Rock Solid


Rock Solid Climb Safe! Climb On!

James and I plan to take a trip to the Rocky Mountains this spring. We both have this avid love for nature and almost any activity outdoors. James is an excellent rock climber and he even teaches kids how to gain confidence through rock climbing and working with others for survival. He is wonderful at what he does.

I however, had no experience with this art. I wanted us to share a rock climbing experience while we were in the mountains. I talked to him about it and he agreed it would be wonderful if we shared the thrill of scaling a mountain.

We both felt that it would not be a good idea for him to teach me this skill even as good of an instructor as he is. It just doesn't seem to work when two people live together and one attempts to instruct the other.

So James did some research for me and found someone he felt was a good instructor with the knowledge and experience to teach me what he felt I needed to know to successfully complete a climb.

He also started me on some weight training at home to strengthen my arms and legs. I have done nothing but office work since forever so I was real weak. But with in several weeks I could feel the mussels building in my arms and legs.

I made an appointment with Eric, the instructor. He sounded very pleasant on the phone and I looked forward to meeting him. Then I went shopping for all the right equipment with the list James had prepared for me. New boots, gloves, ropes, hooks and various other things that were foreign to me were on the list. Once I had everything assembled I started my lessons.

Eric is a sultry, dark skinned man with a beautiful chiseled face. He possessed very strong arms with biceps like I have never seen. He was soft-spoken and very knowledgeable about mountains and rock climbing.

The first five lessons took place indoors. I had to learn the basics first. All unique aspects of life have different jargon. Learning it is the first step in successful climbing. The first week was dedicated to this education... sort of.

I was required to learn about the dangers of mountain climbing and the tools needed for a successful climb. Eric also required me to know subtle things that one seldom thinks of such as the word Allez that is a word used to encourage climbers to push on.

Did I mention that when I went to class I wore very lose blouse and a short skit with noting on underneath? Sorry, I forgot to mention that. I knew I wouldn't be climbing any rocks right away but I felt it necessary to have something hard present so that I would be reminded of my task at had.

When Eric met me for the first time, which was our first lesson, he definitely had hard feelings himself. I sat in front of him with my legs ever so slightly apart. I was just far enough in front of him so that he could see my naked pussy smiling at him.

He tried desperately to be very professional about the lesson and serious throughout his lecture. I noticed that he cleared his throat a lot and had to rethink what he had just said from time to time.

I listened carefully to his instruction shaking my head to indicate that I understood what he was telling me and licking my lips to keep them moist just thinking about the altitude of those tall mountains.

I asked a lot of questions. Things like "What happens if I can't breathe up there in those altitudes? Will you give me mouth to mouth?" And then I would smile at him.

He would clear his throat, and he would blush. But he would give me some technical answer that made him feel comfortable, I'm sure.

It was warm in the classroom. I started sweating and I felt a trickle of water fall between my breasts. I reached into my blouse and wiped it way. I noticed his eyes following my hand. I took it out of my blouse and unconsciously ran it across my lips. My eyes never left his.

He was so good looking that my pussy started to fill with moisture she wanted him. This became uncomfortable after a while. I reached down between my legs as he rattled on about an Aider; a ladder made of webbing used as footholds for the belayer on a multi pitch climb.

"What is the belayer?" I asked brushing my hair out of my eyes and crossing my long slender legs.

"That's a good question, " he replied, "shows you are paying attention. I intentionally didn't give you that information to see if you were," he smiled.

" A belayer is the person keeping the climber safe by controlling the rope," he stated and continued on with his litany.

I sat there listening as much as I could but my mind kept roaming and wondering how big that cock of his was and if it would feel wonderful in my pussy. I wanted to feel those large hands of his on my breast and that perfect mouth on mine.

I crossed my legs and pulled my skirt higher up my thigh. I kept eye contact and when he looked at me I licked my lips. A couple of times he stumbled over his words and cleared his throat. I could tell I was getting to him.

The hour ended much too soon. As he was setting up my next appointment I leaned over the desk so he would glance at my breasts. He looked into my eyes and I shook my head yes.

