Rochelle Meets Her Sugar Daddy Ch. 01


"Ohhhh..." I moan as I resume stroking my cock in and out of her juicy twat. "Come for me baby! Let's come together!"

"I'm almost there!" Rochelle groans. "You just keep fuckin' me with that big horse cock!"

I grab her hips and slam my cock into her hot and wet pussy as hard as I possibly can. The cheeks of Rochelle's ass ripple as I pound my cock into her, and finally, at long last, I hear her begin to wail as she comes.

"Ohhhhhgawd!" she howls. "I'm gonna come! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaahh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ooooooo..."

Her pussy begins to spasm around my cock, and I pull Rochelle's ass against me, while jabbing my cock as deeply as I can in her trembling pussy. Unlike the last time, rapid-fire bursts of my sticky come shoot out of the head of my cock into Rochelle's snatch. My nuts pump and pump as they unload their creamy contents into Rochelle's marvelous pussy.

My body shudders as I climax -- my hips and leg muscles involuntarily jerking as I shoot my come into Rochelle's snatch. If I didn't fill her snatch to overflowing with my last orgasm, this one definitely will! I can feel what seems to be gallons of milky-white come shoot out of my cock and into Rochelle's marvelous pussy. Rochelle is softly moaning as I fill her snatch with my creamy jizz, until finally it's over.

I sit back on my haunches, and my cock slips out of Rochelle's come filled snatch and points straight up at the ceiling -- still hard as granite, still fully erect, and still ready to enjoy another encounter with Rochelle's juicy snatch!

Rochelle is undoubtedly the horniest woman I've fucked in a long time, and my cock knows it -- it wants more of her wonderful pussy, and so do I! I haven't felt this lecherous in a long time, and I want to fuck Rochelle again! I want to suck on her mammoth titties, while she rides me like a pony -- I want to feel her pussy squeeze my cock one more time!

I sit down on the bed, put a couple of pillows against the wall, and lay back against them. I gently pull Rochelle over to me, and she instinctively understands what I want. She raises up, and turns her back to me. Delicately she reaches down, grasps my still rock-hard cock, places it at the slippery opening to her twat and slowly lowers herself onto me, moaning as my cock touches the opening to her tunnel.

Her large, rubbery pussy lips open up and welcome my steely hardness back into the steamy warmth of her fantastic cunt. Slowly, inch my inch Rochelle sinks down onto my cock until it's finally fully immersed into her pussy. A soft sigh escapes from Rochelle's mouth as she settles onto my lap.

"Ooooo..." she moans. "Your big dick fills me up so nice!"

I move her right arm so that it's behind my head, and I'm leaning on it. Rochelle is laying on my left arm, and my left hand is busily fondling her left tit, gently pulling on her rubbery nipple and feeling it's bullet-like hardness with my fingers. My right hand slides down to where our bodies are joined, and I begin to lazily rub her prominent clit with my fingers.

I move my fingers down and moisten them with some of the mixture of my come and her girl-goo that has oozed out of her pussy. I begin gently rubbing her clit like its a little cock, and I'm jacking it off.

"Ummmm... Oh fuck yeah, do that, do that to me!"

That fantastic pussy of Rochelle's begins to respond to my touch, and I can feel a soft squeezing sensation on my prick as her pussy ripples and flutters around my cock. It's almost as if her pussy is nursing on my dick, trying to get milk from it.

This is wonderful! Rochelle is laying on me, while I greedily suck on her plentiful tit and lightly diddle her oversized clit. She's not moving a muscle, but she doesn't have to -- her twat is doing all the work! My cock is buried inside her juicy cunt, and it's contracting around my hardness, twitching and pulsing as her pussy spasms around my prick.

"See baby, I can do that too! I can make you come anytime I want to!" I whisper in her ear as I assault her clit. "I can make you come and come and come!"

She begins to grind her hips and force her clit against my hand. My cock slithers around inside her snatch, and I can feel her sizzling pussy squeeze around my shaft.

"Ohgawddamn that's good!" she moans.

Her nipples are sticking straight out from her ample chest, and I'm sucking on her right tit like I'm a starving baby. My hand is drenched in our mixed come and sweat, and I'm diddling her clit like there's no tomorrow, while Rochelle howls in ecstasy.

"Oh yeah..." she wails. "Do me! Ohgawd, that feels so good!"

I finger her clit as she fucks herself with my prick, and sobs with delight. "Ohgawddamn that's good!" she cries. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!"

Rochelle suddenly sits up and lifts herself up off of my prick, turns around so she's facing me, then slowly sinks back down on it, her hot pussy throbbing and pulsing along every inch of my long rod. Up and down, up and down she begins to ride - up until my dickhead almost pops out, then down until it's as deep as it can go inside her.

I remove my hand from her clit, and slip them under the firm round cheeks of her ass and gently squeeze them, while helping lift her up as she rides my cock. Up and down, up and down she rides -- her titties swinging wildly as she repeatedly slams my cock into her needy pussy.

"Oh... fuck... yeah! Unnhhh... unnhhh... unnhhh... ohfuck... ohgawd... I'm... gonna... come... I'm... gonna... come..." she pants as she bounces up and down on my cock and her titties swing wildly to and fro. "Ohhhhh yeah... I'm... gonna... come!"

