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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 01


This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 1

Rocky's Rules and the Screening Room

Rocky and his recruiting staff knew that tastes among those seeking sex for hire were all over the map. Some liked skinny girls, others liked more meat on the bones. Some were after tiny titties, others buxom bosoms. There were those that preferred slender, taut backsides and others who like the fat-bottom girls. The staff had to make sure they had the right mix of talent in their inventory. One thing seemed to run across the board with the big spenders -- they wanted exotic, uniquely Asian beauty. Men -- and even some women -- across the planet found Asian women to be exotic and desirable. It was a nearly universally accepted concept, one that Rocky's Kingdom took full advantage of.

There were rules of all kinds, some applied to the behavior of customers, others to the behavior of the girls, and a third set governed the selection process which led to interviews and ultimately to the Screening Room if a girl passed all of the other criteria. Rocky made these criteria quite clear, and if a girl did not meet them to the ninety-five percent level he did not want to see her file. Christina was the final step in the review. She would inspect documents, medical reports, photographs, and preliminary interview notes for each candidate. If she believed the girl to be up to Rocky's standards, she would pass the file on to him and schedule the screening. This happened less than fifty-percent of the time.

Since a large percentage of Class A girls came from the fashion modeling ranks, Rocky would spend at least one evening a week with Mel, Jorge, and Christina at private runway shows hosted by local modeling agencies. They would take unposed photos of the girls and make notes about any who looked promising, discussing these with the agency representative prior to departing the show. On average this would net but a single candidate per week; but Class A was a very exclusive 'club'. Only one girl was chosen for every ten such candidates, so strict were the criteria at that level. Once in a while a model candidate would be selected for 'Class B'; but only if she had prior experience selling her body for pleasure. True Class A candidates did not need this experience, as the Screening Room would establish her qualifications in that regard. Once they were beyond the personality phase, their willingness to perform was tested by Rocky personally, often with Christina in attendance. A Class A girl was the top one percent of the most beautiful girls in all of Asia, and was compensated commensurate with the combination of her appearance, her personality, and her abilities as a sexual partner. Truly the 'best of the best'.

Rocky's rules for appearance were pretty basic; but they were written not only in the manuals used by the recruiting staff but also on posters hung on the walls of the conference rooms.

1. Facial features MUST reflect a look consistent with the heritage of the girl. (a Korean must look like a Korean!)

2. All facial features MUST be 'in balance'. Big ears, lips too thin or too full, eyes set too far apart, etc. were not acceptable. {Beautiful, in other words}

3. The overall body proportions must be 'short-waisted', with legs being at least as long as the torso. {Long legs look good}

4. There can be NO flab or cellulite visible in a normal standing pose, front or rear. {Phat is good, Fat is bad}

5. If a woman has given birth, her breasts must remain free of the obvious flaws related to child rearing and milk production. {goes with the 'no flab' rule}

6. Tattoos are limited to 3cm by 2cm, with content and location approved by Rocky {NO TRAMP STAMPS!}

Simple enough, and these rules alone would weed out nearly half of candidates originally considered based on a 'quick look' on the runway or at another function. While beauty did indeed lie 'in the eye of the beholder', physical beauty is more easily defined -- and the rules did this in a reasonably precise fashion.

For Class B candidates, the rules regarding appearance were essentially identical. The difference was a Class B girl could get away with minor flaws, whereas a Class A girl could not. While this might seem subjective, Christina randomly reviewed selections made by other members of the staff, and held critique sessions to address any issues. Early on there were many occurrences of candidate denials and approvals with which she did not agree. The reviews and critiques had reduced this to almost nil.

When it came to personality, the rules were quite a lot more subjective. Each candidate would be interviewed by men and women on Rocky's staff. Questions, while there were established guidelines about what was asked, were dependent upon the candidate herself. As the interview went on, additional questions would follow earlier responses, ultimately leading to a one-on-one interview with an attractive man in a more private and relaxing atmosphere. The interviewer would engage the candidate in sexually suggestive conversation and 'petting', putting his hands on her body to garner a meaningful response to a realistic situation. It was then up to the candidate whether she engaged in sexual acts with the interviewer. It was not a requirement, and there was always a girl available to him should the candidate not choose to pursue it. The entire session was recorded on hidden video equipment, although the candidate was notified at the beginning of the interview that she would be 'on tape'. The equipment used was out of sight to prevent inadvertent affects on the outcome of the interviews.