Eric looked around the classroom and then got up and locked the door. He turned the light off and cleared the desk. Then he lifted me with those strong arms of his and laid me on the desk.

He said, "Time for some heavy cardiovascular training. This is necessary three or four times a week."

I giggled as he ripped his belt off and tore at the zipper of his tight jeans. I simply spread my legs. Not wearing underwear comes in handy.

When he finally got to the important stuff, the cock that slipped from those tight jeans was easily ten beautiful inches. The head was well mushroomed and I wanted to take it into my mouth to see how much of it I could take.

I reached for it and he pushed my hand away. "Oh, no, I get to put it in!" he directed.

"I just wanted to taste it," I pouted, "it looks so delicious!"

He smiled and came around the desk. I licked my lips and smiled.

He placed that perfectly mushroomed head in my waiting mouth and like a baby I sucked it.

At first, I took it slowly. I had to adjust my mouth to its girth. As my mouth stretched to take him in I became more eager to pleasure him and enjoy his massive manhood.

I rolled my tongue around his large cock head. It was smooth, silky and my tongue enjoyed playing with it. I then sucked it deep into my mouth and moaned my pleasure.

I pulled more of his rod deep into me and deep throated him. He moaned and threw his head back. I felt his hips push toward me as I took more and more of him into my hungry mouth.

Soon he was fucking my mouth and his prick was going deeper and deeper into my throat.
I sucked and pulled him into me and I tasted his salty cum on my tongue. The seed of life that I so desired slowly teased me. I began my dominance on his cock and started to force him to give me what I wanted and needed.

I sucked him deep into my mouth and I held him prisoner to my passion. I inserted my finger into his ass and massaged his prostate.

He exhaled noisily with pleasure and tried to take control of the situation. I, however, had other plans.

I pulled his penis deep into my throat and licked his shaft. I released him and he sighed deeply. Then I massaged his prostate gently and slid my mouth to the head of his cock.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned and tried to force his cock back into my throat.

I resisted and pulled back as he thrust towards me.

He grabbed my head and tried to force me to swallow his prick again.

I sucked harder on his shaft and felt his legs quiver. Then I pulled back one more time and rolled the tip of my tongue around his head and then jetted it into the opening at the tip.

"God woman!" he breathed, "what are you doing?"

I looked up at him with his cock still in my mouth and a smile in my eyes. I pulled him deeply into me and slammed my head towards his trembling body. I sucked him hard and then released.

I went to work. I massaged his prostate again then I pulled the thick cum out of his balls and half way up his well-sculptured shaft.

"Yeah! That's it baby!" he moaned.

I released the pressure and his salty seed fell slowly back into their warm home.

"Come on baby, don't play games!" he whispered.
I released his cock from my mouth and ran my tongue the length of his beautiful tool. I licked its massive head and flicked my tongue in and out of the hole.

He tried to force me to take him back into my mouth but I teased him and then stuck my finger back into his ass and massaged his prostate once again.

"Stop teasing me!" he demanded.
I looked up at him and I plunged my hand down to my wet pussy. I sucked his throbbing shaft back into my mouth and as I sucked him I fingered my clit. The more excited I became the harder and deeper I sucked.
He was like a machine, his motions like pistons pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. He moaned and held my head steady working to fill my mouth with his hot seed.

I put the breaks on. I tightened my mouth around his prick and I sucked deep. I could feel the fluid flowing from his tightening balls. I held it there while I excited my clit. I sucked slowly and glanced up to see the pain and pleasure on Eric's face.

His hand went to my hair. He grabbed a handful and he tried to push me deeper onto his rod, which was trying to fill my mouth.

I released the pressure and his seed flowed back to its warm home.

"Damn you woman!" he screamed.

I released his prick and pulled his large balls into my mouth. My pussy was really hot and wet now. I wanted him to fuck me really bad.

First, though, I had to let him know the control I had in giving him pleasure. I sucked and massaged his balls with my tongue. While I pleasured him he calmed down and I reached in and one more time massaged his prostate.

He relaxed. I released his balls and ran my hot tongue up the length of his shaft. When I reached his head I slowly sucked it into my hungry mouth and rolled my tongue around his now hardened head.

