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Rocky's Kingdom Ch. 04


This is a work of fiction, based on a few true experiences but no actual people. If you don't like reading about young women encouraged to perform sexual acts, please do not read the story. Everyone else, ENJOY!

Rocky's Kingdom, Chapter 4
Emy Finds a New Home

** RKM Staff Meeting -- and Rocky Gets a Call **

Rocky entered the conference room, pouring himself a cup of coffee and putting a Danish on his plate before taking his seat. Edison and Karla were already there, he knew Christina was on her way, and Jorge would be joining them a few minutes late. His regular staff meeting normally held no surprises, as the team talked regularly during the normal course of the business day. Rocky hoped this one would be no different.

Christina arrived, setting down her computer and notebook before grabbing herself some coffee and pastries. She took her place to Rocky's right and he stood up. "Good morning!" he welcomed them. "I think I'll begin today's review with a quick report on my visit to RKS." he began, referring to the trip to Korea.

Rocky went over a few summary slides he had prepared on the return flight, showing the financial highlights, the new team members, and briefly mentioning the problem with Bo and his subsequent departure. "He was a valuable member of the team; but we simply cannot condone unacceptable behavior from anyone." Rocky concluded. Everybody at the table nodded their agreement. "If nobody has any questions, I will turn the meeting over to Christina for her Operations summary." he said, looking around the table. Seeing no hands, Rocky gave the floor to his lady. "Christina?"

She switched the projector inputs and brought up the first Ops slide, showing the financial summary. "We are well ahead of our forecast for the year, although the past month lagged our expectations by about ten percent. Several months earlier in the year gave the company a significant bump -- so we remain ahead by a significant margin." Christina said. She acknowledged Edison's hand.

"Do we know why the past month has been soft?" Edison asked.

"Yes we do." Christina replied, bringing up the financial detail. "Income from the foreign entities has been steady and on -- or ahead of -- the plan. Our Class BG and Class B numbers for domestic operations has also been good. Where we have lagged is in Class A revenue -- specifically one girl." she said.

"Emy?" Karla guessed.

"Yes, Emy." Christina replied.

Edison spoke up. "I have had three complaints regarding Emy in the past two months." he told them. "Two of them in the past two weeks."

Rocky held his hand up. "What are these complaints about?" he asked.

"She is unwilling to perform oral sex, or if she does it is unsatisfactory." Edison responded.

"Christina, please have a chat with miss Emy. See what you can find out." Rocky said. He knew the girl didn't like sucking cock; but refusing a customer request was a serious offense. "Let's move on until we have more information. Edison, I would like the contact information for the three complaints. I will speak with them." he added.

Christina continued where she left off, bringing up the market analysis slides from the 'key' regions. Her summaries were excellent work, highlighting any differences between the prior two months and the current month. There were no surprises, and she moved on to the forecasts for the same key regions. It appeared that there was some 'shuffling' of the numbers from one region to another, explained by shifts in regional business fortunes; but overall the business forecast remained strong. Christina then showed the personnel summary for the company overall, including foreign entities. Headcount in all areas was within the forecast, with a few trends that would require attention; but not in this meeting. Edison made some notes, and they moved on to the 'local' discussion.

"We have three very important shows this next month, and will be spending a great deal of time with choreographers and costuming contractors to make them happen. Two of the shows will be exclusively Class A, while the third will utilize some of the Makati Class B team for a show at Shangri-La on the twentieth of the month. I'll be managing that one personally." Christina said. "And Walt Garcia at Reflection has asked us to do a calendar shoot for the magazine's 'Beauties of the Islands' calendar. I told him I would give him a response early next week."

Rocky held up his hand again. Christina nodded. "Can our staff handle that? I mean three shows and a shoot could make for a challenging schedule." Rocky said.

"I'm not sure yet, and until I have met with the girls I won't know. But I also won't give Walt a commitment we can't meet." Christina replied. Then she closed her notebook and her computer. "That's all I have." she told them.

Rocky thanked them for their attendance and adjourned the meeting -- just as Jorge came in the door. "Sorry boss. I got held up in traffic from Manila." Jorge said.

"Not a big deal." Rocky told him. "I don't think there was anything pressing for you this time." he added, looking around at the other staff members.