The tape and the notes of all interviewers were reviewed by the head of the recruiting staff, his assistant, and Christina in a marathon session once per week. The team usually spent the better part of a whole day, bringing in lunch and often dinner to complete the task. In a given week there would be a minimum of a half-dozen candidates, with each interview sequence lasting at least ninety minutes and often longer. They had to find the key questions and responses, using numeric scoring in a matrix that enabled decisions to be made. No simple process; but in order for the business to remain in its' elite position it was necessary -- and Rocky Ramirez would accept no less.

** The Weekly Candidate Review **

Edison, manager of the recruiting staff, his assistant Karla, and Christina gathered in the conference room for the weekly candidate review, the attendant maid scurrying about making sure that water, coffee, and other refreshments were present and accessible, and 'morning treats' laid out on plates or covered in warm baskets. It would be a long one, as this week had brought in eight candidates and from their preliminary 'browse' they had some good ones. Once the maid was finished and had departed, Edison called the meeting to order. "Okay ladies, let's get started. Looks like one of the candidates has dropped out; but that still leaves us with seven to go through." he told them, adding "Kindly remove file number... uh... three-seven-eight-two from consideration."

Christina glanced into the file before setting it aside. "Too bad. She is quite lovely." she told them.

"She was accepted at the university and withdrew her application last night." Edison told them, setting the file aside and picking up the first folder. "Kindly open file number... uh... three-seven-seven-zero." he said, opening the file. "Miss Ari Mondigo."

The girl's face was quite stunning, with the high cheekbones normally associated with Mestiza (girls born of only one Filipino parent). Her eyes were widely set and almond shaped with a sparkle that drew you in. At nineteen years old, a hundred sixty-five centimeters tall and fifty one kilos she was certainly attractive. Nice round C-cup breasts and reddish-brown hair past her shoulders made her quite a pretty picture. She had graduated from middle school and attended university for a year while pursuing a career in the fashion industry (as many young Filipinas aspired to do).

"Cue tape!" Christina called. Karla pressed the appropriate buttons and had the video system active in moments. It was not, in fact, a 'tape' of any kind; but rather a DVD. This allowed 'random' access to both the candidates and the elements of their interviews. Karla selected candidate #3770 from the menu and pressed 'play'. Another menu was displayed with four choices. 1) Basic Information 2) Personal Interaction 3) Sexual Orientation, and 4) Individual Response. Each segment was 'chaptered' by the video processing/authoring software so that navigation during the review was handled easily.

"I think we have the basics, so let's move right to the Interaction, shall we?" Christina suggested. The other two members nodded, and Karla made the appropriate selection. What followed was a fairly intense segment of 'conversation' between the candidate, two male interviewers, and a female interviewer who -- in this case -- happened to be Karla. They asked questions about Ari's political views, how she felt about recent violence in the provinces, the homeless 'wall' around Makati, and the peculiar case against the mayor in Laguna who was charged with involvement in the disappearance of a young woman and her boyfriend. Although they pressed her pretty hard, Ari held her ground and remained calm. After watching, each reviewer clicked their matrix scores into the laptop in front of them. Rather than boring you with details, Ari scored a ninety-four out of a possible one hundred for that segment -- a better-than-average score.

"Orientation!" Karla said, beating Christina to it. She selected the appropriate segment and pressed play. This time it was Edison's turn, and he was the only male. There were two females, both mamasans from Angeles City and Makati. The questions became very personal. Ari was asked about sucking cock, licking assholes, lapping pussies, fondling breasts, and what her preferences were with regard to sexual activity. Again she remained remarkably calm, responding carefully to each question -- often taking several moments to think through her response. As it turned out there wasn't much she hadn't done sexually although anal intercourse wasn't big on her list. Lesbian was something she'd never tried; but under the right circumstances she seemed to enjoy everything else! The segment ended and again the team members entered their scores. Ari scored even higher -- a ninety-seven -- on this segment.

