tagInterracial LoveRocking On Tour Ch. 04

Rocking On Tour Ch. 04


(Rock wants to relax on Kerala beaches but when his host gets into bad trouble he rushes to their rescue and gets paid in kind from two grateful ladies!!!)

For newbie readers-The hero, Rock Hard is a black Englishman of African descent who is on a vacation in India.


Part 1


As I landed in the Thiruvananthapuram airport, Kerala, the humidity hit me like a sock in the gut.

I had been travelling in quite a comfy Indian domestic plane for over an hour from Chennai and had just got down.

During the flight, I had lingering memories of the Lady in the Blue Hills, (Nilgiris) Mrs.Pushpa who had given me a sensational time in her Tea estate in the last fortnight. The recurring thoughts of the erotic times I had spent there with her was only aggravated by the two airhostesses on the flight who wore very tight black skirts well above their fair knees. When they bent to serve us refreshments, I could clearly see down the cleavage of their tight blouses to their brown soft hemispheres inside lacy bras and my appreciative glances were enthusiastically reciprocated by the roving eyed duo.

All this had made me horny enough to uncomfortably shift in the narrow seat frequently and I was itching to get out.

I wiped the steaming sweat off my face and went out of the Terminal to see who my host had sent to receive me.

Actress Mamini was a well known Malayalam film star whose movies had steady audiences back in UK and USA. She was a glamour gal of yesteryears and had turned to serious acting lately and had enough head and business sense to work with the best Directors in the Industry. She was considered something of a small millionaire and had a beach resort of her own in Kerala. It was lucky that an Indian friend of mine in UK hailing from Kerala, her home state was a cousin of hers and had introduced her to me in an awards function in UK two years ago.

She was a tall, vivacious and spirited lady in early forties and her lush mature curves hidden in red silk saree and matching tight silk vest had me panting mentally for more. Not knowing anyone else in the Indian function, I had stuck to her like glue.

Mami, she had told me, was what her friends called her and that included me.

My cousin had told me that she had a daughter for family but her marriage was a failure as her worthless husband had swindled her ruthlessly before she had called it quits.

She had shown interest in me and my work and we had had dinner in the function sharing the same table. She told me that it was the first time she was with a Black man like me and she was really fascinated. I had asked her to dance with me and she had obliged. Her biggish tits had brushed against my chest once too often to be an accident and my curious pecker had poked her in the soft belly when we moved but she had not drawn back and had held me close as if she did not notice my arousal. Well, the cunning wench, two can play a game, I thought and pressed home my 'advantage'!

In the end, she had heartily invited me to her home in Kerala whenever I was in India. That was, as I said, two years ago.

When I had called her before leaving for India for vacation a month ago, she was excited that I still remembered her and had insisted that I spend time as her guest in her resort on the Kappad beach.

Mami had told me before I boarded the plane at Chennai that her driver Choran would pick me up and I would be driven straight to her resort home a couple of hours away.

As I blinked in the harsh afternoon sun at the waiting stream of escorts, a white uniformed chauffeur holding a chalk marked board with 'Rock' written in bold letters squinted up at me. He had to. He was five feet to my six-two. I waved at him and he smiled black tobacco stained teeth and came to me.

"Mr. Rock sir, Madam waiting for you..." he said in a heavily accented Indian voice.

"Lead me on", I said cheerfully and he huffed all the way to the blue Mercedes in the Parking lot carrying my heavy airbag.

The air conditioned car was a welcome relief from the humidity outside. As the driver took the car to the Highway and sped along, he switched on a soft soothing music on which went 'Ayyappa...Ayyappa'. I asked him what it meant; he replied "It's our Lord in the Hills, a God..."and went on to hum the full song along.

I must have fallen asleep for over an hour.

The car was now passing through distinctly unfriendly road and I woke up to see why. The road was small and dusty and was being re-laid by black Tar mixing machines all the way. So I guessed we had driven off the Highway sometime ago and should be now somewhere close to Mami's resort.

I could even smell sea distinctly in the air now and many Lungi-clad (Lungi-colourful slit gowns worn at the waist) fishermen with their nets and baskets of catch cycled along the road beside us.

The mud road led to a side lane and broadened out into an estate driveway hemmed in on both sides by tall green bushes that hummed with crickets and night birds.