Rocky went to his office after getting the complaint contacts from Edison. He called all three men and heard a consistent -- and distressing story about one of his prettiest girls. With two of the men she had outright refused them oral pleasure of any kind. With the third she had sheepishly kissed at his organ; but would not take it into her mouth. He knew these men, and was comfortable that they would never take advantage of one of his girls. It was a situation he had to remedy before these customers went somewhere else.

** "Reluctance" -- Christina chastises Emy **

Christina dreaded this kind of confrontation, as it usually turned into a finger-pointing exercise. Emy had been with them nearly three years, and had promising reviews early in her tenure. Over the past year the trend had gone the wrong way, and now she had to deal with it. A knock came at her door. "Come in." Christina said, standing as was her normal practice to greet a visitor.

Emy opened the door and walked inside Christina's private office. She had no idea why the woman had called her to this meeting. "Good afternoon Christina." she said softly.

Christina looked at her and gave her a weak smile. "I hope so." Christina replied. "Please Emy, have a seat."

Emy sat down in a plain chair opposite Christina. "W-what is this about?" she asked.

Christina, not one to squander words, got right to the point. "Your performance Emy." she replied. "Or, more correctly, your lack of performance with your customers." Christina clarified.

"W-what... I don't understand!" Emy told her.

"Fellatio. Blowjobs. Sucking Cock. Giving Head. Call it what you want; but your customers are reporting to us that YOU WON'T DO IT!" Christina shouted, stopping to observe the girl's response.

"I-I don't..."

"Don't what?" Christina demanded. "Don't like the flavor?"

"I-it's not that..." Emy stammered.

"You know girl, the job is pretty simple; but it has certain requirements. You know what those are. One of the most basic of them is pleasing your customers -- in whatever way they request as long it is within reason and will not cause harm to you." Christina told her. "Oral sex is one of the very basic tasks that are a part of what you get paid to do."

"I know." Emy said softly.

Christina closed the file on her desk and leaned across it. "Emy, you have been a valued member of my staff for almost three years; but I'm afraid we are going to have to make other arrangements." she said, standing up. "You may go." Emy was sobbing softly as she rose and left the office. A few minutes later, Rocky walked in.

"She has no answers." Christina told him.

Rocky closed the door and sat down. "And I just got a call from Norvin Cheng in Macau." he said.

"Oh?" Christina replied.

"He has a girl he would like us to meet -- and he might be willing to make an exchange if we are interested." Rocky told her. "I just sent him Emy's profile and photos, and he'll be sending me some info about his girl."

"So... when do we go?" Christina asked.

"Let's wait until we see his product." Rocky replied.

** Secret departure for Macau **

Rocky, Edison, Karla and Christina sat around the small table and looked through the information and photos of the girl called 'Rina'. She certainly took a good photo, although Cheng's were very amateurish, and she had a background that should fit right in. "I have been asked about Middle Eastern product on more than one occasion." Christina said. "Rina might just fill the bill."

"Norvin already approved our product for the exchange, so I guess we should make a decision amongst us and move forward." Rocky told them. "All in favor?" There were three "Aye" responses. "I will call Norvin in the morning."

"I will make arrangements for the private flight." Edison told them.

Rocky nodded, and the impromptu meeting adjourned itself.

He hated to do it, especially with a local girl; but Emy left him with few choices. He couldn't just let her back onto the streets. She knew a lot about the business, and could make trouble for the company. As a happy, well-paid employee she wasn't likely to do anything to jeopardize things; but if she was disgruntled or thought something might happen, she could be trouble. Jorge had been watching her carefully since the meeting with Christina, and she had not left the compound. Most of her time had been spent in private; but she made no calls nor did she receive any. She wasn't a threat -- yet.

Christina had a plan. She would suggest to Emy that they go to that new mall out in Palawan and do some shopping to 'cheer her up'. Christina would propose a toast, and slip the girl a mild sedative so she wouldn't resist. Rocky and Jorge would go separately and meet them at the private airfield in Palawan, and the four of them would board the small jet and fly to Macau. Emy would awake about half way to their destination -- it was less than an hour -- and they would explain things to her then. If she tried to make things difficult they could sedate her again; but that was a last resort.

Emy sat at her small desk, wondering what would happen to her when the knock came. "Y-yes?" she whimpered.

Christina walked in, a perfectly faked smile on her face. "Hey girlfriend. What do you say we girls go to that new mall in Palawan and get you some cheer-up clothes?" she asked.

