tagNonConsent/ReluctanceRobyn Unwrapped

Robyn Unwrapped


Everyone considered Robyn to be a sweetheart. She wasn't the prettiest girl in the office, but she was still cute. Unfortunately, Robyn had one trait that made her appear less desirable to men.

Robyn was a short girl who matured very early. She stood only five feet tall. But had 40-inch double D breast. Her overall measurements were 40-DD, 26, 36. In high school she was one of the first to grow tits. But they grew so large so quickly that Robyn gained much unwanted attention. She had been bestowed such nicknames as 'Twin Peaks', 'Gazonga-Girl' and 'Round-Robyn' among others. And she found herself the target of many unwanted gropes in the hallway. To make matters worse, having such large breast on her short body made them look that much bigger. So Robyn had taken to wearing large, over-sized shirts in effort to hide her size. The result was that the shirts hung over her boobs in such a way that it gave the 24-year old the appearance of being overweight. So many of the men didn't bother with her.

Robyn was working late one night by herself when she heard a noise coming from the storeroom. She thought at first that something must have fallen over so she went to check it out. She was surprised to find three young white men trying to steal a couple boxes of equipment.

"What do you think you're doing?" She demanded.

Two of the kids bolted for the broken window that they had climbed in through, but the third turned on Robyn and pulled out a knife. "You better just stay quiet, bitch. Or else I'll have to hurt you!"

Robyn guessed that the trio were between 18 – 20. She wasn't afraid until she saw the knife and decided that she had better do as instructed.

The other two men came back. Robyn didn't recognize any of them but guessed that they must live locally. They obviously assumed that the place was empty of workers and thought that they could steal some equipment and sell it at a pawn shop or something.

"Please, go ahead and take what you want. But please don't hurt me." She pleaded.

The leader nodded. Then one of the others whispered something to him. After listening carefully he looked back to Robyn and said. "Don't take this the wrong way, lady. But we can't risk you running out after us calling for help. So take off your clothes and we'll hide them somewhere in here. By the time you find them we'll be long gone."

Robyn blushed at the thought of stripping before these three punks. But the knife waving at her helped her to make her decision. She unfastened her pants and dropped them to the floor. Then pulled off her shirt. When the guys saw her massive chest strapped into such a large bra one of them whistled. "Man, look at those titties."

"Yeah, I just thought she was a little fat bitch." The leader said.

Robyn went crimson as she removed her bra and panties. She stood there being ogled by the three punks, who only now realized that Robyn hid a fine body beneath her clothes.

"Fuck the stuff, man." The leader said. "I gotta get me some of that."

Robyn backed away from the three men who began advancing on her. Covering her breast with both arms. "Please, you promised not to hurt me."

"Oh we're not gonna hurt you, lady." One of them said.

Robyn was grabbed and pulled to the ground. The three men all began playing with her big tits. Robyn struggled as one of them dropped his pants and got over her chest, shoving his hard cock between her boobs. "Oh yeah, watch me tittie-fuck these babies!" He cried out as he began sliding his pole between her boobs. While he fucked her tits his buddy pulled out his dick and pushed it into Robyn's lips.

Before tonight Robyn had been a virgin. She had been so ashamed of her body that she had never allowed anyone to see her naked. Now she was being forced to suck a complete stranger's cock while another one was fucking her tits. Then Robyn jerked as she felt something between her legs. She couldn't see it, but she felt the third man begin eating her pussy. Robyn was disgusted at being treated this way, but she had to admit that his tongue felt good on her slit. She masturbated often and this was definitely a major improvement on that.

"Oh I'm gonna cum!" The guy fucking her face proclaimed. Robyn panicked as his cock thrust deeper into her throat. Then she felt his cum spurting into her mouth. Not knowing what else to do she began swallowing it all.

He pulled out of her mouth and Robyn looked down just in time to see cum launching out of her cleavage as the cock between her tits began cuming.

"Switch." The guy between her tits said.

The man who had just finished tittie-fucking her got off and moved around so she could suck his cock. The man eating her pussy took off his pants and now he was between her tits. He squeezed tighter than the first but shoved his pole through her cleavage. Robyn was amazed at how much bigger this man was than the other two. The man who had just cum in her mouth got between her legs and now he was eating her pussy.

Robyn began to squirm as his tongue started flickering across her clit. She didn't know what was happening to her. She was being raped, but she found herself bucking her hips to meet the licks in her crotch, and she was greedily sucking the cock in her mouth. And best of all, she was truly enjoying the attention that her tits were getting.

Robyn felt herself on the verge of an orgasm when the cock between her tits began to cum. His sperm covered her chest and throat but she didn't care.

The men got up and changed positions again. The man who had been fucking her mouth got between her legs. She felt him rubbing his cock between the folds of her wet pussy.

"I'm a virgin." She whispered.

"Not for long." He replied.

He leaned over her and thrust his cock inside her. She felt him bang against her hyman and rip through with ease. She cried out in pain as he bursted her. But welcomed his cock inside her. Her body was so close to climax from the two men who had been licking her that she cried out with an orgasm almost immediately after he ripped away her virginity.

Robyn cried out in a mixture of shame and delight as she climaxed on the cock inside her. The other two men lowered their heads and were now busy sucking on her huge nipples. This brought another wave of stimulation throughout her body and Robyn climaxed again. Just as the man fucking her spilled his seed into her belly.

The second man got on her and shoved his cock inside her hole. Robyn was now in absolute delight as she was fucked for the second time. He rammed her deep and hard, bringing her to a third orgasm before he blasted his load inside of her.

The third man took Robyn over to some boxes. She knelt before him as he pushed his cock inside her much deeper than either of the other two had gone. The first man came around in front of her and sat on the box. His cock was hard again and he directed Robyn to wrap her tits around it. She did as told and used her hands to slide her massive tits up and down on the cock that had taken her cherry while she was fucked from behind.

"Oh my god!" She cried as another climax tore throughout her body. The man behind her continued fucking her as Robyn panted like a dog while he rammed her. She saw the man before her roll his head back as his cock erupted. Cum shot up out of her cleavage like a volcano, landing all over her big beautiful tits. Then the man behind her plowed her harder and faster as he emptied his sack into her pussy.

Robyn sat on the floor exhausted from her first sexual experience. Listening to the three men telling her how fantastic she was as they got dressed. Robyn promised never to say a word about what happened as they left. She even let them out the front door as each man carried a box of equipment. Then Robyn sat on a desk and fingered herself to one more orgasm before dressing and going home.

The next morning the crew discovered the broken window and knew that someone had broken in and stolen some supplies. But that wasn't as big as the news that spread around the building when Robyn walked in wearing a short skirt and a tight shirt that clung to every inch of her 40-DD boobs. Robyn jiggled to her desk and sat down, feeling the eyes of all the men upon her and knowing that she had just made several of the men hard.

Robyn would never tall of the events that awakened her sexuality. But she was sure going to do her best to enjoy every moment she could from now on.

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