The Estate house itself was a beautiful antiquated colonial structure that sat in the middle of a lovely stretch of sea and I could see the sun setting in the west clearly as we entered the tall ornate porch.

As I got out, Mamini came rushing at me like the refreshing sea breeze. I looked at her as she descended the few granite steps to her front door.

Mami, a fair skinned tall and big woman about my height was looking ravishing in a blue and green cotton 'salwar kameez' that Indian women wear that fitted her like a glove. She had a cotton veil (Dupatta) covering her abundant bosom and it did nothing to hide the sweet jiggle of her melon-sized breasts as she neared me smilingly.

"Welcome, welcome, dear Rock to this poor lady's home!" she invited me modestly and offered me a warm soft hand and we exchanged the normal pleasantries.

We walked up the stairs to her well lit veranda which was decked with soft cushioned sofas alround and she said cheerfully,

"Rock, you look good and I had seen you quite sometime back..."

I winked at her and said, "If anyone could become younger and lovelier after two years, you have done the feat quite marvellously..."

She tinkled melodiously as she nodded her head at my praise, "Always you praise me so lavishly...as If I would believe it..."

I shrugged and plonked down on one of the sofas and sighed.

"You should, you know. Ask your fans; ask your distributor of films. All of them cannot be wrong..."

She sat down near me and looked fascinated.

"Talking about films, I have just one more assignment this week and I plan to spend the rest of the time attending to you and taking you round...Playing the perfect host..."

I took her soft fair hand in mine and gave her my amorous look that has melted many a female heart.

"Oh Mami honey, you would, won't you? It's so boring to see the sun setting and moon rising on a lonely beach all by myself..."

Before Mami could open her mouth to reply, someone called,


It was 'Mummy' and not 'Mami' as I saw a tall and svelte teenaged girl in the doorway smiling down at us. Obviously she was her daughter, as Mami beckoned her smilingly saying,

"C'mon, Yuvi...This indeed is Rock from UK..." as if they had talked about me earlier.

The daughter was a fine young peach, about five feet- seven and looked smart and shapely. Her white T-shirt accentuated her prominent tits that were just right for her age and her rounded hips and slim legs were moulded tight in her blue denim trousers.

As the daughter approached me with an extended hand, Mami announced in a proud parental voice,

"She is Youwani...Yuvi for short, my daughter..."

Yuvi was sensational at close quarters and clasped my hands and seemed to like me pressing hers hard for an extended time. There will be time for naughtiness with her, I thought...

The girl had finished her Junior college and was seventeen, I was told by her doting mother. They made a fine pair sitting there next to each other talking animatedly.

She was talking about her boy friend, Chutiyan and how smart he was with cameras and Internet.

Mami told me excitedly that we were going to have a nice party that evening and the girl was full of praise for her mother for allowing Chutiyan to come along.

Mami got up and brushed her dress over her swelling figure and the dress hugged her full curves splendidly.

As she turned, I saw her arse was big as it was perfectly rounded and sashayed tantalisingly in her walk. I felt that awakening twitch in my groin just looking at those juicy curves.

Yuvi came along to show me my room upstairs and I caught her sweet musky perfume and complimented her. She was all goggle-eyed at me and said 'I was a big man' and it was difficult to find 'such men among her peers'. I replied that it was difficult to find a sweeter girl than her in any country in the world. She went red in the face, muttered a throaty 'Thank you' and looked at me even more wonderingly. It was clear to me that six foot tall Black African men like me were indeed a rare commodity in Kerala backwaters. I had half the mind to whisk her off the feet and show her what I was good at. I held back.


I had bathed and slept and later in the evening, gone down to the chandelier-lit spacious living room.

The walls had Ravi Varma paintings of Kerala and floor was a sparkling marble expanse.

Mami met at the stairs, took my hand and ushered me in.

She was wearing a blue silk saree and I must say the Indian women know exactly how to look both seductive and modest at the same time in those swirling silks.

Her matching blue blouse had a deep V-neck that went down a mile and her ripe mango-like breasts jutted out temptingly. She had tied the saree inches below her sweet navel and her bare midriff was asking to be caressed.

There was a slim curly haired youth in corduroy and T shirt with a gleeful Yuvi and she was hanging on to his arms. I looked at his goatee and shifty eyes and developed an immediate dislike to him.