Emy perked up at the suggestion, a weak smile crossing her face. "I-I would like that." she said.

Christina took her hands from behind her, bringing out a glass of wine for each of them. She handed one to Emy and held hers up. "To shopping!" she toasted.

Emy clinked her glass to Christina's. "To shopping!" she replied, pouring the drugged wine down her throat.

"Let's go!" Christina said, taking Emy's hand. "Car is waitin'!" she added. They headed down to the garage and climbed into the Bentley. Edison was driving, which should have tipped Emy off; but didn't. By the time they got to Makati, Emy was out. Edison drove as swiftly as the traffic would allow, arriving at the airfield ahead of Rocky and Jorge and pulling directly into the hangar. He parked near the Lear, stopping with the passenger side door adjacent to the aircraft's door. He and Christina carried the unconscious girl up into the plane, seating her near the back and fastening her seatbelt.

Edison noticed the look on Christina's face and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "She'll be alright, you know. Norvin Cheng isn't a bad guy." Edison said.

"I know, I just hate doing this kind of stuff." She said.

Rocky and Jorge arrived, pulling into the hangar and parking Rocky's BMW next to the Bentley. They got out of the car just as Edison and Christina came down the airplane stairs. "She in there?" Rocky asked.

"Yeah." Edison replied. "Out like a light."

"Good. Okay, listen T, I think you should go home with Edison. Jorge and I will take care of this business and be back this afternoon." Rocky said. Christina looked a little disappointed; but she didn't really mind. She nodded her acceptance of the plan and walked over to give Rocky a hug and kiss. "I love you baby." Rocky told her.

"Be safe baby." Christina said. "Call me."

Rocky nodded, then he and Jorge boarded the Lear, Jorge settling into the left seat to go through the checklist while Rocky came back out to do the external preflight. Rocky waved to Christina as Edison swung the Bentley out through the huge hangar doors. He went over the flight control surfaces, checking all the moving bits, the antennae, the tires, pulled off the flags, then rejoined Jorge who was finishing up the cockpit checklist.

Jorge looked over at Rocky. "Ready boss?" he asked.


"Priming APU." Jorge said. Then Rocky heard the whine as the Auxiliary Power Unit spun up and began to force a flow of heated air through the right side turbine. Within a few minutes both of the small turbofans were idling and Jorge had clearance to depart. The small bizjet rolled out of the hangar and taxied to the end of the longest active runway, and Jorge skillfully turned onto the runway without slowing and moved the throttles to the takeoff position. They accelerated smartly down the slightly bumpy surface. "V1." called Jorge, monitoring their speed as he gently pulled back on the yoke to take pressure off the front wheel and provide additional angle of attack. "V2." Jorge called, pulling the yoke further back to rotate the jet.

Moments later Rocky sensed the 'ride' had smoothed out -- a sure sign that they had left the ground. His habits took over and he reached over to change the position of the landing gear control to 'retract', hearing the groan of the electric motors, then the thunk as the gear folded into place inside the bays. "Gear up." he called.

"Roger." Jorge said, his eyes scanning both the instruments and the surrounding sky as the Lear accelerated through three hundred kph and a thousand meters of altitude on their way to ten thousand meters for this short hop. "Rock, why don't you go back and sit with the girl so you're there when she wakes up. I can handle things here." Jorge suggested.

Rocky nodded and unfastened his belt, climbing back through the cabin to sit opposite Emy's still dormant form. He looked out the window, watching Manila disappear beneath them. Fifteen minutes later he sensed the plane leveling off -- and picking up speed. Twenty minutes after that the pitch of the engines dropped and they began slowing -- and descending toward the island of Macau. He looked over and noticed Emy stirring. He waited until her eyes opened and she began to recognize she wasn't where she remembered last. "We are about to land on Macau." Rocky told her. A look of panic came over her face. "Don't worry honey. We're not selling you, nothing like that. I have an associate here who wanted you on his staff." Rocky told her.

Emy trembled, not understanding -- or not believing -- that this was happening. "W-why?" she asked him.

"Now Emy you know why. Christina told you why." Rocky replied.

"B-because I don't use my mouth?" she stammered.

"Exactly." Rocky told her, saying no more on the subject. "We're about to land, so prepare to meet my associate, Mister Cheng." he added.