I quickly pistoned my head up and down on his extremely hard prick. It felt like steel in my mouth. Then I sucked really hard and deep. I felt his salty cum rise in his shaft.

My pussy filled with moisture and I stuck the fingers that were playing with my clit into my vagina. My hips reached forward to capture the pleasure I desired.

"Mmmmmm," we moaned in unison.

"Do it baby, suck me in!" he whispered.

I sucked a little harder and could taste the salt as his cum rose to just beneath his head. I licked a drop out of the hole then released my pressure.

"Damn!" he yelled once again.

Then I quickly sucked him deep into my throat. I withdrew my fingers from my pussy and rubbed my clit even faster. I was getting close to an orgasm. I wanted him to flow into my mouth as my clit exploded with pleasure. I sucked his salty cum up into his shaft. I deep throated him and I used my other hand to massage his prostate. I sucked and released as I got closer and closer to the pentacle of pleasure.

Suddenly, my whole body felt warm fluid flowing throughout. I sucked hard and pulled his cum to the head. I flicked my tongue into his hole and tasted the bittersweet cum.

"Ohhhhhh!" he moaned. "Don't stop, PLEASE!"

I sucked him and rubbed my clit and as my orgasm rose to beyond my threshold of pleasure my body convulsed causing his tasty cum to flow deep into my throat.

We were both silent for a few moments as our bodies relaxed and we collected ourselves.

Eric was the first to speak. "Man, where did you learn to do that?" he asked.

I smiled. "It just comes natural," I whispered.

His penis had gone soft and he started stroking it slowly. As I watched him I played with my clit again.

"You sure are a hot little thing," he breathed.

I just smiled at him and continued to masturbate. I placed my fingers into my pussy and stimulated my clit with my other hand. My hips pushed forward so that I could get my fingers deep into my pussy.

My nipples started getting hard and I reached up to pinch the left one gently and a shot of fire moved through my groin. I moaned and Eric smiled and said, "I'm almost there baby and I'll take good care of you."

Within minutes he reached down and pulled my hand out of my cunt. He bent over me and his thick tongue licked my eager clit. Fire shot through my pussy and down my legs like hot lava.

He reached up and pinched my left nipple as he inserted his large cock into my waiting pussy and the fire surged once again. His cock had to force its way into my snatch. She had to stretch to let his magnificent tool enter my pleasure land.

He was gentle as he tore my skin trying to break down the barriers that attempted to block his entrance. He pushed just a little at a time and each push gave me a twinge of the pleasure that he would soon fill my body with.

Finally the barrier broke and there was a rush of warmth as his massive cock entered me. My hips involuntarily plunged forward wanting to inhale all of his manhood. However my insides were not large enough to take all of him in.

This did not deter Eric, though. He simply pulled out a little and then rammed his cock back into my love land. He still didn't gain full entry but he had enough in me to delight both of us.

Eric had a good rhythm and he was a great lover. He kissed me and sucked my nipples while his wonderful dick fucked my pussy. He also reached down and stimulated my clit. Occasionally, he would slow to a snails pace and my body would respond by arching to take more of him in. Eric knew how to keep a woman and a body interested in his lovemaking.

He took a break about fifteen minutes into fucking me. He pulled out and I looked at him strangely.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He knelt down, looked up at me and smiled. Then he licked his lips and put his long tongue on the tip of my already throbbing clit. Electricity shot through my body.

"Mmmm," I moaned. "That feels wonderful!"

I spread my legs wide so that he would have all the room he needed in order to perform cunnlingus. His tongue was thick and wet. I could feel its surface against my clit and my hips adjusted to follow his movements.

He took slow deliberate strokes as he tongue fucked me and teased my eager clit. He put two fingers together and finger fucked me while his tongue concentrated on my clit.

My entire body begged for his attention. As he licked my clit, I held his head in that position and moved my hips so he would hit the right places with each and every lick.

His fingers were very apt. He found my G-spot and fire shot through my entire body. As my body convulsed from the pleasure he gave reached up and gently pinched my left nipple and the lava flowed from my nipple to my hot box and I orgasmed once again.

After what seemed a blessed eternity, Eric raised his head and stood up. My body felt spent. But he didn't stop.