Yuvi brought him over to where I held a drink and introduced her trophy saying,

"Rock sir, he is Chutiyan, my best friend" and looked up at him dotingly.

"Hello sir", he said in a gravely voice and his hands felt soft and damp when we I shook it.

"Hello there, Enjoying yourself?" I asked mildly.

Those shifty eyes again!

"Yes sir, Yuvi and I have known each other since six months" he claimed proudly as if that was close to a lifetime.

Yuvi went on animatedly,

"Rock, he is very good at camera and in fact he is managing Mummy's new movie in English and Malayalam now...What's more, he has even offered me a small role in it..."

"Oh, is that so?" I asked, surprised that a creep like him should be in movies at all.

He lit a cigarette and blew smoke up at the bright chandeliers and nodded.

"Yes, my uncle and I are co-producing it actually, it's a theme movie and Mami madam has liked the script. In fact..." he held his lean chest out and continued,

"Tomorrow evening is the first shoot right here in the beach cottage", he pointed his cigarette indifferently towards the windows, as if it was a famous landmark.

"Uh-huh" I replied showing marked indifference to it and went on toward the ravishing Mami who was arranging the dinner table for us.

"Let's dance" said she huskily. Her eyes twinkled at me when I casually sneaked an arm round her bare warm waist and felt the soft yielding tiers. She was getting on in years and had all those delicious tiers but she was aging like mature wine.

I held her even closer than I had the last time and felt her jutting breasts squash against my hard chest as we danced.

Her hands crept between our bodies to twirl some hair on my chest unbuttoning my T shirt.

"Rock," she whispered. "Can you see the contrast between our skins, the fair and the dark? It's so novel and exciting"

Interracial fun appealed to her senses like nothing else had. I held her firmly by her cuddly arse and poked my aching semi hard cock firmly into her soft underbelly and she gasped, feeling it distinctly despite the layers of clothing between us.

She whispered salaciously, "Rock, you are rightly called Mr.Hard...You are too bold..."

I kissed her forehead on the red vermilion mark,

"The Bold and The Beautiful! Fits us nicely, isn't it?"

"You really think so?" she purred as we moved breathing into each other's hair.

I rubbed my hardened peter against her yielding abdomen and whispered in her ears,

"What more proof do you want...Tongues may lie, but these things can't..." I said and pressed in my 'point' emphatically.

I saw from the corner of my eyes that the shifty eyed boy friend had by now put his hands on the girl's young boobs clandestinely as he hugged her and she was cooing in his ears. I still didn't like their closeness and forced myself to look away.

Soon I whispered to Mami that I was too hard to be dancing decently and wanted out. She giggled knowingly,

rearranged her veil back over her firm breasts and moved back and I felt a vacuum create on my chest where they had so deliciously pressed against me till then. The teenaged couple were still eagerly pressing against each other and giggling slyly in a corner.

The dinner was sufficient but the taste was too exotic and spicy. I had to swallow a few dollops of ice cream after consuming the steaming Biryani rice to relieve the burning.

We consumed a lot of wine during the dinner and Mami was feeling heady and intoxicated. She looked more appetising than the entire course laid on the table with her seductive smoking eyes and uninhibited manner. She had become more casual and her veil fell from the shoulders more frequently and her humdinger tits stared at me from close quarters and begged to be caressed. I was finding it tough to stop myself from doing something brash like that publicly.

With mom herself a little drunk, the daughter and her boyfriend felt even bolder and kissed passionately at the door before he went home. I lifted Mami out of the chair where she had sprawled and she looked drunkenly up at me and attempted to kiss me aiming my mouth; but it fell short and her mouth felt wet against my throat.

"Mmmm...Rock. Thanks....Hope you had a swell time too" she said falteringly and I replied it could not have been better.

As I caressed her soft yielding buttocks over her silk saree longingly, she murmured,

"Tomorrow evening I have a shoot with that guy Chutiyan and party at my beach cottage for their new production..."

"And where is this beach house of yours?" I queried not quite sure why I wanted to know as we went up clambering over the staircase to her bedroom.

She told me it was about a kilometre away down the beach, set in the coconut grove.

But as it turned out, I was glad I did ask.


The next morning I went around the beach house and got to the beach in less than ten minutes. The waves were running in fast and furious and the sun was shining down brightly.