"Interim score?" Christina requested. There would be no reason to go further if the candidate was not above ninety-five.

Edison's fingers worked his keyboard. "Interim score is ninety-six." he reported.

"Excellent!" Karla exclaimed. "We may have a winner here!" she added, moving the cursor to the final segment title and pressing play.

Ari had been 'partnered' with none other than Gordon Sanchez, a model himself who was studying psychology at the University and found these 'interviews' useful to his understanding of human sexuality. He did an extraordinary amount of preparation for his sessions and it showed in the results. It was a plus for him that he usually got laid as well. The 'interview room' for this segment was a very casual environment with a sofa and table, moderately dim ambient lighting, and soft music. Gordon spent a good ten minutes engaging Ari in trivial small-talk, asking about her family, home life, pets, and other general interests. She was smiling a lot during this interaction, clearly enjoying his company. A 'waitress' came into the room and took their 'drink order', returning with glasses of wine for both of them and leaving the bottle. Gordon proposed a toast 'to her beauty', bringing on a bit of a blush and girlish giggles from the lovely candidate. She is perfect so far! Christina thought.

The team watched as Gordon made his move. Ari didn't resist -- at least not much -- as his hands roamed over her curves on the outside of her clothes. He nuzzled her neck, brushing her hair away to suckle on her ear lobe as he whispered 'sweet nothings' into her ear. Her hands began doing a bit of roaming of their own, stroking his shoulders and arms, running up and down the outside of his thighs. Their lips met and there was electricity between them, an obvious passion that neither was interested in resisting. Ari reached between them and deftly unfastened the waistband of his trousers, unlatching his belt and unzipping his fly in seconds as their tongues fought a battle between their hungry mouths. Her fingers reached in and pulled out his seven-inch cock, lightly stroking up and down his shaft before she pulled away from their kiss. They looked in each others' eyes, found a common need, and she leaned down to engulf his penis in her warm, wet mouth. "Ahhhhhhh...." Gordon moaned, trying to refrain from putting his hands on the back of her head. He had to let her do this on her own -- as part of the test.

Gordon ran his hand down Ari's back, tickling along the sides of her spine over her blouse as she sucked his cock with long slurping strokes. He found that the little minx had already unfastened her jeans, and he had free access to the soft flesh of her bottom. He briefly explored the crevice between her cheeks, then pulled the hand back up and ran it under her blouse and up her belly. His fingers found the clasp between the cups of her bra and deftly unfastened it, making way for his hand to cup and knead the firm orb of her breast. He massaged her nipples into erection, then moved back down to once again explore her nether regions. His finger discovered the wrinkled opening between her buttocks, teasing the muscle for a few moments before moving lower. Her pussy was gushing with the fluids of her passion, and she let out a muffled groan on his organ as he pushed a finger inside the seething depths of her cunt.

Ari pulled her head from erect member and again looked him in the eye. Again there was the common need. Without a word, Ari pulled off her jeans and panties and threw a leg over his lap. She settled down on his meat, guiding the head to her vaginal orifice and sinking him inside her in one slow thrust of her hips. "Oh gawd Gordon. Please fuck me!" she begged, wrapping her hands behind his neck and pressing her lips to his. Gordon responded, grasping her lithe hips and lifting her up and down on his cock, the heat of her cunt very quickly sending him too close to the edge. He stopped his motion and Ari pulled away from the kiss, a quizzical look on her pretty face. "You don't want to fuck me?" she asked.

Gordon laughed, giving her a playful smack on her exposed butt cheek. "Of course I want to fuck you. I just don't want to cum yet!" he responded. Then he reached around her hips, each hand cupping a cheek, and slowly raised and lowered her hips. She closed her eyes and nuzzled his neck, soft moans emanating from her throat as his fingers once again explored the chasm between her buttocks. He found the delicate pucker of her anus and began teasing at the sensitive opening, then moved a finger lower to gather natural lube. Returning to the niggardly little hole, he gently inserted the tip of his finger into her ass.

Her moans got more intense, her hips writhing in his lap. "Push it into my ass." she whispered, the muscles of her vaginal canal clenching on his shaft. "All the way in." she added.

