to his own.

The soft material of his pj pants rubs constantly over the sensitive tip of his erection as Robin's hand begins to slide up and down his length, caressing his member in long, languid strokes. Soon his package is almost rock-hard in her grasp, his hips squirming insistently as he lets out needy little huffs and moans into her giggling mouth. His head tents his pj's as she steers his maleness upward, guiding him up toward the waistband, and allowing his cock to flick free of its silken confines and pulsate out in the open while she twists those nimble fingers around its thickness. His back arches as he stretches and sighs with relief.

"Mmn..." Robin sighs a sweet, sultry moan into her son's lips before leaning slowly back from him. "Baby wants it bad, huh?" She sits up straight on his thigh, sliding and twisting her hand along nine rock-solid inches of manmeat, making his helmet twitch and steer aimlessly through the air from her movements.

"Y-Yeah..." Is all he can manage to say in return. His cheeks are deep pink as he watches his own mother toy with his body like this. No girlfriend had ever managed to get him as hard as Mom could with so much as a shake of that round ass. And here she is now, straddling him... Kissing him... Pinning him to the bed with little more than the flick of her wrist. He could easily shove her away, tell her this is wrong, change his mind. But the way her eyes lock with his and the softness of her fingers around him make it all but impossible.

But as quickly as his mind clouded over, lost between those slender, painted fingers, the fog clears - suddenly there's no warmth enveloping his member, and he looks down to see that his manhood throbs and curves aggressively upward without the company of his mother's hand. She's leaning back along his leg now, shifting her seating. Her left knee rises from between Chris' thighs, her bare foot dragging along the bed. She stares into his eyes with a smirk on her face, as her foot leaves the sheets, her long leg extending slowly until the sole of her foot hovers less than an inch from his cock. His eyes widen, and he gulps loudly as the very tip of her big toe grazes the underside of his cock. He turns nearly beat red when he begins throbbing harder and faster than ever. Her toes spread away from one another as she presses against his cock until it lays along his flat abdomen, her toes gripping his rock-hard flesh. Chris' eyes widen when he realizes the shakey moan he hears is coming from his own mouth, as the soft sole of her foot begins to run up and down his titanic length, stroking him with slowness that borders on torture.

"Oh, he likes that, does he?" Robin asks playfully, her toes curling with each downward stroke. He doesn't even answer her - the thick, glistening bead of prejaculate that swells at the tip of his cock is all the answer she needs. Her foot twists gently at the ankle, squeezing his cock against his belly and milking out drop after drop of pre-nut until his belly is slick with his own fluids. He pants deeply with his eyes closed tight, one hand rising to hold onto her narrow ankle. He squeezes firmly around her with every change in speed or pressure, as little lines of his fluids begin to slick her toes and the edges of her sole. His heels drag along the bed sheets as he begins to guide her foot, stroking himself as she purrs like a kitten and watches him give in.

His cock bulges and twitches like a spastic muscle as his peak approaches, pushing out precum in a nearly constant stream. His breathing is heavy and hurried, moaning with every breath he takes. Robin herself begins to moan as well, her arousal from the scene before her driving her nearly to begin touching herself. But it's not her night - it's her beloved son's.

Chris' night quickly builds to a flood of heat, blood rushing in his ears and in his chest and loins as his chest rises and falls, ribs protruding with each deep inhale. Within minutes his breath catches. His eyes open wide, and he stares up at the ceiling with his mouth hanging open as he furiously strokes himself with the sole of Robin's foot. His cock becomes diamond-hard, trying to rise from his belly but held down by her bare foot, not even throbbing anymore as it seizes up. His toes curl until they crack, before his body suddenly relaxes all at once. The burning tension floods from his loins to every inch of his body as a ribbon of white arcs up his body and splashes across the center of his chest. Robin's eyes widen as a second rope follows the first, catching on her curling toes on its way up Chris' abdomen. His breathing comes in quick, desperate gasps, punctuated by husky moans he doesn't even try to hold back. Her naked sole comes to a stop with her heel pressing into his swollen sack as his climax pours out into a sticky, transluscent-white pool at the center of his abs, until his cock finally runs dry.

It spasms and twitches furiously a few more times before finally slowing to match his racing heart once again, as his eyes slowly crawl down from the top of his head and fall upon his mother's. Her smile is wide, her body shaking with desire. She pulls away from his limp hand and lays her semen-streaked foot on the sheets between his thighs once again. Her lower lip catches on her teeth as she leans in close, laying a hand on his cheek, and pressing her lips to his for a blissful handful of seconds.

"Naughty..." She whispers into his mouth. When his cheeks flare up, Robin can't help but giggle and give him a last, affectionate peck.



"Is... Is naughty-"


He doesn't speak - only nods as he gulps down a fresh breath of air. Her lips curl into that sultry, knowing grin once more as she trickles her fingertip down one of the shining lines of seed Chris left along the center of his toned core.

"I'll show you how good it is, baby."

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