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Get your lips wet, roll your tongue over that fat cock, take it down and look him in the eyes with your seductive come fuck me smile. Flick your clit with your fingers as you start to moan with passion, Slide two fingers home in that dripping wet cunt...pump them in and out making your moans cries of ecstasy while you take his cock deeper down your tight throat. Make him want you in the worst way, make him beg to fuck your hot wet pussy...Take a min to lick your juices off of your fingers while he watches...his mouth watering for the chance to taste you. Take your breasts in your hands and make him watch you roll your nipples between your fingers, pinch then till they are stiff peaks begging for his attentions. Then take one in your mouth and suck on it...flick your tongue over it while you watch him watching your every move.

You get wetter still watching him watching you...You tell him to stay where he is as you grab a 6 inch clear dildo that you know just barely fits in your tight wet pussy, spread your legs for him as you sit down on the couch in front of him, rub your clit for him, watching his hands fondle his big cock you just had deep in your throat. Slide that dildo in your dripping pussy, slowly as your eyes never stray from him, a moan escapes your lips as you pump that dildo in and out of you tight wet hole, he gets on his knees his eyes begging to touch you, to taste you, but you make him stay where he is in front of you, you take the now wet dildo out of your pussy and you bring it to your lips and you lick the tip of it, teasing him delight sparkels in your eyes as you watch him watching, and then you take it all into your hot little mouth. Sucking every last drop of your juices off of it...

You take his hand and you rub your clit with him....dipping two of his fingers in your wet pussy, moving them in and out at a slow and steady pace..you pull him in for a kiss, his tongue dances with yours trying to capture your essence you've been holding captive from him...you pull his fingers out of your pussy and you bring them up to your lips, licking them slowly, watching his eyes follow your tongues movements, You ask him if he would like to taste, not that you have to cause you can see he is dying to. He quickly nods yes in response and you let him lick the rest of your essence off of his fingers...You smile knowing how much he enjoys your taste, your every being...

You pull him up on the couch into a sitting position, and you straddle his big dick, and slowly guide him into your hot wet pussy, oh My God so tight it fills you so well...Slowly you grind your hips over his as you move in a steady rhythm, his hands move to your hips and ass, Taking control of your movements, squeezing your ass firmly in his hands, as you moan in delight you find his mouth on your breast, lightly nipping at your nipple. He starts to move you over him in a faster rhythm, your tits start to bounce grazing his chest as you place your hands on his shoulders, nails lightly digging into his skin, he continues to speed up the pace till your almost slamming into each other, hot fast and hard.

Your cries of intense pleasure echo through out your room...he turns you around on his cock without pulling himself out of you, and he pulls your back to his chest and finds the same rhythm of fast and hard again, you arch back against Your hips bucking against him as he finds your secret spot between your neck and shoulder blade and gently bites it, causing you to scream out in pleasure....You feel your self about to cum as your pussy tightens even further if it was possible over his cock, never breaking the rhythm you both cum with each other. Sending waves of immense pleasure over you both..

He slows down and holds you close whispering sweet naughty things he wants to do to you later, after you both jump in bubble bath and have some fresh strawberries and Champagne....Mmmm I wonder how far this adventure will go....

To Be Continued...

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