She slams down on my cock, and pulls away from me, leaning back and supporting herself on her arms. Her back arches, and her hips begin to involuntarily roll and flex like she's trying to snap my cock off at the base. "Ohgawddamn!" she wails as her body shudders with satisfaction. "OoooooAAAAAAA!!!"

Her pussy flutters and ripples up and down my shaft, and crimps my cock so hard it's almost painful. Warm, syrupy goo flows out of Rochelle's twat and drenches my crotch as she grinds her clit on the shaft of my cock. Much to my surprise, my balls draw up, and once again I feel that familiar tightness as they prepare to send more of their sticky contents into Rochelle's talented snatch.

"MMmmmmm!" I moan. "You're gonna make me come again!"

"Oh fuck yeah!" shrieks Rochelle. "Fuck me! Cream Mama's pussy!"

Rochelle rolls her hips as my balls frantically pump another load of hot jizz into her wonderful cooze. My cock throbs inside her, as spurt after spurt of come shoots into her snatch, flooding her depths with still more of my jizz.

I stop squeezing her ass, and collapse against the wall of the truck. My eyes close, and I'm lost to the world. I've fucked this woman for almost an hour, and I've come four times. I haven't felt this drained, this sexually exhausted or satisfied in years!

Finally my cock stops twitching, and Rochelle stops grinding her pussy on my prick. We lay there worn out, both basking in the afterglow of another fantastically good orgasm.

After a bit Rochelle opens her eyes and smiles at me. I smile back at her, and she says, "Damn Steve, you're a good fuck! That's best dick I've ever had!"

I just smile weakly back at her - I'm too tired to say anything. Rochelle sits up, then reaches down, gently caresses my face, and says, "Can I ask you a question, Steve? Do you like me?"

"Yes, I like you!" I reply. "I think you're wonderful!"

"Really? she says. "You think I'm that good!

"Good? No, you're great! I've never been with a woman who's made me come as many times in an hour as you have!" My semi-hard cock is worn out, and has had enough. It slowly slides out of her jizz-filled snatch, and flops wetly against my thigh as I run my hands over her voluptuous body.

I'm pooped! My balls are depleted, and my cock is as limp as leftover spaghetti. I haven't been fucked like this since I can't remember when! Rochelle slides off of my lap, and I stand up, reach over to where my clean laundry is, and hand Rochelle a washcloth to sop up the pearly white goo that's slowly oozing from her slit.

I look at her, and something inside me feels nothing but warmth and compassion for this woman. What she lacks in beauty she more than makes up for in sexual enthusiasm! Maybe it's love, maybe it's post-coital affection, maybe it's just the endorphins floating around my brain, but I can see myself fucking Rochelle time and time again -- she's that good!

An idea rattles through my head. "Give me back the $60," I say as I reach for my wallet.

"But, you said..."

Before she can say anything more, I hand her a $100 bill. "Here, take this," I say. "Take your granddaughter out and show her a good time this weekend! And..." as I hand her another $100 bill, "... go buy yourself something nice, something special!"

"Wow!" she says with a laugh. "You must really like fuckin' older women!"

"I meant every word I said. You are awesome! You are beyond comparison! You are great, wonderful, fantastic and I absolutely want to see you again, and again, and again!"

I take her face in my hands, and kiss her full on the lips. She wraps her arms around me, and presses her abundant chest into mine as she kisses me back. My cock valiantly tries to respond to the stimulus of her naked body rubbing against mine, but it's too tired to do anything but droop.

Rochelle asks me what time it is, and when I tell her she exclaims, "Oh shit! I'll bet my sister's here! Look outside and tell me if you see a red Chevy parked near the restaurant."

I do. "Dark red sedan, with a dark-blonde haired woman behind the wheel?"

"Yep, that's my sister Raylene."

Quickly we get dressed, and Rochelle gives me her home phone number. We climb out of the driver's side, and Rochelle goes to the front of the truck. "Raylene!" she hollers. "Over here!" as she waves at her sister.

Raylene puts the Chevy in reverse, and starts backing up to drive over to where Rochelle and I are. Quickly I grab Rochelle, and pull her over out of sight of her sister. Before she can say anything, I kiss her hard on the lips again, and squeeze her body against mine.

"Damn, Rochelle! I hate to let you go!" I exclaim. "I'll be back, as soon as I can!"

"I hope so," says Rochelle. "I want to see you and that big dick of yours again!"

I see the Chevy beginning to exit the parking lot, so I let go of Rochelle, and we stand there for a few seconds before her sister pulls up along side.

"Bye Steve," says Rochelle with her snaggletooth smile. "Come back and see me soon!" as she opens the passenger side door and gets in.

I smile at her, and as she closes the door, I look at her sister who is smiling at me. Same body, same big titties, same tan complexion, same teeth - the only thing that's different is that Raylene has dishwater-blonde hair. I wink and smile at Raylene - who seems like she just can't wait to ask Rochelle fifty questions about me.

"Goodbye Rochelle," I say as I wave and the Chevy drives off. "See you soon!"

"Hmmmm..." I think to myself as the Chevy drives out of sight. "I wonder if Raylene might be interested in a threesome?"

I might be back there sooner than I thought!

(To be continued...)

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