Jorge deployed the spoilers and flaps, slowing the Lear to final approach airspeed as they made the last turn. He lowered the landing gear and made the final call to Macau air traffic control. Moments later he executed a perfect touchdown, deployed the thrust reversers, slowing the plane to taxiing speed, then turned onto the first available taxiway.

"Nice job, captain!" Rocky told him.

After a lengthy taxi they rolled up and into a private hangar, where Jorge deftly spun the Lear around to face out the way they had come in. By the time he had executed the shutdown checklist they were joined by a black Benz Pullman -- Norvin Cheng. Emy looked very nervous as Rocky opened the airstair. "Norvin, good to see you as always sir." Rocky greeted him respectfully.

"And you, Rockefeller." Cheng replied. "Always a pleasure doing business with you my friend." he added. "Rina is in the car, and you have Emy?" he asked.

"Yes." Rocky replied, motioning for the girl to come forward.

** Rocky makes a trade **

When Emy showed herself at the opening, Norvin Cheng was pleased. He whistled softly. "Emy, you are far lovelier in person than in your photos. I am Norvin Cheng, and I am very pleased to meet you young lady." Norvin said, smiling.

Rocky could see her tension softening with the man's kind words. He also knew that Cheng would put her through some rather stressful 'conditioning' before putting her on the street. Cheng motioned to his driver, and the back door of the Benz opened to reveal the lovely Rina.

"Mister Rockefeller Ramirez, I present Miss Rina Dhakazi." Cheng said. Rina climbed from the car, smiling at Emy as she walked to the men.

She bowed slightly and held her hand out. "A privilege to meet you sir." Rina said to Rocky. "I look forward to serving you and your clients." she added.

Rocky was pleased with the exchange. Rina was beautiful, and added an exotic element to his staff that had been missing. "A pleasure, Rina." Rocky replied. Then he and Cheng exchanged bows and Cheng took Emy with him into the Benz. Rocky watched the car depart, then motioned for Rina to climb aboard the jet. Rocky enjoyed the view from behind as she walked up the stairs. Nice ass! he thought. He glanced over to Jorge who was doing the 'quick-turn' preflight checks and received the thumbs up. Rocky pulled out his phone and called Christina's number.

"Hey baby, nice flight?" she asked, recognizing Rocky's number.

"Yeah, fine. We've made the exchange and the three of us will be back in QC in about four hours." Rocky told her.

"So... Rina is acceptable?" Christina asked.

"We'll put her through her paces to be sure; but she is absolutely gorgeous, and very polite." Rocky replied.

"Okay honey. Safe flight. I told Lib she would be meeting a new roomie. She seemed okay with it." Christina added.

"See you soon babe. I love you!" Rocky said, ending the call.

Rocky climbed aboard to find Rina in the 'first row' of the six passenger seats, right behind the copilot's position. She smiled and licked her lips. Rocky gave her a wink and went past her to take his place just in front of her to begin the preflight checklist while Jorge finished up outside the plane.

"Are you the pilot?" Rina asked, leaning forward to watch what he was doing.

"Um... no, actually that would be Jorge. You'll meet him in a moment. He is my pilot, my driver, my security chief.... He's my right hand." Rocky responded. "I'm sort of acting as the copilot, though we don't really need one in this plane."

Jorge appeared in the door, smiling at Rina. "I am Jorge." he told her, taking her hand and giving it a kiss. "A pleasure."

"So you do everything I hear?" Rina said, laughing softly.

Jorge chuckled. "I guess I do!" then he pulled the door closed and checked the seal before taking his place in the left seat. "Checklist?" he asked.

"Done and confirmed." Rocky told him.

"APU coming up now." Jorge called, listening for the whine. "Engine one start."

Two minutes later the Lear rolled out into the sunshine after receiving clearance for departure from Macau control. As always, Jorge rolled the jet onto the runway and had the throttles at maximum by the time they had straightened out. Seconds later they lifted off and streaked up through the haze, headed for Luzon and home. As with the flight over, the return was uneventful and quick. Forty-seven minutes after liftoff the Lear touched down in Palawan and Jorge taxied into the hangar where the Beemer awaited them. After securing the aircraft, the three travelers climbed into the car and Jorge wheeled them out to the highway. It was rush hour, and traffic was terrible. Rocky called Christina's number.

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