He had regained strength in his penis. He stuck three fingers into my well-lubricated cunt and stretched it so that his prick would go in smoothly. He inserted the head and it slid effortlessly into my well-stretched muff.

Eric bent over the desk and kissed me then he put his hot mouth on my nipple and sucked gently. I felt the fire of his touch throughout my entire body.

Eric lifted his head away from my body and stood upright as he rammed his rock hard pole into my sugar walls. He was like a robot, unstoppable and filling me with orgasm after orgasm.

I don't know how long he pumped me and sucked me but I know my body was soaked when he finally came filling me with thick cum. The sweat fell from his brow like rain when he slumped over me, exhausted.

"Oh, Eric! That was so great!" I exhaled. I could hardly breathe.

His weight lay on my body and he lifted his head and smiled.

"You sure make a man work. That's the best workout I've had in months." He laughed.

I giggled and said, "You did say we had to do this at least three or four times a week, didn't you?"

He threw his head back and laughed out loud.

"Yes, that is what I said!" he whispered and then kissed me again.

Eric finally gathered the strength to pull his weight off of my body. I sat up and thanked him for the great workout. I knew that my heart could withstand the strain of mountain climbing now.

We dressed and made the appointment for the following day. He walked me to the door and as he kissed me goodbye he said, "You are the best student I have ever had."

I laughed and returned the kiss.

When I got in the car I was so excited. I couldn't wait to get home and tell James everything. I wanted to see his little dicklett explode with the excitement of my adventures with Eric.

When I walked in, James was watching the news. He turned and smiled at me.

"How was your first lesson?" he questioned as he turned the tube off.
I smiled and sat down beside him. I turned towards him and spread my legs. "I'll tell you as you clean this up!" I said.

He got the biggest grin on his face and licked his lips. "I'm all ears!" he smiled and bent down to lick Eric's cum out of my well-satisfied box.

The more I told James about my class and the experience afterwards the faster and deeper he licked my cunt.

I stripped off his jeans and played with his little cock while he cleaned me up. I loved to see him get excited and explode his little load all over himself. I pulled on his pricklett then I wet my hand with my tongue and jerked him off. He sucked me harder and faster.

When he came, his cum fell on my leg. He eagerly crawled over to it and lapped it up.

I had two strong orgasms while he cleaned me and then he carried me into the bedroom and we both fell into a deep slumber.

The following morning, I dressed as James prepared breakfast. I wore a thin little skirt with no underwear. My blouse was see-through and I wore no stockings.

James looked up as I entered the kitchen. "Wow! You will definitely get some good stuff in that outfit! I can't wait until you get home."

I laughed and kissed him good morning. We ate breakfast then he knelt down and I stepped over him. He raised his head and stuck his tongue into my already hot box. He licked my fluids and sucked my clit. I squatted over him until he had given me an electric orgasm.

Then he stood up and said, "You tasted so good in the mornings."
I kissed him goodbye and headed for Eric and my pussy filled with fluids just imagining the great sex I would have.

When I arrived at the school, Eric was glad to see me. He kissed me good morning and slid his hand up my skirt to check out my pussy. He brought up a wet finger and stuck it in his mouth.

"Mmmm, you do taste good!" he smiled. "I need some of that before we can continue on with our lessons"
He lifted me into his strong arms and carried me to the back of the classroom where he had a blanket on the floor.

I smiled and said, "Did you sleep here last night?"

He laughed and replied, "No, but we can tonight if you want!"

He laid me on the blanket and striped off his jeans. His massive prick shot out towards me. The head was red and ready for action. I couldn't wait; I started without him.

I opened my mouth and covered his mushroomed head completely. Precum had already made its way to the end and I tasted the salty silk that I so loved. I licked at it for a few minutes and then I sucked him deep into my mouth.

He reached down and pulled me off of him.

"No, not yet. I want to fuck you first! I have been horny for you all night long!" he said as he pushed me down on the blanket.

He raised my skirt and kissed my snatch. "You have a beautiful pussy. I just want to look at it, touch it, lick it and fuck it all day long!" he whispered in my ear as he placed his cock in my box.

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