He did as she asked, sliding his digit to the hilt in her tight bottom. Her hips now moved on their own, sliding her juicy pussy up and down on his meat as he fingerfucked her snug rectum. The muscles of both channels spasmed and clenched on his intruders as the passion overcame both of them. Ari began her climactic rise first; but only by a few moments. Her cunt gripped his organ in a velvet vise while continuing her pelvic thrusts. He could feel the grip of her velvety-smooth rectal walls on his finger, and quickened the pace of his thrusts into her pussy. Unlike some partners, neither made a lot of sound as they rode each others' bodies over the peak and down the other side. His semen splashing against her cervix as they groped and fucked in raw lust. Their rhythm slowly subsided, with Ari remaining on his lap as they kissed.

"Thank you sir." Ari mewled. Smiling that smile that lit up the room.

"I should thank you, dear lady." Gordon replied, slowly withdrawing his finger from her still trembling ass.

"I think she aced that one!" Edison exclaimed as Karla stopped the video playback.

"Whew!" Christina said, picking up a folder and fanning herself. "That was some hot interview!" she added. "Rocky should like this one!"

"Scores please!" Karla reminded them. They all clicked in their matrices, then Edison ran the final process.

"Score for Individual Response is one hundred. Final score for the candidate is ninety-eight." Karla declared, writing the scores on the sheet and closing the folder. She handed it to Christina, knowing it would go to Rocky for screening.

The rest of the day was not quite as productive, although they did find two candidates for Class B openings. Both scored well on appearance and basic information, neither did quite so well in the interaction segment. One of the girls never got around to sex during the Individual Response, while the other one gave a pretty good blowjob but refused to take it in her ass. She did let her partner spew his load on her back and bottom; but his review only gave her a high-eighties mark. The rest were filed away, their applications denied.

** A Romantic Interlude **

Christina made her report to Rocky at their typically late dinner that evening, making it obvious that he should consider screening Ari Mondigo. She brought the file, handing it to him as they enjoyed the after-meal wine. "Well darling, I guess I should check this out." Rocky told her, opening the file and taking a sip of his wine. He looked at her photos, from a session with his own photographer. "Mmmm. Very pretty." he commented. As he worked his way through the notes and reviews, it became clear that this one deserved his personal attention. He looked at Christina and smiled. "Schedule a screening -- perhaps mid-week." he told her, closing the folder. He reached across the table to squeeze her hand in his. "Let's get comfortable, shall we darling?" he suggested.

"Shower first baby, I'm stinky." Christina responded, standing and walking quickly for the stairs. "Coed shower." she suggested, wriggling her saucy behind at him.

Not being one to resist her charms, Rocky got up and followed that butt up the stairs to their private suite. Once inside he close the doors behind them and pressed the latch, activating not only the door locks but a 'privacy please' lamp above the door. They did not want to be disturbed! By the time he turned around, Christina had doffed her blouse, bra, and tight jeans, and was tugging her panties down over that fabulous rearend of hers. Rocky could never resist watching this, and she knew it. She bent fully at the waist as she pulled the lacy blue undergarment down her legs, then stopped and turned her head to look at him. Her naked butt stared him in the face, as his own fingers fumbled to remove his clothing. She let out a loud laugh, sweeping the panties over one foot then the other, tossing them onto a chair before she stood up and turned to him. "Come on, lover. What's keeping you?" she teased, shaking her torso to make her firm titties jiggle.

He finally stepped out of his shorts and walked across the room, swooping his beautiful woman up in his strong arms and planting a wet kiss on her full lips. "Keeping me?" he asked. "Why, nothing is keeping me... except you that is." he replied, giving her another deep kiss before carrying her into the bathroom. The shower was -- to understate things -- very luxurious. Large enough for a small orgy, the glass-enclosed 'shower room' had two shower heads and four padded seats to choose from. A cabinet contained all manner of body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and implements with which to dispense them. Rocky selected the water temperature on a panel outside the shower and pressed the 'activate' button, engaging the valves as he watched the display. "Ready darling!" he said when the temperature reached the setpoint, and he opened the door.

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