Fishermen were out in the sea sailing in their small motor boats and I could see their hutments in the distance.

There were wild tropical shrubs down a kilometre from where I started and also a big clump of coconut trees. 'Probably that is where her beach house is' I thought and as I walked on the hot sand, I heard a faint tinkle of a female laughter coming from the bushes and the sound was loud enough to carry over that of the waves.

Thinking something was fishy there, I went ahead to investigate and saw the silhouettes of two girls playing with each other. There was another clump of shrub close by and as I wanted to watch, it provided a perfect cover and yet not too distant from the scene.

The girls were about eighteen thereabouts, definitely belonging to the local fishermen colony and their nets lay discarded by their side where they had sprawled on the sand inside the shrubbery.

I sat down with a thumping heart and my mouth turned dry as I saw they had already removed their cotton blouses and were naked waist above. They both had similar dark skinned (nearly as dark as me!) moderate structure and their tits were like dark papaya fruits tipped with black grapes for nipples. The girls were giggling to themselves perhaps on successfully getting a rendezvous there for their intimacy. Each girl now hugged the other and kissed feelingly and I heard their suppressed moans of excitement clearly from where I sat.

The girl on the left now held the other at an arm's distance and took the girl's pear shaped breasts in her hands and squeezed them, eliciting an 'AHHH...Ammmmaaa' from her companion. The companion, now not to be outdone, lifted the short cotton 'lehnga' gown of her friend and exposed her slim dark legs all the way to her upper thighs. Their skins shined in the sunlight filtering through the shrub from above and they lay down beside each other, again tinkling with amorous laughter and expectation.

The sun was beating down hot on my neck but the scene was hotter. I wiped streaming sweat of my brows and stretched legs giving some leeway to my expanding cock in the jocks which had started showing abnormal curiosity in the lesbian goings-on.

The first girl came on top of the other and licked her neck lasciviously making wet patterns that glistened on her black skin in the sun. Her hands caressed her friend's sumptuous tits that seemed too big for her slender hands and kissed each turgid black nipple with growing lust alternately that caused the partner moan and thrash her legs in reaction making the shrubs sway wildly.

The girl below growled and forcibly pushed her partner down and feasted her eyes on her heaving black boobs before dipping her head to sample the fruits.

She expertly licked around the swelling areola even as she pushed the other's gown down the waist so she was fully naked. May be these girls in Kerala did not believe in wearing unnecessary undergarments or they had come prepared.

Her one hand held a black tit like a prize to kiss it, while the other sneaked in between the girl's splayed thighs to find her soft centre.

I could see her glass bangled hands tinkle as she worked furiously in the girl's aching junction to whip up her passion. Naturally the girl below clutched the head of the other firmly to her chest squashing it against her rising tits and moaned libidinously.


The girl below thought it was her turn to reciprocate the foreplay and soon she pushed the other down and flung the mildly protesting partner's lehnga (gown) above so forcefully that it hung perilously on a twig of shrubbery above their heads.

The girl on top moved on, kissing and licking the other's firm tits and soft black abdomen; held her threshing legs and got down to taste her dark bush. I could see their black skinned backs and sides roll madly on the hot sand and many a twig broke with cracking sounds and the shrub flattened considerably in the process.

It was a lonely stretch of beach and they had not expected on seeing anybody at the time. Probably it was their regular hideout.

I had to open my fly and let out my hot cock get some air and as I did, it sprang out like a caged snake.

As I stroked its aching length longingly, I saw the girls had now correctly assumed a '69' position and were sucking each other's pussies thirstily. They would raise their heads and moan loudly in between the hot licking sessions and their limbs threshed around the bush and sands crazily. I was madly stroking my pulsating prick all along too.

The girl below soon became more agitated and gripped the black swaying arse of the lass above and drummed a series of steady slow spanks on them as if encouraging her to come more even as she ate her moist gully from below.

The girl above reciprocated by moving her mouth swiftly on the partner's eager wet pussy up and down, and started a series of spanks on a black hip herself. Her head was towards me and shrubs having flattened out I saw she inserted her fingers in the brown puckered arsehole while licking and munching her pussy. Not to be left behind, the girl below finger-fucked and sucked her dripping hole soundly, measure for measure.

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